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Diaper Rash!

Aaah! Our 10mo. old daughter has finally gotten her first bout of diaper rash and it's AWFUL!!! All of a sudden just appeared today when it was fine only a few hours earlier. We didn't really add any new things to her diet so I'm wondering what might have caused it. It is SUPER red and now when we change her diaper, she just wails and literally shakes in pain. It's so sad to watch her go through this. What do you recommend and are there any natural things I can do short of letting her airdry? Should we use wipes or no? How long should I expect this to last?

Thanks, in advance, for any advice!

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I didn't read any of the responses so I hope I am not repeting. Do not use wipes. Use instead soft baby washcloths-get them wet with warm water. Then you can throw in the washer. I set up a changing area in the bathroom so I have acces to a sink and a stack of washcloths. Also you can put neosporin on and then Desitin over the neosporin, for my daughter it works wonders.

I know you've gotten lots of goog advice, but wanted to throw my two cents in too. My doc recemmended putting some baking soda in the bath with no soap. This helped tons. Just be careful it's not a yeast infection. It's hard to tell the difference but if you do not see any improvement at all after just 1 day of the diaper rash cream then it's probably a yeast infect. and you'll need to see the doc. good luck!!!

No wipes! OUCH! Just soak her little behind in the sink filled with luke warm water. Use the baby Avalon Organics Soothing Zinc Diaper Balm...that does the trick every time for my 15 month old baby. We also use Calendula cream. Usually diaper rash is a yeast infection of some sort. If she is not allergic to something new (like dairy etc.) then it may be sugar in her diet? Hold up on the fruits a bit? Just a thought. Good luck! Ow! Also, if you have cloth diapers, interchange those with diposable (7th generation).

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My mother-in-law taught me the best trick ever. She browned corn starch in a pan and then put it in an old sock, tied off the end and then she used the corn starch on my sons rash like a power puff. His rash was gone in no time.
The corn starch has no additives in it to worsen the rash and it soaks up any moisture so the rash dries out much quicker.
The corn starch does tend to get everywhere if you don't put the sock in a container. I used an old butter dish to keep it in. I kept it near his changing station so I had it handy.
When we would go somewhere I would put the sock in a zip lock bag or kept it in the butter dish if I had the lid to it.
I hope this helps... it worked wonders for me (my son had constant rashes before we figured out that he was mildly allergic to fruit.)
Another thing that might help is feeding her yogurt with acidophlis (sp?) in it. Acidopholis has a natural bacteria in it that helps to balance the natural PH in our intestines, which is why most babies get rashes.
Good luck! It used to just break my heart when my son would shake because of the pain. It was awful. But after doing one or the other or both that I mentioned his rash would be gone in a day or so. (he did not respond well to regular diaper rash meds because they have perfume or other unnatural irritants in them.)
Again... good luck, hope all goes well.

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Oh M., I feel terrible for your baby (and for you). I can give you some really good advice that I use personally (don't ask!) First and foremost, DO NOT USE WIPES. They are so soaked in chemicals and really add to the problem, even if they are supposed to be gentle and painless. They're not. What's really important is to keep the area clean and dry. That stuff is quite caustic, and will eat away at the skin. I have found only one way to clean with as little pain as possible. I use a little baby wash and a very wet and soft washcloth. You can also use cotton balls with soap and water. Water alone is great until the rash sets in. Then just water hurts, and regular soap hurts even more. Baby soap is much gentler, and it really helps. Once the area is clean, give the skin a chance to air out, and don't put the diaper on a tush that's not completely dry. BTW, I never used wipes on my kids, and I never used disposable diapers. Unless there was poop involved, I used simple clear water and cotton balls. I changed a diaper at the first sign of being wet or messy, which is often not done with plastic diapers. Remember, even if the wetness is absorbed, there is still an awful lot of bacteria that can irritate sensitive skin. I can honestly tell you that my kids never had a bit of diaper rash. But I know first hand how horrible it can be. I'm glad you're reaching out for help. Your daughter is better off for it. So good for both of you. :) Good luck to you.

