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Diaper Rash - Racine, WI

My 14 month old son is having his second bleeding diaper rash, first was 1 month ago. He has NEVER had a rash of any kind until now. I know how to treat it and causes such as wet/dirty diapers, etc. I am wondering if anyone has seen diaper rash related to Huggies Overnight diapers as that is the only thing I can think of that we changed before he got his first one. We use them about 3 nights a week and have been using Luvs without problem for 5+ months the rest of the time. I know they say better brands mean less rash so I'm not sure this could be a cause or not. I have also heard that whole milk can cause it, which he just started getting whole milk 2-3 days a week at daycare, at home I still give mostly formula. I don't think he was getting much whole milk when he had the first rash though. I will of course ask his Ped next week at his 15 month or sooner if I see him at work. Thanks!

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Wow thank you so much for ALL of your responses. I have been using baths, letting him run around with no diaper a little, and butt paste and it is almost healed. I also talked with a NP from my Peds office and she said they have seen a lot of issues with diaper rash and Huggies diapers. She doesn't think its whole milk or anything like that because he would have diarrhea or other issues beyond one small patch of rash on each cheek. I am going to stop using the Huggies diapers and wipes and see if he goes back to normal. Otherwise I think it is teething (he just got his 8th tooth). I appreciate all of the advice.

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Just a suggestion that has worked wonders for my kids' diapers rash...Arbonne's ABC baby line has a wonderful diaper rash cream. You can check it out at www.arbonne.com. I'd be happy to send you a sample if you would like to try it. I had tried many, many products prior to this with no results. Worth a try!

L. G

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My first child had alot of allergies. Her rash would turn into open sores no matter how many times I changed her and how much goop I put on her bottom. I found out by trial and error that she could not tolerate any citric acid from fruits. It made her urine to strong and it would litterally burn the skin right off her bottom. I had to read all babyfood lables to make sure there were wasn't orange juice added to the fruits. You would be surprised how many do. She was already allergic to milk and was on a soy formula and many fruit desserts had cottage cheese in them. There were very few baby foods she could actually have. Thank goodness she grew teeth in early and could switch her over to people foods. She did grow out of alot of the allergies to citrus and eventually milk but has sinus problems with allergens in the air. She has to be careful on soaps and laundry detergents or she will get exezema(not sure the spelling)to the point she will be cover all over her arms and legs. If the sever rash is due to allergies you will also have to look for signs of allergy anytime you introduce a new food or anything that comes in contact with the skin or even something that can be breathed in. Allergies are a liftime thing but can change over time to new allergies or getting over old allergies. The rash is either caused by food/drink or the fabric of the diaper. I had to use cotton diapers on my daughter as anything else would cause a redness.


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My son gets these rashed when he eats food that is acidic. Tomatoes, citrus etc. Also if he does not have a bowel movement for a couple days when he finaly does he has the bleeding rash. Just keep watch of what he ate for several days before hand and how frequently his movements are. You may find a pattern. As long it is not chronic and clears up when he is potty trained you should be fine.

As for the better brands = less rash this is not true. Each child reacts to diapers brands differently. I even know of one girl who couldonly wear the generic, cheapest diapers her parents could find.

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I practice natural healing and study nutrition. It sounds like an allergy. The best thing to do is to get him off milk and see if that helps. Unfortunately its just a myth that milk is your best source of calcium. We are the only species to continue to drink milk after we are weaned from it. cows milk is for baby cows and humans bodies are not meant to digest it,this is why so many people are lactos intolerant.your best source of calcium comes from veggies,mainly broccoli and your dark greens. or you can just give him a suppliment,if he's not getting enough veggies. water is the best liquid to consume. Even juice is pasterised and lacks nutrients and is full of sugar,unless you juice it yourself it has no nutritional value. It could be and allergy to the diaper too but its still best to be dairy free,its very mucas forming and unhealthy. You may ask why it gets such hype then? Its a money maker,thats it! Use a natural cream on him,babies skin is very sensitive. Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs everything we put on it so its important to put on our skin what is safe to go into our bodies.

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It could be the diapers, but it's probably a problem about how you are treating it. Putting creams and lotions on diaper rash exacerbates the growing fungus.

Diaper rash can be easily treated by drying it out. Let your son air dry a lot and use Tea Tree Oil to kill the bacteria or fungus. Put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in a small bowl of warm water and wipe with a wash cloth. Eliminate the "wet wipes" as they make diaper rash worse. Do the Tea Tree wash several times a day. You will see the rash disappear almost overnight.

Supplement him with Acidophilus - a powdered form of lactobacillus. There are several brands of chewable children's acidophilus that are delicious and will eliminate diaper rash (and all rashes) for his lifetime if you give him enough of it now (once or twice daily as the box suggests).

