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Diaper Rash - Mooresville,NC

Hi everyone I need some advice. My daughter is 3 1/2 months old and she is really really red in the front and the back. It is right where her diaper is but it is only on the outside. When she goes pee pee or poops she screams her head off. I have tried Desitin but when I put that on her she also screamed like it burned her. What should I do? thanks in advance for any advice.

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First, I would like to thank everyone for their advice. I went and bought some A&D ointment and it seems to work. We discovered that she has sensitive skin and was allergic to the diaper wipes that my mother bought. I went and purchased some baby wipes for sensitive skin and it is working. thanks again

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It sounds like yeast infection. Stop the diaper rash cream! It is painful. She needs a yeast cream that only a doc can prescribe. It will only get worse if not taken care of.

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Try boudreaux's butt paste. I have a 2 1/2 month old and he has very sensitive skin and it doesn't seem to bother him at all and it clears up any redness very quickly.

M., there is an old remedy of applying corn starch to the affected area. This might be worth a try.

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It sounds like yeast infection. Stop the diaper rash cream! It is painful. She needs a yeast cream that only a doc can prescribe. It will only get worse if not taken care of.

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Gold Bond Baby Powder works really well and it is cornstarch based. But I would recommend you take her to her DR. it might be something else going on .
Good luck , I know it is hard to see your child in pain.

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hi it might be a yeast infection..my daughter got one when she was little and the dr prescribe vusion sp? and it worked wonders..hope this helps

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Let her air out as much as possible - without a diaper on. Put a towel down and lay her on it for awhile. The rash needs time to heal. When you do have a diaper on her (and I would try switching brands - my oldest had a reaction like this to Pampers) use Butt Paste cream and put the cream on the diaper instead of the baby, then you don't have to risk hurting her while rubbing it on. The contact of the diaper to skin will automatically put it on her. If this continues, be sure to take her into the doctor as it may be different kind of rash that she'll need prescription cream for. Good luck - kiss the baby and enjoy her.

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My best advice is to check the baby wipes you are using. I had to literally switch my baby girls wipes because they too irritated her and she got a bad rash from them along with either the baby soaps or shampoos I had used. I literally had to take them out one by one just to see what caused it, just like you do with food allergies. It was the wipes. I went to a brand with no perfumes or dyes or whatever and we haven't had that problem since. Sometimes it may be the diapers too as I have learned. And if she drinks certain juices that cause dirrehea then it will also irrate her. I used a nice hot bath that she could stand with aveeno baby soap on her bottom and let it air dry and put either diaper rash ointment, vaseline, and later when it was almost healed I used baby powder to keep it dry. It healed fast. Let them go without a diaper too for a couple of hours a day helps also.Good luck sweetie.

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We had great results using Dr. Iron's Buttocks Cream. Your pediatrician has to give you an Rx, it's something they mix up in the pharmacy but it works very quickly! We called it the Magic Butt Cream. Good luck!

M., there is an old remedy of applying corn starch to the affected area. This might be worth a try.

My SIL had this with her son (including screaming when "going" and also when getting cream on), and she ended up having to switch to cloth diapers, because he was allergic to all the disposables she used, and nothing -- I mean *nothing* she tried worked. Eventually, she was able to use Kroger brand disposables.

If switching brands of disposables doesn't help, or you don't want to go to cloth (I use cloth -- it's not that bad -- check out clothdiaper.com for prefolds which are the cheapest way to go, and TLCare.com for nylon [not vinyl] diaper pants), other things you may want to try include:

-letting her go without a diaper
-a diaper rash cream or ointment with prescription nystatin or some other anti-fungal (my pharmacy makes that up all the time)
-changing her diaper as soon as she goes, and washing her off with water every time
-olive oil or vitamin E oil on the rash
-change of diet (if she's on formula, maybe switch brands; if she's breastfed, see if you can discover is anything you eat makes any change in her diaper rash)

hi, M.! when my youngest daughter was a baby she seemed to keep a rash. if she wet her diaper and was not changed immediately she got a rash. her dr. perscribed nystatin a few times and it cleared it up. when my daughter continued to get rashes he told me to use desiten, a&d ointment, and maylox in equal amounts. mix them together in a small bolw with a lid. apply on affected area until clear and reapply as needed or at first sign of a rash. i promise this works, it is cost effective and it lasts a long time. if you run out you can run to the store instead of the doctor.

Desitin always made it worse for my daughter. Have you tried using Aquaphor or Triple Paste? Those ALWAYS did the trick! You might be able to get samples from your pediatrician, but you can buy them at the store too.

My child had a horrible rash after a bad stomach flu a few months ago. We bought TRIPLE PASTE. It is about 20 dollars for a can, but it is the BEST on the market. It heals and protects and keeps them dry. Make sure she is fully dry before putting it on her. I had tried EVERY other cream/ointment and this one was the only one that shows marked improvement with every diaper change. I bought it at CVS.

Hi, have you tried Boudreaux's BUTT paste? I found it to work the best and it is a smoother texture, which goes on easier without pulling on the already sensitive skin.It is a little more expensive than other diaper cream, but well worth it. Also take her diaper off for periods of time during the day and let her lie on a waterprrof pad, while you play with her/give her tummy time. A little air on the area will allow it to dry and heal. Hope this helps and she gets better soon!!

Try putting some cornstarch on the area that is red. I did this for my children as well as their children. Immediate relief.

Hi M.,

My son had two-thirds of his Colon removed at 6 months of age of which caused us to deal with some horrible diaper rashes since. These were the kind of diaper rashes where the only way to get him clean was to put him under warm running water because if you touched him he would automatically start bleeding and scream like he was dying. I have to assume that it is because he doesn't have as much intestine to absorb the acids in his stomach like a normal person. The doctors made us special pastes, they recommended mixing your usual diaper ointment with Maalox and all sorts of different things to help my son out, nothing ever worked. Then one day I just happened to be thinking, what absorbs moisture, keeps the skin dry, and medicates it all at the same time and I remembered seeing a commercial for Gold Bond Medicated Powder. I had nothing to lose so I went and bought a couple of bottles. The first time I used it, within a couple of days he was almost 100% better. Since that time which was 3 and 1/2 years a ago I have learned that I can use any medicated powder and it works great, I swear by it. I would not go back to any cream or ointment for anything if I had anymore kids.