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This might sound strange, but it works really well. When my daughter was a baby (she's 2 now) she got really bad diaper rashes whenever she started to cut a new tooth. At the advice of my sister-in-law who has 2 older boys, I used monistat cream (the kind for yeast infections). You just put it on like any other diaper cream and it clears up the rash really fast. I know how horrible it can be to watch your child in so much pain! The other cream I still use for a sore bottom/private area is Calendula Cream (Weleda brand is best) this is a more natural product for mild diaper rash that will help heal the tender skin. I usually would put this on about every few diaper changes in small amount just to keep the rashes away.
I know the monistat sounds strange, but it works because diaper rashes are caused by yeast build up...it's the same bacteria that causes yeast infections in us. The cream is mild enough for even a very sore bottom.
Airing out is also a great idea!

Had the same problem with my daughter, she had a prescription it was so bad. Dr. said to use clean washcloths, no wipes (they sting the skin when it's like that) and NOT to use Desitin or any of the other brands. The dr. reccommended Boudroux's Butt Paste or Dr. Smith's, they are both at Target and I have been using them for years. Destin just seemed to make it worse and the dr. confirmed that, never used it again afterwards. If gets too bad you should take her to the dr. if you can.

Ok, usually I read through responses so I can make sure I'm not telling you what someone else has already said...but you have way too many responses to do that! :)

Two things, first, my little girl is prone to yeast, and the pediatrician said that if she is spotting in the front (as opposed to the back area) that it is probably a little yeast and to smear some lotrimin on there.

Second, if it is diaper rash, my son had the worst, he'd get scabs. Either wash them under the tub faucet or rinse your wipes in warm water (this created a disposable wash cloth for me). Then create your own paste mixing aquaphor, desitin, & neosporin. I keep my mix in a small tupperware bowl. Just mix equal parts of each, a little bit goes a long way. Aquaphor is a burn cream, so it probably isn't with other baby products, but you should be able to find it in the first aid section or just ask the pharmacist if you can't find it. Or another thing we really like, and use more than anything else is bagbalm. We smear it on both our kids to create a barrier to help protect their skin. When it gets really bad I make sure to have my kids soak in the tub at least once everyday.

Good Luck, I hope it gets better soon

No wipes! OUCH! Just soak her little behind in the sink filled with luke warm water. Use the baby Avalon Organics Soothing Zinc Diaper Balm...that does the trick every time for my 15 month old baby. We also use Calendula cream. Usually diaper rash is a yeast infection of some sort. If she is not allergic to something new (like dairy etc.) then it may be sugar in her diet? Hold up on the fruits a bit? Just a thought. Good luck! Ow! Also, if you have cloth diapers, interchange those with diposable (7th generation).

I can only recommend what I know. So My daughter is 5 1/5 months and this happened to her. She was fine in the morning when I changed her and when I gave her a bath she was fine. Then in the afternoon I found a really red rash on her bottom. I cleaned it really well with a sensitive baby wipe. Then put a layer of diaper rash cream on it. and then powder her bottom a little. I did this for about 2 days and it cleared up just fine.

Hope this helps. Good Luck



We use the Desitin Creamy. When my daughter get her diaper rash it's worse. Open sores and angry red everywhere. The Creamy type comes in a mostly blue box and doesn't have the medicinal stink of the regular Desitin. And, it's a LOT easier to put on that sore bottom than the regular stuff.

With her it can clear up anywhere between a couple of days and a week or more. It all depends on how often the cream is reapplied. When Hubby and I are on the same page and slather her up at every diaper change until there is no more red it goes away faster. If we skip or think that she doesn't need it it takes longer.

