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Diaper Rash - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I read all the responses to the diaper rash questions previously asked and have a couple of questions. My newborn (13 days old) already has diaper rash. Around her anus it looks really red and the skin is broken. How do I know if this is a regular diaper rash or a yeast infection? Also, I started using Desitin a few days ago (I am going to the store today to purchase some of the other creams recommended). It is difficult to completely clean in the wrinkles around her butt as the cream gets kind of lodged in there. I am hesitant to wipe really hard as it looks so irritated and painful. Is this normal for the cream to be so difficult to remove?

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Thanks to everyone for the great advice. I alternated using the Beaudreaux Butt Paste with Aquaphor at every diaper change, making sure to dry completely and using only wet, warm washcloths rather than wipes. We also bathed her two days in a row in the Aveeno Baby Oatmeal bath and tried to keep her out of her diaper for about an hour a day. The rash on her cheeks cleared up first, but the redness around her anus persisted, so I started putting some Neosporin on it before applying the other creams and it is pretty much all gone now. I am going to start using different wipes for sensitive skin and use a cream with every diaper change as a preventative measure.

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I used cornstrach/and or Desitin on my son's bottom. It was the only thing that seemed to help. I also had to stop using disposable diapers, they all worsened the rash, so I used cloth diapers.

It is normal for the cream to stick that is the whole idea is to keep the poop from touching the skin. Don't worry about getting all the desitin off each time she poops, just get the poop that is on top of the Desitin. Since they poop so much when they are newborns they are super prone to diaper rash. Don't forget to let her bottom dry before putting on more desitin everytime.....and if that is impossible use some cornstarch in her diaper till you can get a few minutes for her bottom to dry. Also some kids cannot use diaper wipes when they are newborns, try Pampers Sensitve Skin wipes or washclothes with water.....It does get easier!

My friend's child had a bad rash as well. She found that it was the wipes she was using. she breastfed and found some wipes at a specialty store that were specifically for breastfed babies. just a thought.

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I always had really good luck with Balmex. When my children had really bad diaper rash sometimes I would let them lay without a diaper on a comforter(washable) and just air out. Cornstarch sprinkled like powder sometimes works too. Good luck i know how hard it is to see your baby miserable.
L. M

I did not care for Destin or Balmex as they burn if the diaper rash is really red or they are raw from the rash. My doctor gave me a little recipe to us, thatowkred great with no crying or burning. You use A & D ointment, Neopsoren, mix thise together are best you can and then add liquid Mylanta. Mix together really good to make a paste. Put in on the rash, it is cold at first. But instant relief! no burning or crying. If you use that mix everytime you change the diaper the rash goes away in a day or so. Wish you the best of luck!

I am a first-time mom too, with a boy. He got two BAD diaper rashes before 3 months, one requiring a prescription. But the most important thing my DR. told me was to clean w/cotton balls & water, and to air-dry the area BEFORE putting anything on it, otherwise you are just sealing wetness under that cream. And Desitin is the one w/the highest zinc-oxide, so it is the best one, my dr. said.
Personally, I used my hairdryer, on the lowest speed, on warm, about 5 feet away from him, to dry his little bum. It worked like a charm. I also used corn starch, available at Publix, to keep the area x-tra dry.
Good luck!,
p.s. It went away in a few days w/that protocal.

You should make sure it isn't a yeast infection first...and if it isn't I really found that A+D Original Ointment really works well. Especially with girls because the ointment doesn't "travel" Good Luck!

My daughter is going on 8 months and when she was first born (a week old or so), she got the same rash. Horrible. I felt so bad wiping her. Get pampers sensitive wipes. They are the most sensitive. I used them on her for months since I figured she has very sensitive skin. It's worth the extra dollar and it will get better. Her rash lasted about three weeks. I spent day and night,when I could, using cloth diapers so she wouldn't have too much moisture and changing her as soonas she soiled herself ( as often as it was - all the time - it will get better sooner or later - don't worry) And insteand of using wipes, till it healed, I rinsed her bottom in the sink with warm water. This sounds extreme, but it won't be forever. I feel for you, Mommy. Take care and remember, this too shall pass. Oh, and one cool trick was using cornstarch on a cotton ball to help keep her bottom dry. Rather than creams which don't always work since they keep moisture trapped close to her skin. I hope this helps you.

Congrats for you and your new baby!!! What a precious moment in time. First of all, what kind of wipes are you using? Sometimes the babys skin can be sensitive. Also, are you breast feeding or formula? This may also cause sensitvity. The very best diaper rash cream in the world is called "Triple Paste" You can find it at the drugstore, Walgreens etc. Sometimes you may have to ask the pharmacist. My daughter spent the first 4 weeks of life in NICU on alot of medication. Needless to say her bottom became very red, raw and peeling skin from all the medicaation coming through her system. This is the only diaper cream that worked. It cleard it up almost instant. It healed almost overnight. we continued to used it for her whole diapering life. My Aunt also used it on herself when she had some troubles "down there" from having chemotherapy. It worked very well for her too. And most importantly if you have questions, call the dr. Hope this helps and always follow your built in mommy intuition......

I'm not 100% sure how you tell the difference but my 8 month old was given cream from her dr for a yeast infection and it didnt help so the nurse told me for a diaper rash and yeast to mix vasaline-hydro cream-milk mag. and it has been working great and i havent had to buy any diaper rash creams everytime she gets a little red i put it on right away and it goes away. its great. we have been using this since she was 4 months old. Hope this helps.

First of all, go out and buy a diaper rash cream called Butt Paste (Boudreux's ~not sure of the exact spelling). It comes in a bright yellow tube. It works, by far, better than Desitin.

Secondly, you have to clean your baby's bottom thoroughly. I know it's hard and it hurts her and it hurts you even more to rub, knowing that it hurts her. Place her in a little basin of warm water, with a little Aveeno oatmeal bath soak. They make a "baby" variety but if you can't find the baby variety, then get what is available. Her bottom is small...so you don't need much. Let her soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Use a baby wipe (it's smooth and less "abrasive" than a wash cloth) to gently rub her bottom to clean her thoroughly. I do not know what a yeast infection looks like so you will need to call your pediatrician for clarification. With my third child, he had the WORST diaper rash I've ever seen. His bottom was more than red...it was broken skin, bleeding and it lasted for about 3 weeks. The most persistent rash I've ever dealt with but a good friend of mine told me about Aveeno and I found the Butt Paste at CVS.

Also, one more thing. It's imperative that you keep her bottom dry so frequent diaper changes are a must. I also slathered an antibiotic ointment on my baby's bottom AND put a layer of the Butt Paste over it. It healed in a matter of days! DO call your pediatrician (or search online) for what a yeast infection looks like, symptoms, etc. I know this is difficult, being a first time mommy, but you'll manage through this just fine. We mommy's all start out new and with experience, we are able to share what we've learned with another new mommy some day.

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