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Diaper Wetting

this morning my 16-month-old daughter woke up w/ a diaper that wasn't very wet. usually she soaks them during the night. her babysitter says she is drinking normally, and last night and this morning she drank fine for me, but i am still worry that she is dehydrated. she has had a cold and her doctor started her on a decongestant yesterday. maybe that is part of it. could it just be a fluke thing that she didn't soak her diaper? the babysitter said she would keep an eye on it today. any other suggestions?

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Give her Pedialite. It replaces electrolytes that were lost due to dehydration. Plus they think its a yummy juice. Good luck!

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Check the color of the urine in her diaper. If it isn't mid to dark yellow, or there isn't red spots that look orange or like blood (it's not though, don't worry! It's just a reaction to the chemicals in the diaper!), you are probably okay. Especially if it is a one time thing. If you are really worried, let her drink some pedialyte. If it continues, then I would be worried.

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most likely she's fine, of course the medication and not feeling well might be messing with her system a bit. make sure she's taking in fluids, offer her drinks all day long, pedialyte if that's how you decide to go. it's only been one night. even if she was healthy it's totally possible she may just have one drier night than others. hope she feels better soon!

Decongestants will dry her out. Be sure to offer plenty of clear liquids and not alot of milk. Water is the best if she will drink it. The medicine may also affect her appetite so keep and eye on that as well. As long as she is having 1 wet diaper in 8 hours she should be ok though. I hope she feels better soon! E.

Give her Pedialite. It replaces electrolytes that were lost due to dehydration. Plus they think its a yummy juice. Good luck!

She might just be able to go longer without peeing in her diaper. This is a great thing...!!! LOl
As long as she is drinking fluids and acting normal than I dont think you have anything to worry about....


If she had any urine, then she isn't dehydrated. She might have less urine due to the medicine or if she had any fever. Just watch her intake and then check her diapers or if she has tears.

Good luck,

Because you are feeling very uneasy about the situation, I would suggest calling your pediatricians office and talking to the nurse. I have been told in the past if they are wetting diapers they are not dehydrated. Since, dehydration is a serious thing, especially in the little ones, I would call your pediatrician. That will 100% put your mind at ease. Goodluck! :)

Good Morning KS. Take some pedialyte with you to the sitters.
Will help give her an extra boost with fluids. Grape is good but turns poopy diapers sorta green..lol

God Bless
K. Nana of 5

My girls always stopped wetting their diaper in the night at an early age. My 2.5 year old usually wakes up dry even though she isn't potty trained.
It could be a fluke, or it could be dehydration I guess. I'd just keep an eye on it.

She's probably just getting to the age where her bladder is able to 'hold it' all night. The decongestant will lower her urine output slightly, but not that much. My son was a bed soaker. Around the same age, he started having 'dry nights' here and there. When she gets to the point of consistently being dry at night, she may be ready for potty training. Congratulations! You're almost there! This is one of the first steps on the way to potty training!

It could just be that she now has more bladder control and is ready to start potty training. When children are able to make it all night without wetting a diaper, it may mean her bladder is developing the ability to hold in urine, (instead of just releasing automatically when full) a necessary development before one can be potty trained. All my girls were trained way before two. 16 months is pretty early, so I would keep an eye on that, but if she seems interested in potty training, you might try working on it. My little ones were all very interested very early because of their older sister.

Well, not to sweep her being sick under the rug, but my daughters were potty trained by 18mo. She may just be starting to hold it better. That is a good sign if she is healthy! Cross your fingers that it is!

For myself, my mother, and my grandmothers, a DRY diaper was our clue that baby was ready to potty train. (NO ! 16 months old is NOT too early for many children.)
A DAMP diaper, however, especially with a sick child, probably IS dehydration. This can get serious really quick in one so young, so be sure she is taking water and juices during the day along with her usual milk.
You can also offer popsicles and jello to help with hydration.

She could be getting ready to potty train, but hasn't it been all over the news lately that kids under 6 should not take cold medicine (decongestants)? I would check with the doctor just in case.

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