Hope this helps,

My son did the same thing and I began to notice it was always around the time he was going to cut new teeth...I let him air dry as much as possible (like everyone else said), but while he was air drying I would put baby powder the cornstarch type (because it doesn't have perfumes in it) on his bum. Then before I put his diaper back on I would put A&D ointment on it.
Good Luck!

hi M.,
I highly recommend you not use any store bought wipes. They are full of chemicals. I rep for a manufacturing company who makes necessity based products that are not harsh chemical based as well as they are safe, effective, and affordable. They are a licensed pharmacy for over the counter medicine chest products and we have some really great products that will be soothing and help heal yor babies bum immediately. If you would like to find out more information please get in touch with me. They are awesome and if you are looking to get the harsh chemicals out of your home and make it safe for yourself and your family I would love to share with you.
N. B.

oh, I so feel for your little one and you. My daughter got a few horrible diaper rashes like that and it just made me cry to have to change her. Don't use wipes as they sting the rash and make it more painful. Try and use a warm wash cloth, or hold her bottom under the warm water right out of the faucet.
Try and let her air dry as long as you can. If she isn't crawling, just throw down a bunch of blankets. if she is, just throw more blankets down.
Corn starch helps keep the area dry but a barrier type cream or ointment will help heal it faster. Aquaphor or plain vaseline work great. Hydrocortisone also helps. I used that and then put the aquaphor on top of it. However, hydrocortisone will make the rash worse if it is yeast.
If you think it might be yeast (which is usually bumpy red splotches) you can try some lotrimin, which you can buy over the and see if that makes a difference. If it is yeast, the medicine will help rather quickly. If it is not yeast, you will notice no difference.

I hope you find something that works quickly for you.

I've heard bag balm works really well. You can get it at your local natural food store and maybe at some drug stores. Also, hazelwood zinc ointment works awesome. That's what we use. The hazelwood absorbs the acid that causes the rash. You an find it at www.hazelaid.com

Is she on antibiotics? Are you on antibiotics and are you nursing? If the answer to this is yes, then sounds like a yeast infection and you need to use monistat on her rash.
If it is just a diaper rash then you need to keep it dry, keep it clean.
I use Bag Balm Ointment on it. You can use any diaper rash stuff.
The key is to keep it as dry as possible. If you can let her go around without a diaper. Put plastic down on the floor, or keep her in an area that you can clean up easy.
You may also try a warm bath, then pat dry, then ad ointment.
If it does not get any better, then take her into the DR. There are prescription ointments they can recommend.

Hi There! i know how hard it is to see your baby in pain when doing a diaper change! my advice is first to be sure its diaper rash and not a yeast infection. with my 1st daughter she had what i thought was diaper rash and 3 days of it not getting any better i took her to the dr. it was a yeast infection and a bad one and it had blistered. oh my gosh i felt so bad for her! there isnt a rx for it but you just go to any drugstore and but lotrimin anti-fungal cream. even the monistat cream (that we women use) will work. it goes all over the red area. and in the meantime try to avoid wipes. if she pees just let her "air dry" and when she poops go straight to the bath! warm water helps soothe them too. but try avoiding baby powder as it just aggravates the rash. and let her walk around some times with no diaper and change her a lot more. one more thing i noticed was the diapers i was using. i used to use HUGGIES and then when she kept getting the yeast infections i bought a different brand that was more absorbent. i now buy the PAMPERS cruisers. no more yeast infections cause this diaper lock in the moisture and keeps there little bottom DRY! good luck and i hope your little one feels better soon. if you want more advice or have questions just message me.


Weleda makes a great Calendula oil that really helps. Its important to keep the skin dry, so leaving the diaper off for a while can help a lot too. The oil really soothes the skin. Its not a diaper cream, so its mainly for soothing. Then after it soaks in you can apply a cream. My daughter had the absolute worst rash and tons of pain, and this stuff really helped alleviate some of the irritation. It takes constant vigilance to get rid of it. You can by the oil at fred meyer now, but for sure at New Seasons. Good luck. Maybe even a little tylenol to help ease the pain.