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My daughter had BAD diaper rash - sometimes bleeding- from 2 weeks old to about 4 months. We went to the pediatrician several times (I too went off dairy - but it didn't help)until we were referred to a dermatologist. They cultured the rash and found that it wasn't bacterial, viral or fungal. They gave us a perscription cream and told me to bathe her everyday using Cetaphil soap. It got a little better - but WOULD NOT clear. Then I changed diapers - from Pampers - which we LOVED - to 7th Generation diapers. We also started making our own diaper wipes (it's really easy and cheap - let me know if you want the recipe)- and IT CLEARED! Her skin is less sensitive now (she is almost 8 months) and we just started being able to use Pampers now (they are less expensive) and using Target sensitive wipes - and she is still clear! Good luck - I know it's frustrating and so heart-breaking!

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I haven't had to deal with diaper rash for a very long time,as both of my children are in their 20's now. When my son was just a baby though he had bleeding diaper rash a few times also even though I changed his diapers as soon as I knew he was wet or soiled.I tried different diaper brands and I don't think it mattered. I think it's just their getting used to the transition to the change in their diet.I do know what works great for the rash though. I used Corona Salve, and you wouldn't believe how fast the rash went away. I got the tip from a friend of mine and never used anything else for the diaper rashes after that. It cleared up in just a couple of days.

My daughter had a horrible rash, and nothing cleared it up... til I switched back to Pampers from the target brand. It cleared up in a day. No problems since. She was allergic to them!

When my son was little, his ped Dr recommended giving him yougurt for diaper rash that was caused by an antibiotic for ear infection. It might be worth a try. He said to give him plain yougurt, but my son didn't like it so we tried vanilla, and he loved it and it cleared his little bottom right up.

I would say that it could very well be the change of diaper brands. I have heard of alot of children that get bad rashes from certain diapers or just from changing the brand of diaper. That or it could be a yeast infection which would reguire an ointment from the doctor. Good luck.

When my oldest was a baby (27 years ago!), she was so small, we decided to use disposable diapers until she grew big enough to fit into cloth diapers. We ended up going to cloth early due to the same problem you are having. She was allergic to the diapers, specifically, the perfume in our case. There may be something in the diaper that he is allergic to. My daughter is allergic to fabric softeners, too. You son may be having an allergic reaction to dairy, also. Hope this helps!

Try using karo syrup light color in the whole milk. That sometimes help with them going to the bathroom and diaper rash. Also for the rash use old fashion cornstarch its all pure and natural

It is probably just from the different kinds of food he is eating now. We us Luvs and have had no problem. I know this may sound funny but the best cure for diaper rash is brown flour. All you have to do is take a few cups of flower put it in a small sauce pan and brown it. Don't burn it just keep stirring it until it is brown. It stinks a little bit. If you use it every time you change his diaper it will clear up in no time. Make sure is little bottom is completely dry after you clean him up and then just coat his bottom with the brown flour just like you would with powder and keep the left over in a little Tupperware container.

We use those same diapers at night and I haven't seen a correlation between that and bad rashes, although my little guy (16 mos.) gets them sometimes, too. His seem to be more related to tomato products and spicy foods (which he likes!). I use Desitin Overnight, applied heavily, and give him extra water in his juice bottle. It usually clears up in a day or two. I also let him soak in a warm tub with a little baby oil. He has sensitive skin, so constant lubricating of the bottom end also seems to help.

SAHM of seven

A.K. It could be Impetigo. You can try some Neosporin cream on his bottom instead of regular rash cream. Desitin will "feed" the impetigo and actually make it worse. You may also want to get some plastic coated undies (trainers) for him. Yeah you'll be doing more laundry, but the cloth is less harsh on the bottom. if you take your child to daycare you may have to get a note from the dr saying he needs to wear them and they need to get changed right away if he soils them.
Its been a while since my kids have been small enough for diapers....but it really does sound like impetigo. The first time we ran across it with our kids our son's skin actually attached itself to his undies (he had wet in daycare and the teacher in his room didn't "notice" it)...not good since I was ranked above her.

I just had my third child and I had issues with diaper rash while in the hospital for just a few days. You'd be amazed at what is in products that are irritating to our skin. Remember, our skin is our largest organ so it absorbs everything more than we even ingest through our breathing.

I make my own wipes with safe, non toxic, natural ingredients. I love them and they are soooo cheap! I get the products through Melaleuca and I can give you more information on how to get them. Please get in contact with me as there are many, many other things that I can share from my own experiences.


