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Diaper Rash - Johnstown,CO

I am having a unique experience with my 9 month old son. He is teething and is getting occasional diaper rash. I use Desitin because it is the only thing that worked with my now 3 year old daughter. I have tried them all!! With my daughter, she would cry as I cleaned off the poo, but would stop when the Desitin went on. My son....he SCREAMS like I am beating him when I put it on his bottom and ends up with alligator tears. It takes him a few minutes to calm down and get back to normal. I can't figure out if he doesn't like the way it feels, or if it is burning his bottom more. It will clear up the rash, but I just cannot take the screaming and crying. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have talked to other moms that I know and none have every heard of this happening. Any insight would be appreciated.

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My 2 1/2 year old son does the same thing. I don't know why he screams like that when I put the Desitin on. Lately, instead of using the Desitin, I just wipe him down, and put him in the bath. Then I let him run around, naked for a little bit to give his bottom a chance to air dry and heal before I put the diaper back on.

My doctor recommended Aquaphor for my daughter. It's a little expensive but it lasts forever. I put a tiny bit on her bottom a few times a day and she just stopped getting diaper rashes all together. Whenever I stopped putting it on her, she would get one again in a few days. Guess it's just a preventative thing but it definately works.

I only use diaper ointment overnight. For daytime diapers, I just fan his bum with the fresh diaper until it's completely dry. Then I try to change wet/icky diapers quickly.

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Wellan the first thing I would do is switch from disposable to cloth diapers since you will get virtually pt no pot diaper rash with cloth. Yet, since I know most parents are freaked out bu cloth, I'll give you any alternative, but it definately is second. Get a product called butt paste. Use is liberally especially in preventing diaper rash. Use before bed, or errands or anyother time you baby might have a soiled diaper for a little bit longer.

S., I just took my son to the Dr. for a rash. She told me not to use Desitin because she gets a lot of reports from parents that it burns their kids when they use it. So she recommened A & D diaper cream or Aquafore(spelling??). I hope this helps and good luck.

My son did the same thing when I used the Desitin with Aloe -- screamed and screamed when I put it on. He did not scream if I used the original stuff, so I figured something about the Aloe formula was irritating him. Have you tried a different formula or brand to see if it helps? Good luck to you!

You might try using a wet cloth or wet paper towel instead of wipes - I know that when my daughter gets a diaper rash that the wipes seem to irrate her and then the diaper cream makes it worse! I have tried California Baby diaper cream and that seems to work pretty well. I used to watch a friend's baby and we used Butt paste on him and it was great! Just lather it on pretty thick and it creates a great barrier against the moisture. Good luck!

My mother used corn starch on us and our children when they were real small. It works pretty good.
My ex husbands ex mom in law used crisco for baby rashes on diaper area. I tried it one week end when the stores in the area were closed, it worked. No more diaper rash. Of course put some in a small container to use for baby!
Good Luck with rashes.

My 21 month old had that occur.... Desitin had worked before but she just started screaming when she had really really bad diaper rash. I switched to baby powder with corn starch in in and that cleared her up and she did not cry anymore.
Good luck.

I haven't read the other responses but my now 2 month old son had really bad diaper rash during the first week of life because he was pooping like 10 times a day (seriously). He seemed to be sensitive to Desitin too so the doctor told me to use either a vitamin a&d lotion or petroleum jelly. The a&d lotion worked well on his scrotum but not on his bum. The petroleum jelly worked great on his bum. It's effective and inexpensive. It's also what they told me to use on his circumcision so I know it doesn't sting like the Desitin seemed to. (I also used the Desitin on my first son and it worked just fine. Maybe your second one has sensitive skin like mine does.) I hope this helped.

You just described my 22 month old! I could have wrote that word for word! And it was my DD who found the best thing, it's a product called Rash Mist/Diaper rash spray, it's made by Peditricians formula and she found it at Wal-Mart, not in the baby area but in the area by the razors/shampoo's/ deodorant etc,. they actually have another area over there that has some wipes, Q-tips, shampoo's. When you rub the other stuff on it hurts it even more, and I never had any problems with anything else on any of my other children. His last rash, which all come from teething, was pretty bad, he can go from fine one minute to really bad the next, he loved the way the spray felt, he did cry a little, but I think it was because he thought I was going to smear his little bottom. Hope it helped along with all the other good advive you got!

