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"Diaper Rash Cream Is Supposed to Hurt."

"Diaper rash cream is supposed to hurt."
Those are the exact words from my dad.. . . Is this true???? I don't believe it, but my dad is adamant about it. My son is the point of needing to get a prescription for his diaper rash. I currently using Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it's not working. I have tried all the "natural" ways including baking soda bath, let it air out, Vaseline, chamomile tea in bath. I also have tried a little of the Up and Up diaper rash cream which is the one that is hurting my son. The second it touches his skin all hell breaks lose. He does squirm and cry a little with the butt paste but I assume it's just the application and pressure of applying it since he stops after I put his diaper on.
What is that cream that they put on cow's udder to help the cracking? I hear that it helps with diaper rash really well. I want to try that before I go to the doctor.
Oh but back to my question, is it supposed to hurt? Is my dad right with his weird views?

Ok since some people don't read the So What Happened? I'll write it here. I took him to the doctor that night after I got off work and he has jock itch which is a fungus. He's on lotramin and is doing well now. Thanks everyone!

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**When I put on the up and up I do expect it to sting for a little bit, and I have let it sit there for a few, but he still is screaming and looks like he is in pain. I am going to make an appt to see if it's something other than a rash. Thanks Mama's!!! Keep your ideas coming!
Michelle M. hahahha! You make me happy.

***Well just got back from the doctors and he has lot of lovely fungus going on. So jock itch cream it is!! And we already use cloth diapers but I think until it clears up I'll use disposables since if there is just a smidgen left over then it will come back. Thanks mama's!!!!!!

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It's called Bag Balm... It comes in a little green tin. I haven't used it, but my dad said it worked wonders on us.

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Hi, I used to use Butt Paste too, but use Bag Balm now. I think that's the one that you are asking about. It comes in the green square metal tin. It works great on my daughter, her worst diaper rash is generally 90% gone by the next day. I don't know where you can get it at stores, I get it from home. My dad lives on a farm so it's readily available. Hope this helps.

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Have you tried corn starch? I have always put corn starch (because my aunt recommended it) on my kids tooshies when they got diaper rash. It helps keep the wetness away from their skin, because it absorbs it all. It's great. We just keep a box of corn starch at the channging table with a plastic spoon in it and spoon it on after you have wiped him. I swear by it! Sounds like a weird remedy but it is the best thing I have seen, including using cream. I think cream is still keeping the skin moist, so it doesn't help as much as something absorbing the wetness.

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If the rash is that severe and nothing is helping it, I would think that it's more than a simple rash. It's possible that it's yeast or even a staph infection. I would take him to the doctor, just to make sure.

No, diaper rash cream isn't suppose to hurt. I know when my kids get bad rashes they squirm or cry when I apply the cream, but it's more from the pressure on the rash than the cream itself. Also, the solution from baby wipes can BURN a rash. I would suggest using a simple wash cloth with warm water for now.

Added note: I'm sure you're already doing this, but...make sure you change him the second his diaper is wet. Layer on the cream THICK. You shouldn't be able to see any baby booty underneath of the rash.

I hope you can figure it out soon. Rashes are no fun :(

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No it is not "Suppose to Hurt"'; it is actually suppose to sooth it. What you are using is a WONDERFUL product and one I have my mom's purchase. So if it is not working, I suggest you take him in or call the peds (some will do it over the phone) and get a simple nystatin cream. SOunds like he may have gotton a little bacteria/yeast infection with the rash. Just nod at your dad; agree and then go and do what is right for baby. Sometimes you have to agree to shut them up and just do the right thing. (ie; putting powder on their butt, sleeping them on the stomach or feeding them cereal at 4 weeks). Just nod and do the right thing by baby. Good luck @ least with Dad. LOL ;)

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It's called Bag Balm... It comes in a little green tin. I haven't used it, but my dad said it worked wonders on us.

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it's not that it's "supposed to hurt"... but putting ANYTHING on cracked/raw/open skin WILL hurt. so, i would say it's normal for it to cause discomfort when it's applied, it prob burns at the first couple moments of contact. it's main purpose is to coat the skin so that the next urine/bowel movement won't further wet and irritate the skin(which is why the "creamy" ointments aren't as effective). my husband(he's a pharmacist) compounded an rx ointment that had lidocaine(or something similar) in it to help with the pain - i'm sure your dr wouldn't be opposed to giving something like that if it's that bad. good luck, hope he's better soon!

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I'm not sure if it's supposed to hurt, but I do remember when my kids were younger and if they had a bad rash, they would be crying. But that could just be because the rash hurt. Have you tried triple paste? You can buy it at target and it is the best stuff ever! My son had blisters on his butt and I saw a HUGE improvement after just 1 night. With in a couple days, his butt was all cleared up and looked good as new! I hope your little one feels better soon

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Certain brands did hurt my son - so I bought different brands.

The Butt Paste is actually the only one that didn't hurt my son (or at least the first one I tried). Desitin was REALLY bad for him.

Have you tried making your own - Zinc oxide and...(so sorry, my mind just blanked but I'm sure you can google it). I have several friends who had kids in the NICU and the nurses there SWORE by the home made version.

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My nephew had to use a mix of half diaper cream and half maylox. sounds odd but I think it really help neutallize the acid and feel better. He was so bad he had big blisters on his bum. and no, I dont think it's suposed to hurt. Good luck

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I anted to chime in on the Resinol. I posted once about a bad rash. Yeast infection was ruled out but frequent "air" time and Resinol worked. I had to order it online but I think a pharmacy can order it as well. I was lucky a good friend who is a pediatric nurse loaned me some while I waited. One thing about the Butt Paste, the "all natural" kind does not list boric acid as an ingredient but the regular kind does. Good luck!

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