I don't know if this will help you but I felt that it could be something for you to consider. I hope your little one starts to do better so you can have some piece of mind.

my son gets it really bad too. I found that Desitin hurts because it is so thick and hard to put on. My Ped. turned us on to "Beaudreaux Butt Paste". it's easier to put on and does a fantastic job! We also put baking soda in his bath at night and that forms a barrier and is really soothing too. Make sure she gets some "Free time" ;) where she just hangs out in her all together to get some air flowing. play in the kitchen or other non-carpeted floor so if there is an accident, it's easy to clean :)

Hi M.. Looks like you've already gotten a lot of responses, but I had the same problem with my son and Desitin. I found that just using plain Vaseline has been the best thing for diaper rash. It's a really good moisturizer for their skin and prevents the wetness of the diaper from causing any more irritation. Good Luck.// S.

I like to give my baby girl a good soak in a warm bath with baking soda and corn starch. In between baths, I use aquaphor-type produce first, then cover it with a desitin-type product that has 40% zinc oxide in it. It'll still take a little while to clear up, but will give her some relief. Have you considered changing diaper brands?

One thing I didn't see on here (by the way we love A&D as well) is plain old corn starch (like you cook with). Use this at each diaper change like people use to use baby powder - it works wonders for prevention. Glad to hear she's doing well. Just wanted to let you know this other piece in case you need it again. It's my doctor's trick.

Flanders is by far the best diaper cream I have ever used. I have tried it all, Desitin, Balmex, Aquaphor, Bordeaux Butt Paste... but Flanders is the best. A friend let me in on this secret. You have to ask the Pharmacist for it, they keep it behind the counter for some reason, but it is an over the counter cream. It is a little more pricey than the others... but it totally works. Clears up the rash so fast you can't believe it. I have gotten mine at CVS, just ask the Pharmacist.

When my little ones had a bad diaper rash we would change their diaper more frequently. We would stop using baby wipes. We would either put them in the bathroom sink or the bathtub and rinse them off with water when they needed a diaper change. If it was really bad we would let them soak in the bathtub for awhile every time we changed their diaper. If I had to go somewhere I took a zip lock bag and rinsed the wipes out really well with water and put the wipes in the zip lock bag. There is something in baby wipes that really stings a sore little bottom.

Desitin did not work well on my babies. My sister in law was in neonatal intensive care at Vanderbilt and she told me to use Flander's buttocks ointment. That is what Vandy used on the preemies with diaper rash. We bought it at Walgreens. Walgreens had to special order it for us and it took one or two days to arrive. It worked the best of anything. At the first sign of diaper rash we would put it on our babies and it would literally go away over night. It took a little longer the first time we used it because the diaper rash was worse that first time.

When she gets older you can also feed her plain yogurt. Yogurt helps naturally replace what is missing in her little system when she is on antibiotics or having problems with yeast type diaper rash.

Dear M. V,

I used Vaseline on my boys when they were in diapers. It will keep the urine away from the babies skin. Be sure to apply it to all the crefices and folds of the baby's bottom. Apply as often as needed.


try aveeno oatmeal baths for soaking; try letting her go w/o diaper, it's messy, but the air will help heal it very quickly... maybe put her in the pack n play or on a waterproof mat to play on the floor w/o a diaper for a couple of hours... stop using wipes until the rash is gone.... instead use a soft cloth diaper moist w/ water only to clean baby's bottom, even the 'unscented/sensitive' have irritants in them......corn starch helps keep them dry, but instead of applying it directly to the skin - put a couple of teaspoons in the diaper itself... I used Berts Baby Bee's Baby Powder.. oddly a doctor once told me after a warm bath and pat the baby bottom dry to dab Malox (regular) on his bottom.. it helps neutralize stomach acid that causes the diaper rash!

if she drinks any juice, cut that out until the rash is gone if possible - if you can't cut it out completely, then use only apple or white grape (less acid) and keep it diluted well with water.

my son only had 3 or 4 diaper rash's but they were doozies!! So I'm giving you all of the tips that worked for us! good luck!

She may have a yeast infection. HAs she had any antibotics lately? If so you need a to take her to a dr so they can give her some meds

Destitin always worked wonders for us but we also used Vitamin A&D ointment when burning was an issue on he rear, like when diarreah was involved. Just put it on her so it creates a barrier and the pee won't burn anymore. You might let her go without wearing anything diaper wise for a few hours too to let the air get to her. ;-) Hope this helps.

It sounds like it might be a yeast infectiion, which occurs often, and on the outside in babies. You might want to take her to the pediatrician to confirm. Mine told me to put some hydracortizone on it, and it cleared it right up!
Good luck, I know how painful it can be for a little one!

All of my kids got this right before a new tooth or when they were on an antibiotic. The bowel movements become more acidic and do indeed burn the skin. Try cleaning her in lukewarm water in the tub (she will still probably scream), then apply a liquid antacid like malox or mylanta. Let it air dry (it will leave a white coat so you can see if you missed any spots)then put on a heavy coat of vasaline or A&D ointment. My pediatritian recommended this and it really helped. I hope it helps your baby!


I don't like desitin personally. When I stopped nursing and switched to formula. My little man got diaper rash. I let him air out as much as possible, but the best thing in the world for me was Neosporin. I think mine was the walgreens brand triple antibiotic ointment. I put that on every diaper change and kept powder on him. It cleared up almost immediately. I had tried Boudroux's Butt Paste, but it clumped and didn't really do anything. So now, I put A&D ointment every diaper change and douse his belly and folds of his legs in powder. It seems to keep the moisture away, and he hasn't had it since. Hope this helps!!

