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Diaper Rash After Drinking Whole Milk?

Has anyone ran into to this? My 14 mo. son is drinking breast milk, which we are almost out of (frozen), and ive been introducing whole milk. Today he had more whole milk than usual and when he pooped it was loose and it made his butt bright red and very sensitive. And he was not in the poopy diaper more than a few minutes. He eats cheese and yogurt every day so i wouldnt think he'd have a problem with milk. Does he need to get used to it? I will call his ped on Monday, but thought someone may know about this.

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My oldest was the same way... he just needed to get used to it.

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If it is obvious that he is reacting to the milk, pull it from his diet. It's completely possible that he can react to one form of dairy and not the others. Yogurt and cheese proteins have broken down more which is probably why he hasn't reacted to them. Try the milk again in a few months. You can give him other forms like rice, soy, etc. if you feel you need a substitute.

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YES! Both of my boys had this problem. Both were breast fed for in the area of a year, with some formula as my stored and expressed milk ran low. Both had horrendous rashes (looked like burns, with broken skin in some cases) from loose stools. We had to keep them off whole milk and give them toddler formula. We tried reintroducing milk periodically and our older son was fine at 15 months, our baby however, wasn't able to tolerate whole milk until 20 months!!! So I had to buy formula after all that nursing! Anyway I would take him off milk for a few weeks, then try 2 oz at a time and gradually increase if he has no reaction. Good Luck! Hopefully his gets better for you all soon!

My son who is two is the same way. Only when he drinks milk or eat yogurt (which he normally consumes a large amount of) does he break out with a VERY bad diaper rash and loose stool. I asked my doctor about it and she didn't seem to concerned. He drinks Soy milk and is perfectly fine. He does eat cheese and other things on a daily basis too but the only thing that I have found to he can't tolerate is milk and yogurt (but milk in products are okay.) I think it just the amount that he gets.

But I would try soy milk it is expensive but he loves it. I have also heard that you can buy raw cows milk and kids don't react to that (don't ask why because I don't know and I never tried) Its cheaper for me to buy soy milk. Its also on sale for a while at Target for 2.59.

Don't stress about it just don't let him drink milk. They say they should grow out of it by age three....

I was not fortunate enought to breast feed either of my three children, therefore, each one of them were on formula from birth. My youngest is 14 months as well. We start trying to give her whole milk around 9 months. She did develop loose bowels and had a very bad rash. Unfortunately when it was time for her 9 month checkup she still had the rash. The pediatrician instructed us to put her on soy formula for a while. That did work. When she went back for her twelve month checkup she was fine. We were instructed to switch her to whole milk one bottle at a time. She has adjusted to it quite well but she still has reoccuring diaper rashes. I apply ointment and try to give her water instead of milk. I hope that this does help. Good luck!

Yeah and it could also be a wheat allergy. Add probiotics to his diet. Culturelle is available at walgreens.

Try 2% milk, there may be to much fat in whole milk for your baby.

Ped. also say you need to have whole milk that is untrue. if you son is eating cheese and yogurt plus maybe other products he does not need all that milk fat.
When we switched out son to regular milk he went to skim milk and was just fine. He is now almost 19 years old very healthy. Over 6'2" tall, weighs about 200# of solid muscle. His % of body fat is really low. Everybody told us that not giving whole milk with all the fat would cause problems except, for our Doctor, who was fine with skim as long as other milk products were given. The milk is not for the milk fat it is for the calcium and other vitamins.
Maybe the fat is just to much for his system.
Try a less fatty milk or even goats milk.

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