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Diaper Rash - Reading,PA

Good Morning Ladies -
I'm hoping you may have some suggestions for me. I have a 7 month old girl who has a really bad case of diaper rash. I've done everything - put desitin on her, changed her diaper at least every hour but it still won't go away. Any suggestions on what else I can do for her? She screams every time I go to change her.

Thank you!

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First off, thank you ladies so much for all of your responses. I took her back to the doctor on Sunday and he told me to put Lotrimin AF on her twice a day and to put this triple paste on her that you can buy at Walmart. It's finally starting to clear up - very slowly.

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Take her to the doctor. The doctor will give her a prescription for a diaper rash cream - you cannot get it over the counter. She will be cleared up in approximately 2 days. Believe me this thing works like magic - my son had the same problem.

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Corn starch baths really do help. Put quite a bit into the bath with the water. Also, my pediatrician once recommended adding a little antacid liquid to the diaper rash cream, since it is the acidity in the poops that make the diaper rash so much worse.

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Try Lotrimin Ultra. It works every time. Just use it every time you change her diaper. Then let her "air out" for a little while at night, maybe before you put her to sleep.


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The absolute best thing you can do is... put her in a bath with some baking soda. Pat her bum dry and then (I know this will sound weird, but I ABSOLUTELY swear by it!) rub crisco (the lard kind, not liquid and make sure it's not the butter kind because that has salt in it and it will sting her chapped bum). When my pediatrician asked what I used for diaper rash, I was so embarrassed to tell her Crisco. When I did, she said that she was so happy to find a parent that used it! She said it was the best. It will take a couple of days to heal up, so make sure you change her often. Another thing with the crisco, you don't have to necessarily rub it all over her bum....just put a fair amount in the area needed and her bum (because it is chapped) will be a higher temp. and will eventually get the crisco where needed. It's one of the cheapest diaper rashes out there and I swear to you that it works. I believe I got it out of the baby's best foods book (purple book for making your own baby food). Good luck!

Mom of 3 boys 11, 9, and 4

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That happened to me once with my youngest. I had always used A&D ointment and of course one time it didn't work. So I asked my friend (she was a nurse at Childrens Hospital in Ohio) for a suggestion and she told me that at the hospital they used pinxav (pronounced pink salve). I found it at Giant Eagle, but I had to ask for it at the Pharmacy counter. 1 2oz pot lasts a long time and I only had to pay $2.50. (FYI the last time I bought it was at least 5 yrs ago and I still have some!!) Try it, it works great!! Good luck

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i use to soak my 1st daughter in corn starch..i swear by a sample i got at the ped. dr cooks diaper rash cream..maybe let it air out with nothing on it..make sure it is a diaper rash and not a fungle infection..with my daughter i have to use lotrimin af...and i figured i was treating the wrong thing..sometimes the sweating under the diaper causes the fungial infection..try different diapers also

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Put about a tablespoon of baking soda in the bath tub and let her soak in it at bath time. Use that while she has any skin rashes and that will usually do the trick.

I have been a RN working with Moms and babies for 12yrs. This remedy was actually given to my by a grandmother of an infant in our NICU.

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Bag Balm worked for us. It is like lanolin. Bottom line is though, you HAVE to make sure her skin is completely dry before applying anything or you are trapping moisture between her skin and the ointment. Let her be naked for a short period after each diaper change.

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Hi T.!

My youngest used to get the worst diaper rashes...so bad in fact, that she would have what appeared to be welts and even bleed when I wiped her during a diaper change! My pediatrician told me that when it won't clear up with regular diaper rash creams, to use Lotrimin AF (he explained that females can get fungal infections from the constant moisture). It was heartbreaking to hear her scream when I would try to change her so I took his advice and everytime I used it, the rash would be gone within a day or two. My youngest is now 5 but my friend's 7 month old daughter just went through the same problem. She had it so bad that she would also bleed when they would try to clean her. I told her what worked for me and sure enough, she informed me that she tried it too and she couldn't believe how fast it cleared up. Good luck!

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Have you tried giving her a warm bath with Aveeno Oatmeal Baby bath, I use that when my daughter has a sever diaper rash then then when she gets out I put A & D or a clear petrolum jelly on her or even Balmex and it clears it right up-very little water enough to cover her up to her legs or a little above her belly and one packet of the bath and it does wonders-

Also at night when she goes to bed I would change my daughters diaper put a vaseline type cream on or even vaseline (per our peditrican) and then I would put like Destin on top of it to keep an oil base on first and it says on all night and works all night. It works great,

I hope this helps~ Good Luck and I hope your little one feels better soon

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Take her to the doctor. The doctor will give her a prescription for a diaper rash cream - you cannot get it over the counter. She will be cleared up in approximately 2 days. Believe me this thing works like magic - my son had the same problem.

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Try Lotrimin Ultra. It works every time. Just use it every time you change her diaper. Then let her "air out" for a little while at night, maybe before you put her to sleep.


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Corn starch baths really do help. Put quite a bit into the bath with the water. Also, my pediatrician once recommended adding a little antacid liquid to the diaper rash cream, since it is the acidity in the poops that make the diaper rash so much worse.

