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Diarrhea in 7 Month Old`

HELP.. i have a 7 month old boy who has had diarrhea Since Monday (it is now Friday)--- he's gotten a pretty bad rash on his bumm-- but i feel horrible for my little monkey!! He has "accidents" and leaks on all his clothes--- so he is constantly getting bathed. I started giving him immodium (spelling) ad for little ones per the pharmacist's instructions... but am wondering if there is ANYTHING else we can do.. he only has 2 teeth on his bottom.


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Ok... i tried the immodium AD (helped) but i also tried the rice water... i dont know which worked but none the less... his belly is back to normal by the beginning of the week he was fine!! WHOOO HOOO.. i love it! thanks to all who gave advice.

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When my now 11 y/o was an infant I gave her creamed spinach (yuck) and she had a terrible rash. So bad that it scabbed. My pedi told me to use Domboro(spelling) and it was wonderful. After 1 use it was almost gone. You can find it in the first aid section of any store. Just follow the directions. I also have heard not to give immodium to an infant. I think whatever is giving him the diarrhea needs to work out of his system. I might call my dr. and ask about to roto virus as well. Good Luck!!

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i'm soo sorry that your baby boy is going through this. i suggest that you give him pedialyte. it works great. if he doesn't like that try this. this may sound funny but it works. i used it all the time with my son. get some rice like you are going to cook some rice for your family and boil the rice. once you see the rice boiling add a little bit of sugar so that it will have some flavor. once the rice is cooked then pour out all the rice water into a pitcher and let it cool. the rice you can just throw it away. let the baby drink this as much as possible. the rice water helps stop the diarrhea. let me know what happens okay. i promise if you try this it will work. when i was told to do this i thought it was silly but it did work. as for the diaper rash go to walgreens and buy this little box called dyprotex. its a little pricey but its worth it. its in the aisle with the rest of the diaper rash stuff okay. it has little pink containers in the box. each pink container has the ointment in it and it has little pads so you can spread the ointment on the baby's bottom evenly. it works great. you will notice a change almost immediately. good luck. once again please let me know if you try this okay.

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Hi Bobbi,
I am wearing my Pedi RN hat here---
I don't agree w/ the Immodium- it is better for the virus to work its way out of the system. (I also have 4 kiddos, so I know that that is not fun advice!)
If he is on formula you can try Isomil DF which is a formula for diarrhea. If he has started solids you can do baby bananas and applesauce, cereal, orange veggies....
For the rash baths in baking soda (approx 1 cup to a tub of warm water), blow dry his little bottom and use Dr Smith's Diaper cream or Boudrouax's (sp) butt paste. If the rash develops pimples it could be a yeast infection- add Lotrimin cream twice daily.
Diarrhea in little ones can last up to 2 weeks- assuming his temp stays under 100 and he is well hydrated.
Of course, any questions or concerns call your Pedi-


I have no advice for the sickness itself...but I found a great product when my oldest experienced the same thing. If you go to the diaper section of Albertson's, they have "Diaper Doublers" - they look almost like a maxi-pad. You put them inside a regular diaper and they work wonders!! No more leaky diapers and not so many baths. If you have to deal with a sick baby already, these will at least cut down on your laundry. Plus, since you use them with your regular diapers, it is MUCH cheaper and more comfortable for the baby.

When my now 11 y/o was an infant I gave her creamed spinach (yuck) and she had a terrible rash. So bad that it scabbed. My pedi told me to use Domboro(spelling) and it was wonderful. After 1 use it was almost gone. You can find it in the first aid section of any store. Just follow the directions. I also have heard not to give immodium to an infant. I think whatever is giving him the diarrhea needs to work out of his system. I might call my dr. and ask about to roto virus as well. Good Luck!!

