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Diaper Rash with Constant Pooping - Diet Related?

My 11 month old son has had a pretty bad diaper rash for a few weeks now - it gets better, then gets worse on a daily basis. It's gotten so bad his poor butt was entirely raw and blistery. I've noticed that he poops a lot - 4-6 times a day, a semi solid pasty stool. The diaper rash is definitely related to the pooping and I try to clean him off as soon as possible. After every poop I wipe off most of it with a soft paper towel, and then carry him to the sink and wash him off with warm water and soap. After drying him off and letting him play diaperless for a little bit, I put California Baby Powder and then cream on it. His diet is pretty normal too (i think). I feed him 4-5 6 oz bottles of Neutramigen a day, with 3 meals (baby food, rice cereal), some Cheerios or fruit as snacks, and water only. Is it normal to poop so much a day? Is there anything I can do/feed him that would make him poop less with harder stool?
Thanks so much in advance for your advice!

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Hello E.,
My name is Valeie and I have three teenage boys. My oldest used to get the most awfull diaper rash, with blistering also. In the drug store ask the Pharmacist what is the best brand of fungal cream to buy, and also a big tube of Desitin.
Wash the affected area with just water, no soap.
Then put on the anti fugal cream on the affected area.
After the anti fungal applicaiton, apply a good thick coat of Desitin creme with zinc oxide over the whole bottom and front area to help keep a pee and poop proof barrier.
The rash starts getting better right away, and will relieve the pain. You also might want to use cloth diapers while the rash is really bad as disposable diapers quite often make the rash worse.
Here is a site to visit to explain exactly what it is and treatment options.
Take care,


My daughter had the same issues, so I diluted juice to 25% Pear juice (other juices including apple caused a diaper rash and pasty poops) and the rest water. Raisins, apple, prune juices still cause icky diapers. I used monistat or lotramin to clear up the diaper rash. Worked within a couple of days! Hope this helps.

Hi E.. My twins had the same exact thing happen when I'd feed them any fruit or certain veggies (like zucchini). I could only give them like a tablespoon worth at a time. But they don't need more than that at a time anyway, at that age. It happened until they were potty trained. They are 2 1/2 now and I haven't seen it happen since they've used the potty. Unfortunatley, the doctor prescribed medication and treated them for yeast infection and staff infection--because the sores got so bad and were so consistent, like you said, a daily waxing and waning--but neither actually seemed to work. I knew that it was diet related, but I guess they don't make money off writing prescriptions for "watch what they eat". I feel bad that I gave them the unnecessary meds, but I didn't know what else to do at that point. I would try using vasoline to help protect the skin, baths, and giving the butt some good air time. Cut down on proportions of the fruits/veggies. I know you might feel guilty about not feeding him a "balanced diet" but what matters more to you? You can always supplement with some vitamins; they have liquid drops if you can get him to take them. Don't forget, it will go away--it will pass!!!

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No one seems to know what Neutramigen is -- so I Googled it and it appears to be a type of formula for babies with colic or other tummy problems. Who has recommended you give this to him, your pediatrician? Have you seen a change in bowel movements in your baby since introducing this? Google Neutramigen and you'll read that some people think it thickens and can give food mixed with it a pasty aspect. So, it might be this formula that's causing him problems. You would only know if you took him off it exchanging for a different formula. At 11 months soon he'll be able to tolerate cows milk, normally, and for my son I mixed cows milk with Nestle liquid formula, since he didn't really like the taste (too sweet, I think).

To make him 'poop' less carrots, potatos, rice, bananas are good, and you can give this to him with other food items to harden his stool. On the other hand, having a hard stool is not really the goal, in fact it's not a problem to have a soft one, especially if you clean him regularly. But, there must be something in his diet that is acidic and causing the irritation to his skin. Could it be the Neutramigen?

