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Diarrhea - Collinsville,OK

OK, I have a question...plus need to vent. My 16 month old son has had VERY bad diarrhea for 7 days now. Started out with vomit, no fever and then watery green runs 2-3 times p/ hour for a week. I consulted my ped on fri because I thought surely it should have ran its course by now (plus he projectile vomited all over the car fri. morning). He is getting pretty miserable (plus a sore butt). He has been drinking Pedialite really good so he hasn't got dehydrated...yet!

I told the doc we have been here before and it ended up in the ER w/ an IV in the HEAD! He did blood work and said it was a virus. Told me there is nothing to do. I know they want the bug to work its way out, but they truly said they aren't conserned w/ diarrhea and if he needs an IV he needs an IV, it may get to that.

OK, sorry for the background. I like this Ped. in the past because he doesn't coddle the parents. He tells me what needs to be done and that is that. I am by far not an overreactor. I guess I have gotten what I asked for, but when should I start to be concerned about the diarrhea.

Also, If anyone has any ideas besides the BRAT (bananas, Rice, applesauce and toast) diet, yogurt, and fluids I would appreciate it.

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I wasn't very clear on the BRAT diet. I have been told to do that, but have never given my kids applesauce for diarrhea. I think it is common knowledge that applejuice loosens their stools, so I ASSumed that applesauce wasn't a good thing. I gave him about 3 bananas yesterday and finally got some consistency to his stool before he went to bed. He still has it, but hopefully we are on the down side!! As for the diaper rash, I have changed him the instant each explosion happens so it hasn't gotten that bad, just a little red and pretty sore! I am shocked at that!!
Thanks for all the responses.

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Best Diaper Rash treatment:
1:1:1 ratio of desitin, aquapor, eucerin cream. Mix it up good and keep it in a container....works amazing!
(recommended by doctors at the local hospital)

Help for the sore butts! Aquaphor! It is an amazing cream. It was originally created for radiation treatments. It is the only thing I have ever had to use on my DDs. It can be found at walmart in the pharmacy area and at Target. It really is better than any other product on the market for tender little butts.
It looks like vasaline (sp?) but has other stuff like vitamin E in it and really works wonders for rashes and dry skin!

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make sure and keep plenty of pedialite, in drink, popcicles or whatever this has no sugar which should help the diarreah. As the pediatrician about something to stop the runs. They got everything else. They do have a lot of viruses going around and the babies really suffer. They have a sign at the hospital er that reads......IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FEVER, GO HOME AND CALL YOUR PRIMARY CAREGIVER. So, hang in there Mom and tell me what you try


The yogurt will help replenish the good bacteria in your sons colon. I do agree though, if it's a virus there isn't much they can do other than treat the symptoms with what you are doing. Keep him hydrated as best you can, my daughters raw bum tolerated a warm oatmeal soak in the bathtub... ;)

First stop the applesauce!!!!Then go see another doctor like maybe even the er.This sounds to me like more than a little virus.I'm a volunteer firefighter and have some knowledge on this but friends of mine have more.I really would go see someone else soon about this.If it was just a week ok but not this long.Just keep pushing fluids and bananas are good to constipate but be careful,they cause cramps and bloating too. Also is there any new foods he ate maybe he's allergic to something?

It sounds like you are on the recovery process, but just wanted to share one thing with you. Just before my son turned 2, he suffered extreme diarrhea for 7 straight days. At times, explosive. I was very concerned. My pediatrician told me to try the "happy meal diet". Pretty simple, get him a happy meal and push the french fries! The fat and grease in the french fries coats their stomachs. Not to mention, he enjoyed it. After a few happy meals, he was back to normal. I was shocked to hear this advice, but even more shocked at how quickly it worked.

I don't tend to be a mom that over-reacts myself. But with 7 DAYS of diarrhea and vomiting....I would be getting concerned.
1. I would go and get a second option. It you are uncomfortable with what your Ped has said, there is nothing wrong with second option. Doctors can make mistakes too.
2. For the diarrhea...This sounds crazy, but it might work (I have used it on dogs when they have the runs). You might want to try giving him canned pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie filling (that has to much sugar), but just plain, nothing added, canned pumpkin. It can really help get things regular again. If the issue is diarrhea, it will help firm it up...if the issue is constipation, it can help get things moving again. I would try giving him some multiple times a day with his meals/snacks.
Good luck!! And I hope he gets better soon.

I would stop the applesauce immediately that tends to give kids diarrhea. When diarrhea occurs in my house we stop any foods that tends to be acidic because they tend to make the bottom sore with the diarrhea-also resinol is an awesome ointment to use for rashes! I wouldn't be too worried if he is drinking plenty of fluids. Also I have noticed with my own children that drinking too much of something also makes the diarrhea worse. Good Luck to you!

have him tested for food allergies. My son was having some of the same issuses when he was about this age and i demanded him be tested for MILK allergy and sure enough that was it. So maybe he is having some type of food allergy and that has to be done by a blood test. Good luck and hope you find out what is wrong..........

PS......... ROTO virus....if that is it, it is very contagious.... bleach your toys and everything he touches..... your daughter could get it too........ the symptoms sound like that also...... as long as he is drinking dont be worried...if he dont eat it is ok....as long as he is drinking.......
good luck.........