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Sounds like a yeast infection! My son had the same that diaper cream wouldnt take away. I took him to the dr and she said it was a yeast infection!!! They will give you a perscription for something .

For me A&D ointment was the cure all. The worst diaper rash I had ever seen cleared up overnight with that. It's so effective that I've seen tattoo artists give that to people after they've had tattoo work done.

Now, depending on how bad the rash is, there is something else to try. My oldest had a diaper rash so bad that the skin had broken and he started bleeding. On the open wounds I would put Neosporin + Pain relief, or something along those lines, just to prevent any bacteria from getting in and to help ease the soreness.

I like to use Triple Paste. I think it works the best. You can also try some Lotrimin (Sp?) It is the stuff you use when you have athletes foot, that should help clear it up

Hi T.,

You may want to try something called "Butt Paste". You can find it at Wal-Mart and most other stores. My daughter would get diaper rash so bad and nothing would work. I tried this coupled with letting her "air out". It worked for me. Good Luck!

When my daughter was younger she used to get really bad diaper rash before she would get teeth. I mean so bad that it would bleed slightly! Here's what the pediatrician recommended & it worked really well! Take a cotton ball & put some Mallox (yes the liquid for sore tummies) wipe this on her bottom, then put the Desitin or diaper cream on top. The Mallox acts as an extra barrier.

Best of luck!

My two older children always had diaper rash..but with my one year old I have always used cloth diapers and she has NEVER had diaper rash! I use cloth diapers and wool diaper covers! Wool is a natural fiber and it is absorbant, yet allows air to flow into the area. I know it might seem like a lot..but if you just purchase one or two cloth diapers and a wool cover...that way you can use them whenever her diaper rash gets really bad...especially at night. I am a true believer in wool! Let me know if you have any questions if you'd like to give it a try!

I have used Aveeno diaper rash cream. Any redness has cleared up by the next day. Also something called Buttpaste. Its in a yellow tube and you can get a free sample on their website. My friend swears by the stuff. I use to work day care a few years ago and one of the parents use to use shaving cream that you buy in a jar (not the can). Her pediatrician recommended it and that worked also on her daughter. Hope this was useful.

I use Lotrimin every time my son gets a rash it is always gone the next day.

Unfortunately, I know where you're at. A couple of things to try, one when you change her, sponge bathe that area. Paper towels, warm soapy water and warm clean water. When it is clean, leave a warm clean water one on for a few minutes, then pat dry. For keeping the area clean in the diaper try Aquaphor(It is a bit expensive, but it works like a dream for my 7 month old). It is a moisture barrier, there is no medication, and it isn't yellow or odiferous like A&D, or Vaseline. Finally, you need to have it seen by the ped. It may be a yeast infection rash. They will give you a different kind of rash cream to apply, then you can put the Aquaphor on top of that. If you have any other qustions, please feel free to message me directly...Good luck, and hang in there!

Hi T.,

Does your baby powder have talc in it? I know that talc can be irritating to the skin. I've also heard that switching to cloth diapers can really reduce diaper rash. Have you tried just letting her be naked for a little while? Sometimes that area just needs some air.
Hope these suggestions help. Take care;)

H. MacLeod

A little about me - I'm a new mom to a two month old baby boy! Yeah

BAG BALM! It's a square green can, originally used to keep cow udders soft for milking, I used it with both my boys! It worked so well, I recommend it to anyone and everyone! There was no diaper rash that stuff couldn't fix!

I agree with the others about the open-air idea...just stay close to her so you can try to 'catch' the accidents.

Good luck!

it sounds as though its a yeast infection instead of a diaper rash you need to buy lotrimin you can buy it at giant eagle or any pharmacy its wonderful and works super fast after 2 applications you will notice a huge change good luck

I tell you the greatest diaper rash creme I have ever used: Dr. Smith's.

You can occasionally find it at Walgreens, but we buy it online from Amazon.com.

It is a bit pricey, but if we use anything else (Butt Paste, Desitin - even extra strength), she will get a diaper rash. Her skin is so fragile.

While you are waiting for that, I would let her be naked as much as possible. Maybe play in the bathtub or on the tile floor in case of an accident.

I feel for you. Dr. Smith's will totally help!

Have you started her on a new food lately? Or if you are breastfeeding have you changed your diet at all? I noticed that when I gave my son certain foods it caused him to get a horrible diaper rash that seemed to be impossible to get rid of. I can't remember now which foods it was but I think it was carrots and if I ate anything with tomatoes. I used Eucerin cream (not lotion) on my son's bottom when he had the rash and it helped.

My daughter used to have bad diaper rash also. The peditrician told us to get a cream called triple paste. It is a little pricey, but works great. Any major pharm. chain wil have it. You may have to go to the pharm. counter itself and ask for it. Sometimes it is behind there, but you do not need a prescription for it.

Good Luck

I live and die by Triple Paste. It used to be hard to find but now it's available in most drug stores, Target, grocery stores, etc. It's not cheap but it works. Good Luck!