Hi M., My daughter would get just horrible diaper rash and did the same thing as yours......Screamed like you would not believe possible when she was changed. The product I found worked for me was Lil' Goats. I was only ever able to find it at Taget but it worked great for her so it was worth an extra trip just to get it. Also I had to make sure I was using unscented wipes (she still cried when I was trying to clean her but not as bad), and letting her "air-out" whenever I could. Also you may find that your daughters rash may get worse if you are giving her juice. If you notice this, try diluting her juice so it is not quite as strong. If your really concerned and it doesn't seem to be getting better then I would definetly take her to see her dr.
Good luck

The Oxyfresh skin barrier does well to help prevent chapping, or diaper rash, or anything like that. It is used by many dental and medical professionals as well, for a number of different things. It works really well and is non toxic so safe for children and pets. You can find my contact info on my "member Perk". I also will let anyone who wants to try something get it at my cost their first time. Hope this is helpful!

My Children are 9 and 4 but recentely my sister in law had a baby and has been calling me for advice and the baby days all came back. She is going through the diaper rash with her 4 week old and she found out that it was the diapers she is using. We also found with my oldest son that we could only use huggies. With my younger the cheapest diaper we could use was Luvs. It is not fun putting all the moeny into diapers but it is better to put a little extra than to have them suffering with the rash. We also use Auquafor a lot, even to this day.

When my daughter was a baby (she is 15 now) she had severe diaper rash, at that time I was told to use lotremin, which is an athletes foot cream. I did this and it worked immediately. It was a huge relief for her and it cleared up within a few days. I also have a 6 year old son that had severe diaper rash as well, and with him I used Aquafor, which worked very well. Hope this helps. I know how helpless you must feel right now. Sometimes you need to try a few things to find the right one, but you will find something.

Sounds like a yeast infection. check with your dr.

Hey, M.....

Well, I know there are a TON of responses to your question, but I just thought I'd send a quick note. There are a lot of people who feel very strongly about what creams or remedies to use for diaper rash. The truth is each baby has his or her own skin issues...sensitivities and such. So, I asked for samples of as much stuff as I could or bought the "travel" sized stuff, so I could just try it and see how they did. After much study, these are the things I use.
Lotrimin (for yeasty rash)
Calmoseptine (for over-irritated skin from really frequent changes--during diarrhea) it is otc, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter. It is used primarily for the bedridden to avoid skin breakdown. It has been miraculous for my two, but only used on rare occassions.
Vaseline or Aquaphor (to protect)

You will make it! You'll figure out what works for your baby! I hope that she is feeling better really quickly! (BTW, when my kids were sensitive to the diapers, they developed a rash around the legs, just so you know!) Best wishes for easy diapers!


I am currently expecting my first child and some advise that has been given to me by other mothers is to use vaseline on the areas as a barrier then apply the destin. Hope this helps.


Hi M., we just went through this with our 2 1/2 mo. old about 1 month ago. Desitin did seem to sting her as well and it didn't "heal" the rash. It's only to keep wetness away from her skin I feel. The best thing that worked for our daughter was A & D ointment and Aquaphor, both which are healing ointments. And we continue to use these as soon as we see redness. If no rash, we use Desitin. Hope this helps!!


Hey M.! I was told by my daycare provider about Boudreaux's Butt Paste and IT WORKS! I wouldn't use anything alse. I used it on my five yr old and now I use it on my 7 month old. It is the best product I have ever used and I have four kids. Walmart carries it, go get it TODAY and see just what one use does and you'll understand why I stand behind this product so firmly! Go to buttpaste.com so you can see what the box looks like before you head for the store. Good Luck & God Bless!

Sounds like yeast. Check with your MD. My daughter developed a similar sounding rash after a round of antibiotics. We treated her with - don't laugh - desitin and lotrimin cream for jock itch, at the recommendation of my MD. I also mixed in a little aloe vera (100% pure) gel with it. It helped a lot. There is also a prescription for yeast infections for babies but it is quite expensive. Good luck.

Hi M.

Try getting Boudrox's (sp) Butt Paste. You can find it at Wal-mart in the infant section near the diapers. It really worked wonders for my granddaughter!

We found that the Desitin ointment worked really well, but that the Desitin cream stung and burned on our child as well. I'm guessing you were using the cream. Have you tried the ointment. Our favorite is Burt's Bees - works well and doesn't sting.

It sounds like yeast to me. I'd try an OTC yeast infection cream, like Monistat. After you apply it, put A&D or vasoline over it to keep it from washing away the first time she pees. Hope this helps.

Whenever my babies got diaper rash, I would call the dr's office and they would call me in a prescription for something called "happy hiney". It's miracle cream basically & I always made sure I was never without a supply! They wouldn't need to see them, they would just call it into the pharmacy over the phone. I bet your office knows what I'm talking about and maybe they'll do the same for you and your sweet little one! Good luck...I know it's miserable for you both.

You have gotten a lot of responses so i don't know if anyone has suggested this, but when my daughter had a terrible diaper rash the docter recommended putting a hydro-cortizone cream under the diaper rash cream. my mom always told me to blow dry my kids bottoms after a bath or changing their diapers. Just put your blow dryer on the cool setting and let them lay on the bed or the floor. Just letting them hang out with nothing on helps a lot. Good luck

Hi M.,

I have been in your shoes...with BOTH of my babies!

Mix the Desitin (or any other diaper cream) with Mylanta or another liquid antacid. My pediatrician recommended it and it works WONDERS!!! I keep some on my changing table. Also, if you put the mixture in the fridge, it's cold, so it feels even better on their sore bottoms. We swear by it! It's a bit messy, so I just get a small plastic bowl with a lid (so I can save what's left) and a plastic spoon to mix it.

Our son gets those nasty poops everytime that he's on antibiotics for ear infections and screams like you said. This is a miracle cure in my book!

Other good tips... if it is a yeast infection, a yeast cream is good (like an over the counter gynelotrimin).

And, if you can call your pediatrician, they have something called triple paste. I have gotten samples from mine and it's the best diaper cream that I have found.

Also, we would use wet paper towels instead of baby wipes until it healed. I think that the wipes have alcohol or something else that stings in them.