There are a bunch of 'natural' rememdies for diaper rash but it would be great if you could figure out how it developed in the first place to prevent it from happening again. Have you tried muscle testing? That is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

It looks like you got a lot of good advice. I would definitely check with the doctor. I did for my son and she said it was excema. She recommended switching diaper brands (but gave no preference) and I haven't had a problem since. It sounds like there are a lot of things it could be though, so I would check with the MD before I put anything special on it. Good luck.

My son used to get bad diaper rash when he ate too many cups of peaches or mandarin oranges or apple juice. Are they giving him any of these things at daycare? Are you sure they are changing his diaper often enough at daycare? Is there a new caregiver that may be taking care of him and doing things differently than before?

Hi, the same thing happened to my baby girl...first off, only Pampers has really worked keeping her dry. Secondly, I hope you are applying Lotrimin AF religiously after every diaper change (changing more often) Sometimes letting is bum out in the open too. And, lastly what really helps is probiotics (basically, the stuff found in yogurt) It is a supplement that could keep the yeast out of his system. Sometimes, if a person is put on antibiotics, it builds up major yeast in their system., and you need to get that flushed out. It is really easy to do. Please ask if you have ??'s on this
My daughter has really benefitted after being on so many antibiotics right around his age for ear infec.

My second daughter had the same type of diaper rash and my ped. said it was from whole milk . . . he said some children just can't tolerate it. I put her on 2% and she had no other problems. Also, one of my sons got a rash like that from disposable diapers. . . we, too, switched brands and it was not good. Certainly ask your doctor, but you might try going back to the other brand and see if that makes a difference. Hope it gets better!

Have you asked a pediatrician? My daughter had lots of problems with diaper rash. The pediatrician in this case traced it to zinc which was in all of the diaper rash formulas, and gave me a different concoction which worked much better and ended the rash issue.

I work for a company that has an awesome cream that I think can help your son's diaper rash. Its called Inkomfe Skin Repair w/ MLE and its made from African botanicals, so its safe for babies. My kids are mostly grown, and I WISH I had something like this back then! I can send you a free trial size if you like. Just contact me and I'll send it on over. In the meantime, try letting his little bum spend as much time in the open air as possible. LOL Good luck!

You might want to check with your doctor to see if this is a yeast infection. I have had 5 children and 4 of them developed yeast infections which mimicked diiaper rash. No matter what I used or what I did, the rash did not go away until I got them the correct medicine from my doctor for it and it cleared it up in a couple of days. My daughter tells me there is medicine on the shelf now called gentian violet which will clear it up also. She has used this with her son. I hope this helps.
C. in Iowa

dear A K
This may spound strange to you but it sounds like a yeast infection to me. My son had them fairly frequently. I treated it like diaper rash for a while then he had a check up and the Dr. said it was yeast right away. I got a prescription cream for him and it cleared up right away I also used cortisone ointment on him at the same time. I also found out the prescription was an anti-fungal cream used for athletes foot. Good Luck

Try Arbonne brand diaper rash cream! It is awesome!! Let me know if you would like a sample!

I'd get that checked out ASAP, it's painful for them and it could be a staph infection that requires antibiotics!

Is he getting in any molars right now? That could be a reason for the diaper rash also. My son only had really bad rashes when he got some of the major teeth in. I know you said you know how to treat it, but I HIGHLY recommend Triple Paste. You can get it over the counter at the pharmacy. I have found it on the shelf at HY-VEE food stores and at some Super-Targets.
Also,has daycare introduced new fruits or veggies to your child or juice? Whole milk could definitely be a problem or if somebody gave him chocolate milk?
Good Luck

I do remember a few of those rashes. and i too don't believe the better diaper = no rash thing. some kids just react differently to different brands, more expensive or not.

air is also a good rememdy for rash. just letting him air dry out for a while.
i used desetine on my two. Aquaphor is also really good too.
do you put anything on him at night? we really only put something on ours at night when we knew they would be sitting in the wetness for longer periods of time.
we too had also seen rashes related to certain foods and certain meds or just the loose stools. it can be anything. years ago it used to be thought that diaper rash only happened because the mom didn't pay attention and the child sat in a dirty diaper for hours on end. but now days we know that old thinking isn't true.

hope it clears up for him soon. i remember how painful it was for my two just to wipe them to change their diaper when they had that.

My son got this kind of rash,it broke my heart because it was so raw so fast. Milk was the only thing that had been changed. It only took less than 2 ozs of milk to set off the rash. As soon as we stopped the milk he was back to normal. Then someone told me milk is for baby calves, (duh) and they have 2 stomachs to digest it. We took the whole family off milk, everyone was healthier, less infections, less colds, less flu, etc. We occasionally use heavily processed dairy, like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, and rarely have problems with these.