Hi T.,
I think your baby is crying because the chemicals in the wipes are burning and irritating her skin. Have you taken her to the doctor to look at the rash because it may not be diaper rash. It may be a skin problem that needs prescribed ointment. If it were a diaper rash my doctor always said not to use wipes for urine and a water soaked cloth to wipe off soiled skin. If you don't want to use a tepid wash cloth you could use VIVA brand papertowels- white only, no dyes. Letting your baby's skin air out works the best my doctor always told me. it clears up much faster if you keep the diaper off for a while. Again, the wipes are burning your baby's irritated skin. There are different kinds of rashes that resemble diaper rash, but not be. The doctor will tell you what the rash is and what to do. -Sincerely, L.

Hi. Im a mother of one, a 17 month old little girl who has always had an issue w/ diaper rash! She still gets it to this date, it comes and it goes. First, we don't change diaper brands, ever. After we wipe her, we pat her dry w/ a tissue at EACH change. If she has a rash, we use a Rx we got from her Drs office, Mycolog (they give us the generic brand) and that really helps. If her rash is looking good, then we use Desitin. We have tried the other creams and Desitin is the best for us. We change her every 2-3 hours or sooner if needed. We chnage her immediately after she has had a BM cause that seems to bring it on. We also use wipes for sensitive skin or ones that dont have any perfumes in them. Usually Pampers or Huggies brand.

I think the main thing is patting her dry before applying any creams but I know its a battle! I would ask your Dr for the Mycolog. I know its been around for years, my mom used to use it on me!!! Good luck!

Hello T.

One remedy that I always found useful when my son got a diaper rash (which usually followed a rx of antibiotics)was to put some acidolphilis (which you can find at any health food store)in with his formula, this usually took care of the problem internally. There are many forms of acidolphilis, the best one for a 7 month old would be the "infant" version. Good Luck


Triple paste or butt paste always worked for me. If the diaper rash creams don't work, it could be a yeast infecection. You could try lotramin or your ped could write you a script.

Go to Rite-Aid in the baby section and buy "Butt Cream"
It is better than Disitin which seems to be a little bit
strong. I used it on my neices little girl and her rash
went away immediately. Good luck...

Hi my name is A. and I have 4 Childern a girl 10, a boy 6, a girl 4, a girl 18 months. I use Resinol you buy it from the pharmacy its about $7.00 you can call the pharmacy you use and they will order it in. It usualy takes 1 day to get it in. (Reminder a little goes a long way)
but for now us your desitin and then sprincle with corn starch to protect her bottom.

I just went through this with my girl. The doctor told me Lotrieum ointment which is sold in the foot cream isle. Use a little and put Triple Paste on top. also, limit use of wipes. Use TP and water and Dove soap only.

The advice I have is more or less the same as the others. My youngest daughter used to get diaper rash like crazy I mean to the point of bleeding. We'd do the chaning every hour we had to use pampers on her b/c they were the only brand not to give her a rash and of course sensitive (non-parfumed) wipes. That usually help keep it away. When it did get bad the best & only things that worked for her were airing out (no diaper), soaking in a warm bath with baking soda and the weirdest one that the dr told me but actually worked was using lotramin on the rash. It cleared it up real quick.
Hope you find something that works for you. I know how frustrating it can be.

Hi T.

My dughter had the same problem I took her to the Doctors and it was diagnosed as a yeast infection. They gave me cream for her (presciption).It cleared up quickly. But my understanding is athlete's foot cream works the same???

I have tried all the products for diaper rash! The best one is triple paste. It costs more,but it works great! Sometimes I have also had to put a little bit of Lotrimin AF on 2x a day along with the triple paste. The combination heals most diaper rashes quickly!

I have 3 little ones, try "Butt Paste" The grocery store and walmart has it. It usually heals my childrens' diaper rash overnight. When it heals, you can try using petr. jelly (cheap). Hope this helps.

The thing that worked best for us was trying to give as much diaper free time as possible - play a couple peek-a-boo games, sing songs, whatever to stretch out the diaper change to let her bum enjoy the open air for a few extra minutes at diaper changes whenever possible....that's good for any kind of rash. Then we used Aquaphor - it's like Vasoline, but for whatever reason, the Vasoline didn't help. We now use the Aquaphor on all sorts of skin irritations and injuries and it's wonderful. Of course, we always try to use products without any dyes or perfumes (detergents, lotions, soaps, wipe, etc).

My friend's baby struggles with repeated yeast rashes and has to respond a bit differently. Basically she has to keep the area dry. So she can't use any lotion/ointment. She literally gives her daughter 2 saltwater baths daily - just uses table salt. It helps to dry things up. She also tries to keep her diaper free as much as possible. In fact, she has those extra absorbent crib pads that she uses and puts her down for naps without a diaper. She has a medicated cream she uses 2 times a week I think to keep the yeast under control. She changed from cloth to disposable diapers because it wicked the moisture from her skin faster. If you think it might be yeast (usually the really bad ones are), you might check with the dr to confirm so you can treat appropriately.

Let her go without a diaper for a short time after changing her. I also found that Boudreaux's Butt Paste wprked better than Desitin.

Pure cornstarch, nothing works as well as it. Just use your powderer with cornstarch on it. You'll notice that a lot of the diaper rash medications have it in it, but they also have dyes and perfumes and a number of other things that can irritate the skin. I was a little leary to use it when it looked like a very dry rash, but was urged to use it by an older woman. I was shocked at how well it worked. I used nothing else afterwards. Good luck!