Hope this helps!
31 yo Mom of almost 4 year old and 13 month old

M., I had a similar problem with my baby, however at an later age/ She would wake up dry in the am afteer all night sleep. I would feed her breakfast, egg with her cereal.As soon as she peed the next time she screamed and was raw in the diaper area. No cream helped. It turned out to be allergies. Discuss with your pediatrician to see if it could be something in the breast milk, formula, or foods given her.

My son had a really bad diaper rash after he took some medicine. I put on Boudreaux's Butt paste then I sprinkled a good amount of baby powder. It seemed to speed up the healing. Good Luck.

She's crying because the area is extremely sensitive. I know it probably makes you cringe to hear her cry but applying the ointment after every single diaper change will get her to heal quicker. My son is 1 and he just got over toddler's diarrhea where he was basically having bowel movements almost twenty-four hour straight. It was horrible and even with changing him every hour, he still got a rash. But, I found a cream called Resinol which worked wonders. You can buy it at Walgreens but you have to ask for it behind the pharmacy counter. It is VERY expensive but it healed my son in about 1 day.

lather her up with aquaphor - it is like vaseline so provides a barrier between her skin and the moisture - really works!!

By any chance, has she had an antibiotic? My daughter had a diaper-area yeast infection after an antibiotic for strep. Although I'm a nurse, I'd never seen one, and a mom who changed her diaper at church had to tell me what it was !

It may be a yeast infection. When my son was 6 months old, he had one. As soon as the doctor saw it, she said definately a yeast infection. He was BRIGHT red all over. She told me to get over the counter yeast infection cream.
She said diapered babies are prone to them in the summer. She also said to let him go diaperless as long as possible.
As for the burning, if it is a yeast infection, it may have travelled UP.... I would take her to the doctor to be certain.
Oh, when he had the yeast infection, the creams like Desitin and A&D only made it worse. Doc said to stop using them until the infection was gone.

She may have a yeast infection. My daughter got them all the time when she was wearing diapers and it looked like a really intense diaper rash. I would have never known the difference if her pediatrician hadn't told me. He had me treat it (externally only) with an over-the-counter antifungal cream. (I used Lotrimin.) Cleared right up. After that, if the diaper rash didn't respond within a day to diaper rash cream (I always used Boudreaux's Butt Paste), I'd slather some Lotrimim on her and it always cleared up within a day or two. I'd ask your pediatrician whether she's got a yeast infection. Hope this helps.

Anytime my son's got that bad, it was always a yeast infection. We use Lotrimin. You can get it at any grocery store or pharmacy usually near the neosporin and other topical creams. On it, the box says for "jock itch". I know that might seem weird, but that stuff works...its what my pediatrician recommended for my son. His bottom goes from on fire, blisters, bleeding, etc. to 95% better in like 3 days.

Also, they did recommend the Maalox to soothe the bottom.

And, when my son has yeast infections, he would scream with A&D cream, Desitin, and the Target brand diaper rash cream. What worked for me when it was yeast was either some typr of butt paste or Balmex. I'm not sure what makes the difference, but apparently the formula is different.

My DD (2yo) also screams when I put Desitin on her. Corn Starch (from the grocery store) works great. She evens says "that not hurt me." She was having a screaming fit last week and grabbing at her diaper. I put the corn starch on, she rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, it was much better and didn't need a new application. Since we are warned not to use powder because they can breathe it in, I put the corn starch on my hand and smear it on like lotion. I think it is heavier than powder, but better safe than sorry.

One of the earlier responses mentioned Aveeno. Aveeno also has an oatmeal bath additive. I found mine in the regular bath stuff at Wal-Mart. They are a box of little packets of stuff to mix into the bath water. It also soothes the skin.


I saw a lot of recommendations for Boudreaux's Butt Paste, which was recommended to me when Desitin didn't work on my second child's nasty rashes and when other ointments made it worse. Finally a friend and two separate doctors recommended Resinol. It is not a prescription, but you do have to ask the pharmacist for it (any pharmacy, including Wal-Mart, typically carries it). It is the only thing that will work on my second child whenever she has a problem - she's almost five and still occasionally has rashes in the summer because she's so sensitive to heat!

You might also want to examine her food intake. If you're breastfeeding, try eliminating some foods to see if that helps. If she's on formula, try switching her formula. Two of my children had a problem with carrots until they were about a year and a half, and the carrots caused those rashes that just wouldn't go away.

We tried several different diaper creams with our daughter and had very little to no luck. The BEST thing we found also happened to be the cheapest. :) Vaseline. We'd put it on her when she had a rash but also as she started sleeping longer throughout the night we'd put it on her as a barrier to protect her skin. It worked wonders! I'd give that a shot.

If that doesn't work maybe try switching brands of diapers and wipes (although not at the same time) its possible she's allergic to something in them.

And if all else fails...try cloth diapers. Since we've made the switch we've only had two rashes and both were our fault for not changing a poopy diaper soon enough.

Good luck!

it's probably not a diaper rash, but a yeast infection. My daughter was prone to them when she was younger. If I was you, I would take her to the doctor to be sure and they'll put her on a cream for it (the prescription on costs $6 if I remember it right).

Try Mylanta. Just shake it up and pour it into your hands and pat on. It worked wonders for my son when nothing else (Desitin, A&D, butt balm, etc) worked.

The first thing is to keep her clean. Use a mild soap like dove with no scent and submerge her whole bottom in water. She may cry but if you do not get all the urine off of her she will not get better. Being able to stand a little crying because you are trying to help her is better then standing a little crying because she is sore and not getting better. You can add baking soda to the water also because that soothes the skin. After washing her bottom good then pat dry. Be careful not to rub. After that coat her with Aquaphor. It is a little expensive but well worth it. I have had 2 girls and 1 boy and had trouble with all with sore bottoms. Aquaphor has been the best thing. If you can not afford Aquaphor then Vasoline works well. The Aquaphor has added things that just heal quickly. I know in most cases my kids were better the next day.

