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Diaper Rash? - Jacksonville,FL

I'm just wondering about any other mom's with diaper rash experience. I'm not asking about what creams to use, etc., but in dealing with diapers. My 2yr old has developed a rash (on and off, mostly on) within the last 3 months. She usually wears Pampers, but has recently tried Huggies and Luvs just to see if the rash would disappear. It hasn't. We've also used Seventh Generation diapers at one point, but they really didn't fit her well and she leaked a lot in them. I don't know that they would have helped/hurt the rash.

Daycare changes her every hour when she's got these rashes, and they still reappear. I have them using just paper towels and water now to sub. the wipes (which they cannot use wash cloths for either). I have taken her to the ped, where the ARNP suggested she has eczema. I'm not satisfied w/that answer and don't want to use the high-dose corticosteroid they suggested because I think it's due to an allergy (not to mention that they can lead to adrenal problems in someone as little as her).

Cloth diapers are with her in daycare today, so we'll see how that works. The workers are seemingly resistant to using the easy to use pocket style diaper.

Has any mom switched from disposable to cloth for that reason? Any successes? Anyone use G-diapers for that? Anyone use Tushies diapers?

She doesn't consume much sugar besides that in natural fruit/veggies and some starches. She doesn't drink juice - only her water and milk. She's also been on probiotic since birth.


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I have two kids one 3 and the other 4 months I have used all the creams don't work all I use is Baby Powder with Cornstarch or if you child is real bad just get some regular cornstarch it works wonders.

at 2 years old, you may want to start potty training her.
I know it's hard when she's in daycare, but on the weekend take all her clothes off and use a kids potty in the living room and tell her she's a big girl now and can go in the potty. Make a huge deal over it when she goes and give her a treat. Stay home all weekend and do the potty. You can train her quickly and when you bring her back to daycare say she's potty trained, bring extra change of clothes for "accidents"

Hey, my cousin has 2 children who have eczema terribly and she ended up finding diapers from Publix that are solid white and dye free, etc. They work very good for her 2. Also I have had experience with my son having diaper rash that was horrible after consuming really acidic foods. We now stay away from orange juice because every time he tried to drink it he would have terrible diaper rash sooo... you might want to think about and pay close attention to what she is eating or drinking around the time she gets the diaper rash. It could be that simple or something more. Just my ideas and experience. LOL One more thought you can also use regular old Benadryl to help ease it instead of the costly prescription and it is safer.

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do you think daycare isn't changing her often enough?
if so I would go wit ha dr's note TELLING how often they NEED to change her, due to her medical reaction of urine and/or feces on her skin...

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at 2 years old, you may want to start potty training her.
I know it's hard when she's in daycare, but on the weekend take all her clothes off and use a kids potty in the living room and tell her she's a big girl now and can go in the potty. Make a huge deal over it when she goes and give her a treat. Stay home all weekend and do the potty. You can train her quickly and when you bring her back to daycare say she's potty trained, bring extra change of clothes for "accidents"

Hi C.,

I have used this on two of my kids, with my youngest (son) having eczema. I use a "paste" where I slather on Desitin and then put on Ammends medicated powder. I then put on toddler underwear and let them roam around cleaning them everytime they go. It's a pain but it works - maybe it'll work for you?

Also my daughter suffered a bacterial infection that we thought was diaper rash and my then ped said to use lotrimin and it cleared up right away - so take your little one to the good dr with hopes they gove you a real solution.

Good luck!

My daughter had a moderate diaper rash last week. Up to that point, we had been using the new Lansinoh diaper ointment religiously as prevention. We were using Luvs diapers. It must have been something I ate that caused the rash, as it was only around her anus, and not in her creases or elsewhere. I temporarily stopped using wipes, I just used a water bottle and then patted her dry with a cloth wipe (velour is nice and soft). I aired her bottom out during her naptimes by having her nap on her tummy, and switched to a thicker, more natural diaper creme by Burt's Bees. I also started using gDiapers (the fit wasn't quite right until that week), so I'm not sure if that was a help or not. The rash went away within a couple days. It wasn't the diapers, because I still sometimes use Luvs at night without any flare-up.
For daycare, maybe try the new Huggies Pure and Natural diapers, they're more cottony-soft, but also a little pricer. If you sign up for offers on the Huggies website, they'll send you periodic coupons for up to $3.00 off, so that can offset that cost if the Pure and Natural dipes work for her.

