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Diaper Went Through Washer??

I have no idea how but I disposable diaper went through the washer now there is a HUGE mess. How do I get it all clean?? Is it going to ruin my washer?? How do I get all the stuff off the clothes that were also in the washer?? Please HELP!!!

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I actually cleaned the mess before reading most of the responses. Since I wanted to get everything cleaned up. After a little more research on line I put salt and oxiclean in the wash with no clothes and went through a complete cycle. Take all the clothes outside on the driveway and sprayed down with hose then rewashed. Everything turned out fine and then washed a different load and no sign of diaper gel stuff. Thanks for all your comments and I am glad I am not the only one who has done this!!

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I just recently had this same thing happen! First of all I was amazed that the diaper stayed mainly intact...but a small portion of the absorbing stuff inside did come out. I just rewashed the clothes and it was all gone after I did that. I have not had problem with the washer. Good luck!!

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It's happened to me too. I hung the clothes outside on the line to let the diaper pieces dry, then brushed them off. I vacumned the pieces out of the washer after wiping out the main pieces. I did rewash my clothes too. Everything turned out fine.

I just recently had this same thing happen! First of all I was amazed that the diaper stayed mainly intact...but a small portion of the absorbing stuff inside did come out. I just rewashed the clothes and it was all gone after I did that. I have not had problem with the washer. Good luck!!

Yikes! This hasn't happened to me, but I wonder if when you do the rinse-out load to clean the washer, it would help to throw in an old towel to "catch" loose pieces? Then the dryer lint trap would catch them in the dry cycle. Just a hunch. Good luck!

This happened to me twice and the first time I freaked out. What I did was tossed all the clothes into the dryer and the lint screen had all the dried particles on it. I didn't have to wash the clothes again!

I'd just wipe the washer out with a napkin and you could do a dry wash run or wipe it out and wash your next batch of clothes. If there's stuff that gets on your next batch the dryer will dry up the particles of the diaper.

It's really not a huge deal.

Just wash them again and again until it comes out. Don't bleach like someone else said. I'm assuming she thinks it was a poopy diaper. My goodness, I use cloth diapers and I certainly don't bleach my machine after washing my diapers - that's what soap is for :o)
It will come out, I almost did it once myself, lol.
I have sent baby wipes through the wash accidently and surprisingly they came out looking like a fabric softener. I have often wondered, since I'm a green freak, if you could wash your wipes and then recycle them??? I don't worry about it now because I use flannel cloths for the cloth babies and a wet paper towel for the Pampers child. Works just as good with no chemicals.
Good luck,
Mom to 4, soon 5 through another adoption and hopefully more :o)

Oh I've been there!

What I ended up doing was taking an old blanket (I kept in the trunk of the car for emergencies, etc) and running it through the washer. I put the load with the diaper into the dryer with a fresh lint trap. The lint trap caught most of the "granules" from the diaper. After that I sent the blanket through both washer and dryer, and then re-washed the load. The poor blanket got most of the diaper junk and I just tossed it; the rest of the laundry came out fine the second go-round.

I don't think there should be any damage to your appliances. Just make sure to change your lint trap and check the next few loads for "granules". (I have no idea what to call the stuff inside diapers) :P Good luck and I hope you find something that helps! :)

You are not alone! I've done that! :)
I picked out all the big diaper pieces that I could and put all the clothes in the dryer. Most of the diaper pieces ended up in the lint tray. I shook out the clothes to get rid of the stuff still on the clothes. It didn't hurt the washer at all. No harm done. Chalk it up to one the funnier baby moments!


We had a Pampers go through the washer with a dark blue microfiber comforter. UGH! We ended up setting it out in the sun to dry after going through the washer and using an ice scraper to pick all the little white pellets off of it. It took a long time and I washed it afterwards and still had to pick more pellets off it it. I don't think it'll ruin your washer as it didn't do anything to mine. My sympathies to you!!

Bleach bleach bleach. Yes you will need to run it through your washer a few times

Just have to rewash.
This happened to me as well. I had to rewash everything in the washer 2 times before I felt that it was normal.
After I did this I washed an empty load just to make sure that it was clean.

Been there done that- once after an illness. We took the blankets we were cleaning- from the vomit- yes yuck- and let them dry out outside and then shook the particles off the clothing and blankets. Then we rewashed all of it again. No problem on the washer.
One of those moments you'll look back on with laughter!!
About me- 47yo med. prof, wellness coach and mom of nearly 7yo twin girls.
B. J

I did this and called the diaper company to see what they suggested. They said to just put the clothes in the drier and the gel will turn to dust and end up in the lint tray. I just used a paper towel to wipe out the washer and drier and did a cleaning cycle in the washer. This was much easier than dealing with the gel while the clothes were still wet.

Wow...ish. I'd probably start by seperating the load into about 4-5 piles and washing each pile individually as if it were an x-tra large load. Those little pilly things should go right through your washer and drain out into your sink into the drain with all the extra water.

Then, when I was done with those loads, I'd run my machine once with nothing and get rid of all the left overs. Try and scrape off what you can prior and shake out each chothing item outside in your grass prior to re-washing...perhaps that will help reduce all those little pills too.

Good luck.

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