My son absolutely HATED to have his diaper changed. It was a real fight every single time. It took me a while to make him want to have his diaper changed. We have our little song for changing his diaper. This helped a lot. Now I just ask him to go and grab one of his beloved cars and play with it while mom changes his diaper. Distraction is the key word here. After I am finished, I tell him how great he did and give him a big kiss. He also cries with the cream. I use the A&D with no zinc. This is awesome for diaper rashes and it takes them away like that!

I know this will sound very strange, but we found a home remedy of scorched white flour. You put the flour in a pan and "toast" it until it is a cinnamon color. Then sprinkle it on. Discard the flour after two weeks. Totally weird, I know, but it worked! The website we found it on suggested that corn starch could cause yeast infections which is the home remedy I always used before. Good Luck!

My son also reacts to Desitin (and a couple of other zinc based diaper rash ointments that I tried) that way. What worked for me was switching to Aquaphor (which I think is just Vaseline). It also really helps to let him run around a bit without his diaper (yes, I have to clean up the occasional accident), in order to let him dry off completely before putting the Aquaphor on.

I always use Aquaphor. You can buy a big tub of it at Costco in the pharmacy for about $15. It's very mild and doesn't burn like Desitin. Good luck!

Try putting baking soda in the tub with your baby. This has been my biggest help in quickly taking the burn out of diaper rash. I have no experience with Desitin, but I've used alot of the Budreaus (sp?) Butt Paste, and it works really well.
Good luck!

My son now 4, when he had diaper rashes we used Butt Paste. It really worked. Our doctor told us not to use the Destin because it just irrates it more. You might also try not using the baby wipes right now because they can irrate it as well. I have also used after cleaning the area, sprinkling corn starch on it. This also works wonders. Good luck because they are not fun.

My doctor recommended Aquaphor for my daughter. It's a little expensive but it lasts forever. I put a tiny bit on her bottom a few times a day and she just stopped getting diaper rashes all together. Whenever I stopped putting it on her, she would get one again in a few days. Guess it's just a preventative thing but it definately works.

A couple of things you might try. A & D Ointment is very mild on the skin and is medicating. But first I would try
using baking soda in a bath when he has a rash. He can play while soothing his bottom. But I alway recommend
talking to your pediatrition to make sure their isn't another

Good luck and big hugs to you both!

My 11 month old gets awful rashes when she's teething too, we tried everything, and the best one we found was a&d ointment or boudreaux's Butt Paste. Her rash cleared up after one night with the butt paste. Good luck!

Hi S.,
We had the same problem with our son. We tried a home remedy that worked great. Mix Aquaphor ointment (by Eucerin - found in the baby aisle) and Maalox in a separate bottle with a squirt type of cap. I mixed it half and half. Also, instead of the baby wipes which seemed to really irritate him more because I think it burned, we took paper towels (the paper towel selects are a great size) and put them in an empty wipe container and poured baby oil. That's what we used to wipe him clean. He didn't fuss at all with those two things. Once the rash was cleared up, we went back to Desitin and baby wipes. I hope you try it and it works. Take care!

Aquaphor is what works for us. My son would scream with the Desitin too and because of the zinc in it it was burning. Aquaphor has been our saving grace. It locks the water out and after a few diaper changes the red is gone. I use it for EVERYTHING from dry skin to scrapes and cuts. Hope this works as well for you as it has for us!

Hi S.
I feel so bad for you! Diaper rash is horrible for the little ones and it always makes it worse when there are tears!
I have a great product that I used on my son and recommend to EVERYONE! It's called Oh Baby Butter, it's an all natural butter that is unscented and works on everything from dry skin, diaper rash, even eczema!
It wont burn like most other diaper rash creams so hopefully that will stop the tears. Plus it clears it up faster than anything I have ever used!
My sister in law makes it, she owns a local Colorado company called Bubble Goddess Bath Co. where we make all natural and organic bath products. You may have heard of it since you live in state, but if not feel free to check out the website if you want. It's www.bubblegoddessbathco.com.
I would love to send you a sample of the Oh Baby Butter for your little one if you would like.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help!