Dear MOM

I am a Naturopathic Doctor - & sounds like your child has a very acid system. This usually comes from to much juice. Cut the juice with 1/2 water. The problem is on the inside of her
and Desitin will help the outside - but I really think you need to look at what she is taking internal. If breast-feeding - check all the items you eat that may be acid. Tomatoes, Stawberries, etc. Dr C.

Hi M.,
I know there will be a ton of suggestions on what to get for the rash. However, my son has extremely sensitive skin that is prone to rash, and food allergies which makes for some serious diaper rash from time to time. Flanders Buttocks Ointment is by far the best, and I have tried them all. You can only get it at Kerr Drug Stores. Hope she is better soon!

It may be a yeast infection. You would need to call your pediatrician to see how to treat it. Good luck! My little girl had one when she was little and I remember the screaming, as well.

My son once got a yeast infection as a reaction to antibiotics. He too would scream when he went to the bathroom and when I was changing him. There were little tiny traces of what looked like cottage cheese. The yeast breaks down the skin in those places. I've heard that these types of infections can also be cause by diarehea but won't generally show up until days after the loose stools have ended.
I would definitely get her to a pediatrician because nobody want to hurt "down there."

It could be a yeast infection - my son also had one. She should probably be seen by her doctor & he'll give her something for it, she'll feel better pretty quick.

Start washing her with soap and water, everytime you change her. Soak her in the bath for about 10 min at a time as often as you can. Lay her on a pad and let her be in the air. Find a product that does not burn, although i NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH DESITIN. sHE IS JUST RAW AND HURTING AND ANYTHING YOU PUT ON HURTS. gOOD LUCK.

I do not know where you are from should you be from the Johnson City area there are two local pharmacies that make there own diaper rash ointment. However you have to have your doctor write a prescription for it. It is called
Super Dooper Diaper Goop. It works wonders!!! We couldn't have made it with out it!!! My son would start to say I need my butt-butt medicine.

Hi M.,
My bet is on a yeast infection instead of diaper rash. Both of my kids suffered from it, and if you've ever had one you know the pain and itch it can cause. It's a very simple remedy, and it was suggested by both my daughter and son's pediatricians. It's 'clotrimozole' which is an anti-fungal medicine found over the counter that is also used to treat jock-itch and atheletes foot! My Doc recommended the generic brand and it's found in the 'feet' section of the store where you can also find Dr. Scholl's stuff and other athletes foot medications. However, it is important that you use it for several weeks, even if the redness or irritation appears to clear up. My son had a yeast infection on his bottom and I thought it was diaper rash, by putting diaper rash cream on it I inadvertantly made it worse until he was actually bleeding! After 2 applications of the clotrimozole cream (used at every diaper change)it was nearly gone, but when I stopped using it a week later it came right back. 2 weeks later it was gone for good. My daughter has also gotten yeast infections right in the creases of her legs where her diaper meets her leg, again the clotrimozole did wonders! Hope this helps, Good Luck!

I used A&D ointmint on all 3 of my kids. It just seemed to work better for us. It didn't seem like it stung them.

Hi M.,

I know what you're experiencing as I have 2 girls, a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. Both experienced the same kind of rash and what I found works the best is to take the diaper off and let the bottom air out completely. Keep in mind she will go to the bathroom, usually on the floor, so keep towels by her, or if she's on the floor or wherever you have her put the towels under her. Getting her little bottom to air dry will help heal the rash and make her a happy little girl.

You will need to do this for about 1-2 times a day for a couple of days. A really good time is after bath. She will be clean and the air will feel good. It's also so warm outside, so on a sunny day, let her go without her diaper outside for a few minutes (keep in mind you don't want her to sunburn) but 15 min will not burn her and will let her little bottom dry.

I've also used the hairdryer on my youngest, as she was born in January and it was too cold to let her go without a diaper. I turned the air on and held it away from her bottom and got that little bottom dry...

I think you get the point... let her little bottom air dry. Then put the Desitin on it.

Hope this helps!

Mother of 2
Nashville, TN

Does she drink any water? Or it could be an allergy to the diapers. All 4 of mine did this, I had to use cloth diapers. Helped alot. Their doc checked and not enough water caused the burning when wetting and pooping. There r more causes Im sure, but I hope these Ideas help some. O and I used only bottled water, no tap. Good luck sis.

Maybe it's the type of diapers you're using? She could be allergic, that may be why the diaper cream is not working.

I have a 5 month old boy.... for him the only cream that works is baby aquaphor. In the beginning we used Desitin because that is what everyone gave us. When he got a rash it only got worse. Then one of my Aunts told me about Aquaphor and ever since then my little guy has not had a rash. The stuff is awesome! You can find it at drug stores and babies r us
Good Luck :)

My son who is now 8 months had a similar rash. He only got it once and has never had it since. I had always been told to keep the area moist so nothing sticks to their skin. This only made it worse. Desitin also seemed to only make it worse.

This is when my mother suggested corn starch. I left his diaper off and wrapped him in a towel. I piled on cornstarch and a little baby powder. I left the diaper off for almost a day just to let some air get to it. Each diaper change after that I continued to use powder. (Some powders you can buy with cornstarch in them) I still use powder to this day. I will never put desitin on him again, it seems to only make it worse.

I would suggest keeping her out of the diaper for awhile, and giving her a bath to soak in (no soap). I also recommend Burt's Bees diaper rash ointment....it really really works well for a few friends of mine (all fair skinned, and sensitive kids)

Hi M.~
I used Aquaphor which is like petroleum jelly like and that helped. You may also need to use an antibiotic ointment over the counter. You probably need to find out what is causing her to get these painful stools. Is she BF or formula fed? If she's BF you may need to look at your diet and maybe cut out citrusy or acidic foods until she gets better. If she's formula fed you may need to switch to a different formula and see if that helps her. Also ask your pediatrician for other recommendations.
Good luck PJ

My son had really bad diaper rash when he came home from the hospital. My sister who is a pediatrician suggested I give him as much time as possible without a diaper (I just let him lie naked on the floor on a large old blanket a few times a day). You can put those housebreaking puppy training pads on the floor under her so if she does potty while she is diaperless, you can just throw it in the trash. They cost about the same as diapers so it won't cost more.

