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Diamonds Keep Falling Out of Rings...

Hi Moms,
I am curious, do any of you have a problem with diamonds or other stones falling out of your rings? My engagement ring & wedding bands are from Diamond Cutters International and they were made specifically for me--one of a kind. We got a pretty good deal on them, but on 3 different occasions I have had diamonds fall out! LUCKILY, all 3 times I have found the diamond!! I know!! :) But I am SICK of it! Every time I take my ring in for the problem they tell me that I am too hard on them. HOW, Specifically, am I hard on them--I don't know! I'd say I'm MORE cautious than most because of all the problems! I feel like they made me some crappy rings, but my husband insists that everyone has this problem. Do you? I'm so scared of losing my diamonds; they are very sentimental to me! Thanks so much for your input....

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Hi Moms, just wanted to say Thank You all soooo much for your responses! I haven't done anything with the ring yet--been too busy so it's just been in the jewelry box. But I am looking in to taking it elsewhere for repairs. I am going to explain to my hubby that it's not my fault :)It makes me feel great to know that it IS possible to wear my rings and be confident that I'll never lose a diamond. Thanks again! :)

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mine loses the diamonds all the time also I am not as hard on my ring as I was before my children and I lose a diamond or 2 or 3 every couple of months. My setting is platium and soft so I guess that is why and that is what i have heard .. ready to get it switch to white gold instead

No! I have worn my diamonds gardening, raising 3 kids, and washing dogs...and have never had a diamond fall out.

I've worn my diamonds since 1995. Not one diamond has ever fallen out! I don't think that's normal at all.

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Yikes!!!! I would say that the jewelers should be more concerned about their product! My rings were also custom made, and I have not lost a stone in 5 years. I DO take them to the jeweler every 6 months and leave them for the setting to be "tightened", the rings cleaned and shined and rhodium plated.
I have a 6 prong setting and the prongs are platinum, while the rest of the ring is white gold. My main stone sits above the rings, it is not in a bezel. The jeweler recommends to remove the engagement ring while sleeping as the prongs can catch on the sheets.
I bet your husband's ego is a bit hurt, and that is why he says everyone has this problem, but it's really not common. Try a different jeweler for service.
Good luck!

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Uh, tell your husband this is an IQ test... How many times should your diamond fall out before you acknowledge that the present course/action is not working? Lady Luck has been very kind to you, in letting you find the diamonds thus far... But I hear luck can turn...

Nooooo, I lost a teeny-tiny little diamond in the band once, but that was replaced for less than $100. I've NEVER had a problem with the setting/prongs. (Perhaps your stone's cut is not the ideal shape for the setting you chose? Maybe its stressing the prongs, little by little, and loosening them until the stone falls out?)

I should also mention that, unlike most women, I chose not to wear my diamond ring all the time... I don't wear it to wash dishes, I don't wear it in the shower or when bathing my daughter, I don't wear it while doing housework or when using cleansers. I have a gold band that I wear when 'dressing down' or when exercising.

Sounds to me like you need a new setting... Let's put it into perspective: A new diamond costs several thousand dollars to replace... A new setting cost a couple hundred. Gold is one of the softest metals--although you did not say what your ring is made of (gold, white gold, platinum)? Some other aspects to consider is 1.) how many times have you had it sized? My jeweler told me, while I was pregnant and my fingers swelled, that it was better for the integrity of the ring not to resize it every time my fingers changed size; and 2.) since you mention that you are pregnant, is your ring finger swelling and creating additional pressure on the ring/setting, which might be contributing to the prongs loosening?

You can also consider getting 6 prongs for your setting instead of the typical 4. This will help hold it in better. You might not like the look as much, but it is a cheap solution while you and your husband decide whether to replace the entire band or setting.

If it was me, I'd be too nervous to wear my ring until the setting was replaced. Good luck!

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I thought it was part of maintenance to have them professionally cleaned and have all the little "prongs" (the tiny pieces that hold the diamonds) checked periodically in order to keep that from happening.

I've never had it happen, but one of the prongs on mine constantly got caught on the changing table pad (I've since stopped wearing it during the day doing ANY household chores, including changing the baby!) and one of the prongs was pulled. I took it to Jared (where we had it done) and they fixed it under the warranty. I didn't get a lecture about being too hard on my rings, just a reminder that it's a good idea to bring it in sometimes for a check!

I don't think it's normal for your diamonds to be falling out, though.

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Are you taking them to the same place each time to have them fixed? My diamonds have never felt loose, but I did notice that one of the prongs kept snagging on things. When I took it in, they said they needed to tighten and adjust all the prongs so that my diamond would not get loose. And I could definitely tell a difference when I got it back. But mine have never felt loose at all, and I've had these rings on my finger for 14 years. I would take it to a mom & pop shop and have them look at it. They may even need to add extra prongs, or replace yours. Your diamonds should not be falling out. I hope you find someone who can fix that for you. Good luck!


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No, diamonds don't just fall out. Take your rings to a qualified jeweler. They can add prongs to your wedding ring. I had only a 4 prong setting and the jeweler added a prong to make it a 5 prong setting. This was a precaution just incase a prong was pulled away or broken. If you have 4 prongs and a prong pulls away, the setting will fall out. A 5 prong still gives you 4 prongs to hold in the stone. I would also insure your rings if you have not done so. You should not have to be nervous to wear your rings because stones keep falling out. Good luck!!

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I have worn my rings for almost 30 years and never had a problem. I take them in about once every 5 years to be checked.. I wear them every day. I do take them off when I wash dishes since, I am sensitive to soaps and need my hands to be completely rinsed and dried..

My mother has a beautiful ring she has now owned almost 50 years. It was custom made for her with 7 diamonds. She said only once has she had to have a prong tightened..

Maybe you should consider taking it to another jeweler to have repaired..

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I have had this issue since I got my engagement ring reset into a higher setting. The prongs will catch on everything and I am constantly taking it in to get tightened.

No! I have worn my diamonds gardening, raising 3 kids, and washing dogs...and have never had a diamond fall out.

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