Hi T., my son gets very bad diaper rash as well. I used my doctors suggestion and used 2 things at once. First, I only use wet paper towels when he has a bad rash because it is more sensitive to his skin. Secondly, I let him air out a bit before putting the diaper back on. Last but not least, A&D ointment on first and then desitin or balmax. It usually clears up within a day.

Your doing the right thing by changing her so frequently, if it doesn't go away, it may be a yeast infection......you should consult your doctor about that though.

Good Luck.

Tammy, Alot of people like Triple Paste or Butt Paste diaper rash cream. I swear by Caldescene Powder... I always found it at CVS. It's in a pick container...the best treatment for diaper rash... and NOT sticky like cream! Good luck!

my son had a bad case of diaper rash, nothing took it away, but giant diaper cream. it is 40% zinc oxide, and it took it away within a day or two. and it only runs about $2-$3. it is truly the best. good luck..

I would try using corn starch on the diaper rash, it should help clear it up

The best stuff for diaper rash is Butt Paste. My son had the worst case of diaper rash a few years ago (his bottom looked scalded) and someone recomended this to me. You can buy it at Wal-Mart, anyways I got some and put it on him and by the end of that night the diaper rash was completely gone. Good Luck!

sounds like maybe a yeast infection. It looks like bleeding dots usually. I would definatly call the dr. just to run it by the nurse. If it is a yeast infection they have cream to cure it within a couple of days.

good luck.

My son had a horrible diaper rash that covered his entire bottom. I used Boudreaux's Butt Paste which worked wonders. I also rinsed the wipes in warm water before wiping him when changing his diaper. When I bathed him I held him so he was sitting which helped to soothe his bottom. Hope this helps.

Hi T.,

My pediatrician recommended Triple Paste which can be found at pharmacies. It works great and helped clear up my son's diaper rash very quickly. Also, if you are using wipes, make sure you rinse them out with water before using them so they don't sting.
Hope that helps.

I am sure you have had a lot of good ideas already...but giving her lots of 'air time' without a diaper (just put towels down, lol) should help a little. Could it be something in her diet that she's releasing that's causing the extreme irritation?
Some extra time in the tub (a cooler temp of water) might help, too.

Hi T.,
I have used a couple of really good products that seemed to do the trick. The first is called Triplepaste and I got it from Target. It is behind the counter at the pharmacy but not a prescription product. They might have it at costco as well. The second is called Buttpaste and it is on the shelf at Target possibly Walmart and the usual stores of that nature. My first choice is the Triplepaste. Good luck!

Lots of great advice here - just want to add that whenever a bottom is in any distress, stop using baby wipes immediately. The best & softest paper towel is VIVA; it costs more but can be cut in 1/2 for stretching it's use. Drying after cleaning is sooo important before any application of creams or new diaper.

Been there! Fresh air and sunshine are the best remedies. If it's feasable, let her crawl around naked (she'll love it!). When she needs to be wiped, don't. Instead, wash her bottom in the bath with a VERY LITTLE mild soap or none at all. Just warm water. Then, no ointments. Leave her clean and dry. If you're worried about the "naked" thing, wrap her in a cloth diaper instead of a plastic one.
Aside from the above, seriously limit her sugar intake. Sugar and all simple carbs like white bread, bagels and pretzels, feed the rash and make it worse. Whole grains and plenty of fruits and veggies should do the trick!
Best wishes!

Hi T.:

My son (17mo) just had a severe case of Diaper Rash due to the medicine he was on (Augmentin) - this was after taking Amoxicillin for an ear infection that wouldn't go away.

The Pediatrician told me to buy Aquaphor (its in a small jar in the skincare section) and mix Malox (yes, the heartburn/antiacid) with it until you get a white creamy mixture.

Basically, the reason was -- the aquaphor conditions the skin and forms a barrier against wetness and the Malox neutralizes the acid of the poop etc.

Along with those other suggestions (keeping dry, going without a diaper, and a warm bath with thorough drying afterward -- i even used a hairdryer on low) - his diaper rash went away in a little over a day..

PS.. the doctor also told me Desitin and Balmex etc. makes them cry b/c it stings when it goes on.. the aquaphor/Maalox mix is very neutral so it doesn't sting.
Oh, and don't use perfumed wipes - the best is a wet washcloth or those Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

Good Luck..

I've found that Triple Paste is the best. I've used a bunch of other diaper creams and none worked. Someone recommended Triple Paste to me and it has worked EVERY time my daughter had diaper rash. They sell it at Babies R Us. The only problem is it is pretty expensive, but you can buy a small tube and try it out before buying the larger one.
Good Luck!

I second the advice for Arbonne Diaper Rash Cream! My first daughter actually got diaper rash from using a "regular" brand. Silly first time mom that I was, I was using it to *prevent* diaper rash before she even had it, and she got it, so I quit using it. I eventually used baby powder with her and my next two kids just when they had diaper rash (I know you aren't "supposed" to...but it worked).

With my 4th child he had a rash that just wasn't clearing up, and I had a sample of the Arbonne cream around, so I tried it, and the rash cleared right up. I love it--give it to all of my friends that have babies now.