Talk to you soon,

T. B.
Team Leader
Bubble Goddess Bath Company
"Natural Bath Products For Your Inner Goddess"

ok so this may sound strange, but my grandma told me about this and it has worked on every baby I've ever suggested it for including my own....
Get a cast iron pan and put it on med-high heat, then put some flour in it (only flour, nothing else! Keep it stirred until it is lightly brown. Take it off the heat and put it into something else to cool. You can use it cool or just wait till it is slightly warm.... baby's seem to like it a little warm.
I've dealt with terrible diaper rash from a kid I was baby sitting and this always worked wonders... with NO screaming.

Desitin burns so bad!!!! I use the arbonne diaper rash cream on my girls and it works amazing and doesn't burn.

My son had that problem, and turns out he is allergic to the stuff in diaper rash cream that makes it white (don't know the chemical name). If you notice on most of your responses, kids have a harder time with the white stuff. Other things suggested in your responses (Aquaphor, Big Balm, A&D Ointment)don't have that ingredient. So, you gotta trust your kid on this one!

Anyways, I switched to A & D ointment, the original, as it is yellow in color and does not have that white active ingredient. That worked like a charm. My son's doctor also recommended this recipe. It stinks, but really does work better than any cream alone. Mix equal parts of water, cornstarch, A & D Ointment and liquid Maalox. The deal is the cornstarch wicks moisture away, the A & D is healing and the maalox soothes the burn. But, the easiest is to just use the A & D or Aquaphor!

Try using a little olive oil while cleaning him off. You already know that skin is more sensitive, and it is highly possible it really does burn. you can gently wipe the heavy oil residue off,, then apply the cream you choose. The oil will also help clear the rash up.
You can also add a little monostat cream. That stuff is fantastic in helping clear those yeasty teething rashes!
Good luck!

I know the feeling the same thing happens with my now 2yr old. I called his pediatrician and they recommended corn starch. That actually ended up working wonders

try mixing a paste of vasaline and cornstartch. there is something about mixing the two!!
this is so inexpensive that you can use it at every diaper change and will prevent those occasional rashes.
when we would be out and about i would just cake on the baby powder it would help a lot to prevent any surprise rashes.
hope this helps

Every kid is different. Desitin may have worked well on your daughter, but it may be very irritating to your son. My son has responded well to pure cornstarch. You can buy it like baby powder (be careful not to get talc) or you can just use the stuff from the baking aisle of the supermarket. It is completely non-irritating, particularly if you use the stuff from the baking aisle because it has no added scents, and keeps the area dry.

Also, I noticed the comment on bag balm. I have heard really good things about that too. I went to Wal-mart and found it in the pet department. The reason is that it is most commonly used on cow udders, but it works great on people too.

I found that desitin does burn sometimes, especially on a rash! My son was doing this, so I tried it on a rash I had and ouch! I would try "butt-paste", or "lasinoh lanolin", and keep his hiney dry. let him go without diaper as much as possible. it takes time to clear up, and i would stop the desitin,it might be hurting him. good luck :)

One of my sons could not tolerate Desitin either so I had to switch to A & D ointment, the brown petroleum based one, not the zinc one. The A & D goes on easier and does a better job of coating the skin. Also, make sure it is not a yeast related diaper rash because you would need a prescription cream to take care of that. The yeast rash is painful no matter what you use on it and it won't clear up on its own.

As you know, all kids are different and all have their own "issues" about certain things (as do grown-ups!). Clearly, this is your sons'. I know it's hard in the moment but take heart and know that it doesn't last. I would put my daughter in an inch or less of water in the tub every time I changed her when she had diaper rash and it helped clean it with less wiping.

I would definitely switch to Triple Paste from Desitin, however, much different and much better product!

I used Avalon Organics A, D & E ointment. It cleared it up every time.

It could definitely be irritating him. No two children are alike (why didn't they tell us that with the owners' manual?)
when it comes to what worked on the one before. Try bag balm to soothe, or comfrey ointment to heal. Just a heads up on comfrey- my husband is a paraplegic and has bad circulation in his legs. He got a 3rd degree burn on his upper thigh. We used all the ointments the doctor suggested, the antibiotics and everything else. I decided enough was enough. I make my own comfrey ointment, and started putting it on the burn. OVERNIGHT he started growing new pink skin, and now the burn is down by half, with the rest new regrowth. When my son skid along the sidewalk on his face, we put comfrey ointment and tea on his face. In 2 weeks, you couldn't even tell he'd been injured. No lie- he was 13 then, 27 now and there isn't even a scar. God's pharmacy is the best!

