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Diaper Genie II

Ok, so I have the original Diaper Genie which is about 7 years old now. (Still in good condition though by all means) I've noticed that the only refills I can find are for the Diaper Gene II. They look like they'd work in the Diaper Gene that I have, but does anyone know for sure if they are compatable? Or am I better off buying a new one?
Thanks for you help.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I called Playtex who verified that the model I have no longer has refills.
I did'nt even know that there where brands out there that take regular trash bags. So, I'm going to looking into getting one of those. What a great idea!
Thanks again!

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I recommend getting a Diaper Champ. It's really nice (and cheap) to be able to use regular trash bags, and it works really well. Very easy and I haven't noticed any smell!

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I too had the Diaper Geanie and the II inserts did not work. I had such a hard time getting any that fit that we threw it away. I will be looking at the liner-less ones with this baby. Good Luck!

I got rid of my Diaper Genie after my first child. I got sick of spending the money and the smell of them when you empty it is unreal. What I do now is use my plastic Walmart bags. I hang it on the door to the garage and put pee diapers in it and then when I get a poop one I put it in, tie it up and throw it out in the garage. When my husband gets home he grabs them and puts them in the garbage can outside. Works like a charm and it's free. My Mom and Mother in law bring me all of their plastic bags too. I just keep them in one of those cloth bag keepers and that hangs on the door too.
As far as your question about the bags, I would think it would say on their website about what would fit or else on the outside of the refill itself.
Best Wishes,

If you have to ditch the Diaper Genie 1 to buy a new one, I'd think about just buying the Diaper Champ. It uses regular trash bags so you don't have to worry about buying special refills. It also works with a leaver so you don't have to stick your hand down in there. Just a thought.

I found them at Babies R Us, mine is ten years old and I searched everwhere too!!
When I found them I bought 6 of them so I didn't have to make a special trip!!!
The Diaper Genie II refills are not compatable with our "older" version!

I recommend getting a Diaper Champ. It's really nice (and cheap) to be able to use regular trash bags, and it works really well. Very easy and I haven't noticed any smell!

I was in the same situation and bought the Diaper Genie II. It is a lot easier to use than the original and I think it does a better job at retaining the smell. You can actually put a diaper in it with one hand - no twisting so it uses less bag too. For the price I'd go get a new one!

I just bought refills for my old diaper genie at Target. This was within the last couple of weeks....so I'd think they still have them.

No the new liners will not work with the old style. I had a Diaper Genie I for my oldest and it really didn't survive the move that well. I got the new Diaper Genie and love it. I love it that I can work it with one hand. Very nice when you have a 2month old and a 2 year old. If you are expecting to use it for a while or plan on having more kids I would get the diaper genie 2.

I've heard a few times that the older Diaper Genies no longer have a refill to fit them. I've only heard this so I'm not positive. I know ppl are always giving them away for free on craigslist and freemarket and usually they say no refills or something.

contact the company that makes the product: playtex for the answer. here is their website contact information: http://www.playtexproductsinc.com/corppages/Corp_contactU...

While you are at it, asks if they have any coupons for you to either buy a new model or the bags. Doesnt hurt to ask!!!

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