T., I agree with the Triple Paste recommendation. I found it to be the only thing to work quickly for my daughter. Most important, before you take anyone's advice, talk to your pediatrician and make sure he or she is okay with the remedy.

Also, in between rashes, I used A&D ointment (comes in a tube or a big tub that lasts quite awhile) and it was excellent. Better than Desitin because I didn't feel like I had to "scrub" it off in between diaper changes. It creates a good barrier and eventually is absorbed into the skin.

Again, please ask your pediatrician if any of these suggested remedies would be their choice. Good luck with that poor baby's bottom.

Hi T.,
What I do with my little one when she gets a diaper rash is I go and buy some baby oatmeal bath and but it in the tube and let her soak in there for a while with that. It helps there skin! And than I would let her go with out a diaper for a while let the air get at it. And than I would apply destin after every diaper change and put a lot on her before she would go to bed. And that has seemed to always clear it up! Well I hope I gave you some help. Good luck!


When my son's diaper rash was very painful, I found that anything that had zinc in it (the drying agent) would burn him and I took the suggestion of another mom and used "Aquaphor". It's a thick ointment marketed for dry skin so you will find it with the body lotions, but it is a great barrier between the rash and the wetness and chafing effect of the diaper to allow the rash to heal and it doesn't burn their bottoms! You can also use it on scrapes and burns as a protectant. Good luck and hang in there!

hey T.,

I saw that you got alot of responds . I just wanted to let you know my daughter was like this too . I stared letting her sleep (naps included) with out a diaper on . I put a towel under her while she slept . It lets her little butt breath. Hope this helps. Good luck


If it's really bad you may want to take her to the doctor. We had bad diaper rash problems...more like sores than red bumps...and it turned out to be food allergies. We elimated the triggers from our baby's diet it got better. If it really is just diaper rash, don't use wipes...use wet cotton balls and wait for it her butt to dry before putting on a new diaper. Wipes are irritating which may be why she screams. I use Butt Paste and really like it. It's a bit more expensive but totally worth it. I buy it by the tubs at drugstore.com and it's very economical that way. When you are ready to reintroduce the wipes use unscented. Fragrances can be very irritating, and it sounds like your daughter is sensitive.

Try removing the chemical environment she is in and put her in cloth diapers. Works like a charm, creates a healthy, breathable environment and removes the need for the additional topical solutions.
eta: simple washcloth and natural (real) soap on the skin will help. Commercial wipes are not kind to baby skin. Also previously suggested above was Bag Balm (Green Tin, has been around over 100 years)works great for more than baby skin. Its cheap and a must have in the medicine cabinet for baby, toddler knees and more.
Change what you put your baby into and you will remove the need to apply more to an already unnatural environment.

Good luck.

My son had a terrible diaper rash a year ago. We tried a variety of creams and prescriptions. What ended up working was wiping his bottom at diaper changes with sterile water and guaze, patting him dry and applying baby powder before the diaper. We also washed his bottom every night with a mild soap, patted him dry and applied baby powder. In a couple days it had greatly improved.

There have been a lot of warnings about health concerns associated with inhaling baby powder. We used a roll-on baby powder, but not wanting to touch the roller to the skin and contaminate it, we squeezed the bottle and it came out gently (not as a cloud). You could also use the "baby powder" made with cornstarch. If you think you want to try this route but are concerned, discuss it with your pediatrician first.

TRIPLE PASTE!!!!! My son had it so bad from a reaction to being on anti-biotics, that his little bum was raw and bleeding! Triple Paste is the only thing that worked and worked fast (within hours he no longer screamed when I changed him)! You should be able to get it at your neighborhood drugstore or CVS or Walmart. It is more exspensive but every mother should have a jar on had! Since it is pricey-I only use it when I see reddness beginning but I would get it immediatly
Good luck

Have you tried changing the brand of her diaper? When my daughter experienced something similar, my pediatrican recommended changing diaper brand. Bingo, that was it!

Hi Tammie,

I had four boys... they are now 25, 23, 18 and almost 16.. when the 18 yr old was a baby he had really delicate / sensitive skin. when he got a bad rash I would have to take him to the drs and get a Rx.... I tried everything else first like you and the cream I got from him was great. Cleared things up in less than two days

good luck and God Bless,

Are you sure its not a yeast infection? When my daughter would get diaper rash it would usually turninto a yeast infection.I would call the pediatrician.

I am having a similar problem with my 18 mo. old. Try hydrocortizone. Check with your dr that her age is ok. It's helped with my son.

Hi T. - Use Desitin original (approx. 40% zinc oxide), not 'Creamy' and apply it as thick as cake icing. If you've done this and it's been 3 or more days, take her to the doctor as it could be a yeast infection for which she'll need an antifungal cream or or staph infection for which she'll need an antibacterial cream. Unitl it's better, you can give her a pain reliever to help with the discomfort. Also when changing use a warm wet soft washcloth instead of regular baby wipes, or if she's just wet then don't bother to wipe at all, just let her air dry before rediapering.

Have you tried Triple Paste, its a little more expensive but I find it works best ( you can get it in any drug store). Also the nurse at the Ped. Office told me to put some baking soda in her bath when I give her baths it helps sooth it a little and reduce the redness and then let the air hit it as long as possible before putting the diaper back on.

