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Diaper Rash - Baytown,TX

My 1 1/2 year old son has had a diaper rash around his genital area for about a month now. I have taken him to the Doctor and got a prescription ointmet finished it and it still wont go away. Also I have bought about every diaper rash cream at the store and nothing seems to work. Has anybody had this problem? Any advice on what I can do?

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corn starch! I know it sounds funny but it works very very well. Just sprinkle it all over. My sons entire area was red and swollen and it was gone in one day!

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I used this cream that I brought back from Colombia, it is called Hipogloss and it is an amazing cream. It work almost instanly. To me it was like a miracle, because I too used everything but nothing seem to help my son. Dr. Smith's did work for a little bit, but that is all. It did not take the rash away for good, like Hipogloss did.
Best of luck to you!!!

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If you have a private space, try giving the area some direct sun and air for about 10-15 min. each day.

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My daughter had bad diaper rashes too. She drank A LOT of water, so she was almost always wet. I would slather on Butt Paste brand, then give a heavy dusting of corn starch based baby powder. If that didn't work, I would let her run around bare skinned for a while. This helped with potty training, because when she would go #1, I would say "UH OH! That goes in the potty!" We had ceramic tile then, so it was ok. This might be harder if you have carpet. But air on bare skin is the best cure for diaper rash. It sounds primitive and crazy, but it's completely natural. Also, you might want to look at a more natural option for diapers. Sometimes the diaper's gel (which is a synthetic chemical) can cause that sensitive area to get roughed up! Although more natural diaper options cost a little more, isn't it worth it in the end?
Good luck to you! You are a fantastic mother!

M. Pinilla

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I have 3 kiddos, and each of my kids has a different way of getting rid of diaper rash crea. **PURE CORN STARCH **DR.SMITHS CREAM ** AND THE OTHE JUST LETTING HER AIR OUT WITH NO DIAPER... I hope this works out for you!

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I found some stuff called Corona (not the beer, this is in a yellow tube and/or tub). It sounds crazy, but I buy it at Tractor Supply. It is a lanolin based ointment and the stuff works wonders for diaper rash. My daughter would have diaper rashes to the point of bleeding and nothing would ever clear them up. However, this stuff seemed to do the trick. I now use it on our son and when he does get them they are there for a day max!

Good luck!

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I used this cream that I brought back from Colombia, it is called Hipogloss and it is an amazing cream. It work almost instanly. To me it was like a miracle, because I too used everything but nothing seem to help my son. Dr. Smith's did work for a little bit, but that is all. It did not take the rash away for good, like Hipogloss did.
Best of luck to you!!!

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it might be a yeast infection... one of my boys has one currently as a result of the antibiotics he was just on... the doc prescribed some ointment for that, but in the past (with my daughter) we have also used a mixture of lotrimin a/f and hydrocortisone cream...just squeeze a little out of both tubes into your finger and apply to the affected area... hers cleared up, and it was nothing short of horrible by the time we started this method... her pediatrician recommended it... it may work for you

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Bathe him in a small amount of vinegar and warm water several times a day. And let him run around without a diaper for a short period of time after the bath to allow the area to dry and get fresh air to the area.

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Hi E.,

Have you tried putting carmex on him.Yes, the type they sell for dry lips. It has worked for me and other mothers I know. Try it and hopeffuly it works.

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I feel your pain...my son used to get the worst diaper rash...here's a hodgepodge of tricks that worked for me.

1. Stop using diaper wipes...even the "natural care" ones were too much once he had a rash (but they seemed to reduce the number of times he got it). When he had a rash, I used a baby washcloth with plain warm water.

2. Make sure he is completely dry before rediapering. When I couldn't just let him go bare-bottom, I'd use a blow-dryer, set on cool of course, to dry his bottom after I washed it. He loved that (he's seven now and still enjoys blow-drying his butt after a bath!).

3. Balmex was the only rash cream that worked for us...the others were too thick and it irritated more when I spread them on...the Balmex was creamier and spread easily without pressure that hurt him.