Hi S.!
I don't have enough time to read the other responses, so I apologize if this is repeated.

My recommendation for diaper rash- step 1, clean very gently- if you have a sprayer on your kitchen sink faucet, that might be the best versus wiping with wipes. Step 2- let dry. Step 3- squirt breastmilk on his bum- this really works like magic! let dry again, then add a natural salve- I like both Motherlove's Diaper Rash and Thrush and Earth Mama Angel Baby's Bottom Balm. These will help heal the skin, soothe his sore bottom and prevent growth of fungus and bacteria. I don't care for the "desitins" as I think they only really work to create a moisture barrier. The goal is to really heal the skin. Give your baby as much time OUT of a diaper as possible- sure, you might have a few pee spots to soak up, but it's not a big deal and will really help his skin to heal.
Teething can really cause a bad rash on their bum, but can be helped with the use of a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. It is a necklace that baby wears (not chews on!) and the warmth of the skin releases the natural resins. This is a natural pain reliever, anti inflammatory, reduces drooling and best of all- has no side effects. My daughter has worn hers since she was 8 months old- and I swear by it. It has made such a huge difference in her teething.

I hope these suggestions help- I sell all of these products in my store- if you are interested, I would love to share a discount with you. Send me a message if you are interested. I am down in Longmont, so if you wanted to come by to talk about and see these products, I would love to meet you. I also have samples of some products to share if you want.

Good luck!
H. Gaitten

Hey there- I'm with you on that- my daughter was in the NICU when she was first born where they pumped her full of antibiotics- she's 3 months and has had thrush twice already! It comes with the diaper yeast infection- SO, first I'd check that there is not yeast growth down there- yes, he's a boy, but he can still get yeast growth. His diet can have effect on the yeast as well- too much juice(sugar feeds yeast) or other junk can make it worse- the treatment for the yeast is a simple cream or ointment that doesnt burn when it goes on- we've tried both and I'd opt for the cream ANY DAY over the ointment. I found the ointment hard to rub on(screaming...) but the cream seems to absorp faster and is a breeze to apply. But if in doubt USE LANOLIN! Lansinoh is my preferred brand, but Medela also makes a great one. Its wonderful and has cleared up my daughter lingering diaper rash within a few days. Smear some on at every diaper change and it protects the skin as well as absorps pretty well so normally by the next change there is nothing to wipe off. Its a little on the pricey side, but goes a long way! Poor little guy! good luck!

We always used Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream, even for rash. You can use it anytime you would use Aquaphor, but it doesn't burn. My kids never cried when it went on, and they both have sensitive skin. It works great for preventing rash and sometimes for getting rid of it if it's not too bad. We loved it for any skin issue.

Not to be gross or give you to much information, but I've had cause to use desetin myself recently, and I have to tell you that it stings like nothing else when you first apply it. After a bit it really calms down and feels better, but the sting at first is awful. If it didn't work so well, I wouldn't put myself or my daughter through it!

Beaudreau's (can't remember the exact spelling) Butt Paste was the best thing I used for all three of mine - it was a miracle paste.

My kid's skin could not tolerate Desitin. It burned their bums and sometimes made the rash worse. I can only use "Triple Paste". You have to get it from the pharmacist. You don't need a prescription but you have to ask them to order the bigger container. Actually, at Walmart you can buy the small tube of it in the section that has the baby bath and lotions. It isn't cheap but it is wonderful!! Good luck!!

My son was the same way. Cried horribly when I put Desitin on him. I found a diaper rash cream at Kohl's it was in there womans makeup and perfume section. It's all natural and he no longer cries when i have to put cream on him. He has had some skin allergies so i was maybe thinking that he was allergic to something in the desitin. Good Luck :)

You are going to think I'm crazy, but an absolute cure for diaper rash (overnight) is Creme de la Mer cream. It's an expensive face cream at Neiman Marcus and other high end stores, but was originally made for burns. I am a makeup artist and have always used it on sunburned skin for immediate relief. I promise you it will end the rash and burn within just hours. If you can get a sample from Neiman's or Nordstrom, just give it a try and by tomorrow morning your baby's bottom will be fine. It is completely made with natural ingredients and will not harm your baby. It only takes a small amount to cover the area and doesn't have to be put on thick like Desitin.

