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Diet - Chicago,IL

Can anyone tell me if this true. The Acai berry diet pill or the colon healing dose this really work. Dont know if what i have read is true.

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Acai berry didn't work. The only thing that worked for me was watching my carbs and sugars (based off The Belly Fat Cure book). I changed my eating habits completely and have lost 22 lbs and went from a size 10 to a six. Most the weight loss was around my mid section where carbs and sugars sit as fat. The books shows you what to eat instead of foods you probably are use to eating and think are healthy. Very eye opening for me. Good luck and remember it doesn't happen overnight. It took me 5 months to get where I am and I have chosen to eat this way to maintain. I can still have pizza once in awhile as a treat.

it didn't work for me at all. i was on it for over a month with no results.

I've been taking a Whole Food Total Body Cleanse for a week and a half now. It is a two week Colon cleanse with the Acai berry. It is not the ridiculously expensive one bragged about, but I went to a vitamin store and this is what they reccommended since I didn't want the order one. I have not lost 1 pound! I really gave it a shot and it hasn't worked at all. I was also suppose to have more energy- that didn't happen either. I told myself that I would try the whole 2 week thing, but it isn't working at all. I am not totally out of shape either- just wanted to get rid of maybe ten pounds. Going back to my original plan- jogging more often, trying to eat better and chasing after my 3 kids (of course). Good luck.

I hate to burst the hope of a pill, but there are no magic pills, special cleanses that will remove unwanted weight. They may effect a water weight effect, they possibly might even let you drop a pound or two of fat/muscle weight they will not afford you a permanent weight loss. If there was such a pill or "detox" or "cleanse" this person would be richer than Oprah and more reknown than any man in history. The only way to shed weight is to burn off more calories than you take in. My best advice is to go to your doctor be evaluated to start an exercise program and change of diet. Have him check to make sure that you don't have diabetes, do a full thyroid panel and make sure everything is is the best balance possible to afford you the best chance at weight loss. Then commit yourself to exercise and eating sensibly without depriving yourself or screwing up your metabolism by shorting yourself calories, or eating too much. It's the only way I know for a permanent, healthy weight loss that won't cost you anything in $$$ but the doctor visit. Then it will cost you self control and discipline. Good luck on your quest and save your money.

I have not tried either but there was some kind of warning online a few weeks ago about a colon cleansing diet and the Acai berry diet pills are always showing as a scam. Plus when you order the stuff you end up paying through the roof. I think it was something like yuo call and order and then by the time you even get it you are charged about $70 for a new shipment and cannot get your money back. I believe there were also complaints of nonreceipt of the product.

Dont ust the Acai Berry pills. I have seen alot of negative things on that. Its even been on the today show or good morning america.. cant remeber which.. One that I have done research on and have used myself is the Mega Green Tree... I am sensitive to the diet pills.. they wire me beyond control.. but this doesnt have that effect.. you can buy it a albertsons for about $10.00

It's snake oil. Generally, if a diet pill or other diet plan seems to good to be true, it is. There's A LOT of people trying to make a buck off of people desperate to lose weight.

There's no subsititute for regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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