4. For some reason, Huggies worked the best for us...some of the cheaper brands (White Cloud...Wal-mart) caused more rashes...even Pampers just wasn't absorbent enough to keep the moisture away from his skin. The basic problem was fit...the other brands rubbed on him when he moved, but something about the cut of the Huggies created a little gap between his bottom and the diaper. Of course, kids that a built differently might fit a different brand brand better...experiment!

5. Oatmeal baths...I used a variety...the best were the natural flakes you put in a mesh bag and soaked in the bath water.

6. Experiment with foods. It took a while but I finally figured out that tomatoes were a huge problem for him...something about the acid I think. Figured it out one day when he managed to smear ketchup all over his face...when I wiped it off, his skin was red everywhere the ketchup touched...it went away in about an hour, but when it came out the other end, it caused a similar red rash on his bottom that didn't go away as quickly (probably because of the diaper restricting airflow).

7. When he had a rash that was especially "hot" (inflamed red patches) and painful to the touch, I tried spritzing witch hazel on his bottom after cleaning (and before blow drying)...didn't seem to do anything for the rash but made him more comfortable.

Good luck.

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Have you tried, airing it out? figure out when he wets the least and just let him be without a diaper for like an hour or 2. have you tried changing diaper brand? I hate Luvs for that reason. Huggies supreme is my favorite but i switched to target brand and they are nice.

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Have you tried to change diaper brands? I use Seventh Generation chlorine free. Also I just use olive or almond oil for the rash.

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I'v been having the same problem, I stated using baby powder at every diaper change and the rash is almost gone.

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It could be a yeast infection - yep, boys can get them. Try your standard women's yeast infection cream. It could help and it certainly won't hurt.

Mom of 4

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My daughter was also very prone to diaper rash and skin irritation. I tried the creams and ointments, but things never seemed to clear up completely. So I decided to switch diapers. I started using Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free diapers, and she's been free and clear ever since. Just a thought.

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corn starch! I know it sounds funny but it works very very well. Just sprinkle it all over. My sons entire area was red and swollen and it was gone in one day!

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I'm no medical person, but could it be a fungal problem. A cream that is used for athletes foot or the cream (nistatin?)they use for thrush on breastfed babies might clear it up. Your doctor or the advice nurse might be able to tell you the difference between a fungal infection and skin irritated from diaper products.

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My son's bum was super sensitive...I used home made diaper wipes (any store bought wipe, except Lanisol Clean Cloths in the purple package, for breastfeeding mothers would break him out after one use).

I used Dr. Smith's diaper ointment and mixed it with his prescription for yeast infected diaper rashes.

His bum could go from clear to rashy in less than an hour...some days it would bleed (and I would cry with him). Once at the church nursery they put Desitin on him and he has such an allergic reaction that his bum swelled up in huge hives, bled and then he got a huge boil that had to be lanced and drained.

Dr. Smith's cream is awesome!!

Oh and my daughter's bum almost NEVER breaks out no matter what you use on her. Go figure!

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My son experienced this when he turned one and we switched him to whole milk. I tried everything and then tried switching milk. He drank Silk (and still does) and the rash went away. He has always been able to have other dairy products, but for some reason didn't tolerate "real" milk.

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Keep an eye on his juice intake, especially if he goes to daycare. My nephew had chronic diaper rash for over 6 months. They did lots of tests, etc. and nothing was showing up. At long last, it turns out that neither his daycare nor his parents were mixing his juice with water. The kid was drinking straight apple juice about 3x a day. They immediately quit giving him juice and the rash cleared up in a bout a week. He hasn't had one since.

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Try cloth diapers at least at night until the diaper rash subsides. Also try putting a small handful of Epson salt in his bath. Make certain you are changing his diaper often enough--check it every hour. You can also try disposable diapers that are biodegradable. I knew of someone whose baby was actually allergic to disposable diapers. Good Luck!