It could possibly be yeast. Cut down on her sugar intake and ask you dr about 'nystatin' cream for yeast diaper rash. also salt water helps, so if you are near the ocean take her swimming or a little salt on a warm cloth( on outer most areas of course) then rinse thoroughly sounds crazy but it will take away and ward off yeast. I also agree with looking into her diet completely. start with a simple diet then add one thing at a time to see if its something she is eating. Also when you start to introduce juice mix with water and she will get used to it. Maybe try natural and organic..Soy based too might help. also in response to the mom who mentioned coconut oil...it is very good, and anti fungal/ anti bacterial , also calendula is natural and soothing/healing

The school/daycare that my son attends in Gainesville accepts children in cloth diapers. I have used them part-time with both of my kids. I would confirm whether it really is a DOH regulation or that they just don't want to deal with cloth at your daycare. Have you tried seventh generation disposable diapers? I don't think they have any fragrance. I use regular huggies on my toddler and notice that they don't stink of perfume like pampers do. Good Luck!

Hi, C.. Well, if all the disposable diapers in the world haven't helped the baby's rash, then the problem may not be with the diapers. If you go to cloth, you're going to run the risk that the baby will react to the bleach that is necessary to sanitize the diaper -- you don't want the rash to get 10 times worse from bleach reacting to the baby's already sensitive skin.

It is possible that she's reacting to a FOOD allergy, one that only affects her when it comes out in her urine or her poop. Some of the worst candidates for this type of allergy are orange juice, tomatoes (sauce or juice; usually a slice or two won't hurt a child at all, but sauce and juice are concentrated), or some other food with a high acid content. Sometimes baby juices can have food coloring that gives a child this kind of reaction.

I suggest stopping all fruit juices and tomato sauces/juices, and all artificial flavorings or colorings of any kind for a week, then see if the rash clears up somewhat. If that's the case, then you have a food allergy on your hands. Once the baby's rash clears up COMPLETELY, then you can try one thing at a time to see if baby gets the rash back. Then you will know what causes it, and you can keep her off it altogether.

Baby needs more water than juice, anyway. I know a lot of kids won't drink water once they've had juice, but if they're truly thirsty, they will drink water eventually.

Another thing to consider is what kinds of lotions, powders, soaps, etc. you are using on the baby. That stuff might not affect her everywhere else on her body, but she's *sitting* on her buttocks, and that pressure drives the lotion, powder or cream into her pores, where it can force her skin to react in ways that it won't react on another part of the body. Also, the urine or poop might react with something in the powder or lotion, too. It's almost impossible to guess. I would wash her with stuff that has no perfumes or dyes for a week (maybe the stuff with lavender would be OK because lavender is known for soothing the skin), and using nothing except plain corn starch on the diaper area. At the very least, doing this won't hurt her, and she may in fact be sensitive to some kind of fragrance in soap, cream or powder. Corn starch won't hurt her at all.

In the meantime, I don't know what new creams are out there, but I do know that the only thing that helped my son's really severe rashes was Mycolog. Here in Florida, fungal infections are common, and Mycolog is the only thing that kept his poor little private area healthy. You might try that.

I hope her poor little bottom heals completely, and the rash becomes a distant memory.


My toddlers both have very sensitive skin. My daughter (now almost 3 & potty trained) was very prone to diaper rash & the occassional yeast infection (that I originally mistook for a severe & lengthy diaper rash). We switched to cloth diapers for many reasons, one of them being that is was better for their skin. There is a wide variety of cloth diapers out there. Many daycare will use AIO's (all in one's) or pocket diapers (if you prestuff) because they are so much like regular diapers -- very easy to use. My favorite (that my husband accepted very easily so long as I prestuffed them) are one-size BumGenius pocket diapers. They are very economical, especially if you plan to have more children, because the size is adjustable, & easy to use & clean. Although, the upfront cost is a little hefty. I especially like the suedecloth lining that is very easy to clean & great for their skin. If you have any more questions about cloth diapers please feel free to contact me or check out this website: www.diaperpin.com Good luck!

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