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Diapers at Night

I have a five year old son that I can't seem to get out of diapers at night. He doesn't drink anything after 7:00 and goes to the bathroom before bed. Even with all that he is still soaking through his diapers. Some nights I even find that his bed is wet and his diaper is dry. What's that about?? I want to get him out of diapers but wonder if it is the right time when he is still going so much at night. Suggestions?

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Thanks for all the advice. I will definitely try the Goodnight Training pants. I think the problem is that he is a very deep sleeper. He stays in the same position until morning. Thanks again.

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My nephew has the same problem and he is 7yrs old.. All thew docotrs say is that he will grow out of it.. He doesnt drink past 6pm and goes to the bathroom before he goes down at 8pm. It doesnt happen every night but it is definitely quite frequent. We are just waiting for him to grow out of it as well as his pediatrician sees nothing physically wrong.

Hey!! My husband had the same problem when he was little. Only at night. The doctor told my in-laws to wake him up atleast once a night and make him use the restroom. They said something about his muscles were not strong enough for him to hold it or wake him up. he actually had to do exercises like starting and stopping every time he went so he could learn to hold it better. don't know if this will help any?! I haven't made it that far yer. Mine is only 15 months

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My son had the same bed wetting difficulties. He is now 8. When he was about 4 1/2 I started doing some research on the internet and found that only about 25 percent of children still wet the bed at age 5 it continues to decrease and is almost 0 percent by 12. I discussed the difficultes with his doctor, they ran some tests, did some xrays and found nothing. They referred us to a urologist, by this time we had borrowed and used an alarm that clips to the outside of the child's underwear and goes off when the sensor is wet. It woke everyone in the house up except him. We tried it for over a month and it did not help. By the time we saw the urologist he was 5. I explained everything we had tried including decreasing fluids like you have. I also told him my younger brother wet the bed until at least 8 years old and it interfered with his social life- he was embarrassed, and did not want to spend the night with friends. My husband and I did not want this for our son. The urologist prescribed a medicine called DDAVP which is an antidiuretic - it makes you urinate less. It worked! In fact 5 months later, we didn't refill the script that month and waited to see. He stayed dry and has only had a couple of accidents in the last three years. There were no side affects to the meds. The doctor told us some kids just have weaker bladders, sleep deep, or their nerves don't send the message to the brain as early as they need to and before it does the child cannot hold it. Whatever the reason, he is no longer a bed wetter!! Just FYI, I have two daughters age 9 and 31 months both were dry at night by 2 and 1/2 so, I know it was not our parenting just his body was different.
Good Luck,
V. E

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R., I think if you go ahead and take his diapers away , he would be better off. He has to train himself and his bladder to wait until he gets to the bathroom and by letting him sleep in a diaper, you aren't doing him any favors. Put a plastic garbage bag under his sheets and give him big boy underwear and if he goes in them he won't like the way it feels so he should start getting up. Eventually he will be able to make it through the night, but it will take some on your part like getting up with him and letting him know that it's ok. Good Luck!!!

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Stop worrying. Do what you are comfortable with. If you want to take him out of the diapers and don't mind washing the sheets daily; do that. I prefer to throw away the night-time pullups. If you get the ones specially for the older children he shouldn't wet through them. Don't know what's up with the wet bed dry kid though.

Some kids bladders just don't develope until much older. Don't stress. It doesn't mean anything is wrong; his body just isn't able to hold his urine all night.

If it seems like he is not in control of this habit, just hold steady mom and love him through it. My four year old daughter has regressed back to night-time wetting since our baby son was born. We use Goodnights (they are like pull-ups) for her at bedtime. They are great at catching a large amount, and saves me having to wash sheets every day.

If you think he is taking advantage of the diaper and using it instead of getting up to use the bathroom....My second son did this, so we took the Goodnights away and if he wet, he was wet. If it was the middle of the night, we'd lay a towel down. So I was changing sheets everyday, but he really didn't like being all wet, so he seemed to make an effort to stay dry. This lasted maybe two weeks, but then we had it down, with occasional accidents.

My nephew has the same problem and he is 7yrs old.. All thew docotrs say is that he will grow out of it.. He doesnt drink past 6pm and goes to the bathroom before he goes down at 8pm. It doesnt happen every night but it is definitely quite frequent. We are just waiting for him to grow out of it as well as his pediatrician sees nothing physically wrong.

I think he is wayyy to old for diapers. My son will be 5 in march and has been out of diapers since 3. And he also still has the occasional bed wetting accident,but those are going to happen.Your son will continue to wet the bed with a diaper on b/c it is hendering him from getting up and going to the bathroom when he feels the urge to go. Instead he knows he has the diaper on so he uses the diaper. Only problem is, diapers are meant to hold only so much urine and if your son is anything like mine he could stand and pee for a good solid minute or 2. I say do away with the diapers, put him in some real undies, "rain proof" his bed and let him have a few uncomfortable accidents and he may just start getting himself into the habit of getting up and going. If he doesnt then take him to the doctor...my younger brother wet the bed until he was 14 due to his bladder being weak.Either way, you have to get that 5 yr old out of baby diapers.

My son was still in training pants at 5 - only at night. A co-worker mentioned that she didn't put her 2 year old in training pants at night, he is potty trained. She said if she let him "cheat" at night and use the t.pants, that he would digress. I tried it and sure enough it worked. He never wet the bed again. I think it must have been mental w/ my son. Usually he makes it through the night but sometimes he tells me in the morning that he woke up at night and went potty. Try it! Best of luck. I share your frustration. : ^ )

Hi R.,
I am going through the same thing with my daughter. She never has a problem during the day but for some reason she doesn't wake up at night to go potty. I use to use pull ups on her but they ended up leaking all the time. We went to the older kids pull ups called goodnites and they work. I was told to make her sleep in underwear and wake her to go potty every night. Well we tried that for a while but if I didn't get to her by 11:30pm she would have already gone, and I would also wake her up again before I would go to bed and I would make her use the bathroom. Anyway that lasted about two months and we had to wash sheets a couple of times a week and I couldn't handle it. She just turned six and her Dr said not to worry about it. During the day she has to go alot so I think she may have a small blatter and she may sleep to heavy to wake up to the urge. Well good luck, I'm still hoping it will end soon.

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