As for cleaning and healing. First, don't use baby powder, it's very bad. Good to wash him off well with warm water. Pat him dry first then let him air dry a bit, if possible. Go to the pharmacy and ask for a red liquid drying solution (they'll know what it is) and a zinc oxcide based cream. Use a cotton ball to apply the red drying solution to his bottom, this will dry up the rash and skin cracks. Then, paste his bottom with the zinc oxcide cream, nice and thick. Do this for several days and at each change until his skin heals. Then, once he's better at every change continue to put the zinc oxcide cream on his bottom and wherever needed, perhaps no need to put it on so thickly, but do cover the skin so that when he does have a bowel movement it is not immediately exposed.

Maybe you'll need to work with your pediatrician on improving his diet, if you think think there is a problem with his bowel movements. But, it honestly doesn't sound like you're giving him any food item that is wrong, I only question the Neutramigen. In any case at a year you can introduce cows milk; even just plain yoghurt would be a good start. If you have the money, do give him vitamin enriched formula at least until age two. It's got much more iron in it than whole milk.

Good luck.

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Lots of good advice has been given... but these things can be so tricky to pinpoint. I recommend that you really look at what you're feeding him in the way of fruits and veggies. Eliminate as much acid in his stools as possible by feeding items that are low in acids. I also recommend eliminating the powder... for years pediatricians have been saying powders are not good for babies for several reasons: as one person mentioned, they do have a sandpaper effect on the skin, but even more important, in my opinion, is that the powder can get into the nasal passages and cause allergies or other respiritory problems. My preferences for creams are the Boudroeaux's Butt Paste or plain vaseline.
I would definitely recommend that you don't use paper towels to wipe him off. I don't think there are any paper towels made that are soft enough for that job. We use Pampers baby wipes for sensitive skin, and those seem to work quite well. If you need something for a preliminary wipe before using the baby wipes, We've found some disposable wash cloths at the Dollar Tree store...(not sure where else you can find those) that are great for many uses and would work well as a wipe for the bottom too. They come in a pack of fifty but are large enough that you could possibly cut one in half and make them go even further. To give you an idea how good I think they are, we use them to wipe the kids' hands and faces after meals or snacks. Then I save all of them (usually four at our house), rinse them well, and use them to do the initial wipe off of the table to get the food that the kids have used for "artwork" and the big spills, before the final table cleaning. After doing that, I once again rinse the cloths well, and use them to wipe up spills from the floor. The cloths are sturdy enough that they hold up for all of that and rarely break through.

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Hi E.,

IBS. Sounds like IBS and internal mycoplasma issues, possibly with other pathogens as well.

I have some interesting info for you:

My 3rd child was born with thrush (candida) in her mouth so bad she could not eat without crying. She also had the extreme red constant rash caused by the bowel movement that I would immediately clean off and air out her bum in the sun, do the ointment, just like you are doing, etc. It would get a little better (until the next poo). It was a constant battle. She also had a distended belly. All these symptoms bothered me, but the pedi blew them off.I guess they see it so much they call it normal now, or something, because I had already had two children and neither of them had these issues, especially not a big bloated belly.)
She was treated w /Nystatin, an anti fungal for her mouth, only until the rash in the mouth was clear. I could not get the pedi to aknowledge she also had the yeast internally or that her bum rash correlated to the fungal issue in her mouth. As she grew, I noted failure to babble like my other two, 2 months later than my other two to sit up ,roll over,or walk, didn't cruise furniture, didn't hold her bottle, etc.. which they also blew off. When she would get sick, she would stay sick for a long time, and ear infections were a constant issue for a while. When she was boostered at 5 months she got a cold the next day and that's when the ear infection(s) started . I look back now and I see she had toxic overload to the max.