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Did the dr mention that it may be a yeast infection? Boys get them too and they look like bad diaper rash in most cases. If so the diaper cream won't help and you will need a prescription anti-fungal cream. Good luck. I also found w/my girls that if you use baby powder w/corn starch to completely dry the area, then apply the diaper cream then more powder that will help keep diaper rash away if he is prone to it. Hope that is helpful. As far as creams Dr. Smiht's or Beaudreaux's are best.

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Hello E. g i had the same problem with my son when he was on antibotic and what my grandmother told me to do was use corn starch that you buy from the store and if u can let the child not have a diaper on for about 10mins a day with the corn starch on him that worked good for me and its pur corn starch,not the powder with corn starch in it.

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Switch to chemical free diapers like 7th Generation, Nature Babycare, or Nature's Choice? I think thats the name. Or, you could even do cloth diapers. I do cloth with my 14 month old daughter and love it!!! She never has diaper rash unless every so often from something acidic that she eats. Also check out G diapers. They are sort of a hybrid in between cloth and disposable. www.gdiapers.com

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If you have a private space, try giving the area some direct sun and air for about 10-15 min. each day.

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The remedy that works amazing is burnt flour. I know it sounds weird, but if all else fails I know it has worked for many.


does he drink a lot of juice, that can burn their skin. I used neosporin on nasty rashes and that always helped. Good luck, lot of good advice here.

Hi E., if it is indeed a diaper rash, you may want to let him be naked during the day until the rash goes away. He does not need to be naked all day but for at least two times during the day 30 - 60 minutes each time. Also, you might want to take him back to his doctor or perhaps get a second opinion. I have two boys and both, around that age had what I thought it was a diaper rash that would not go away - it was in fact a fongus, clamidia I think. Same fongus that causes yeast infection if I am not wrong. Anyway. their doctor gave them a prescription ointment and it started to dissapear right away. (how the fongus got there?? It happens no matter how clean we try to be with our kids) Think about it and good luck.

I have heard that it could be a type of yeast infection. Call your doctors office explain and ask if he can perscribe something stronger to really get rid of it. Sorry your little one is having this problem. Good luck.

hey do you know what maizena is? its the hispanic product that you cook w/ milk and it becomes like a thick pudin but hot and you can find it in wal-mart in the hispanic aisle and they have flavors ( chocolate, strawberry ,etc) but you need the natural one (no flavor ) and yoiu use it like talk get a

Try foot fungus cream.

I would definitely see a dermatologist. I have had had to do that with my son's.

HI E.!

I have 2 boys! I have always used vaseline! i put on the area- and it was gone the next day!! I dont think I have used any diaper rash onitments. One day I was reading a label on the vaseline jar and it said good for diaper rashes. I tried it and it works great! i have been using since 2003. Also make sure you wipe real good on every diaper change. I also use unscented or sensitve wipes!! Hope this helps and it is much cheaper!!

I would love to send you a sample of arbonnes diaper rash cream... if you like it you can have it at my cost... just email me your address or call me and i will share more about how it works amazingly... good luck.... mother of SIX L.
____@____.com or ###-###-####

it could be a yeast infection if nothing else has worked I would call the doctor again.

Hello E.! I too had a horrible war with diaper rash on my daughter. It started out as diaper rash, turned into an awful yeast infection, and then back to a yucky painful diaper rash. We struggled with it for over a month. We had to use an anti-fungal cream with the yeast infection and then tried many different brands of diaper rash cream but still had a major problem.
The ONLY thing that cleared it up was Burt's Bees diaper rash cream. I know of so many moms out there that have had GREAT success with this cream as well. If you haven't tried it yet, it is definitely worth a try. It is the only thing we use now. You can buy it at Whole Foods, Central Market, and even some Target stores sell it.
Best of luck, and let us know what happens!

I am wondering if it could be yeast? Use over the counter yeast cream. Its worth a shot. Also Arbonne makes the best diaper rash creme. I dont know anyone who sells it right now but I am sure you can buy some online.

