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Diaper Rash That Never Wants to Go Away!

I know diaper rash & babies/toddlers go together, but this is getting out of control! My 16 month old daughter constantly has little bumps or a rash on her private area! Every diaper change I use the desitin & powder, but it never seems to help at all! I've already taken her to the Dr. regarding one event that turned out to be a "yeast infection!!!" That was 10 months ago! Has anyone been through anything like this, & if so, what other methods can I try? I'm sure it's got to be annoying & painful for her at some point, so I'm willing to try something different! As far as new or different soaps or even diapers; nothing new here! So you can rule that out! Please, I'm open for suggestions! Thanks!

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Wow, I really thank everyone for their input! Well, I've been trying out a few new things & I think its starting to clear up! Thanks so much for all the helpful pointers!! I'm keeping tabs on all the helpful advice for future reference!!

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H., there is a good diaper cream called pinxav (prononced pink salve) you can find it at Drug Mart and Walgreens. You said you havent changed brands of soaps or diapers, but I would suggest changing the brand of diaper. I used pampers on my son and all was well, until he developed an allergic reaction to them. I know that sounds weird but it's true. I guess they use more gel in their diapers according to my sons doctor. Hope this advice was helpful, Sincerley, K.

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I have a 13 month old girl going through the same problem. I've tried everything and the only thing that really helps is letting her go without her diaper for a few days. It sucks cleaning up puddles of pee and an occasional poop but it totally helps the diaper rash go away. My ped also recommended giving her 3 baths a day with baking soda in the water which really helped relieve her red and puffy skin.

Good Luck!

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I say the naked method is best. Just let the kid run naked whenever you can. If you must put on a diaper then put vaseline on as a barrier between the skin and the wet. Good Luck.

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I have a 13 month old girl going through the same problem. I've tried everything and the only thing that really helps is letting her go without her diaper for a few days. It sucks cleaning up puddles of pee and an occasional poop but it totally helps the diaper rash go away. My ped also recommended giving her 3 baths a day with baking soda in the water which really helped relieve her red and puffy skin.

Good Luck!

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How often do you let the skin breath without powder. Little girls can be very sensitive to soaps and such with perfumes in them, this is why bubble baths are often not recommended.
My daughter has sensitive skin. When she got her first rash I tried every cream available. Within less than 24 hours she would go from nothing to flaming red and she would be crying. My neighbor at the time brought over a product that was a life saver. It takes her worst rash away in no time. It is called "Corona: Original Lanolin-Rich Ointment". It is actually for animals (like those bag balms you see in stores); it can be found in agricultural supply places. Anderson's carries it in Maumee. I know it sounds crazy.
I only use it when she has an irritation. The skin needs breathing time.
Hope it works.

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Hello H.,
Actually yeast was the first thing I thought of when I read your description of her problem. Unfortunately treating it with a cream isn't addressing where the problem is, which is in her intestines. I know that sounds bizarre, but that is where all health (or disease) starts. If you'd like to know how to solve the real issue, please contact me off site at ____@____.com.

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Hi H., my name is D. Y. I figured out juice gives my daughter (21 months) a diaper rash. All she can drink is milk and water. They have a creme called Triple Paste at Kroger, that stuff is great. You could also try organic diaper wipes. Is there any chance she could be allergic to the desitin or powder? Make sure the powder doesn't have talc. I hope your sweet babe feels better soon!
D. Y

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The best thing to do is to give it a little air. My daughter who will be 2 in march has the same issues. It is partically due to the diaper and whatever enviromental issue that are going on in that region. I am one of the mom that have to buy the expensive diaper...why they don't add to the problem i don't know. I use "butt cream" which is just glorified zinc oxide mixed with nistatin. But the thing that works the best is my daughter goes naked for about an hour a day from the waste down. I break it into about two 30 minute streaks. Since the doctor suggested it ....her rash is very light and has even gone away for up to a week at a time. (the bad news....if you don't time it right you may have to clean up a mess. I don't mind it because i know what a yeast infection feels like....and I sure don't want my baby girl to feel that way.)