M., I have an extremely sensitive skin boy so thought I'd share my techniques. In short - no wipes, make sure you don't put the diaper on until skin is very dry. Bag Balm has worked great for us. More detail if you want it is below. This is what we do to prevent rashes:

No wipes. We use baby wash cloths with water (if poopy, we use wipes and then wipe that with a wash cloth)

Be sure to dry well. I use a cloth diaper after each change to blot dry all creases and air dry as much as possible. If we wrap him damp, he gets an instant rash.

Air and sun as much as possible with a bad rash. It's amazing how far a little goes!

Pure Corn starch was the only thing that helped a friend of mine with TERRIBLE rashes.

I hope she's better soon!

Poor baby girl! :*( No worries though, this can be cleared up easier than you suppose! Put some baking soda in her bath water and it will clear up in no time at all! It might sting a bit at first, but if she is that red then pretty much anything will be that way. I also like Palmer's "Bottom Butter" and Bert's Bees diaper cream. Blessings to you and yours! :)

Sometimes, their poop can burn their bums. If you change a diaper, and it smells especially acidic, and her bum is bright red and sore, that is likely what happened. It usually goes away later in the day. In my experience, A&D has worked far better than Desitin. As for wipes, you should use just a soft, warm, very wet washcloth. Hold it in place for a while, then wipe gently so you can get the most cleaning without lots of wiping. you also might consider forgoing the wipes and just bathing each time. You can sit her in a sink so only her bum is getting wet. If any diaper rash lasts more than 3 days and does not seem to be getting any better with treatment, then consider a yeast infection... very common reason for diaper rashes. It is treated with over the counter yeast cream (for women) and if it is a yeast infection, you should see results with that cream very fast.

Hi M.,
I used a baby wipe gently (no rubbing, just patting), then dried the skin with a soft fabric, then applied a thick layer of Triple Paste (you can use any paste with zinc oxide). My son had diarrhea due to flu so I had to stop all food except Pediolyte for about 1 day to slow things down. Addressing the cause is important. Air drying as much as possible is great too. I even used a hair dryer on a gentle setting to dry the skin instead of patting it with a fabric to decrease discomfort. Your pediatrician can also prescribe an ointment that contains some of the pain-numbing medicine (a little bit of lidocaine I believe mixed in with the diaper ointment). Good luck. It is a tough one!

Balmex at every change worked great for our little one. Make sure skin is dry before putting it on (I would blow on skin to dry it, or use a soft cloth I keep on the changing station. Don't rub though, just pat to dry) If the balmex doesn't seem to help after a few changes then I add in some antifungal cream. Good luck to you!

Oh Poor you! This is awful. Has she been on antibiotics recently? My daughter got the same kind of rash after being on antibiotics her first week after being born. She didn't really need them..they were preventative because one of my levels was a bit "high" in testing..apparently. Poor kid got yeast infections. We talked to multiple people about it. First thing, unscented wipes..as that only irritates it. I recommend Burt's Bees diaper rash ointment..that was wonderful for her. It was the only kind we used when we found it. A little more expensive, but worth the money. Unfortunately there are none of the original products actually sold anymore...that don't have almond oil in them (which both she and I are allergic to). However the buttermilk was what did it I believe. We actually used plain yogurt on her bottom for about a week..at night. Within a week, we were able to move to regular diaper rash creme (at the time the Burts Bees stuff). So, I totally recommend just getting some plain yogurt..if you want you can even mix it in with some of your regular diaper rash creme. The other thing that can work is diluted apple cider vinegar. I recommend the yogurt first. Make sure each morning that you get her up she has a good bath (even if its just to wash the diaper area)..and just use luke warm water. Some Nekkid time might be in order..as she should air dry at least a little while. Don't use powder ..just the regular rash creme. This can take about a week to work in my experience. My youngest had these every so often most of her first year. Apparently its not uncommon with antibiotic use. (I wish they would have been forthcoming with that information sooner though) Anyway, The yogurt, just plain unflavored yogurt worked wonders. Along with the change to completely unscented..and for quite some time the only diaper that my daughter could wear was Huggies Supreme. Rashes cropped up along her legs with the others. She's still allergic to elastic in some cases so that sensitive skin turned out or into allergies as well (I am sure we will never know for sure.) But, yogurt, a natural based rash ointment and some air dry time every day (at least once) should help. Yes, you might have to get up a little earlier...(sorry bout that) but from experience it is well worth it!

