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Diaper Rash - Johnstown,CO

I am having a unique experience with my 9 month old son. He is teething and is getting occasional diaper rash. I use Desitin because it is the only thing that worked with my now 3 year old daughter. I have tried them all!! With my daughter, she would cry as I cleaned off the poo, but would stop when the Desitin went on. My son....he SCREAMS like I am beating him when I put it on his bottom and ends up with alligator tears. It takes him a few minutes to calm down and get back to normal. I can't figure out if he doesn't like the way it feels, or if it is burning his bottom more. It will clear up the rash, but I just cannot take the screaming and crying. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have talked to other moms that I know and none have every heard of this happening. Any insight would be appreciated.

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My 2 1/2 year old son does the same thing. I don't know why he screams like that when I put the Desitin on. Lately, instead of using the Desitin, I just wipe him down, and put him in the bath. Then I let him run around, naked for a little bit to give his bottom a chance to air dry and heal before I put the diaper back on.

My doctor recommended Aquaphor for my daughter. It's a little expensive but it lasts forever. I put a tiny bit on her bottom a few times a day and she just stopped getting diaper rashes all together. Whenever I stopped putting it on her, she would get one again in a few days. Guess it's just a preventative thing but it definately works.

I only use diaper ointment overnight. For daytime diapers, I just fan his bum with the fresh diaper until it's completely dry. Then I try to change wet/icky diapers quickly.

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Wellan the first thing I would do is switch from disposable to cloth diapers since you will get virtually pt no pot diaper rash with cloth. Yet, since I know most parents are freaked out bu cloth, I'll give you any alternative, but it definately is second. Get a product called butt paste. Use is liberally especially in preventing diaper rash. Use before bed, or errands or anyother time you baby might have a soiled diaper for a little bit longer.

S., I just took my son to the Dr. for a rash. She told me not to use Desitin because she gets a lot of reports from parents that it burns their kids when they use it. So she recommened A & D diaper cream or Aquafore(spelling??). I hope this helps and good luck.

My son did the same thing when I used the Desitin with Aloe -- screamed and screamed when I put it on. He did not scream if I used the original stuff, so I figured something about the Aloe formula was irritating him. Have you tried a different formula or brand to see if it helps? Good luck to you!

You might try using a wet cloth or wet paper towel instead of wipes - I know that when my daughter gets a diaper rash that the wipes seem to irrate her and then the diaper cream makes it worse! I have tried California Baby diaper cream and that seems to work pretty well. I used to watch a friend's baby and we used Butt paste on him and it was great! Just lather it on pretty thick and it creates a great barrier against the moisture. Good luck!

My mother used corn starch on us and our children when they were real small. It works pretty good.
My ex husbands ex mom in law used crisco for baby rashes on diaper area. I tried it one week end when the stores in the area were closed, it worked. No more diaper rash. Of course put some in a small container to use for baby!
Good Luck with rashes.

My 21 month old had that occur.... Desitin had worked before but she just started screaming when she had really really bad diaper rash. I switched to baby powder with corn starch in in and that cleared her up and she did not cry anymore.
Good luck.

I haven't read the other responses but my now 2 month old son had really bad diaper rash during the first week of life because he was pooping like 10 times a day (seriously). He seemed to be sensitive to Desitin too so the doctor told me to use either a vitamin a&d lotion or petroleum jelly. The a&d lotion worked well on his scrotum but not on his bum. The petroleum jelly worked great on his bum. It's effective and inexpensive. It's also what they told me to use on his circumcision so I know it doesn't sting like the Desitin seemed to. (I also used the Desitin on my first son and it worked just fine. Maybe your second one has sensitive skin like mine does.) I hope this helped.

You just described my 22 month old! I could have wrote that word for word! And it was my DD who found the best thing, it's a product called Rash Mist/Diaper rash spray, it's made by Peditricians formula and she found it at Wal-Mart, not in the baby area but in the area by the razors/shampoo's/ deodorant etc,. they actually have another area over there that has some wipes, Q-tips, shampoo's. When you rub the other stuff on it hurts it even more, and I never had any problems with anything else on any of my other children. His last rash, which all come from teething, was pretty bad, he can go from fine one minute to really bad the next, he loved the way the spray felt, he did cry a little, but I think it was because he thought I was going to smear his little bottom. Hope it helped along with all the other good advive you got!

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