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H., there is a good diaper cream called pinxav (prononced pink salve) you can find it at Drug Mart and Walgreens. You said you havent changed brands of soaps or diapers, but I would suggest changing the brand of diaper. I used pampers on my son and all was well, until he developed an allergic reaction to them. I know that sounds weird but it's true. I guess they use more gel in their diapers according to my sons doctor. Hope this advice was helpful, Sincerley, K.

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have you tried airing her out? sounds weird but both my daughters have had a few bad ones and when i let them hang out without a diaper it really improved. Give her a bath, and then let her play or put lotion on her and keep her attention for at least 15 minutes, if you can get her to go longer that would be good. just watch it, she might pee on you. I also use balmex and i love it. it clears up my youngest in a few uses. And another little tip, i know i am just full of them, try using washcloths and water instead of baby wipes and make sure she if fully dry before you put another diaper on. Ok, I am done. I hope something works for you. Good Luck!!!

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I say the naked method is best. Just let the kid run naked whenever you can. If you must put on a diaper then put vaseline on as a barrier between the skin and the wet. Good Luck.

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The Dr usually prescribes Nystatin for yeast infections, but you can use Lotrimin cream (athletes foot aisle - Lotrimizole I think is the generic name) over the counter. But that won't help if it's not yeast. There are several different "active ingredients" in diaper rash creams, Zinc Oxide, Petroleum, and I can't remember the other. Desitin is a Zinc Oxide based product, so maybe try Aquaphor or Vaseline, or combine them and see if they work. Most doctors don't recommend Powder anymore, I'm not sure if it's not great for the baby's bottom, but it's bad if they inhale the powder in the air, so make sure you're careful there. My Dr told me to put a zinc oxide cream and a petroleum cream in the palm of my hand and blend them together with the lotrimin and apply that. Pantless is good too if you can handle the mess. I've also determined that my daughter is allergic or sensitive to the blue patch down the middle of Pamper's Baby Dry - gives her a rash every time, so maybe think about switching diaper brands, you never know!

Both my babies have sensative skin and so I've been through it with the rashes-- here are all my favorites...
Patchy red spots use Aquaphore
Malox iteracts with the ph balance between the skin and the urine and that can help (you can also mix this with aquaphore but it's messy- you dr can have the pharmasist do it for you)
Little tiny red dots is often yeast and can quikly be cleared up with a prescription-steroid cream ( you may be able to get your dr. to call-in this prescription if you describe it to them--I hate to have to pay for office visits when it's diaper rash-- always ask for medical advice because the nurses and drs see so many they can probably tell you over the phone)
I also cloth diaper and that seems to help (fuzzi bunz are what I use)-- I started with oldfashioned prefolds, pins and rubber pants You may just have a couple around for when she's at home. Leave her diaper completely off whenever you can -- that's the best thing. I've never had much use for other diaper ointments-- balmex is okay. Good luck!--S.

GO to the store and buy BORAFAX ointment I may have it spelled wrong, it has been 17 years since I use it. You can get it over the counter, if you can't find it ask the pharmy. Borafax and good old corn starch will work wonders. My daughter was the same way. I took her to the doctor and he told me to buy that it was my life saver it was great. If you want to try a different soap try Johnson and Johnson Baby soap. It is great too, but I don't think it has anything to do with soap or should would have trouble all over here body. Borafax works great. Good luck

Butt Paste is the BOMB!

At 16 months old, it's a great time to ditch the diapers. And even MORE so given your daughter's poor little rashy bum - you don't *have* to keep doing the diaper/butt paste/rash endless cycle. The problem is that her parts are all wrapped up in plastic diapers and aren't getting enough air. And 16 months old is one of the many windows of potty learning - don't be dissuaded or discouraged to try just because people think it's too young. It's not. All around the world, kids are potty trained starting well before 16 months, so if babies can do it, you & your toddler can do it too.