You can also try, after using baby wipes, patting her dry with a soft wash cloth or a cloth diaper before putting on ointment and diaper. We also switched to sensitve skin baby wipes and Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

These suggestions worked for us so I hope they help. I know how hard it can be when your little one has daiper rash. It breaks your heart to see them so uncomfortable. I hope her diaper rash gets better soon. Good luck.

My daughter was allergic to many different types of diapers and diaper creams; her rashes would get so bad that they would bleed! My doctor suggested using straight vaseline and the only diapers we could use were Pampers for sensitive skin and the all natural wipes--anything else she would break out in a rash.

(On a side note, this was just the beginning of her sensitive skin problems. We had problems with soap, shampoo, lotions, sunscreen etc. We now use all Aveeno products and they are great!)

Hello M.,
You may need to take her to the doctor. It could be a yeast infection (if she has been on antibiotics) or could be a staph infection of the skin. Any diaper rash ointment will burn because of the zinc oxide, just use Vasoline. It creates a barrier from the pee and poo and her skin. I hope that this helps and hope that your daughter heals quickly.
T. Sizemore

Maybe she has a yeast infection. For my daughter now 4, we used to use vagisil or monistat on any kind of rash instead of the traditional Desitin (or other brands). This seemed to work for her and her younger brother as well, now 21/2. Good luck, I hope it helps.


Hi M.,
Try some old fashion corn starch. I think you can get it also in baby powder too. I had used it on my children when they were red.
Take Care Vicki

I'm sorry to hear your little one is having such a hard time. It sounds awful! I have used A&D ointment on my son since birth and he's never gotten a diaper rash. You might want to try it, but it looks like you've gotten a lot of good advice already. Good luck!

I have found Aquaphor to be the best for diaper rash, dry skin, etc. It did not burn my younger daughter who has sensitive skin, though Desitin also made her scream from the burn. It did take about a week to clear it up, but I used it with every diaper change and after every bath.

Butt Paste works really well and Triple Paste works great. My son had a bad rash as a newborn and the doc gave me Triple Paste samples. We also laid him naked in his bassinette during the day for about 10-15 mins so it could air out. Put a shirt on her so she is not cold and socks, but leave her bottom naked. Make sure to use wipes that are alcohol free and perfume free and barely wipe, very lightly. Change her often. She will cry when you put the cream on her just b/c it is sore but neither of these have a burning sensation to them. Triple Paste is pricey but lasts awhile and really works. Butt Paste works great too and they have travel size samples for $1 at Target if you just want to try it. In the travel size area. Watch what you are eating too if you are nursing her, make sure there is nothing that can burn her as she poops. Some foods will really hurt their little belly and burn when she poops....even if it does not upset you. Let her lay bare bottom and let the air help for a few mins a day. Put a towel under her bottom for when she pees. Good luck! W.


Have your baby girl examined by her pediatrician, Pronto!!
Sometimes allergic reaction to something can cause this or it may be she needs an RX for her skin.
Don't let her suffer any longer!!
My grandson had a similar rash and it was horrible, poor little thing was miserable. My daughter got him examined and it was due to some reaction to a certain enzyme in his urine, if I remember correctly. It was easily treated and he recovered with the rash and soreness disappearing in about three days time.

D. P

HI M.. Sorry about your little one. I have twin 17 mth old boys. Here's what I've done when they've had a rash. You can bathe her in baking soda water which calms the burn. Then I would recommend Arbonne Herbal Diaper Rash Cream. It's sold through independent distributors, but you can also order online at Arbonne.com. It's really good stuff. She may very well scream when you put it on her, but it will clear the rash fast. Hope this helps.

first i would switch to homemade wipes... check out the "recipe" here http://www.recipezaar.com/41326
They are easy, cheap, and help combat diaper rash. (I recommend using bounty paper towels). Also, when you look for diaper rash creams, look at the active ingredients to see the amount of zinc oxide in it. I have discovered that our grocery store brand has a MUCH higher amount of zinc oxide than desitin or the other name brands. This is the ingredient that helps clear up the diaper rash, so the higher the amount the better.
Hope this helps!

I would call your dr and see if you can put cortizone orlotrimin. Also, I'd switch to cloth. Since we switched, My daughter has not has a rash. The stay dry feeature of disposable diapers tends to keep us (including me0 from changing our babies more often. So pee plus the chemicals indisposables can cause a rash.

About me: just turned 30, 2 kids, 1 husband, 2 dobies, 2 cats and a business, www.babybootywear.com

Allergic to GEL diapers? Just wanted to reiterate what others where saying about possible allergy to the diapers, especially since her rash is only on the outside. And I wanted to add that most disposables nowadays have something that turns into gel to absorb the pee. I have a niece who was allergic to that gel and had to go with more old-fashioned paper-only diapers. I think her mom got them at Walmart or Sam's Club.

Also, something that will help air her out: you can get these things called chucks which are diaper-like paper on one side and plastic on the other side. Usually they are near the adult diapers in places like Walmart. People use chucks to protect beddings from incontinence, but you could use them to sit your baby there and let her air out.

It might sound weird but get some milk of magnisia. I bougth the wal-mart brand and apply with a cotton ball. Let it air dry a little if you can. My baby had a horrible rash and I tried 3-4 different rash creams and the MOM worked awesome. Hope she gets some relief.

A. M

It may be a good idea to go ahead and see a pediatrician, because it could possibly be a yeast infection or even a urinary infection.

Good morning M. V,

I have used a powder with all three of my babies called Caldesene. It is a pink powder container with the name in a blue oval on the front. It is easy to apply and isn't painful for their delicate little skin. In a matter of a few applications it really heals. The only store I've been able to find is Walgreen's Drug store. You could try looking on www.insightpharma.com for other stores that may carry it. I would also recommend using a warm washcloth when changing her diaper. Even though are safe to use (I love my wipes for almost anything) they do have a small amount of a type of alcohol in them. That is painful if you have an open boo boo anywhere, especially if it's her bum. Hope this helps. Be sure to keep us updated on how she's doing. If that doesn't help, you may want to take her to the Pediatrician. Good luck and God bless.