My daughter couldn't use any of the Huggies diapers until we went to pull ups. It is still questionable as she still has a bit of a rash that seems to be non-stop as she's in them overnight and for naps.

As ar as the painful and awful looking rash...try paladin cream. Check out www.rashcream.com I swear by the stuff. I had found it in my previous location in south central Wisconsin, but cannot find it in ND. It was at Wal-Mart, by the way in the cream area --- not by the baby, ask at the pharmacy.

My son got horrible rashes when I switched him to whole milk. The ped told me to give him 2%. Problem dissappeared almost immediately. My son wore strictly huggies brand diapers. You might want to check and make sure he doesn't have some kind of skin disorder (eczema was my sons problem). Aquaphor was the best stuff I found for rashes although alot of my friends swear by Buttcream.

Try pampers!! That is the only ones I could use. I would switch and over nite would have a bad rash. also Triple Past Works great!! It is expensive but just alittle goes along way. Instead of useing wippes try using water and cotten balls to clean.

I recently switched to huggies too and have noticed both my 18 month old girl and my 4 month old boy both have diaper rashes now, that just will not go away. They don't act like they are sore at all. I have been putting balmex on and that seems to be helping. But if you hear of anything, let me know.


My daughter gets a rash from every diaper we have tried except pampers. The worst one was from huggies! So yes it could be the diapers.

I would stick to the Luvs brand and not switch back and forth between those and huggies. My son had a problem with bleeding diaper rash too and we started putting cornstarch in his diaper after every change and he never got another diaper rash after that. Good luck to you and your little guy. (Also hated Huggies. They would always pee right through them.)

Some kids are more sensitive to certain brands of disposable diapers than others. I don't think the quality/price has anything to do with it though. One kid might be allergic to Pampers, and another to the store brand. So definitely try a different brand on him. It could be a milk allergy too, but since the first rash was before starting milk, I'd try switching diapers before blaming milk.

Simple ideas because you have gotten a lot of advice!

1) Huggies were the worst for a rash for my son, there is a chemical in them that is much different then other brands, the only brand that worked for my son and his sensitive (also has been bleeding) bottom is Kirkland brand (Costco diapers, it might be worth a try). They are gentle and less chemical. Also stick with the sensitive wipes Target generic are fine and cheaper!

2) Have him eat yogurt almost daily for all the benefits, Yo baby is a great natural product, it helps in this area and other health areas as well!

3) Treatment: Eucurin Aquaphor on the really bad spots and Burts Bees on a general basis. These 2 products have saved our bottom issues and believe me they were bad!
Good luck-

about the diaper rash! my daughter had the same thing! does he have sensitive skin, well my daughter does! ok 1st of all HATE HUGGIES! any name brand diaper has dies in them to make the design on the front, this is one reason she got rashes, when she peed the dies were on her skin causing problems! #2 hate huggies wipes as well they have alcohal in them and ate the skin off her little but! I only use membersmark diapers from sams club only. they say the cheaper the diaper the less diaper rash your child will have since they have NO chemical dies in them! so change those things. and I only use UNSCENTED pampers wipes! so to cure ther rash you may need medicine. I had to put my daughter in the tub 2-3 times a day to saok so the skin heal! also I used Aquaphor in between each diaper from there on out! so say good by to all Huggies brand, they suck! they really DO! they will never be seeing my money again!

Advice from the old school....I am a grandmother of
6 now and I still go back to the good ole corn starch.
use it like powder. I did not have disposable diaper
unitl my 3 child and then they were very expensive.
But when I did us them I would sprinkle some
corn starch in the diaper.

My son did this when he was teething- no other time did he have diaper rash- it too would be so bad it bled! My mom said my brother and I did it too! Hope this helps

My daughter always got a rash when we switched the brand of her diapers. It didn't matter which ones we used. I always had to use the ones that we first started with. My son got horrible rashes like that after having antibiotics.

When my son would get a bleeding diaper rash. It was yeast infection and the only thing that cleared up was a yeast cream. the dr can give you a good one. Good Luck T.

When you go to the doc, they can check to see if it's a yeast infection. Nystatin should help it or you can sprinkle some acidopholus powder on it (you can get it at a health food store).
good luck!

The rash could be from your son teething. I had trouble with some of my kids like that. At night I would put extra vaseline on their bottoms,it sure helped. When babies are teething,their stools and urine becomes more acidity.