If you're really willing to try something different, here it is:
Leave the awful diaper rash, expensive diapers and creams and powders behind. Tune into your daughter, open the lines of communication even further, and learn about her frequency of peeing/pooping and her physical signs (squirming, dancing around, grunting, farting, perhaps pausing in the middle of active play, etc.). Then teach her to recognize these, too! Explain to her that because of the diapers making her bum red and tender, you guys are going to try something new and it will feel better. Be loving, supportive, NO pressure, no punishment or bribing or negativity or stress. Work as a team. Here are some resources for you:

1) No Cry Potty Training Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
2) http://www.white-boucke.com/reviews/latestarters.html
3) page down to the part where she describes the process (numbered section, pink header font) http://www.kathleenchin.com/IPTLateStarters/iptarticle.html

Anything else you do at this point is just going to be covering up the problem, only temporarily making it feel better. To truly resolve the problem, for your daughter's rash to really heal, her bottom needs a lot of time in the open air with no more diapers. You guys can work together to help her learn to pee/poop on the potty. The bottom line is that you will have to go through the potty training experience sometime in the next year or so anyway - so why delay it? It only gets harder as the child becomes more and more used to going in their diaper. And 24 month olds often have even more strong, independent feelings than a 16 month old. You have a really good reason to start now, and there's lots of support out there for you.

So my advice? Ditch the diapers, and happy pottying!

i had the same problem with mt 2 year old

turns out she just had really sensitive skin. i had to put her in cloth diapers for about a year.
eventually I found a brand she can wear (the parents choice ones from walmart) all others still give her a rash.

also the best diaper rash ointment i have found for her was pinxalve, with all the other desidin worked great, for her it did nothing

good luck

Go to the pharmacy and ask if they carry "triple paste". It's a combo of malox, benedryl, and aquaphor. It worked great on my daughter's never ending rash! Her Pediatricain and the nurse at the office recommended it to me. I got it at Foster's Pharmacy but I am sure that other places carry it although, I am sure that big stores do not. Good luck!

I always used Balmex- It worked better than desitin-- also let her be naked as much as possible- that worked for my little one- sometimes it resulted in a mess :) but airing it out helped alot! Good luck

Hi H.,

My son had the same problem, and I didn't think boys could get yeast infections. He always has something going on. Well, I found out he was allergic to the huggies brand diaper, so make sure she's not allergic to her brand. My Dr. gave me all kinds of topicals to try, but it didn't work. He also put him on an anti-biotic and it cleared it up right away. I also started potty training and letting him run around without anything on. They need air to breath down there. Your daughter is too little to potty train, but maybe if you can keep her diaper of for an hour per day, and no creams, that holds moisture in. Just use baby powder.
Hope this helps....

Mine was the same way, in fact we still need to watch her as she is very sensitive. (she's 3 and only has pull-ups @ night) We tried everything too, but my mom has given Pinxav as a shower present ever since I can remember, and although it'll stain anyhting it touches, it works!! I agree that fresh air is great too, if you can just puther on a blanket and leave her for a while. I used to use baby powder, but then I read that there is a higher incidence of cervical cancer w/ infant girl that were exposed to baby powder, since I've had that, not taking any chances! Now we use it sparingly and now down there. Make sure it's not a yeast infection too! Lotrimin will clear that right up! also try new diapers. some of the cheaper ones will do it too, unfortunately. We had to stick w/ Huggies, but everyone's different!

My friend's daughter had the same thing when she was an infant and the only thing that worked for her was a prescription for yeast infections called Nystatin. It is a cream that you can only get by perscription so you will need to go back to the doctor again. She said at the first sign of a break out she would use it and it would clear it up. Her daughter is 5 now and she still has to use it from time to time.