My doctor said to try Lamisil (the athletes foot cream). It helps keep moisture off of the rash so it can heal. Try it, it helped my daughter so much!!! Good luck and don't beat yourself up over it, it'll pass!

I had the same problem until the doctor prescribed an antifungal cream for feet. Just ask the pharmasist.

...sounds like the symtoms of a yeast infection. Yes, boys get them, too. It's actually the same fungus that causes athlete's foot. You need to take him back to the Pedi and get him on a protocol to clear it up.


It sounds like it is not diaper rash but is a yeast infection. A lot of Doctors will catch it, but some don't. Go to the drugstore and pick up some monostat or store brand yeast infection cream. Rub it on like the other ointments and you should see a change within a day! Let us know what happens!

Sprinkle some baking soda in his bath water. Have you changedd diaper brands lately?

Try cornstarch.
Good Luck!

My son had a rash we got a prescription and it got a little worse. We stopped using it and it got a little better. Try cloth diapers for a few days to see if it gets air and gets any better. You can use the gerber diapers that you may have for burp cloths or use a receiving blanket fashioned into a diaper but leave it a little loose. You can use pins or snappi's to keep them on your little one. If you want more details let me know.

The long email from Karen L. holds lots of great advice! I want to add some to it:
My son also had many, many problems w/ diaper rashes. They were yeast/fungal infections. What worked for us in clearing it up was Corona cream. It is an animal ointment that clears up fungal and bacterial infections. My doctor recommended it. Find it online by searching "corona cream", or at a feed store.

2nd, if you still have ongoing problems, try switching to non-chlorine diapers or cloth diapers AND non-chlorine or cloth wipes. Diapers and wipes have so many chemicals in them that it is crazy! My son was helped by the Corona cream and changing to cloth diapers and wipes. He can now tolerate the non-chlorine diapers, but only one brand of non-chlorine wipe, the 7th Generation brand. If you need to go with non-chlorine diapers, you can get them at Whole Foods or order them online. 7th Generation can be found at Amazon.com, and TenderCare (the brand that makes Whole Foods' store brand diaper) can be ordered online at www.tendercarediapers.com. Tendercare will do a one-time shipment, or they will set you up for shipments every 1, 2, or 3 weeks. The auto-ship prices are cheaper than what you can buy any non-chlorine diapers for in a store. Also, Frontiercoop.com carries the 7th Generation brand, and if you want to set up a co-op with 5 families, you can save 40% off Amazon and Whole Foods prices on 7th Generation diapers and wipes.

Last, look at the foods he is eating. If it is a fungal infection, sugars feed the infection, keeping it growing and growing! So, cut all sugars from his diet, even fruits, until the rash goes away. Be sure to cut foods that the body converts to sugars, such as white carbohydrates.

Hope this helps! I've got more advice, should you need it, but it's too long to get into now, so contact me if you want. Unfortunately, I have alot of experience in this area!

My first son had that problem. But it was when he was younger than 1. It was a yeast infection. If you havent been told that then I would ask your doctor. If it is bleeding use the sensitive baby wipes because the others are so harsh on baby skin. Hope this helps. Take Care.

we had this problem with our daughter and the doc told us to try a baking soda bath and then letting her run around with no diaper or pants for as long as possible to let air get to the area - this, coupled with Triple Paste diaper cream after always does the trick!

Good Luck!

It's probably too much moisture now that won
t let it heal. Try using Gold Bond powder only and let him run around when convenient without a diaper. Have Dr. recheck to make sure it's not a fungal infection or yeast infection.

old mexican remedy, or maybe it's just a homeopathic one, but i used egg whites with all 3 of my kids. i would see a difference from one diaper change to the next. good luck

It might be a yeast infection. My daughter had what I thought was a diaper rash for several days and it wouldn't go away no matter what I did. Then a friend told me that it might be a yeast infection. I got over the counter treatment, and it was gone in two or three days. Good luck!

