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Diarrhea in 4 Month Old

My 4 month old has had really bad diarrhea for the last 2 days. And of course he has a diaper rash to go with it. I have a call into my Dr. but she doesn't seem in a hurry to get back to me. Any suggestions on how to handle this? He is not running a fever, is eating ok, probably even more. Could he be teething?

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I know this sounds wierd but have you tried Rice Milk? My daughter had a stomach flu at 8 months and it was really bad. We gave her some rice milk and some rice and it stopped the diarrhea pretty quickly. As in the same day. Good luck.

Probably teething. Is he on baby food yet? If so, try giving him bananna's and rice cereal. That should help bind him up.

Yes, he could be teething and the homeopathic remedy Chamomila in a 30c (can get at any health food store and even CVS) helps with the symptoms.

Good luck,

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Oh my, I would be irritated my Doctor did not get back to me.
Just take her in... it could be a virus, or just something else.
The Doctor has to check it.

"bad diarrhea" in a baby HAS to be checked.
MAKE SURE he is NOT getting dehydrated... this is important.
Make sure he is still nursing as well, on demand. If he is not feeding as he should, this can also be a concern.

Call your Doctor back, make an appointment, don't ask, just take him in. DON"T second guess it... diarrhea causes dehydration... if anything, the Doctor should be watching for this as well.

take care,

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it could be teething but its best to go to a chemist and get some ors liquid it makes sure they dont dehydrate and then just let the bug / teething run its course hopfully it will go away just ask if 4month old is allowed ors liquid

Open a capusle of PB8 and dump 1/4 of the capuslar conents in his mouth - sounds like it might be candida with the rash. Too much sugar from the formula ro something you ate, if you are breastfeeding.

This has straightened out the bowels of all of our babies within the day.

Did you baby just have his vaccinations in the past two weeks? This will cause diarreha and much, much more. Please educate yourself on vaccinations.

You did not say if you were breast feeding or using formula. It can be a strong reaction to something he is allergic to (vaccinations, milk/dairy, soy, eggs).

I'd have much more information for you if I knew the above questions:o)

Could be. My daughter had diarrhea for 2 weeks when she got her first teeth at 7 months.

Is he on formula or breast milk? If it's breast milk, have you had any new or high-allergy foods the last few days? Anything changed in his diet?

You're saying he's eating more, so it sounds like he's on solids. If he can handle it, try giving him bananas and applesauce until the diarrhea stops.

Also, for the diaper rash, try using Boudreau's Butt Paste with every single diaper change. Even though my daughter had diarrhea for 2 weeks, she never got a rash because we changed her quickly and used the Butt Pase with every single diaper change.

Hi- Is your baby breast fed? Mine is formula fed, I put her on Similac Soy Diarrhea formula. Also- Diaper Rash... Yes, I know this, put your baby in the bath with baking soda, let her go diaper free here and there throughout the day, slather on Aquafor after and put on the diaper.( It's like a thick vaseline.) My dr suggested it and it works like a dream! Email me if you have any other questions... ____@____.com

Yes, he could be teething and the homeopathic remedy Chamomila in a 30c (can get at any health food store and even CVS) helps with the symptoms.

Good luck,

yes he could be teething. Holy cow I would freak out if my ped didn't call me back. Diarrhea can cause big problems if your child becomes dehydrated. If you are still dealing with it Monday I would go ahead and take him in appointment or not.

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