My son gets a diaper rash all the time and it is a yeast infetion, to make it go away, get some athelete's foot cream, i use lotramin, and put it on the rash, then put on powder. it usually takes one or two diaper changes to notice a big difference. but it works like a charm, you can even put the lotramin on, then cover that with desitin, then powder, and also try using the wipes made for newborns, will help it to not burn when you change her.

Good luck!

My son was two weeks old when he got his first diaper rash, and it was TERRIBLE!!! His little bottom was blood red and had several raw spots on it. The nurse at his doctor's office told me to get some Aquaphor and some plain liquid Maalox and mix them in a one-to-one ratio. I did and it cleared his diaper rash up in about two days. By a week later, all the raw spots had disappeared and his bottom looked just like it did the day he was born. It's like a miracle cure!!!

My son kept getting yeast infections from the antibiotics he was on, and I was tired of taking him to the Dr. for them, so I asked the pharmacist what I could use over-the-counter. He suggested jock-itch cream. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked for us. You may want to ask your Dr. or pharmacist first. The yogurt suggestion is also a very good one. You can buy drinkable yogurt made for babies, or use the regular kind. Air-drying her rear will also be a big help. Of course, this is assuming your daughter's rash is a yeast infection. (They are so tough to get rid of!) When in doubt, keep bugging your doc till it's taken care of. Good luck.

As I read the other responses, I was surprised that I did not see more about using an antacid. All three of my children had very bad diaper rashes that could be triggered by the smallest things. To this day they have very sensitive skin and with my baby I have to be very diligent or she ends up with a rash. my advice has already been written on here by others but I would like to re-iterate. My doctor suggested mixing the mylanta with aquaphor so that it really sticks to the bottom and then the small yogurt everyday helps with the yeast over-growth. I use the aquaphor on my baby everyday to keep rashes at bay but when she gets one, I mix in the mylanta and it is usually gone within 12 hours. Then I get the yo-baby's yogurt (because it comes in small cups and is organic) and she has one every day. I think all the advice on here is good advice, you just have to keep trying until you find something that works! Good Luck!

I swear by resinol, sometimes you have to ask for it at the pharmacy, it really works. Good luck

Have you tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste? It ALWAYS works for my kids. When my son has had bad diaper rash, Desitin and Balmex seemed painful when I'd put it on. Butt Paste has a thicker, pastier consistency. Give it a try if you haven't already...

first off if it is persistant like this is coudl e a yeast or staph infection or it could be an allergic reaction, ask you pharmasist for somethiogn cald pink salve, that isn't how it is spelled but they keep it behind the counter the nurse of my ped told me about it and it is great, i found desitin and such made my kids worse rather than better. hope it helps. good luck

Try mixing up a combination of equal parts Aquaphor and Maalox. It was recommended by our pediatrician and it really works!

I have found that the best protection or healer for diaper rash. It's called Bag Balm, the stuff is wonderful. My son has had diaper rash that was so bad it would bleed. I would put the bag balm on it and the next day it was gone, or just pink. No longer red or bumpy. I have only found bag balm at walgreens, and it kind of expensive for a small tin, but I would pay any price to keep his behind healthy. You might find this stuff odd to use because it's mainly for cow utters, but the lanolin is the healer. I think if I was in your situation I would try anything. Good luck and I hope it works.

I have a soon to be 20 month old daughter who often gets diaper rashes/bumps in the same area. I have taken her to the doctor twice for it and the first time she said it was a start of a yeast infection and she recommended Lotrimin AF and then she said to use it again on the second visit. So now I just use it whenever her rash won't go away and it really helps. The doctor said to use it for a week at every diaper change. Its actually for athletes foot but it seems to work. Hope this helps!!

Try not using the powder. I would guess that is what triggered the yeast infection. My daughter has never been able to use it b/c it give her pimple like looking bumps. Try not using it for 2 weeks and it might clear it up.
Good luck.