I had the same experience with my boys. They would scream after putting on Desitin, like it was burning. I tried Butt Paste and it works wonders. They don't cry when it goes on and the rash is usually gone the next day. I buy it at Walmart and I've used nothing else since I discovered it.

An old wives tale from my grandmother, to my mother, to me, to you...

Vaseline and cornstarch. I was skeptical when my mom said that's what she used on us, and it's what her mother used on her 9 kids before desitin was invented. But I tried it on my daughter when she had a bad diaper rash (she screamed like crazy with the desitin, too. I think there is an antiseptic in desitin that must slightly burn or something).

The vaseline and cornstarch really does work, and it doesn't hurt the baby at all... no more tears. Just rub vaseline all over the infected area, then coat it with cornstarch instead of baby powder. My daughter's rash cleared up practically overnight when I tried this.

my second son is sensitive to lotions and creams differently than his brother. what works for one, stings or itches the other. other than trying a different diaper cream, i don't have another suggestion. desitin is my favorite too. i could use just about any diaper cream with my first son (good thing, because i got a lot of samples), but desitin was the only thing that didn't irritate my second son and actuallly healed the rash.

My son is like this. I stopped using the Desitin because all he would have to do is see the tube and would start screaming. I found that the Aveeno diaper rash cream worked the best-it cleared it up fast. It is a little more expensive, but it does go a long way. I hope that you figure something out-it is hard to think that what we are doing to help them hurts.

Good Morning,

My youngest daughter - Delaney - is allergic to milk and soy products...we can always tell when someone gives her one of these items because she gets terrible diaper rashes- she would get sores. None of the Diaper Rash creams have really worked on her and she would always scream!

Our new ped. gave us a prescription of Nystatin - which as you might know is usually used for things like athletes foot,etc. But you would be amazed....it clears her rashes in a day - two at most. The ped recommended that even though her rash is gone use it for about a week afterwards. The tube of cream lasts forever!

Hope this helps!

My 2 1/2 year old son does the same thing. I don't know why he screams like that when I put the Desitin on. Lately, instead of using the Desitin, I just wipe him down, and put him in the bath. Then I let him run around, naked for a little bit to give his bottom a chance to air dry and heal before I put the diaper back on.

All you need is some corn starch! We put corn starch on our daughters butt every night before she goes to bed, and it prevents her from getting diaper rash. It's also great if they have diarrhea. It will keep the skin from getting red and raw. I don't like to put creams on because it doesn't help keep the skin dry. It creates a barrier from the urine and stuff, but the skin needs to be dry. Corn starch has been used in our family forever. We just buy a box, open it and put a spoon in it and keep it in the changing table. It's right there whenever you need it. I promise it will help. Forget the vaseline or other creams ;)


Just stop using it.

Try Bag Balm instead...this ALWAYS works for us!

If you're still breastfeeding spray some of your milk onto the rash--if it isn't a yeast infection the milk with fix the rash in no time at all...another favorite of mine.

Let him air out as much as possible, especially in the sun....well, I mean, let him sit in the sun without a diaper for a few minutes several times a day, not one long time span altogether.

But seriously, if he's letting you know this his disturbing him, STOP.

Keeping his skin dry is important,so I understand wanting to use the barrier of a cream, but just encourage the daycare (I assume he goes to one since you're a working mom) or babysitter to change his diaper more often.

Avoid using powders...they tend to encourage yeast infections, which we all know are NOT COMFORTABLE.


Use sensitive wipes like Pampers to clean him when he has a rash, that will help. Then put equal parts of maalox and aquaphor in the microwave in a bowl for like 5 seconds to get it to merge, mix it up, you can store it in the fridge, it is AMAZING diaper rash stuff, the maalox takes the burn out of the bowel movements and the aquaphor heals the rash!! My pediatrician used to make this up for me all the time as my daughter was prone to them when she was a baby.