Fast forward 6 years. She did end up having some verbal communication issues, a mild form of autism. This child still has bowel issues, (soft poo and diarrhea, cramping pain, etc)... and the red rashes come and go (rashes to a lesser degree) around her bum and vaginal area. She has IBS. We've always thought she didn't wipe good enough and got her baby wipes for the bathroom, but I was doing some online poking around on a childhood rash site and found a picture of a rash around a child's sex organs/bum that looked very similar to the rash she gets on and off.The inside area of the rash is clear and there is a red line around the outside of the rash, like an outline. It said it was caused by strep bacteria.

For years I have been convinced that she had internal candida and all these issues were from the candida source. Not being able to get meds from a doctor, I started herbal meds. Caprylic acid and garlic to name a few. More and more research has brought me to new insight. I found data to support that everything she has been going through is traceable to once source, cell wall deficient bacteria, or, mycoplasma. A tiny bacteria that can bud and striate (like fungus) That can be passed from mother to child , and is prevalent in society. It suppresses the immune system so much that viruses, fungi and co-bacteria thrive, hence, all the symptoms. They named it th1 disease. I have been dosing her with herbal SAMENTO which has helped some, (I noticed her voice less gruff and she pays more attention, less aggrivated outbursts) but I am off to the doctor's today to push for a QRIB-b test.
Here's a link. read it through, you'll note IBS is on there:



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i've read that diaper rash is actually a form of yeast, so perhaps your son has the Candida yeast; apparently something like 70-80% of the population has Candida. yeast can be a cause to many of the digestive problems that so many people suffer from, so perhaps that is the cause for the poo. you may want to consider a round of probiotics for him, which you can buy at Whole Foods or the Elephant Pharmacy. and i've read some great information about Candida on the website for health journal Wise Traditions.

the poo and diaper rash could also be separate things- when my son was teething his 1 year molars, he was pooping his pants 2-4 times a day, which is unusual, and it was not his normal poo.

and one more bit of info, have you heard of Elimination Communication? it when you take your child to the toilet to go to the bathroom rather than having them go in their diaper. your son could really benefit from this because then he wouldn't be getting the poo all over his bum. Baby Bjorn has little toilet inserts, you get a little stool to sit on yourself, and then sit there with him and read books or play with trains or what have you. you're already giving him diaperfree time, so you are on the right track to a Diaper Free Baby. if you research Diaper Free Baby and Elimination Communication online you can find tons of information.

My son was on Neutramigen and he had the same proble. Why is he on Neutramigen? My son was on it because he had acid reflux. His poor bottom was just like your sons. I felt horrible as I would change him. I took him off it and I gave him soy formula. I also applied cortazone(sp) to his bottom. Hope this helps. J.

Hi E.,
So sorry to hear about your poor little guy! Have you talked with your pediatrician's office about this yet? I'd take him in, and discuss switching formula with your doctor.
The BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and avoiding acidic fruits would help (avoid tomatoes, citrus, berries,etc.)
Some very nice, antifungal herbs to use in the bath would be lavender and calendula flowers. Make a strong tea and when it's cooled, add it to his bath, whenever you are washing off his bum. (Thought you might like that since you are using California Baby products).
Another great product to help with diaper rash is Miessence Baby Bottom Mist - it's a spray, so his skin won't be irritated like it could be when rubbing on a cream. It also contains antifungal and healing herbs such as calendula, which are safe for newborns. You can purchase it here:
Miessence baby care is certified organic to food standards so there are no synthetic chemicals, dyes or other questionable ingredients. Hope that helps!

I was told to just air dry and if you can get them in the sun even inside. I never use the wipes on my daughter because all the alcohol really bothers her so i soak the wipes in water before each use and drizzle water over her butt before the sink instead of rubbing. Air drying i hear is the best and has worked the best for me. I hope this helps...sounds like you are doing the right things.

hi E.!
ideas for the rash....
1. try lotrimin and hydrocortison combo, with desitin on top for bad rash
2. a&d is good for every diaper change as preventative
3. no baby powder....talc coats the lungs, and the cornstarch kind will feed any yeast making the rash worse
4. baking soda bath
5. diaper free time!

good luck :)

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