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Diaper Rash & Swimming

Hello all - My one year old has a pretty bad diaper rash and I am wondering if it is ok to put her in the pool? Will the chlorine irritate the rash further?


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A friend suggested Bordeaux's Buttpaste. That and some powder healed it right up. The doc said that the chlorine wouldn't hurt, but not to have her sitting in a wet swimmie for long.

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When my three year old was a baby she had diaper rash really bad. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Sirlin's ointment from Merrill Pharmacy. I tried it and it works! By the next time diaper change, the diaper rash is gone. Be careful though if you get it on your clothes, it will stain. I highly recommend the ointment.

Good Luck To You.


Just and FYI: if your daughter's diaper rash is little red bumps, it may be a yeast infection and you need some Nystatin sp? cream. Talk with her doctor if that is the case because normal diaper cream will not make it disappear. My daughter has one now and she went swimming over the weekend with no problems.

Chlorine may help the rash clear up depending on what type of rash it is. If it is just a regular diaper rash I would go ahead and put her in the pool and see what happens. Yeast infections on a baby's bottom looks similar to a diaper rash but it wont clear up on its own. I would call her doctor and see what he or she suggests for sure though. I don't see where the chlorine would make it any worse. I know when I get a heat rash or poison ivy the first thing i do is head for my pool and the chlorine helps to dry it up. You may also want to find out whether or not the rash is a diaper rash or a yeast infection.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7, and 4.

No it won't hurt the rash, it could help it.. I think that airing the rash out as much as possible and using the johnson and johnson baby powder w/ aloe works the best. Believe me I have tried everything and I got the best results w/ that. Is your child drinking too much juice or sugary things... sometimes when I didn't dilute the applejuice as much my on got it bad. I have come accustom to always using the baby powder (not cream) w/ every change and he hasn't had a rash since..

you know maybe the chlorine in the pool would help dry out the diaper rash and clear it up.
just from experience with my daughter who is 2 ad lived basically in pools her life i put her in the water with the rash, and she seems ok. so i probaly would put ur little princess in the pool

Hi T.,
I'm not sure if the pool water would cause your daughters rash to sting or hurt. However, chlorine will only help the rash to dry out. I remember being a kid, and when we got poison ivy we were always told by the doctor that chlorine helps rashes dry out, and it helps with cuts and scrapes too. Once your daughter is done swimming, I would immediately take her wet swim diaper off though. That could definitely be irritating. Maybe even let her run around without a diaper on after swimming to air out a little. Hope the rash heals soon!

hello! as a mama to a toddler girl who has had dozens (seriously!!!) of diaper rashes, i would suggest not swimming in chlorine. it will irritate the skin more & the wet diaper will also irritate the skin. if you really really want to go, try some 'diaper off time' after swimming up to about half an hour (meaning, no diaper, let your kid run around half naked-or fully naked-& chase them around with a slew of paper towels to clean up little pee spots :o) or before swimming, you could put on a seriously thick layer of aquaphor & desitin. usually, if my daughter has a rash, we just don't do swimming...but it is a bummer to miss out.
hope this helps a bit. really, if you have ANY more questions about diaper rashes, we have become sort of 'lay experts' in this area over the past 22 months, so feel free to ask any other questions about them.

I would think that the chlorine would most definately irritate the rash even further and sting it too it would probably be best to keep her out of the pool and stick to plain water until it heals...hopefully this helps

i would think if you was to put her in a little swimmers it would be ok don't they keep water out as well as urine and poo in???

It should be fine. Just make sure to put a dry diaper on her as soon as she's done swimming. If you use the Little Swimmers, be warned that they don't hold the peepee in,just the poo. The chlorine may actually help the rash. It did with my daughter's.

I don't think it would hurt to swim. If you mix aquaphor and maalox, then apply I hear it does wonders for rashes.

It will burn her little bottom.

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