Desitin is yucky, sticky, and smells bad. I prefer Aquaphor, and the Balmex brand.

I only use diaper ointment overnight. For daytime diapers, I just fan his bum with the fresh diaper until it's completely dry. Then I try to change wet/icky diapers quickly.

Hi S.,

My kids are all teenagers now, but I still recall the diaper rash days. I guess the first thing would be to make sure it's not a yeast infection.

My oldest daughter had a rash that I was having trouble getting rid of. I tried everything, including Desitin. It didn't seem to help at all, and if anything, stuck to the rash in a weird way. She really didn't like it. Anyway, what I ended up using for her, and two years later for my twins, was bag balm. It's so much better. It goes on easily, didn't ever seem to cause them discomfort while it was being applied, and I didn't have to reapply every time there was a diaper change. It would leave just a little bit of a barrier after they were cleaned up, so I could reapply every other diaper change (depending on what I was cleaning up of course :) ). Anyway, that's all I used the rest of the time they were little.

(And if you have the special pedicure socks for yourself, bag balm is great to put on, wear the socks overnight, and in the morning they are much better.) That's the nice thing about it, it can be used for much more than diaper rash. My uncle owned a dairy and had it around all the time for the cows, but I hadn't thought to use it for diaper rash until my pediatrician recommended it. It really was great! Good luck!

Hello S.,
My name is Pam and I had the same experience with our 2nd child and after lots of trials of diapor rash creams and ointments from the baby isle I finally found one that works. Although it sounds strange but believe me when I say, it really works and was recommended to me by a family friends grandmother. Its called "Bag Balm" and it comes in a green square can and you can find it in most drugstores and definately at a local farm feed and supply store. It is an ointment that was invented about 100 years ago for the utters on cows to help with rash or chapping in Vermont winter weather. It really works and most importantly doesnt burn or anything. When my son and now our newest daughter have gotten heat rash or just plain diapor rash I put it on them with each diapor change and kinda heavely right before bed and the next morning the rash is gone. Best of luck to ya!!
P. Y.

When my 4-month old DS2 was about a week old, he got a bad diaper rash that would NOT go away. I tried nearly every diaper rash cream on the market, but nothing worked. (I realize that's not your problem, but bear with me.) And once his wee bottom was so sore, he cried over all of them.

The ONE thing that I could put on without him crying was egg whites. (Obviously, don't use it if he has an egg allergy.) A friend had told me they use it in the UK in NICUs since the preemies have such sensitive skin. All you do is separate an egg and beat the white, then slather some on at each diaper change. Let it dry (you can use a hairdryer or blow on it to help speed things up) and put on the dipe. You can keep the leftover in the fridge.

I saw some other posters talk about bag balm... If your little guy's skin is really sensitive he might find it irritating. I can use it if it's an older tin, but if it's just-bought, it sometimes makes my skin burn.

Best of luck!

I used lansinoh on my baby's butt when she was really sore from diahrreah. It is more gentle and seems to work faster. Works on the boobs, and the babies butt!! it would be worth a try.

A paste of Mylanta and Corn Starch. Yes, the tummy stuff. Works wonder's.

I second all the responses about Vaseline (although I've never tried corn starch). It seems to be cool and soothing for them. I've tried a variety of creams and they all go on with different feels, stickiness, thickness, etc. plus they all have different chemicals in them. Your son is sensitive to one or many of those chemicals. Good luck!

We tried desitin also....after trying what seemed like everything else in the world!! And it did burn. As soon as we wiped it off - she was fine. Our oldest was talking at NINE months...and hasn't stopped yet!...so she would say burn! burn! burn! We never tried it again. What ALWAYS worked for us was a thick layer of A&D and then corn starch on top of that. It is amazing. Good luck!

Have you tried a baking soda bath or Lotrimin. Both of which were very helpful with my two. Same situation, my daughter respons well with Butt Paste and my son to Desitin.

hello sara, my mother-in-law had me try corn starch, and I read alot about babies when she was born being scared and first timer and "they" say not to put it directly on the bottom but to put the powder on the diaper first, so thats what I did and after I started using cornstarch my daughter never really had a big problem with rashes. I hope this works for you as well as it worked for me! (and if you never have heard of this, yes just regular cooking cornstarch =)

My boys both got rashes and when I used diaper cream they both screamed. I finally broke down and took them into the doctor. She said it was "jock itch" and prescribed a nystatin cream. That worked a ton and cleared the rash without tears or screaming. Once the rash was cleared we then put baby powder on them and their diapers to keep them dry. Helps a ton and keeps the rashes away. Also try different brands of diapers. My first could wear Pampers or Huggies but nothing else, my twins could only wear Huggies, if they wore anything but Huggies they would get horrible diaper rashes. Good Luck!