Everything I have read it NOT to give your child immodium or any anto diahrhea meds. Have you been to the doc? This could be roto virus as is going around. Are you hydrating your baby? This can be VERY serious if he gets dehydrated. Does he have tears/wet diapers every 2-3 hours?

for his rash use bordoux butt paste. you will notice such a huge difference just after one use. also simalic makes a formula especially for diarrhea. its also soy so its easy on the stomach. and lots of pedialyte

Try giving him some diluted pedilyte and as much water as you can get in him. It will be ok if he doesn't get as much milk or formula for a few days. We had this problem with my duaghter when she was around 11 months old and these worked great. Also, the more you can let him crawl around naked the better. Air will help heal the rash quicker than any diaper rash cream.

I would go with the DR Smith's diaper cream-it can be hard to find-I always get it at Walgreens & it is expensive! $12.99 for a tube but so worth it!
Also, if you little one doesn't like the pedialyite, try the gerber version. It is next to the pediatlyte & our pediatrician said the taste is different & many babies/kids prefer it. So we went with that one & my little boy loves it!
Also, if you can, I'd take him into his doctor-it is just always so reassuring for someone else to look at him & tell you what to do! Maybe call first-but mine always makes me bring him in.
It stinks to deal with all of that "yuckiness"-anytime we have something like that we just take a million baths a day!
Good luck:)

Hi Bobbie,

My daughter went through something similar at the same age. Unfortunately, we found out that she had a mild case of salmonella. Still to this day do not know how that happened. But we used Dr. Smith's because it is a thicker diaper cream. Also, lots of fluids, pedialytes and even mixed in cereals if you're doing that. Be sure everyone is washing hands lots.
Put the diaper cream on and let him play on his tummy for a while before you diaper. This lets the rash air and soak in a little.
Definitely call your doctor. At least let them know what's going on and keep file updated, even if he doesn't need to go in. My doctor did not suggest using any kind of meds that young. Said it was best to let it run its course.

Best of luck and wishes for a fast recovery!

Hi Bobby. WHen my little guys get it I feed them nothing but BRAT. Bananas, rice cereal, applesauce, and toast. It actually works very well. Make sure he is taking lots of fluids. As for his bottom and the mess...lather on the desitine and then use a layer of baby powder over that so that it doesnt rub off onto the diaper as much. It was the only thing that worked to get rid of rashes fast for me. Also buy some diapers that are the next size. You will always use them later. Just put one of those over a smaller one so that you dont have leaks as badly. Dont forget to let him get some air once in awhile and change them as much as possible. Hope he gets to feeling better and good luck!

My son has been there a few times. :( Its no fun. You need to keep fluids in him. Water or if its ok with your doctor Pedialyte work well. Most kinds love Pedialyte. Also bannans can help slow down the diarrhea. Applesauce and apple juice can make it worse.

I would put him on a powdered childrens probiotic(good bacteria) to fight off this virus. You can give more than the bottle will suggest. I use Primadolphilous Children...Natures Way brand. Any healh food store will have this. Load him up on this. You can mix it in anything it has no taste. It should help him get over it soon.

Hi Bobbie,
Use Dr. Smith's Diaper Cream!!! It is the best...lather on, leave on thick, and his bottom will clear up.

Hang in there,

My little girl who is 6 months old just got over having diarrhea for the past 10 days. Everyone in the family has had either diarrhea or throwing up version of a stomach flue, but for everyone else it has only lasted 3 days. I finally took her to the doctor and he said it just takes them so much longer to get over it then adults. He suggested the Bordeaux Butt Paste (over the counter) which worked great for the diaper rash. He also changed her formula for the week to Neutramagen (sp). This formula is expensive and for colic babies. He said it is extremely gentle on their tummies. It worked wonderful and she accepted it well.

He will get better soon. Another mom recommended the BRAT diet and that is a good option as well. My doctor always recommended that with my first. Good Luck!

Well you have lots of good advice already about keeping fluids and medicine for the baby bottom.

Both my kids had problems with over the counter creams, none of them worked or they have a re action.

There Pedi Dr wrote a prescription for a cream called
HAPPY HINEY. The name says it all.
My daughter just turned 2 and she got that diarrea about a month ago. She hadn't getting her diaper changed but when I get the cream out she would get a smile, so you know it made it feel better. And she was so red I hated to touch it but like in 1 day it was half gone and the next day you couldn't even tell. Its the best.

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