It does sound like a yeast infection. A diaper rash should not last longer than 3 - 5 days. You could mix the diaper rash cream with the yeast infection cream that you would buy for yourself and put that on him.

A good diaper rash cream that doesn't wash off when he urinates is Calmoseptine. You have to ask for it at the Pharmacy counter... I'm not sure why. It's a little pricey, maybe that why? But, it stays on better than the rest and promotes healing.

I do remember the doctor's telling me that the redness will take some time to heal after you've applied the yeast infection cream. And, slowly you'll see the improvements.

Best Wishes.


When my son had bad diaper rash I used the cream for yeast infections. It always cleared up within a few days. Hope this helps...

Sounds like yeast to me. Try some lotrimin cream. It is for athletes foot.

Don't have a son but LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Dr. Smith's Diaper creme - behind th ecounter at Target, on the shelf at CVS, WalMart. Expensive butit's the best kept secret around.

I feel you pain! I have two kids with sensitive skin... have you tried different brands of diapers? It could also be the wipes you use, try wiping him with a plain washcloth with warm water, or if you're at home rinse him in a bath. I know this sounds extreme, but if that's what it takes to finally get rid of it, it's worth it! Also, take a look at his diet... I know if my kids eat to many grapes (for example) they will have a rash.
The good news... my son stopped all of that after potty training at 18 months! Hope this helps.

Well the only thing I can think of would be to suggest ensuring his genital area is completely dry before applying the ointment. If it's not, then it can get worse or will not go away.
You may also want to try Vitamin E oil. It must be 100% pure (no other oils added). GNC has small roll-on applicators of pure Vitamin E. Just check the ingredients before purchasing. If there's only one ingredient listed (Vitamine E), then you've found the right one. Apply the Vitamin E oil much like you would cream. Just roll-on liberally all over the rash area (after you've ensured the area is completely dry, of course). We found this to be very ideal for our son's rashes, scrape scars, etc.
Hope this helps!

Don't be afraid to ask your pedi for a referral to a pediatric dermatologist if the rash doesn't respond to prescription oinment.

Is he in antibiotics. This causes serious rash. I tried baking soda 2 spoons and a bath water warm not hot. and just let him soak while he plays don't put water in his eyes if you decide to bathe him.

Have you tried changing diapers brands I've heard of children, especially boys, having reactions to certain chemicals in disposibles. Best wishes! Poor little guy!

I know that when my son had diaper very bad diaper rash, I used ever cream and ointment out there. Then my mom said try baby powder. WOW, not only did it clear it up, he now has no sign of diaper rash and had been free of diaper rash of any sort for about a year now. I use it with every diaper change!!! Good luck and God bless

Instead of using diaper rash creams or ointments, try pure cornstarch. The rash needs to dry out and all of the creams keep it moist! It works with my 20 month old son! Hope this helps!

If you can get your hands on some breastmilk, that works like magic. I also use Resinol for my son. Clears it up overnight. It's a mix of Calamine, corn starch, lanolin, and zinc oxide. You can find it with the allergy creams. If not, as your pharmacist. It's the next best thing to breastmilk.

Good luck!


My oldest had the WORST diaper rash, and I tried everything, including Lotrimin (it wasn't a yeast infection), corn starch, all the creams (even a WAY $$ prescription one), letting her go naked, and even a bag balm made for cows that I picked up at a feed store. (She was exclusively breastfed, so juice was not an issue for us.)

My hubby found a cream online - www.pinxav.com. I SWEAR by this stuff. It cleared her totally up in about a week, and I used it as preventative after that - still do on my youngest. I suspect they would probably send you a free sample to try.

Best wishes on finding a cure!

Try Dr Smith ointment. You can find it over the counter and it works in just about any type of rash. The ointment is a little pricey and worth it, in my opinion.

Good luck,

My son had a bad tummy for like 6 weeks and that RX VUSION helped but what our Doctor had us do it to put 1% cortizone and vasaline and the cortizone helped with the first time we used it!!1 Hope it helps so he can feel better. Oh and he had it to in the same area.

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