Hi S., Try Burt's Bees diaper ointment. You can get it everywhere from Safeway to Whole Foods or Sunflower Market . . . I think it's also at Walgreen's. Seems to clear things up almost immediately with no "sting" involved for the baby.

My oldest daughter had the same reaction to Desitin, I always just attributed it to her sensitive skin. I switched to a different diaper rash ointment like A&D Ointment or even straight vaseline until the rash cleared up. Good luck!

I had this same situation with desitin. Try using Bourdweoux's butt paste. I don't think I spelled it correctly but you should be able to find it. If that doesn't work then I use a cream I get through my doctor that clears it up right away. Plus sometimes I wash them with water instead of rubbing the burned skin with a wipe. Hope this helps!

I have 3 kiddos. Our pediatrician told me to use Aquaphor lotion and Maalox when my oldest had severe diaper rash. (This was 10 years ago). I still do this for my youngest who is almost 1. All three have had their moments either during sickness or teething where the diaper rash just would not go away or even blistered. I buy the small jar of Aquaphor that is in the lotion isle. I find an old tupperware and put the aquaphor in it. Then I pour as much Maalox into the lotion as I can and mix well but still allowing it to have some thickness to it. It does take a little bit for it to mix totally. I believe that it is the milk of mag that actually takes the sting out. You can even research this on the internet and it will tell you the same thing because I have actually tried to look this up. It has worked great for us. Let us know what worked for you!

I'm a mother with 4 kids and diaper rash medicine never worked and I hated when they felt that bad to cry like that. I was given an old recipe for baby powder, here's how its made........... take ordinary white flour and put in in a hot frying pan. stir the flour and keep stirring until the flour is brown but dont burn it. Then find a jar and store the hot flour in the fridg until it cools. Use it after it cools,it will keep the moisture away from his bottom. Alot of times my children would wet more while teething Hope this helps, let me know. C.

Hi. My son has had some bad bouts with diaper rash too, also with teething. I found that rinsing his bum off under the faucet in the tub or wiping him with a warm rag and then letting it dry before putting the desitin on helped him. He still cried for a second when I put him in the water. My guess was that the BM was stinging his bottom. Once I got it cleaned off with just water he'd be much better and then I could quickly apply the desitin without screaming. I think the air drying of the bum helps the rash to heal faster too. I found that the wipes made the rash worse (obviously from the soap in them), so I'd use those to get the big chunks and get the rest with water or a rag. I have found that plenty of open air time heals the best (but watch out for the peeing everywhere as I'm sure you know!!) Good luck! :)

My doctor told me to use bactraban cream. He came me a perscription for it. I used that with Johnson and Johnson 3 in 1 diaper rash cream and some Lotrimin AD (for athlete's foot). I would put it on in different layers. First the bactaban, then the diaper rash cream and then the Lotrimin. I works really well...and in about 3 applications, it looked much better.

One of my daughters is constantly getting a diaper rash and we use A&D. But my daughter cries as soon as I lay her on the changing table and doesn't stop till I pick her up. I wouldn't think that the Desitin bothers him but you might want to change brands. Good luck.

My son also got bad rashes and I used desitin (origianl, not creamy) because it worked the best. He would also cry as if he was being beaten or something, because it hurt so bad when his rash was wiped. The thing I did that helped was ALWAYS put desitin on to avoid the really bad rashes in the first place. Desitin is so thick and a pain to wash off so I bought finger cots which are usually in the first aid section or near the epsom salt. They look like little condoms for your finger and save trying to get the desitin out from inside all of your fingerprint lines.

All kids are different. Just because Desitin was accepted by your daughter doesn't mean it will work for your son. Maybe he has sensitive skin. Try Aveeno or Budreaux Butt Paste.

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