Are you giving your daughter baths with bubble bath or letting her sit in soapy water for the entire bath period? My oldest daughter now 5 yrs had the same problem and at the advice of her doctor I started giving baths in clear water until it was time to get out then I soaped her down and rinsed her off just before I took her out of the bath. This solved the problem. To clear up the current rash used monastat the seven day ointment and apply twice a day until it is gone for 2 days.
Sincerely, H. D.

we always use bourdeaux's butt paste - works great - every time he gets a little rash, we put some on and it's gone in a day. hope that helps!

I also have used the jock itch cream when my son had it,that is what my dr told me to use. It only took about a day and he was all better. It really works.

I'm sorry to hear that your little one is having such diaper area problems. My Dr once told me that all diaper rashes are a form of a Yeast Infection. I don't know what all your little one eats, but a yogart a day is what my Dr suggested for keeping them away. That might be something you could try. Best of Luck.

Have you tried Aquaphor? It is found with the diaper rash creams but is used for many things. It costs a little more but I have known it to start working after the first application. Good luck!

The best diaper cream I ever found was from Kids and Cures they mix it themselves and you can only get it with a persciption they call it The Bomb! It has nystatin in it so if there is a yeast infection it kills it. Also try PinkXalv you can get it behind the counter at Walmart and some other drug stores it aways worked too. Hope this helps!

Hello H....I'm no doctor but, if the doctor had once diagnosed your child with having had a 'yeast' infection in the past...it is very possible that the recurrence could be of the same 'yeast' or other type of fungal infection. Why not give an over-the-counter yeast infection cream a try? These creams are very mild if applied to the EXTERNAL skin. I would try one of the old fashioned-creams that is to be used daily instead of the once-only formulas. Talk to a pharmacist when buying it to get any of his suggestions about application.

My oldest daughter always had diaper rash as a baby. It seemed to never go away and bled a lot too. We had her to the Dr. countless times trying new things. We even tried cloth diapers!!! The only real thing I found that helped her was to buy the liquid Mylanta (not the flavored or anything just the regular) and rub it all over her bottom, with a cottonball, everytime I changed her. Mylanta is an acid neutralizer and it does exactly that for diaper rash. I hope it helps, but nothing ever completely got rid of my daughters until she was potty trained. Good Luck!

you can try a mix of 1/2 baby powder and 1/2 maalox...mix it to make a paste and use it as a diaper cream. the maalox neutralizes the acid that's causing the rash. the stuff works wonders.

Try using Bag Balm. It's sold almost anywhere. I buy mine at Wal-Mart. You can find it in the pet isle in a green tin can. It costs about $6.00. I know it sounds weird but it does work.

L. A

The answer is yes, we have been through it! My daughter gets them often, we use the prescription Nystatin (not sure of the spelling) to help clear it up. It usually is taken care of very quickly. For regular diaper rash, the best thing I have found is plain old Vaseline....and if it hurts her to much to apply it directly to the skin, just smear a bunch all over inside the diaper. I hope this helps.

Try Auqaphore (sp?). It works great! It's in the asile with lotions, not the baby aisle.

Have you tried plain old vaseline. My daughter has very sensitive skin. In her younger years that is what I used and it did a better job than anything.

The only product that ever fully worked for my boys was Pinxav. If you want to give it a try you can find it behind the pharmacy counter for under $3.

My son used to get the worst diaper rashes, they were so bad it made his poor little backside bleed. My mother-in-law introduced me to the most wonderful stuff in the world, it's called Bag Balm. It comes in a green square tin and it works wonders. You can get it, I believe, at Walgreens, it's a little pricey but it does wonders, and it lasts a while.