If it is very bright cherry red and very painful, it sounds like a yeast infection. You'll need to take her to a doctor for a prescription ointment to clear it up. It will go away very quickly with the right cream - however, if it is yeast, over the counter creams will not work.

For both of my kids, a girl and a boy, I found Bag Balm (it is lanolin and is similar to what is recommended for sore nipples) to work the best for a moisture barrier. It was, hands down, better than any of the zinc based diaper creams or other diaper creams that I tried.
Also, add a probiotic to your child's diet, on top of any yogurt she may be getting.
Try mixing a little of the probiotic in with the Bag Balm(powdered form of probiotic works best). This helped clear up the rash in a day or two for my kids. My daughter had super nasty diaper rashes due to antibiotics and raging ear infections. When teething and ear infections came together, oh, my gosh. Her rash was so red it was purple. From nothing to purple in just a few hours. Bag Balm and probiotic mix was the only way I got rid of those quickly.
As to wipes, use wet paper towels, like the ones they used in the hospital. You can get them at the Breastfeeding clinics or just use soft paper towels.
Hope it clears quickly! Her poor little bum.

Try putting her in a bath with colloidal oatmeal. Aveeno does some really great bath packages with colloidal oatmeal for babies. My son didn't get diaper rashes until his eye teeth started coming in and they were exactly like that - sometimes they would last a few days and sometimes if we caught them right away and bathed him in the oatmeal, then they would go away almost immediately. Also, try using a bit of baby powder instead of creams throughout the day - it helps dry the bum when you can't let it air dry and it keeps it drier. Also, I would just use a wash cloth instead of wipes (have you ever had a cut on your finger and used a wipe? Hurts even when they are alcohol-free!). Hope it clears up soon...

We have experienced our first rash around that age as well, if she is teething, that may be the culprit - the added drool can upset their tummies and change their "output" to cause a rash.

I have tried a bunch of things and here is what I found helpful:
- NO WIPES - absolutely no wipes, even the sensitive, alcohol free one sting when you have open sores. I get some Viva paper towels and warm water, if she is very soiled I wash her off in the sink. Try to rub as little as possible.
- Oil or Lanolin Spray (that is what I use, it is so convenient) will help you remove sticky poop easily and without much rubbing.
- A zinc oxide diaper rash cream - don't bother with the lighter cream or aquaphor, it should have at least 40% zinc oxide.

Other than that lots of love and giggles between changes...
Good luck!

I don't know where you live but on south hill in puyallup there is a little bath and body shop next to North West family Chiropractic It is actually attached to the chiropractors office. They sell this diaper rash stuff that is totally natural ingredients and is, hands down the best stuff I have ever used for diaper rash it is called "tiny hiny bum butter" I think she has a web site that you could order on line. It is jolene maries bath and body shop.

Hello, we went through this with our son, and it's awful. We actually took him to the doc, who gave us a scrip for an anti fungal! The prescription stuff will stay put better, and be effective longer, but you can also get Lotrimin. I know it isn't the 'natural' alternative, but their little bums are so sensitive when they're like this.
The wipes? We were advised to get very soft not quilted paper towels and use WATER only, as the wipes generally have a mild astringent on them...hurts pretty bad when you have a raw bum.
We only used the anti fungal when there was a yeast issue. When you have any sort of bloody sore, I'm guessing an anti fungal is your best bet. We layered it under a supreme coating of zinc oxide ointment of your choice.
Hope it helps!

