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Diaper Rash - Racine, WI

My 14 month old son is having his second bleeding diaper rash, first was 1 month ago. He has NEVER had a rash of any kind until now. I know how to treat it and causes such as wet/dirty diapers, etc. I am wondering if anyone has seen diaper rash related to Huggies Overnight diapers as that is the only thing I can think of that we changed before he got his first one. We use them about 3 nights a week and have been using Luvs without problem for 5+ months the rest of the time. I know they say better brands mean less rash so I'm not sure this could be a cause or not. I have also heard that whole milk can cause it, which he just started getting whole milk 2-3 days a week at daycare, at home I still give mostly formula. I don't think he was getting much whole milk when he had the first rash though. I will of course ask his Ped next week at his 15 month or sooner if I see him at work. Thanks!

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Wow thank you so much for ALL of your responses. I have been using baths, letting him run around with no diaper a little, and butt paste and it is almost healed. I also talked with a NP from my Peds office and she said they have seen a lot of issues with diaper rash and Huggies diapers. She doesn't think its whole milk or anything like that because he would have diarrhea or other issues beyond one small patch of rash on each cheek. I am going to stop using the Huggies diapers and wipes and see if he goes back to normal. Otherwise I think it is teething (he just got his 8th tooth). I appreciate all of the advice.

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Just a suggestion that has worked wonders for my kids' diapers rash...Arbonne's ABC baby line has a wonderful diaper rash cream. You can check it out at www.arbonne.com. I'd be happy to send you a sample if you would like to try it. I had tried many, many products prior to this with no results. Worth a try!

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My first child had alot of allergies. Her rash would turn into open sores no matter how many times I changed her and how much goop I put on her bottom. I found out by trial and error that she could not tolerate any citric acid from fruits. It made her urine to strong and it would litterally burn the skin right off her bottom. I had to read all babyfood lables to make sure there were wasn't orange juice added to the fruits. You would be surprised how many do. She was already allergic to milk and was on a soy formula and many fruit desserts had cottage cheese in them. There were very few baby foods she could actually have. Thank goodness she grew teeth in early and could switch her over to people foods. She did grow out of alot of the allergies to citrus and eventually milk but has sinus problems with allergens in the air. She has to be careful on soaps and laundry detergents or she will get exezema(not sure the spelling)to the point she will be cover all over her arms and legs. If the sever rash is due to allergies you will also have to look for signs of allergy anytime you introduce a new food or anything that comes in contact with the skin or even something that can be breathed in. Allergies are a liftime thing but can change over time to new allergies or getting over old allergies. The rash is either caused by food/drink or the fabric of the diaper. I had to use cotton diapers on my daughter as anything else would cause a redness.


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My son gets these rashed when he eats food that is acidic. Tomatoes, citrus etc. Also if he does not have a bowel movement for a couple days when he finaly does he has the bleeding rash. Just keep watch of what he ate for several days before hand and how frequently his movements are. You may find a pattern. As long it is not chronic and clears up when he is potty trained you should be fine.

As for the better brands = less rash this is not true. Each child reacts to diapers brands differently. I even know of one girl who couldonly wear the generic, cheapest diapers her parents could find.

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I practice natural healing and study nutrition. It sounds like an allergy. The best thing to do is to get him off milk and see if that helps. Unfortunately its just a myth that milk is your best source of calcium. We are the only species to continue to drink milk after we are weaned from it. cows milk is for baby cows and humans bodies are not meant to digest it,this is why so many people are lactos intolerant.your best source of calcium comes from veggies,mainly broccoli and your dark greens. or you can just give him a suppliment,if he's not getting enough veggies. water is the best liquid to consume. Even juice is pasterised and lacks nutrients and is full of sugar,unless you juice it yourself it has no nutritional value. It could be and allergy to the diaper too but its still best to be dairy free,its very mucas forming and unhealthy. You may ask why it gets such hype then? Its a money maker,thats it! Use a natural cream on him,babies skin is very sensitive. Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs everything we put on it so its important to put on our skin what is safe to go into our bodies.

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It could be the diapers, but it's probably a problem about how you are treating it. Putting creams and lotions on diaper rash exacerbates the growing fungus.

Diaper rash can be easily treated by drying it out. Let your son air dry a lot and use Tea Tree Oil to kill the bacteria or fungus. Put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in a small bowl of warm water and wipe with a wash cloth. Eliminate the "wet wipes" as they make diaper rash worse. Do the Tea Tree wash several times a day. You will see the rash disappear almost overnight.

Supplement him with Acidophilus - a powdered form of lactobacillus. There are several brands of chewable children's acidophilus that are delicious and will eliminate diaper rash (and all rashes) for his lifetime if you give him enough of it now (once or twice daily as the box suggests).

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My daughter had BAD diaper rash - sometimes bleeding- from 2 weeks old to about 4 months. We went to the pediatrician several times (I too went off dairy - but it didn't help)until we were referred to a dermatologist. They cultured the rash and found that it wasn't bacterial, viral or fungal. They gave us a perscription cream and told me to bathe her everyday using Cetaphil soap. It got a little better - but WOULD NOT clear. Then I changed diapers - from Pampers - which we LOVED - to 7th Generation diapers. We also started making our own diaper wipes (it's really easy and cheap - let me know if you want the recipe)- and IT CLEARED! Her skin is less sensitive now (she is almost 8 months) and we just started being able to use Pampers now (they are less expensive) and using Target sensitive wipes - and she is still clear! Good luck - I know it's frustrating and so heart-breaking!

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I haven't had to deal with diaper rash for a very long time,as both of my children are in their 20's now. When my son was just a baby though he had bleeding diaper rash a few times also even though I changed his diapers as soon as I knew he was wet or soiled.I tried different diaper brands and I don't think it mattered. I think it's just their getting used to the transition to the change in their diet.I do know what works great for the rash though. I used Corona Salve, and you wouldn't believe how fast the rash went away. I got the tip from a friend of mine and never used anything else for the diaper rashes after that. It cleared up in just a couple of days.

My daughter had a horrible rash, and nothing cleared it up... til I switched back to Pampers from the target brand. It cleared up in a day. No problems since. She was allergic to them!

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