It usually doesn't matter how much you spend on diapers, they can cause rashes. My daughter started to get rashes after we changed diaper brands and was bleeding to it got so bad. You may want to buy a small bag of the previous brand you were buying. If it starts to clear up you know the diapers were the culprit. When my daughter went through this absolutely nothing helped. Only when we switched brands did it get better. Poor little butt, good luck

I am starting a business because of this problem. My daughter would get crazy rahes from diapers.
I am now making cloth diapers, not the old school pin em up diapers, but they have a waterproof outer lining and fleece(wicks moisture away from their bottoms)inside lining, and snaps that make it really easy. They are pocket diapers, so you put liners inbetween the fleece and waterproof material(however many you need to absorb all the pee).
this has taken her diaper rash away completely.
hope this helps. If you need more info let me know.

Hi A.K.

It could very well be. Our daughter suffered from excema when she was just a baby and her skin was just so extremely sensative. There were only certain things we could use on her for diapers.

Gosh it was over 17 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. She would just be in tears. Heck, I would be in tears. You feel so doggone helpless. I couldn't use many products on her bottom because her extremely dry skin.

I did finally just start using water. My hubby & I would put her in the kitchen sink and put her bathtub up there and fill it up and let her bottom soak.

Our website has some information on things you can do:

When my daughter was little she used to get what I thought was a diaper rash as well. Turned out that it was a yeast infection. You could try some yeast infection cream and see if it goes away. I also notice with my son (10 months) that if he has too much sugar in his diet he will end up with them as well. I received some powder from the chiropractor that I add to his bottles(when he has one I am still BF) that helps flush all the yeast out of his little body. I was told that if we did't help take care of them now he will easily get them when he is older. Hope this helps. A.

My 15 month son has had the same thing. I have noticed that he gets it more when he has had acidic foods.(tomatoes, citrus)I use desiten to help clear it up. it has worked pretty good for me. Good luck! I hope your son gets better.

We have a friend whose child is allergic to Huggies Overnites so now they only stick with Pampers. Yes, it does sound like a fungus/yeast infection issue.

This sounds alot like my daughter. Once she started getting her molars in we realized she just get REALLY bad diaper rash when she's teething. Just something else to think about.

My son had that kind of thing when he was one month old. They thought it was due to yeast and gave him nystatin, that didn't work. Went back to the ped and they treated it like a bacterial thing we got a prescription ointment called micosin or something like that and it cleared up right away.

We had problems with various disposable diapers with both our kids. Each brand uses different chemicals (including perfumes) and such to keep the moisture off their bodies. Most of the "no name" / generic brands are made by the big brands so it's not so much the brand as it is what they are doing to keep the moisture away.

I don't even know if this is possible any more, but we used cloth and a diaper service. Most of the services have closed now that people use disposables as their first choice. Frequent changes are probably the best thing you can do beyond treatment.

Good luck!

The one thing I know is that bleach is used in all those products. He maybe having a reaction to the chemicals in the diaper. Try the 7th Generation Products. They are also biodegradable and much more Earth friendly. Babies R Us carries the product and they are reasonably priced.
P.S. Also use the 7th Generation wipes. Far to many chemicals are used in those products, I feel the same about womens tampons. When your putting a product thats been bleached inside yourself eventually something will react...uterine cancer is a major concern and women need to take along look at what they put in and out of their bodies.

don't have much time but my son had those when he was little. they were yeast infections. the doctor had me just get lotrimen for athletes foot to heal it. i know it sounds crazy but it worked awesome. never had the problem again. good luck.

The change in diet could definitely be a factor in this. I know from past experiences (just had 4th baby) that certain foods and drink can affect how much the stool affects the bottom. I know especially with my son (3rd child), undiluted apple juice would give him a horrible rash like your son has right now. Took me a little while to figure that one out. I've never given my kids whole milk for the simple fact it caused constipation with all of my kids. So when the switch from formula to milk occurred, I went to 2% for several months, and then down to 1%. Now all kids are different, and certain nutrition needs will require the whole milk.

As far as the diapers go, every child is different with those too. My oldest could wear nothing but Huggies, whereas my other kids it didn't seem to matter. So maybe try the other diapers first and if it doesn't improve, definitely change the milk or evaluate other diet changes that may have occurred. Maybe it is a certain food he is eating at daycare? But yes, talk to your ped too. Hope it gets better, as I know kids are miserable with a bad diaper rash. In the meantime, have you ever tried aquafor (can't remember the exact spelling of it right off hand)? I know with Michael (my 3rd), it was the only ointment that soothed and healed his bleeding diaper rash.


If it's bleeding, it could be more than just a diaper rash. My little guy had a couple of yeast infections when he was small. You need a prescription med to take care of it. See if you can move his appointment up to get him some relief sooner.

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