Some cleaning tips: don't wipe! You can squeeze a warm, wet, rag so it drips down the bottom. Or just soak in the tub. Air dry is good. I've even used a hair dryer on cool setting. I keep the diaper off for as LONG as possible before applying cream and a new diaper. (Just keep baby laying down, on a towel, playing with toys, watching a video, etc.) Let that bum get lots of air!

I used to use a warm wash cloth with no soap then let her bottom dry completely before applying a pretty thick layer of desitin.
It's pretty painful so she'll still cry but at least you are not putting any kind of soap, perfume or alcohol on her tender skin.
Another thought would be to sit her in a little warm water with no soap and gently wipe her clean.

Sounds like it also might be a case of yeast. For these cases, I've used a thick layer of Lotrimin under a layer of A&D ointment. The Lotrimin clears the yeast and the A&D protects the area and treats diaper rash too. Don't use wipes (the alcohol stings); use baby washcloths in warm water.


Could your daughter be teething? My daughter always had horrible diaper rash when she was getting a new tooth (and never any other time). I used baby terry washcloths with mild soap for cleaning and patted her dry, then put on A&D ointment.

We had lots of diaper rash experience unfortunately - she was just prone to it! Some of the moms have already given this advice - I'm just seconding (or thirding...):
* No wipes,just wash in sink/tub; our ped said to add a tablespoon of baking soda to a bowl of tepid water and wipe with soft cloth to clean - neutralizes acidity of urine/soothes burn.
* TRIPLE PASTE. I tried them all, Boudreaux's, you name it..it's the only one that really created the soothing barrier and got her bum healing.

My daughter was about the same age when she got her first real rash. I blamed it on some medication she was taking at the time, and it appears almost instantaneously after a particularly toxic bm.

I think wipes are important, because you have to keep the irritating bm and urine off the area. If the wipes seem to irritate her, you could try a washcloth that has been wetted with warm water.

Buttreaux's buttpaste worked really well for us - much better than the other cream we had. Putting cream on liberally (especially before a nap or something) can also help protect the skin from any waste in the diaper.

My daughter's rash was actually open and weepy, so i took her to the doctor. He said this treatment was the correct thing to be doing.

For as bad as it sounds, it sounds more like a yeast infection. Try your Doctor. Once you get familiar with the differences between the diaper rash and yeast infection you can buy OTC remedies (like Monistat 7). Good luck, I hope your baby feels better soon.

My oldest son, now almost 3, had SEVERE diaper rash to the point where his skin would break and bleed! Diaper changes were horrible and I would cry because I felt so bad to change him! I would also use wash clothes as to have NO cleansers on his bottom! Our doc told us to use women's yeast cream, because it is usually yeast growing on their bottoms! Totally works!! Also I just found a friend that sells Arbonne(I thinks thats how its spelled) and they have an ABC diaper rash cream and it is awesome as well! Kinda pricey ($20 a tube) but totally worth every penny! It goes a LONG way and is great! Good Luck!

Both of our boys got diaper rashes really really bad. The best thing we found was to stop using wipes and to clean them in the tub or the sink with warm water and a mild soap (bath soap). Then use the hair dryer to dry them (on a med/low setting). I'd often apply aloe and dry it on with the hair dryer as well and then do a diaper rash cream. We like Boudreoux's Butt Paste. But lather it on thick so nothing can get through. Good luck and I know how hard it is to see them in so much pain and discomfort! It will take a few days to clear up too.

I would only use a washcloth, no wipes. Make sure she gets a bath everyday to keep it clean and give it a rest from being covered up. Do put something on it A&D, vaseline, desitin, etc between each diaper change so it doesn't get more irritated from her wet diaper. Also change her more often so she has less time for a wet diaper against her skin. Airdry can be tricky because they have no bladder control and you could end up with a wet spot on the floor somewhere that just facinates them. It could have been caused by the drier weather we are having so make sure she is getting enough fluids and you could try tp put some humidity back into the air and see if that prevents future occurances.