I have used bordeaux Butt Paste from day one with two kids. Works wonders! Good luck,

WOW! You have got a lot of responses!
I concur with airing out the bum, patting dry, no commercial baby wipes, etc.
What worked for me after trying most of what has been mentioned here is Desitin CLEAR. The other kinds of Desitin did NOT work. I also tried Pinxalve and others. My sister-in-law recommended it, she is a nurse with 8 kids, and this product just came out and she has been enjoying it with her latest baby. It is about twice as mush as Desitin original, but MUCH better. Good Luck!!

Hi T.
I would put an oatmeal paste on her bottem (aveeno has packets) before her bath. Also my friend just went through the same thing and the ped said sometimes they react to desitin and to go the drugstore and get triple paste (ask the pharmicist). If that doesn't do it it might be a yeast infection so the doctor would give you an ointment.
i hope this helps!!!

I would make sure to not do to many things at one time. Give each thing a chance to work before changing up.

Maybe give her a bath in baking soda, that may soothe her.

Also have you changed her food lately? Or did she try a new food recently? That may be part of the problem.

Good luck!

Hi T....
Of the many things i've used along the way i'd have to say that "cornstarch" worked the best for me... just apply a generous amount all over the red & opened area, but not inside the vagina. just pat in on, it will stick to the skin. you will see between changes that it will appear crusted on... you can easily dip her into a warm basin of water & swish the water around to remove the crusty appearance, pat dry & then alternate with vasiline/petrolium jelly... it doesn't take long at all to notice a difference, & you will feel soo much better yourself because i always tended to feel that i wasn't changing enough but that certainly isn't the case. she is propably teething... enjoy your children, before you know it you'll be doing the same for your grandbabies... just take it from me... 46yr young mother to 8 grandmother to 2 & 1 more coming in april...

Let me know how things are doing...

My son had a similar problem, and it is just now clearing up with potty training (he's almost 3 years old). The rash was terribly red and painful. We found out from our pediatrician that it was a yeast infection caused by a change in pH in urine, and had to put Tinactin (or another anti-fungal cream) on it twice a day, in addition to hydrocortisone cream 3 times a day. It would clear up within a few days, and then we would just use the same regimen whenever it returned. We found that it correlated to drinking juice, so we stopped letting him have it. Our friend had a daughter with the same rash, and they started giving her Hi-C instead of juice, and she did not get the rash anymore.

Tammi I will skip one of the old remedies that I learned when I had my children simply because I'm to embarrassed to share what I was told:) However, one thing that I did try that produced results was air. I left my son's diaper off for a while and let the air heal him. Also I used a hand held hair dryer ON COOL, to soothe him and it also helped. I had an old doctor who told me for one of my son's to dilute some sprite and but it in a bottle for him to drink. He said that his system was producing to much alkaline and that the sprite will help. It did!!! I hope this helps.

Hi Tammy,
I definately know where you are coming from. I have been there and done that. Everything I'm going to tell you will sound totally crazy, but it truly worked for my daughter when she was a baby. Her bottom was bright red. I could barely touch here to clean here and care for her. I took her to a pediatrician who gave me this information. This is the crazy part....the pediatrician had me by Lotrimin AF. This is an antifungal foot cream. Places like Walmart sell it. It is sold with the foot creams and sprays. I had to rub this on her bottom sevral times a day. The other thing she had me do is just let her "air-out". I would place an old folded up blanket on the floor with some toys and let her lay there and play while she had no clothing or diapers of any kind on her bottom. She was rash free in no time. She never suffered any ill effects, she's 16 now. Good Luck!

Triple paste has always worked for my girls, even with their worst rashes. It's very pricey (about $30 for a large tub of it) but it is worth it's weight in gold!!!
Good luck!

my husband started doing these for our girls when they were infants. DONT rub change diaper and rince bottom under kitchen sink and pat dry. then if you can lay down on blanket with NO diaper air is the best for a bad rash and at night try tripple cream. hope this helps

Hi there,
I would take her to the pediatrician. Perhaps it's not diaper rash at all. Maybe it's a yeast rash, in which case she would need prescription Nystatin or something similar. Best of luck to you and your little girl!

I know you said you got a prescription from the doc. I was in the same situation, even better then the RX is Aquaphore. It is made by the makers of Eucrin. It has the consistensy of vaseline. It will clear up what you have shortly, and if you ever see even a little redness, put some on and it will go away. I give it to every new mother I know either at her baby shower, or with her baby gift. I also put it on my lips every night, and any dry skin I have. Good luck.

I just went through the same thing with my son who is 9 mos old. Your daughter may have a yeast infection. There is a new prescription called Vusion which is basically desitin, vaseline, and an antifungal medication. It helped my son some but he was still red. My pediatrician told me to try hydrocortisone 1%(over the counter) with the Vusion and it took care of the redness within 2 applications. Hope this helps.

let her go without a diaper was the best with my son when he dot them around that age. She's 5 months so just lay down a nice big thick blanket on the floor and let her go without. If she's not crawling or moving around much it wont take too much to keep her on the blanket. Let her go for a half hour to an hour. If you're worried about her being cold just bump up the heat for a little till she's back in he clothes. And then when you dipper her again just put some cream on. Also with my son diaper rash creams like desitin didn't seem to do much for him. I found that just using vasilne(sp) worked great, sometimes I would mix a little desitin in and that would work great. At night time before bed I tend to put it on a little thicker, cause they are in the dipper for longer stretches. A bath also helps keep it clean and usually helps it heal faster.