Talk to your doctor about it. I always use vaseline and powder with the cornstarch in it. The vaseline works as a barrier and the cornstarch helps to keep them dry

Best Advise I ever got... if you are able to stay at home with her tomorrow (Friday) let her lay around without her diaper and keep "butt paste" (<--- actual product) on her. Its easy to do with her being so small right now. They have those disposable changing pads now so... place some blankets down on the floor.... put a disposable changing pad under her and put the cream on her. If you have an activity gym then you will be able to keep her entertained as well as treat her boo-boo. Just place the blankets and the changing pad up under the gym. Air is sometimes the best way to heal diaper rash. My little one had it so bad one time that she blisters... now hers was caused by a virus... but this method works almost everytime. Good luck and best wishes....

Hey! Try using EndIt. It is an over the counter cream that has worked wonders for my little girl. I can only find it at the pharmacy. This cream is also used for bed sores/ skin breakdown in the elderly-as well as for diaper rash. It works great!

Boy, I can relate here! I had a son and a daughter and my lil girl had more intense diaper rash than my boy. What helped her was using Luvs instead of the walmart diapers. Plenty of "naked time". I only put the diaper rash ointment on her when she was dry. Dont use wipes when she is red like that, instead try a quick bath (so u dont have to wipe it) and let her tush air dry or use a hair dryer if it doenst scare her-obviously use the cool air setting. Also, i have learned that every kid is differrent. Skin is not the same on anyone but what worked when you or her dad was a baby is to be considered. Try corn starch just like it was the baby powder. If she is screaming when you put the ointment on, its bc the skin is broken and its like rubbing alcohol on it. Just Air out the heiny as much as possible and thats what makes it go away the fastest plus your little nudist will appreciate the freedom...i would also advise a blanket or towel underneath while she lays around or u may get a nice little surprise! Oh they grown up so fast.

Poor baby! Butt Paste works like a charm for my little guy. It is in a yellow tube and you can purchase it at all the major stores like Target and Walmart. His diaper rash was gone almost overnight. Good Luck!

Hi M.,
Boudreaux Butt Paste is great! And if it is a yeast infection, try using Lotrimin AF. You can get it OTC. Rub in the Lotrimin as well as you can and then apply the Butt Paste on top of that. Hope this helps!

Boudreaux's Buttpaste is the answer!!!! My son is 2 now but when he was a baby, his little butt would blister and bleed from diaper rash. My pediatrician recommeneded Boudreaux's and it was awesome!!! Usually within one to two uses, his little butt would be back to normal. I started using it on a daily basis and he very seldom got diaper rash. It is kind of expensive, but worth every penny.

use liquid maalox to neutralize the acidity.....pediatrician recommended....good luck

When my kids were in diapers I used Balmex which has zinc oxide. My kids are teenagers now. Currently, my clients love Arbonne's Herbal Diaper Rash Cream. It is eco-friendly and cruelty-free and has no petroleum like vaseline or auquafor. If you would like to know more, please email me. Hope this helps. T.

use mylanta. that is what my ped said when my DS had bad diaper rash. you can also put the destin over that. it should clear it up really quickly

I'd try A & D ointment. My pediatrician recommends it because it promotes healing.

FYI, I use cloth diapers and have had no problems with rashes. You baby might be sensitive to disposables.

Corn Starch. I started with my six year old and my 2 year old actually asks for it and sometimes even brings it to me when she is sore. Both my kids have extremely sensitive skin and get rashes all the time. We went to a medical supply store and picked up an aloe skin barrier that is used for diaper rashes in the elderly to use most of the time. This has cut back on my youngest's number of rashes. I hope this helps, but definitely invest in corn starch it cleans up the rash faster than any ointment without you having to touch the sore spots.

My pediatrician LOVES Endit Ointment. It is for diaper rash and bed sores. You can't or at least I could't find it at a "chain" pharmacy but I have found it at a few smaller places. It is about $11 a jar and it smells like bacon :). It goes on pretty smooth and my son didn't scream as bad when he had the bad diaper rash. Hope this helps.

Everyone has numerous tricks, so here are mine. They never stopped the rash from coming back but helped it clear, and helped the comfort level. Triple paste is the best! We use that every time, even over other medicines. It has good stuff in it other than the zinc oxide, and it's thick. My daughter struggles with yeast rash on and off, we use hydracortizone 1/day on the rash to help the itching. That is a steroid so you want to use it sparingly. We also alternate with anti-fungal cream 1 or 2 times/day if her rash is flaring up. Letting the skin dry out helps out a lot too, but that is more difficult with an infant because they pee so often. The sun shines on our diaper changing table through the window, so we used to stand there and play with her with the sun shining on her butt as long as she would let us. Soaking in the Aveeno soothing oatmeal bath used to help her feel better too. There are chlorine-free diapers at Whole Foods or the Co-op. Those didn't work for us, but I've heard they work for others. Avoid scented and harsh soaps on your baby. The most gentle soap according to her dermatologist is cetaphil gentle wash.

hi M.,
i had similar problem with both of my girls (age 2 and 6 months). dr recommends baking soda in a bath for abt 10 minutes to soak the butt twice a day for couple days (abt 1/4 cup in a big bathtub) or abt 3 tbs in small baby bathtub. then air it out for abt 5 min. then put in alot triple paste esp overnight (the best one triple paste that u can find at target store-little expensive but worth it) before putting the diaper on. destin or balmex didnt work for my girls, they would scream their heads off when i put them on their red raw butt but triple paste didn't hurt them. worth a try. also, if it s yeast infection, try the otc yeast cream but takes a long time to do the trick for abt a month. Vusion (Rx from dr) is work wonders but have to use it for abt 2 weeks to get it completely healed and yeast infection gone, very very expensive! hopefully the insurance can cover the most. do this at every diaper change, just plain wet washcloth, no diaper wipes during that healing process. change every time even little wet pee. hope that helps!!

