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Diarrhea & Awful Diaper Rash

My son has had constant diarrhea since friday. My husband and I just got over what we think was a stomach virus so we think he might have a stomach virus too. Since he is soiling diapers more frequently and getting changed more he has a bright red rash and practically jumps off the changing table. When I try to put diaper rash creme he cries harder. Do you think I need to see the pediatrician? Any suggestions on diaper changes without being so torturing for my son.

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I talked to a nurse from the doctor's office and took into consideration everyone's tips. I ended up putting ointment on, then diaper rash creme, and then powder with cornstarch in it. The rash is basically gone and also because the diarrhea has cleared up mostly. Thanks for all the good advice ladies.

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Me and my daughter have had the same thing! the doctor told me that it has been going around lately. She was even vomiting one day, but i gave her watered down pedialyte and she's much better. now i'm trying to fight it off...good luck with the diaper rash.

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I'd call the doctor. I've had prescription diaper stuff called in a couple of times. What they prescribe will depend on what it looks like... bumpy, etc... Could be fungal or something else.

Begin to changer his diapers every hour on the hour. Do NOT use baby wipes. Instead make your own wipes out of cloth diapers cut up in squares or use baby wash cloths. Use warm water, 1/4tsp of tea tree oil (I always use a lot of tea tree oil), a drop of baby oil (I used Burt's bees baby oil), and a drop of vinegar (helps the wipes keep from mildewing if you plan on making a big batch). Make sure you pat his bottom instead of wiping (wiping only irritates it more). Then take a dry cloth and pat his bottom dry. Apply a layer of diaper rash cream over the entire area, then apply a layer of A & D ointment and add a powder mixture (oatmeal ground up and pure cornstarch). Do this at EVERY diaper change and you will soon see the rash clear up.

This worked wonders for my baby and other babies in my care. Also if it doesn't clear up then most definately see his doctor and more than likely they will prescribe Nystatin which can be used in the above mixture as well. And if he still has diarrhea make sure you give him Pedialyte and avoid foods that will cause his bowels to be runny. Hope this helps.

Try letting him play in the tub without a diaper on (or any clothing). When he poops just wash him down with water and let the stuff wash down the drain. Make sure you stay right with him and wash his hands with a diaper wipe frequently, but this really helped my little girl. She had diaper rash so badly she was constantly bleeding and sore. The longer I let her play without her diaper the better she got. It was the only thing that worked. Oh, and your boy kinda needs to be able to sit up to do this. It doesn't work if he's gonna be lying in his poop - Yuck!

Sounds like he may have a yeast infection. I'd try lotrimin (generic is fine)on the rash, then put LOTS of diaper ointment over top. With a large of amount of diarrhea, the rash will likely only get worse as it continues. He probably does have a virus and will continue with these symptoms until it's over.

Meanwhile, make sure he keeps hydrated. Diarrhea can easily dehydrate a child. Also, when changing his diaper. Forego the diaper wipes. They contain soap, which will sting very badly. Instead, use warm water and a wash cloth (gently). I know that can get messy, but water will be the best option for a bad rash. You may even want to put him in a bath or small tub of warm water to wash him off(without any soap).

Hopefully, after a day or two the severe rash will start going away. If you don't see some improvement after a day or two. I'd call his Dr. They may be able to prescribe an ointment for him.

Good luck!!!!

Hi!!!!!! use cornstarch, you have to brown it a little in a pot and then use it on his bottom as powder, you should see some improvement in two or three changes of diapers, but if it's not better soon yes, talk to your doctor.
good luck!!!!!!

A., my son has had SEVERE diaper rash due to diarrhea in the past. The pediatrician told us to put Maalox or Mylanta on his bottom and blowdry it with a cool blowdryer. Then put "Triple-paste" on top of that. It's a pain, but by the next day it was much better.

HI A. -
There is a great diaper rash creme called Bourdeaux's Butt Paste - terrible name but REALLY good stuff! A whole different league than Desitin, etc. You may want to call the dr. and ask what they say. There is also a "make your own" cream that our dr. had us do one time - I don't remember how to make it, but it was fairly easy. The dr. will probably also tell you to clean your son with warm paper towels instead of wipes, which STING the rash, and if at all possible leave him diaper free so the air can help heal him (hard to do when he has diarrhea, I know!). Our dr.'s office has a "nurse call line," and your dr. may as well, so you could call and get advice without making a trip to the office.
Good luck!

Me and my daughter have had the same thing! the doctor told me that it has been going around lately. She was even vomiting one day, but i gave her watered down pedialyte and she's much better. now i'm trying to fight it off...good luck with the diaper rash.

We have also used the "Butt Paste" in the past, and it is truly amazing!

We dealt with the same thing about a year ago. Everything I used made it worse. It got so bad at one point that he would scream every timehe pooped. I called the doctor and they gave me two different things to try and the rash was gone in an hour. Now whenever I see a rash starting I just put on the stuff the doctor gave me and I have no more problems. Good Luck.

It seems to be going around. We just went through the same thing. The diarrhea lasted about 4-5 days with us, so maybe it's almost over for you! My son's rash was so bad it bled a little in places. Our pediatrician said to let him go diaper-free as much as possible, and to use wet washcloths instead of wipes to clean him up. When he does wear a diaper he should have a thick layer of zinc oxide paste (like Triple Paste) on his whole bottom. Hope this helps!

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