Hi H.,

The one thing that really worked for my daughter other then when she had a yeast infection was Aquaphore advanced healing ointment and that put on like icing, as well as vaseline. That is all we used ever since we had the first bad rash.
Desitin is what I used and when she got her first bad rash.
The doctor and some friends recommed aquaphore and it helped very nicely. The rash went away over the next few days. And everytime she had a rash getting started I put it on and it prevented it. It helped some of my freinds babies very well too. It is not cheap and the best way to buy it is in the 14 or 16 oz big can because that is the best price out there. It is about 15 or 16 Dollars, but it is well worth it.
Also, just get the cheap big vaseline for all other days and slather it on thick and rashed will stay away, you don't need expensive Desitin, it is not working as well as a thick layer of vaseline with every diaper change.


You mentioned that you haven't tried new diapers. A year ago I thought I'd try Luvs diapers since thier made by Pampers and try to save some $$$. The Luvs actually gave my little one a diaper rash and I switched back to Pampers - it's worth a few extra pennies per diaper to make my guy happy :) Maybe what you need to do IS switch to a different brand of diaper. Can't be any worse than what you're dealing with already. Oh yeah, A + D works wonders too and not just for diaper rash but any kind of irritation. My mother-in-law is allergic to everything and she is the one who introduced it to me because it works so well.

Hi H.,
I went through the same with my 6 year old hers bled and blistered.A nurse at the docs. office told me most diaper rashes are a form of yeast or fungus and to use Lamisil and put vasiline over it.I tryed everything and that was the only thing that worked all the name brands like Balmex,Desitin,etc.. made it worse.When it cleared up we countinued to use vasiline which kept the moisture out.This has worked for my 2year old now.Hope this helps.

hello H..... as crazy as it sounds try ky jelly.... it worked for my kids years ago when the desitin didnt....something about the ky is more "breatheable" then the desitin. the desitin mixed with powder, as u already know cakes up and is hard to clean off causing more irritation. so try it for a week,and dont use any powder. good luck

A little vasoline and a name brand diaper worked for my little ones.
Them cheaper ones irritate and once changed to I think the best brand was huggies it was gone.
Costs more but holds more and works better,no leaking and no rash after the switch, even went back once to the off brand, and it started again.
But get top of the line and vasoline, seemed to work great.

There are many different things you could try...
The diapers could also be a problem, I had to go thru several differnt things before I found out that my daughter could only wear luvs....
And, yes as a temporary releif (if it's not a yeast infection) you can use pinxav....
However, if she does have a yeast infection again (which is possible with or with out being on antibiotics), the doctor can call something in... They even have a powder for yeast infection (I've had to have it called in my daughter had one so severe)!!!!

Most pharmacists won't be much help, because they don't want to contradict what your doctor says.....

Best of luck......

Have you tried something called butt paste, you make it with mixing equall parts of reg. destin, maalox, Eucerin lotion. It worked on my sons rash but he never had one that bad, or that long try it and let me know how it works

i have this same problem with my 1 yr. old and i too posted a request like yours..and i got alot of great advice some suggested some product called aquafix and malox mixed i just thought that sounded to complicated..altough alot of moms really seamed to like it..but there was one suggestion that struck me as quite simple . and that was a product called bag balm. and it worked ..he was blistering and then 2 days later it was like he never even had a rash. now when i notice even the slightest rash i put some on him. i found bag balm in the pet department at wal-mart. it's in a green can and it has a cow on it.apparantly it's used for cows utters. it was around 7 dollars but it came in this pretty nice size tin .. gl!!! and let me know if you tried it or one of the other suggestions!!

I went through the same thing with my daughter, and I will tell you what worked for us. First, we used lotrimin, genreic chloritrimazol(sp) is the same thing, and it was amazing. Second, we took her off cow's milk and starting using goats milk. The dr. was aggervated at me, but cow's milk was giving her diareaha, and that was part of the problem with the yeast infection. The third thing that we did was to quit using pampers, and went to huggies supremes. The rash finally went away. I am still not sure which one worked, but I don't want to go back and try to find out! :) Good luck!

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