You could try plain vaseline or if that doesn't help a yeast cream may. Sometimes diaper rash is a hit or miss with what you put on it. Sometimes one thing will work and other times it won't. Do you give her juice? Juicy Juice was one thing I couldn't give my boys, it would just eat them up in the diaper area. Good Luck

Triple paste- it's expensive (about $30),but works everytime!
Good Luck.

I find that balmex works better than desistan. But, there are stronger creams that you needs a prescription for, so if I were you, I would call your child's doctor to get something stronger. In the past, we have used mystatin for the kids and it works very well.
Good luck!


Hi! I can appreciate your problem! We had the same issue with our now 3 yr old. We could ONLY use Pampers diapers, or she would get a rash. Bath time was a problem, because she would get a rash from the baby wash. Rashes took forever to clear up. But then I discovered something. A lot of the baby products have chemicals in them, which will of course, irritate a rash. I did find a whole line of baby products, that contain no chemicals, are botanically based, and work great! The diaper rash cream cleared up my daughters rash in 1 change! If you want me to send you a sample, or tell you more about this, just let me know. I just wish I had discovered this with my first child not my last! (I have 4) lol

I am having the same problem, my boy is 9 months old, I actually took him to the dr, and he prescribed som medicated cream... if it doesnt get better maybe you want to take her just to check it out... another advice is to clean her with a cloth and water, try to minimize the use of baby wipes for a while...

Trust me this works. Milation. The stuff that comes in the white bottle that you take when you have gas, bloated. You just wet there bottom with it and it helps take out the acid from the rash and works great. We learned this from mt mother in law that works at a daycare. It is even good to use when it looks like there is rash moving in.

Could be a yeast infection. Call your doctor and see if you can use Lotrimin AF. Domeboro is good for the pain too (if okay with doctor). Do not use wipes. Just water and let her dry completely before putting her diaper back on.

as all the ointments have in them are zinc oxide. you can buy that over the counter in a tube for a dollar or two then a container of powder with corn starch as the other messages state. also as the baby is napping try and leave the diaper open to air, skin needs air. place padding under of course. when cleaning in the area pat dry don't rub hard. only pat to clean. happy days are soon to come. hang in there.

Balmex always worked bst for me but there was also a powder I got when my one son was having problems after a rash from being ill with diahreah. Its a powder by gold bond especially for babies but it has some extra medicine in. I would always put the diaper rash cream on and then the gold bond powder. Let her sit in the nuddy for a little while to dry it out to. If its super bad you should probably go to the docotor as you don't want her to get an infection.

Hi T.,

My best suggestion is to make sure she is completely dry before putting on a new diaper. I keep a box of tissues nearby for dabbing dry and also apply a small amount of cornstarch powder at EVERY change. This will help with prevention in the future. My 6 month old daughter just went through a very bad bout of diaper rash (right after starting her on solids). I had great success with Aquaphor Healing Ointment - a skin protectant made by Eucerin. After trying and failing with Desitin and other products, the Aquaphor worked in 1 day on her red, bumpy, and bleeding bum. I also did my drying usual routine with the powder before applying the ointment. I have a closet full of diaper rash products (received as gifts) that I barely ever used because rashes are rare for my 2 girls (2.5 & 6m). I truly believe it's because we use to cornstarch powder to get them dry after each change. I think others suggestions of "airing out" would accomplish the same thing, but I never had the patience for that. Good luck! I know how hard it is when your little one is in pain.

It could be a yeast infection...we had trouble w that and it turned out to be yeast...maybe try some of the cream for that....or either beudreuxs butt paste or triple paste are both good.Also my friend swears by the bismolene powder, but it has talc so you need to use it sparingly and not breathe it in....

ok the one that that always worked for me was ____@____.com ointment. it really works good make sure you use it every time after a diaper change. if it is really bad you may need to go to the dr.and get a prescription.

I am a mom of three girls (3,6,and 15) and proud to say never had any major problems with diaper rash. The secret is to let them go "booty-naked" as much as possible for a few days. Fresh air is the best way for it to heal and clear up. When you cover it with ointment or diapers all your doing is sealing it in and if air can't get in and the skin can't breath it's going to get painful. Especially if she has sensitive skin like my girls do. So put away the ointments and creams. I know it's difficult because you'll have to worry about her wetting the bed and other surfaces, but if you have a good idea on when she goes, you can put the diaper on for that time period and then take it off for a little while in between. I would just let her play in a "Onesie" with no diaper if you aren't into the "au natural" look. I'm sure it will clear up before you know it.

Hi. I feel you and your little girl. Try soaking her in the bath in warm water then let her air dry on your bed. Before putting a diaper on try triple paste. I think it works better then desitin and its not as gooy. let her sit w/out a diaper as much as you can. I use to sit my son on a towel to play in case of an accident. It should clear up w/in a day. If it doesn't then maybe give your doctor a call. Good Luck. S.