Hi M.,

My daughter has sensitive skin on her bottom and she got her first HUGE diaper rash around the same age and we actually ended up with a trip to the pediatric dermatologist after the third one in a row. She is now almost 2 and we still get crazy diaper rash, no matter how vigilant I am. What works best for my daughter is just a warm wet soft wash cloth when she is having a break out and follow that with LOADS of Triple Paste. You can get a tub at Target for about $17. I know this sounds expensive but it's the only one I will buy anymore. The dermatologist told us that she just gets irritated skin and needs help calming it, so he recommended a prescription strength hydrocortisone and then a water barrier cream, like triple paste. We use the hydrocortisone until the rash is gone and then continue to cover her with a water barrier for about a week after the rash is gone. The additional week of cream is to protect the skin while it heals and will prevent additional breakouts back to back. The dermatologist recommended a month of water barrier following a rash, but I found a week was sufficient.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Poor baby!! (And poor parents too, its no fun seeing your baby cry in pain.) Smear something with Zinc Oxide liberally on the rash. If it doesn't start to calm down soon then she might have a yeasty beasty rash. For that you need an antifungal. Call your Doc then. Best of luck to you!


I didn't read any of the responses so I hope I am not repeting. Do not use wipes. Use instead soft baby washcloths-get them wet with warm water. Then you can throw in the washer. I set up a changing area in the bathroom so I have acces to a sink and a stack of washcloths. Also you can put neosporin on and then Desitin over the neosporin, for my daughter it works wonders.

I know you've gotten lots of goog advice, but wanted to throw my two cents in too. My doc recemmended putting some baking soda in the bath with no soap. This helped tons. Just be careful it's not a yeast infection. It's hard to tell the difference but if you do not see any improvement at all after just 1 day of the diaper rash cream then it's probably a yeast infect. and you'll need to see the doc. good luck!!!

Interesting responces from the moms...

*Bath w/no soap or shampoo
*Air dry
*Desitin creamy (clear is not as effective)
-a very thick layer

I do use baby wipes (the costco brand) and they are fine.

I have two daughters 9yrs and 17mo and I babysit 2 more 15mo & 2yrs (all still in diapers *except the 9yr old -lol). This has worked for all of them. they clear up within 24-48 hrs. I found that almost always it is directly related to cutting new teeth or to much of one thing in their diet (ie. I gave the 2yr old black beans for lunch and mom gave them to her for dinner, next day she had a red bum)

Monistat only works if it is a yeast infection. If the rash doesn't show signs of clearing in 48hrs - probably could be yeast.

Good luck :-)

Hi M.;
I tried all of the recommendations below and the only one that worked on my daughter was the one that a dermatologist gave me and I thought he was crazy until I tried it.

He told me to take natural OAT MEAL put a cup of it in a sock and tie the end and put it in luke warm water (in the sink) until the water was milky and then take it out and soak her butt in it after each diaper change. Obviously fresh oatmeal and water each diaper change or at least every 3-4 hours. Let air dry.

After one day, it was 50% better and in three days it was gone and her butt was so red she would scream I hated to even touch her with anything when changing her. Believe me this works. Good luck. Oh, and to prevent it: Aveeno natural oat diaper cream, put it on nice and thick after each diaper change.

When the same thing happened to my daughter, we had to use calamine lotion for a couple of days until her bum was feeling better. Then Weleda chamomile cream works really well for most other diaper rashes. Good luck!

Hi M.,

Use a warm very very soft baby washcloth. Wet the cloth and put it on the area for a few minutes. The warmth is soothing and you can use it to clean as well. DO NOT use wipes. My favorite cream is Desitin. It works fast. Dry area well before adding cream and let air on the bum for a few minutes.

I hate when my babies get the bleeding sores. It is so painful. A little Tylenol will help to. Hope this helps.