Hey M., when my youngest gets a rash, I find that a bath with a little cornstarch in it helps him a lot. Mine also reacts badly to Desitin like it actually makes him hurt worse. The A&D ointment (I use Generic) always works for us and it never burns him. It doesn't smell very good but I like it. I try to let him air dry for a little while after his bath without anything on. A cup or so of oats in the bath water would be good also. Hope this helps :o)

Poor pumpkin:-(

I cloth diaper so we don't really have diaper rash, but when my son was in disposables while we were on a trip, he did get a rash. Here's a super-charged homemade mix that will clear it up fast.

Mix in a small container with a lid:
- A & D ointment
- Desitin (or other thick white paste diaper cream with zinc)
- small amount of neosporin with pain relief
- small amount of clotrimazole (to help if it's yeast)
- a couple of drops of tea tree oil

slather it on thick and just use wet washcloth (with some baby soap if needed) to wipe rather than diaper wipes.

I found this recipe online, and it cleared it up for us in like 2 diaper changes. Hope it helps!

If you rule out a yeast infection and she still has the rash then I would use Huggies Liquid Powder. My daughter had terrible diaper rash, and I was at my wits end trying to find a solution. None of the creams seemed to work for us. Someone randomly suggested it, and I did have a lot of trouble finding it, but it was a lifesaver! I'll definitely be stocking up for our next babies.

Hi -- my son is 6 months old. This happened to him a couple of months back -- come to find out it wasnt a diaper rash, he had developed an allergic reation to the diapers we were using. Good Luck.


My son had a rash on his bottom that wouldn't go away for months. I tried every cream under the sun. Turns out he was allergic to the diapers. Pampers and Huggies have chlorine and latex in them. I switched to Seventh Generation diapers and the rash disappeared. They are plain brown diapers that are dye, latex and chlorine free. The best part is they cost the same as all the others. You can get them at Babies R Us or go to Diapers.com and have them delivered straight to you.

Hope this works. Its an easy fix and no messy creams!

One of my Drs. recommended Maalox, the mint flavor, smooth it on the bottom, it should have a cooling and neutralizing effect. Also baking soda baths, I am always generous with the baking soda. Leave the diaper off as much as possible, like after a poop, let her lay in the pack and play, naked with a towel under her, to get really dry. Try changing diaper brands, I have been happy with Huggies, they seem to pull the moisture away well. And to clean her, after messing in the diaper, use a damp very soft wash cloth with just water. I don't think the desitin burned her, it just hurts to touch period. But keeping her naked is the best, messier but at least she doesn't roll yet!

You should take her outside, necked from the waist down and let the sun shine on her bottom without cream on her. After you bring her in, I would put on a cloth diaper, with no rubber pants. Don't use a Disposable Diaper. If you don't have a diaper, just use a kitchen towel and pin it in her.

Before diapering I would wash her bottom in water and add a little corn starch.

Also, go to the drug store or dollar tree, etc and buy some diaper rash ointment that has 40% zinc in it. Usually, you can find it at the Dollar Tree. Just make sure it has 40% zinc. One brand is actually called "Butt Paste".

My daughter had no reaction to Desitin but I found that
"Boric Acid Ointment" worked great on her. I asked the pharmacist and that's what he told me back then.

She should be much better by tomorrow. If not take her in for a checkup because sometimes little girls can have infection from a tiny bit of poop getting into their vagina and it really irritates them.

Hope this helps,

Try boudreaux's butt paste. I have a 2 1/2 month old and he has very sensitive skin and it doesn't seem to bother him at all and it clears up any redness very quickly.

My doctor recommended that i mix Aquaphor and maylox (mint flavored) together and to put that on my sons bottom at every diper change. I was a bit surprised by his recommendation but decided to give it a try anyway since everything else i tried didn't help at all. I am here to tell you that IT WORKS WONDERS!!!!!! i noticed a difference after the first application.


Hi M., there is a great product out there that is natural product. I use it on my daughter and she gets really bad bleeding blister from eating anything citrus. Give me a e-mail and all tell you more about it. http://www.themomteam.com/L.

I have used A&D ointment on my daughter since day one. At first I put it on her everytime I changed her but now I do it every other time or when she poops. She's never had diaper rash. Maybe try the ointment to get it to heal and keep using it after that.

My pediatrician recommends mixing equal amounts of Lotramin AF, hydrocortison 1%, and zinc oxide (Desitin). I used that combo with my daughter when she had severe diaper rash. Hope that helps.

Hi M.~
You may want to consider bringing her to the doctors and have them look at it. Sometimes, babies can have a rash with a bacterial or yeast infection to it, which would require a prescription treatment. Especially if you say she is screaming more when you put Desitin on it. My boys when they were babies have had both types and it is very uncomfortable for them, as I'm sure it is for you now, trying to console her.

W. C.

My oldest son had something going on in the diaper area. Doctors gave us prescriptions for diaper rash when desitin or balmex wouldn't work. The prescription stuff didn't work either. I finally found this ointment called Flander's Buttocks Ointment. It is cheaper than the Bourdeux's Buttocks Ointment and it works better. It is like the Fort Knox of diaper rash ointment. It is soothing to chapped and red skin but it is thicker enough to keep moisture off of those areas. This ointment isn't coming off unless you put her in a bath and clean it with soap and water. With that said - you need to quit using wipes until it clears up - use a wet wash cloth instead. Do not use powders or lotions near that area as they can hold moisture in and she really needs to be dry. When you change her diaper let it air out for a few minutes, apply the ointment so that it is coating the red areas pretty good. Then diaper her. Using this technique along with the Flander's ointment - my son was better in about 2 days. Anytime I saw read in his diaper area - I immediately put that ointment on him. You could tell it just soothed him. He had blisters that were bleeding on his bottom he was broke out so bad. Good luck!

it's likely a yeast rash -- try athlete's foot cream -- I use it all the time on my son, he is prone to yeast rash, I add probiotics to his juice or milk as well, that helps.

Good luck!

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