For our grandson (now almost 4) from the time he was an infant, his pediatrician told us to get Culturelle, it is an over the counter diareah med for babies thru adults. Add 1/2 capsule into glass of water or Pedialite type drink once in the morning and once in the evening. Don't give any drinks with high fructose corn syrup or sugar or milk while he has diareah (no dairy products except yogurt). For the rash or chafing, get Paladin Ointment, it's not prescription, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it at the store. It will clear it up quickly. Hope he is feeling better soon. :)

Thank you so much for asking this question! My daughter is just getting over exactly what you explained. After having diarrhea for a week and a half, we went to the doctor and they did blood work and found out if was a virus. They told me to only feed her breastmilk, rice cereal, and applesauce. They said that if she was still hungry after that, to only give her pedialyte. She ended up having diarrhea for another week. Like I said, it is clearing up now. He gave me a prescription for her really bad, bleeding diaper rash. It is Nystatin Ointment. You apply it twice a day for 7 days and it worked wonders with her butt. I usually use Desitin, but that was not helping her at all. I hope this helps a little and I hope your son gets better soon!

My son had that for like 7 weeks. It was pretty bad and scary. It should go away on it's own eventually. Just make sure to give your son plenty of fluids and keep him on the brat diet. That's what I had to. It's hard but you gotta do it.

Help for the sore butts! Aquaphor! It is an amazing cream. It was originally created for radiation treatments. It is the only thing I have ever had to use on my DDs. It can be found at walmart in the pharmacy area and at Target. It really is better than any other product on the market for tender little butts.
It looks like vasaline (sp?) but has other stuff like vitamin E in it and really works wonders for rashes and dry skin!

I would cut out the apple sauce. When I read that you were giving him apple sauce I thought BINGO, that might have a little to do with it.

When my daughter was your sons age she could not tolerate apples. Be it a regular apple or apple sauce. Whenever she ate apples she would have diarrhea. Whatever she would eat would go right through her for a couple days after eating apples. It was bad.

We then figured out that it was apples causing it. We cut out the apples and she cleared right up (after a couple days of clearing out all of the apples in her system).

Your son might have a virus causing his diarrhea, but I think cutting out the apples might also help curb the diarrhea.

Now my daughter is 2 and she has been able to eat apples without a problem. We just tried apples again about a month ago and no problems. Maybe apples are hard on the digestive systems of little ones.

I have also heard that bananas are hard to digest (so that could be upsetting his system) and that milk does not help diarrhea. My doctor said "no milk until the diarrhea clears up". So if I were you I would stick to bland things like crackers, toast, dry cereal, water only, and pedialite. It isn't like he won't be eating those things forever, just until his little sytem can keep some food in. I know they are not really nutritious, but keeping something in him is better than nothing right now. He will be able to get back on track with nutrition once his system adjusts and settles down.

Every year since I have had kids, they have gotten the Roto-virus (sp?). It usually takes about a week, maybe just a little longer for it to run its course. And I KNOW it sucks. My two boys had it at the same time and I SERIOUSLY thought that I was going to be changing diapers the rest of my life. Both of their butts got to the point that they started bleeding. How can the cream go to work when it's not on there more than 20 minutes at a time before they poop again? Anyways, it sounds like your son might have that. It feels like it will drag on forever but if he has been this way about a week now then he should be close to coming out of it. Try looking it up online if you get a chance.

My daughter had the same thing when she was about 9 mos. old. It sounds like a rotavirus. The virus can stay in their system anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks. My daughter only threw up a few times in the first few days, but she had diarrhea for 2 weeks. Her ped said to do nothing but pedialyte for one day, then the next day alternate feedings with pedialyte and formula, and then the following day go back to formula. Once I started her back on formula, he said to start food again, but to do the BRAT diet. Her system couldn't tolerate rice or applesauce at the time, so her diet was pretty limited for a few days. The idea behind the BRAT diet is bland, starchy foods. As long as he is hydrated (you can check the soft spot on top of his head, and as long as he's producing wet diapers), then he should be fine. Also, as long as there's no blood in his stools.
Bottom line, if you're not comfortable with his progress, you should take him back to the doctor or to the ER, etc. I ended up taking my daughter in to the ER about 1 1/2 weeks into the diarrhea, but there was nothing they could do (she was hydrated, etc). Good luck!!

Skip the yogurt and add crackers, pretzels and chips with out flavors on them. No dairy products at this time because they are too hard to digest and can make things worse. Chicken or vegetable broth with noodles even tomato soup is better than dairy right now.

I agree, get a second opinion, the ER if need be. Also, I would NOT do pumpkin but I WOULD do white rice. Pumpkin works for some but I tried that and things got 10 times WORSE Keep up with the pedialyte. Stop dairy and all sugars. Are you nursing or can you try to? Breastmilk is the best thing if you can get some in him.
Let us know what happens...

Best Diaper Rash treatment:
1:1:1 ratio of desitin, aquapor, eucerin cream. Mix it up good and keep it in a container....works amazing!
(recommended by doctors at the local hospital)

My 2 yr old going thru almost the exact same things as yours now. My doc told me to use cornstarch on his rash. I thought it was weird but i started on him every diaper change. Which is frequent anyway to keep his little butt dry. The cornstarch really does work. My doctor told me my son had a ear infection. We also had the flu at house and he had gotten it as well. My doctor said clear fluids only. The fluids make his poop green. So no worries. Mine is on amoxcillin for 10 days. Until the vomit subsides keep clear fluids only. Then no fruit juice. Sugar water is good at helping them keep liquid down. Bananas are good but applesause isnt. Breads are okay but keep things non fruity and pretty plain right now. I have also gotten anti nausea pills and suppositories. You have to get the suppositories from your doctor. Both must be prescribed from your doctor.

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