When my wee ones had a rash, one that wouldn't go away, I tried everything, cornstarch, all sorts of OTC stuff. My eldest was prone to Yeast infection so have it checked.. they can do mega damage.

However, my youngest would get the rashes.. so I'd let him do w/o a diaper and let air to him. If you're using disposable diapers all the time, the moisture / heat gets trapped and causes circulation problems. Try cloth diaper once in awhile or let the fanny get some air.

Otherwise, make sure there isn't a food allergy or infection involved.

As soon as it happens - if it's from poop being in contact with the skin too long...soak her in warm water and baking soda {this acts as a neutralizer} - and I've tried all the creams for diaper rash, but Triple paste is the best. - and of course let her behind be bare for as long as possible, and soft water only wipes.
Hope she feels better. XOXO

PS- other moms I know say that Desitin can burn.

Try straight corn starch rub it all over her butt will help with the redness and burn

Hi T.-
I see you got the same advice (Lotrimin) I was giving you below...

We had the same problem with our 18 month old girl. Her pediatrician told us she had a mild yeast infection and told us to buy this over the counter medication that is basically for athlete's foot (yes, athlete's foot). It worked well and relatively quickly.

I had the same problem when my daughter was around the same age. I had to get a prescription from the doctor for a medicated creme- it was the only thing that worked. It was gone in two days.

Hi T.,
Arbonne has the best diaper rash cream known to mankind. My son had horrible diaper rash for a stomach flu he had and Arbonne Herbal Diaper Rash Cream cleared it up in 24 hours. If you are interested, I can send you a free sample. Checkout my web site www.tammyjones.myarbonne.com for a link to my e-mail if you are interested in finding out more.
Good Luck and God Bless,
T. J

A pediatrician and a pharmacist have both recommended lotremin to me. I used the lotremin in the feminine products aisle, but they said you could also use the lotremin from the athlete's foot aisle.

It sounds like you have tried a lot already. Sometimes, it can be an allergy to something they are eating or to a soap you are using. Look at her diet and see if there is anything new or if you are using a new soap. Also, teething can cause diaper rashes. While you are treating the rash, see if you can figure out the cause.

In the meantime, you need a barrier cream of some sort. One that will keep the urine and poo from making direct contact. I've tried a lot of the expensive ones with my first two children BUT honestly vaseline worked just as well if not better. Number three (5 months) hasn't yet had a bad one.

Make sure when you change the diaper the baby is clean and you may want to let her have some air time to dry and let the area just have a little air. Then apply some Vaseline as all over the affected area and rediaper. Try to keep her clean and comfortable. If this doesn't seem to help. Call the doctor. There is a new prescription cream out for bad diaper rashes. However, it is more of a last resort.

Good luck. I know it can be really frustrating.

Let her be without a diaper, get some cloth training pants that are a size bigger, and she canwear them. They should be loose so that her skin gets air, then make sure to change the training pants as soon as she wets them so she stays dry. I did this for my babies and it cleared up in a day.

I completely agree w/ Stacie T. regarding the product you should use. Boudreaux's Butt Paste is by far the best diaper cream!! It will literally reduce the rash/redness and bumps within hours. Also, if you compare the active ingredients of Butt Paste to Desitin or Triple Cream (which I feel is too expensive), the Butt Paste has the highest content of Zinc Oxide (16%). Hope this helps & that your little one if feeling better soon!!

Hi - i recommend Triple Paste. It's the closest thing to an prescription ointment. CVS sells it. And then put powder on top of that. But do it at every diaper change and maybe in between until it starts to look better.

What works for us is triple paste! It may be yeast too so you can get a script from the Dr called Nystatin. It works great! Try and keep her diaper off as much as you can too.

Proud Member of the MOM team
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Boudreaux's Butt paste works great I swear by it!! My kids are now 3 and 4 but I always keep it on hand. You can get at Wal-mart/ or drugstore. Hope it helps!!

Dear T.,

My doctor told me to try Lotrimin which is actually for athlete's foot. Just a small amount and then top with the Desitin. It works great! Good luck!


Try browning corn starch. Just add the starch to a pan and heat untill it is lightly brown.The corn starch absorbes.
I have also bought over the counter lotrinm cream


I am a Pediatric RN and it sounds like it is a fungal infection if the Lotrimin is working. When you apply the butt paste or triple paste (on top of the Lotrimin) make it a thick coat. After your daughter has a stool only wipe the soiled paste and then reapply more. In the evening give her a bath to remove all the paste. Apply another coat after her bath. Also, use warm wash cloths instead of diaper wipes on her bottom. Good luck.

A. Z.

Hi Tammy,

I had that same problem with my first daughter. Have you taken her to the doctor? When my daughter had it, it turned out to be a different kind of rash that required a prescription although it looked just like diaper rash. i cant remember exactly what it was though.

I raised 4 children. The best i found was a "gold Bond Powder" It can be bought in any drug store or even WalMart.
Worked wonders on my 3rd child. Best of luck M.

It maybe yeast/fungal related if it will not go away. It just happens sometimes because it is a warm moist place. There is a special cream you can get from the doctor, but I don't remember what it is call but you do need a Rx for it. I would have your doc take a look. www.livegreeneasy.com

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