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Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the doctors office for her check-up a week and a half ago. She did not receive any vaccines however, she did receive her first dose of the flu shot. She has no other signs of being sick, ie; no fever, still eating well and over all good spirits. I am not sure what to do. She is eating table food in addition to being breast fed four times a day. Any suggestions about what to do would be great. Thank you!!

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Thank you to everyone who responded! The yogurt seemed to work the best. By the 14th day, she was back to normal.

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The item in yogurt is acidophillus. You can get powder acidophillus at any vitamin store, Walgreens, health food store, etc. I got this from our pediatrician. You need to give your child tons of yogurt to equal the tiny amount of acidophillus you can put in her formula or sprinkle on her food. It works great! My son has a citric acid allergy, and so he gets diarrhea a lot if he has any form of citric acid. I give him a little sprinkling of acidophillus in his milk at night when he has diarrhea and it is significantly better. Your daughter probably got a bug or something, and the diarrhea can last up to 14 days. Also, make sure you are not using wipes when you wipe her butt. Her butt will be irritated from the diarrhea. The wipes irritate it more and can tear the skin open. What I do is put my son by the sink and wipe his butt with the water when his butt is bad. I also use Weleda diaper care cream (available at health food stores or on line) and vaseline mixed on his butt every time I change him when he has diarrhea so his butt doesn't bleed. It usually bleeds so easily when the have diarrhea. Good luck!

Hi there,
I feel you, both of my kids had it a month ago or so, 14 months and 2 months.
I read that you breastfeed. Mine were on the bottle and after failing to stop it for a couple of weeks with the BRAT foods, I put them on soy formula for a couple of days. All three times it has stopped the diarrhea.
I ran it by my Dr each time and she said it was fine to try it.
In your case, breasfeeding, I don't know how that could be done but just wanted to tell you what worked for us.

you can try the BRAT diet Bananas rice applesauce and toast it is supposed to make BM more solid

I second the advice on the yogurt. Anytime someone in our family gets diarrhea they get yogurt. It works wonders and no medicine required. I have also had the whole family eat yogurt if one of us gets sick to try and prevent the rest of us from getting the bug.

Hi J.,
How awful for you (and her!). I would definitely call the dr, but you can also give her the B.R.A.T. diet
Apples (applesauce)
to help calm her belly and hopefully lessen the diarrhea.

I hope she's feeling better soon. Is she drinking liquids? I would be concerned about dehydration with that many days of loose stools.

Hi J.,

Whenever you get an innoculation you get a little bit of the virus injected into your body. She may be having a mild flu as her body creates the antibodies to fight the virus. The old rule is the BRAT diet, bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Good luck!


Apples actually help move the bowels, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Yogurt yogurt and more yogurt. All the yogurt she will eat. Yogurt has all the healthy bacteria the intestines need to help stop the diarrhea. My sons pediatrician says its the best natural remedy and as much of it as they want to eat is fine. At 10 months the cows milk used in yogurt really is no big deal.

Also steer clear of anything grape related-it will also continue to move the bowels. Grapes, raisans, grape juice, apple juice, apples, all bad...yogurt! It was my saving grace for the first few years of my sons life, he was sick so often and constantly on antibiotics which if course caused diarrhea, and the yogurt helped tremendously.

have her eat rice, cheese and bananas. those are natural ways to harden her stool. i'd call the doc also!


Sorry to hear about your baby's diarrhea. The BEST remedy for that is the good old-fashioned BRAT diet:

B - bananas
R - rice
A - apples
T - toast

No milk containing products!

Hope this helps.

Is she acting ok? My daughter just got over the same thing. She had it for about two weeks, acted totally fine even while she had it. Then one day it just stopped. It was pretty nasty too! The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her, they said it was probably just some bug or something. If she is acting funny, you should probably just take her back to the doctor. But if it doesn't bother her, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just make sure she's not dehydrated.

I have had many experiences with diarrhea as being a mother of 3. I use the BRAT diet. Banannas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Your child can eat these items for 5 days. This works after a day or two. Once the diarrhea clears up, gradually ease back into regular food.

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