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Diaper Changing

I'm just curious when people travel commercially where they change diapers on the plane. If my memory serves me correctly, there is no changing table in the tiny restrooms. Any suggestions?

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Great news!! Thanks for the heads up! I'm traveling All Nippon Airways & United and Delta stateside and was just trying to imagine.

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There are changing tables in those tiny bathrooms......they are just folded up over the toilet. They are a bit on the small side though. If you have a baby it's not a problem, but if you have a toddler or a two year old they are a little difficult to manage. But it's not a big deal.

Every airline I have flown home this past year (flew 4 times home) there was changing tables in the small bathrooms. I have flown Delta, KLM, Northwest and little commuter planes. I hope this helps.

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Most larger airplanes have restrooms with changing tables now. I flew on a Continental International flight in August and there were at least three larger (than the normal tiny size) restrooms equipped with changing tables. Small commuter jets RARELY have them. I have four children and have learned (from my grandmother) to change their diapers on my lap. Sometimes it is the cleanest, safest, fastest place. I try my best to be discreet and not disturb others. The bottom line is that the child comes first! And keeping those sensitive bottoms clean and dry makes for a much happier, healthier child while traveling (and always).

Hello R.,
If my memory serves me correctly (& it does) when my daughter was young (a baby), we were on our way back to the States from a tour in Germany. What we had to do then was call the airlines, it's what everyone said for us to do. Ask them. Because some of them (the airlines) do in fact have a "small" baby changing table tucked into the water closets. Mind, not all airlines, only some of them, you ust have to call & ask them what you do & tell them your situation (that you have a child/baby).
I hope this helps you.

I just got back from the states on Saturday, and all 6 planes we were on had changing tables in the bathroom, it is right above teh toliet and it folds out over it. Just like they have in public bathrooms in the states. I asked a flight attendent on the first flight if they had one. She told me most planes do and on USair they are in the back bathrooms.

Every airline I have flown home this past year (flew 4 times home) there was changing tables in the small bathrooms. I have flown Delta, KLM, Northwest and little commuter planes. I hope this helps.

The plane has a diaper changing area in the bathroom. It foldsdown over the tiny toilet. Just ask the flight attendant.

Each little quad of restrooms should have at least one baby changing bathroom. It should be marked with a sign. The ones I have used have a drop down shelf from above the commode. I found it surprisingly convenient. Best wishes for a happy flight!

R. - There are actually really tiny changing tables in most of the tiny bathrooms. They fold down over the toilet seat usually. You'll see the sign on the bathroom door if they have one. How old is your baby? It's definitely a challenge! Have fun!

I had three girls in less than two years. When we flew, I would pre-powder the diapers and change them while they were standing up on top of the toilet (with the lid down). I got so good at this, I could even do it at our seats. No, I didn't wipe them as clean as at home, but they were dry and comfortable and happy. The first thing I did after arrival at our destination was put them in the tub anyway. (Of course this method is a little difficult with a really dirty diaper.)

As for bottles, I would pre-measure the formula powder into the bottles. On the plane I asked for bottled water and just mixed it together. I brought enough bottles to make it through the trip without needing to wash and sterilize any along the way. Again at my arrival destination, the bottles received a thorough cleaning.

I was also sure to give them their bottles at take off and landing. This helped with their ears and they weren't usually hungry on the flight. Again, keeping them comfortable and happy.

Try to go to your local ACS (Army Community Service). They have a lot of support and resources for loved ones separated by deployment.

Best of luck.

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