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I know this seems like a silly question but is there a diaper pail out there that keeps odors inside the pail? I thought I had found the perfect one but as my son has grown so has the odor in his diapers. :)
I'm not a huge fan of the diaper genie and I've tried just about every air freshener under the sun. Thanks for any advice.

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This may be silly. But do you put what in the diaper in the toilet when you can????????????? that will help. I didn't use a diaper pail with paper diapers. did when I used cloth. and that was more then NASTY!! good luck

We use the diaper champ...If the poop is flushable then it gets flushed if not then it is a wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown outside.

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The best diaper pail is the Baby Trend Diaper Champ. I received it at my baby shower from a friend who had no luck with the Genie but loved the Champ.
Good Luck

I had the same question posted a few months ago. Unfortunately, there is no diaper pail that will do that. We switched to the diaper champ and it works ok, but when you flip the top to dispose of a diaper, it lets stinky air out. Most of the responses I got were to actually dispose of the stinky diapers out in the trash right away verses putting them in the pail to sit. It is probably the best way if it works for you. Otherwise, clean the pail and change the pail often!

We got this one by "The First Years". I haven't noticed any odor yet, but I'm BFing, so that may have something to do with it.


Hi T.,
I've had good luck with the Diaper Champ. However, the instructions tell you when you're putting a diaper in to flip the handle over AND BACK. Well, we didn't see any reason for doing that, so we would just flip it one way. It turns out that flipping it back makes sure that one side is always exposed to fresh air & the other side is always exposed to the dirty air, so that keeps it smelling good longer. Even though we ignored this, it's been about 2 years and we just now decided to move it out to the garage, so I'd say that's pretty good. Good luck!

This may be silly. But do you put what in the diaper in the toilet when you can????????????? that will help. I didn't use a diaper pail with paper diapers. did when I used cloth. and that was more then NASTY!! good luck

Not sure really, but what we do is after we change our son we dump the poop in the toilet (the room dont smell) and roll up the diaper and use the tape on there to keep it closed and we collect diapers from his room on wednesday and sunday. You can also try putting a bounce dryer sheet at the bottom of the pail. Some people just toss their diapers out in a pail outside or in their garage.

Hope that helps

I just really don't think anything can contain that odor! YUCK! I wrap my son's poopy diapers in walmart or grocery bags and put them in the outside trash cans! I just can't stand the thought of them in my house!

We use the Diaper champ for our daughter. I think that it does a great job in keeping odors inside the pail. We haven't had any problems with her having a stinky room. So i would definitely recommend it.

I'm a big fan of the diaper champ, we actually have two, for different areas of the house. You don't have to buy any special bags for it, I just use the scented walmart cheapies and I've never had a smell come out of it.

I hated the diaper genie... and the champ... I could always smell it. I found one called the Dekor or the Diaper Dekor. I love it because it looks like a nice garbage can instead of those odd canister things like the genie. It has a little pedal step and it works really well. I also wrap the really stinky diapers... you can get a bag of 100 little diaper disposal bags and the dollar store and I originally just bought them for on the go, but they make a huge difference in not having to take the garbage out as often!!

I never liked the diaper genie either. I had one with my daughter and one day I got fed up with it, I tossed it out with the diapers...the diapers were still in it. Anyway, I know this might sound tacky to some people, but it served the purpose. When my 2nd was born, my husband had just got done painting our house a few months prior, so I washed out the large paint bucket and used that in the room. Once my son was older and moving around on his own, we took it out since it wasn't the ideal thing for him to pull himself up on. But anyway, the lid sealed right up and it worked great for the time. Then we just did away with it, I decided I could just as easily ake out the stinky ones to the trash can outside, no big deal. Also another idea, keep all the plastic grocery bags you get when shopping and when your son has left behind something smelly, put it in a bag, twist it and wrap again. This will also keep the smell in and then it can go right in your regular trash can in the house.

Hey, T..

Hate to tell you this, but poop stinks! Nothing that isn't air tight is going to keep the stink in; you can only minimize it. Maybe it's time for a new diaper pail. We've noticed that the push-down springs in ours aren't what they were 8 months ago, so we're thinking of getting a new one, too. Here's a funny for you: Mike saw a woman and man (with a full beard) taking a walk with a stroller and a kid in a wagon, and he thought it was us! Talk to you later.

Consider disposing the bowel movements into the toliet before putting diaper in diaper pail or trash. This is also helpful as you potty train. It shows your child where his/her 'poo poo" should go.

You know I was going to spend alot of money on a pail and My friend on line and a freind that worked at Toys r us told me They had alot of returns and complaints on the one I was going to get.. SO I just got a sort of Plain one.. ya pop up the lid and pop it in...

BUT what I do is this...

I have a sented liner I got at the dollar store....

AND for Poo poo diapers.. I have Individual baggies They sell at the dollar store for diapers they are sented too.. you get like 100 I believe for a buck.. they help sooooo much!!!!! I keep them in the van too and in my diaper bag..... Heck I have used them to clean out my van for gargage! hhaahahah

But no special charcol to change and all that fancy expencive stuff..

I just get the pink and blue liners for the pail and I am good to go!!!!!! (( They smell the best! hhahah ))

and befor I pop them in I will spray some lysol No duh hu!!!

hope this helped!!

I have never had luck with a diaper pail, I could always smell it! I have almost always just wrapped them tight, put them in a plastic grocery bag and throw them in the regular garbage can. I also take the garbage out every night before I go to bed and rinse my cans with pinesol original scent. If it gets smelly during the day you can always dump a capful in the garbage and it helps with the odors. Also, if I had a really stinky poo diaper, I would just take it outside to the big garbage can! Another thing you can do to absorb odors is to put a cup of vineger on the counter near the can, it will absorb the odors naturally, no matter what the odor is, cooking or diapers!

Good Luck!

Try the Diaper Dekor (sp?). My sister has it and it is much more user friendly than our diaper genie. As someone else recommended, you can also flush the poop, when possible and that helps alot. Poop sitting at 90 degrees for several days never smells too good.

YES! The DIAPER CHAMP. I've tried about every brand out there (I am an in home child care provider). It works! I do put the poop into the toilet though (where it belongs) and that helps a lot. I also empty the pail daily, sometimes twice a day.

Hello T.,

Not sure about a diaper genie type product, I have 4 children and have yet to find one that keeps the odors in. I do however use a product called Sol-U-mel . I love it! It not only gets rid of any smells, it's naturally based so I use it all over my house. If you would like more information on how to get this at wholesales prices let me know!
Have a great day!

We use the diaper champ...If the poop is flushable then it gets flushed if not then it is a wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown outside.

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