Polly Mom to 3 girls 6, 4, and 18 months

I didn't read all of the posts but I skimmed most of them. Another mother told me to use malox in addition to the yeast infection cream and it helped a ton. It made sense to use this because it is also used in wound care to treat bed sores (in the bed sore treatment a heat lamp is also shined on the sore for about 20 minutes after the malox is applied, but I digress).

Hi M.,
Arbonne has an amazing baby care line (ABC-Arbonne Baby Care). The diaper rash ointment is a zinc oxide base. All of our products are botanically-based. Go to my webpage at www.nursekerry.myarbonne.com for more information.

It's most important to keep the diaper area clean and dry. We use wipes anytime we change a diaper if there's a rash when we normally only use them for poop. Also, it's best to change the diaper often so she's not sitting in wet or worse. There are lots of diaper creams out there and we've had good luck with Burts Bees, but I hated the borduex butt paste!!! Our experience has been that diaper rash that comes on so strong and sudden is a little harder to get rid of so probably at least 3 days, but up to a week. If you're breastfeeding, I've also heard that putting a little breastmilk on an irritated backside can help clear it up quite quickly. Anytime she can have her diaper off will also help.

My daughter gets this pretty frequently. We have determined that it is her poop that burns her bum. Using A&D w/ Zinc liberally when changing her diaper, giving her a bath on her bum daily, and airing her bum for a few minutes after her bath works wonders.

You have had a great response - I have to add my 2cents. I would take a warm soft wash cloth and pat her down. I have always used Boudreaux's Butt Paste for my son's diaper rashes. Usually a couple of applications and it is gone. Good luck.

My oldest used to get really bad rashes. The only thing that would work was Aquaphor. It is amazing stuff. You can find it by the lotions at most drug stores and Target. It's made by Eucerin. I would put that on and then diaper cream on top to make more of a barrier. This would usually take her from raw, bleeding to completely healed in a couple of days.

I've worked with children for a long time. Here are some "tried and true" methods for resolving diaper rash:
(by the way, if she is teething, this can contribute to the rash b/c of the amount of saliva swallowed, which is acidic.)

You asked about wipes. You can use them, but give them a warm water rinse, twice, in the sink. This will rinse off the chemicals/alcohol on wipes that tend to further irritate a rash and will also warm the wipe a bit, much more pleasant. You can also use scraps of flannel, rinse well.

If you have cloth diapers, this is the time to use them. Disposables tend to hold heat in, which can cause bacteria to grow rapidly.

If you can let her run bare-bottom, do so as much as possible. If you can't, use a hairdryer on the lowest setting (Keeping on hand on her thigh so you can gauge the heat) and dry diaper area. Hold dryer at least 1' away from skin to prevent burning or her legs making contact with it. This is very useful in getting skin completely dry before readministering cream and rediapering.

Speaking of creams, use something that contains zinc oxide, or zinc oxide itself. It's a moisture barrier. Avoid ointments unless prescribed by a doctor.

Skip bathtime for a few days. If your child is really too dirty not to bathe, just use water. If you must use soap, chose a mild one. You can tell if it's mild because it won't produce tons of bubbles. Be sure to rinse her bottom off after the water has drained to get the last of the soap off.

Watch the rash! If it doesn't seem to be diminishing in a few days, call your advice nurse or pediatrician/alternative health care provider. Some rashes end up being yeast infections, and believe it or not, a child can get "strep butt", a strep infection on their tush. Yeast can be treated with an over-the-counter antifungal (ask for a recommendation), and strep will require topical antibiotics.

My best to you and your wee girl. Hope this resolves soon.

Ouch! So sorry for you and your baby girl. I don't have time to read the other responses, so I'm sorry if I repeat! My cousin's daughter had super sensitive skin and she had diaper rash all the time and she was very careful! When it flared up she would give her oatmeal baths and she LOVED it. I'm not sure how much it did for the healing, but it definitely soothed her poor little bottom. Good luck!

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