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Developmental Progress of 3 Month Old

My son is 3 months old and has been staying home with Daddy for the past 2 weeks. We've noticed that he absolutely LOVES watching TV and this kinda scares me. I don't want him to be glued, however, something tells me he's not actually enjoying what's on TV that he's actually enjoying the colors and movement on the TV. I know lots of professionals feel that TV for babies is a HUGE no no! But if it stimulates the brain and it's educational than can it hurt? I've thought about buying the Baby Einstein DVD. Does anyone have it and how does this work for your child?

Also, my son has just learned how to roll over both ways. He started by rolling over from his belly to his back. And just this week he's learned how to go from his back to his belly. We gave him a bath last night and after he was through he rolled over to his belly and scooted across the floor and moved along until he could touch the baby powder. I was so impressed...this little guy is growing up so fast!!

My last question is that my son ALWAYS has his fist in his mouth. Has he just discovered that he can move and work his hands or is he starting to teeth? I felt his gums and felt nothing yet. We've bought him teething rings, put them in the fridge, given him other teething toys...he really just likes his fist.

So is everything I've posted in the norm? Where is your 3 month old at developmentally?? Thanks!!

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Hey J.! Baby Einstein is GREAT!! I have two children under the age of two. If I ever want them to sit still and have some stimulation, I will out them in front of the tv, and that's where they stay! I have a 19 month old boy, and a 7 month old daughter that NEVER sit still. As soon as I put one of those DVDs in, I will know where they are! It works wonders!!

Let him chew on his fist if that is what he wants. My son never had interest in teething rings. He did like plastic spoons and soft books.
My son watched TV until about 4-5 months old. I bought the Einstein dvds to make myself feel better, but it really doesn't matter. He just likes the colors and movement right now. I never worried about TV, it was on all the time for the 3 months of my maternity leave. From then until now, he hasn't had any interest in TV. He wants to be moving, playing and reading. I am just getting him interested in TV now and he is starting to learn all the characters on NOGGIN. I want him to watch some, because it makes my life easier (I'm talking 30 minutes a day). Up until this point, I haven't been able to get much of anything done! He still prefers his books which I am very thankful for. So you son's TV watching now won't affect what he does later. He could love it or hate it, just let him watch if it keeps him entertained!

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Sounds like your little man is a strong and bright boy and right on track developmentally. Teething can start as early as four months but if he is not fussy, etc. the hands in the mouth are probably more about self soothing and exploration of the world around him. He should be rolling over quite well at 3 months. We started letting my daughter watch some Baby Einstein at about 6 months old. She is now 18 months old. I am still very hesitant to rely too much on electronic entertainment but 15-30 minutes a day has worked well for us. The colors and images of TV can be overstimulating and kids pick up everything: mood, language, violence, etc so it is good to be really selective about what is on when they are present. Best wishes and I am sure you are making great choices for your son's best interest. Enjoy watching him grow. The baby stage passes so quickly! : )


Hello J..
Kudos to daddy, staying home with his son. Whatever the reason, choice or not, you don't find that much.

I of course have to put my 2 cents worth in about the tv. I realize that it's not ideal, but, well, is it not part of life? My husband turns it on the minute he gets up in the mornings, and it's just part of the day, more so as background noise.

when my daughter was about 2-4 months, she use to watch it as well, for the movement and colors. She also liked the Papa Johns Pizza commerical "Hey Mambo", and always turned her head around so fast and smiled at it. I bought Baby Einstein DVDs and play them all day long. Since the t.v is on, at least is something good. She doesn't watch it too much, it's more of like a radio in the background. She sleeps through it and everything. Now, I do live by Baby Einstein. You can get them on ebay for about $4 each. You don't need too many just a couple. the newest ones out have Sign Language in them, Favorite Places, and "baby Wordsworth". My daughter is recognizing everyday objects and picking up the signs, she's almost 13 months. The other one I really liked is Language Nursery. It has nursery rhymes from MANY languages, French, Spanish, English, German, and more.

Ok, now for the rolling over. GO BABY GO. My daughter was big (10 pounder). She was a very late mover, finally scooted at about 9 months, 10 started crawling. She is finally realizing the past month or so that she can roll over, and is starting walking. Such a youngster for you moving already is great. But Whoa, being on the move changes everything. They are some much more work.

Finally, My daughter was a fister. She always chewed her fingers, fist, arm from about 2 months until her first teeth surfaced at 6 months. She never wanted the teething rings or even my fingers. His hands are easily accessible and always there, so they are also easiest for him.

good luck

I have the baby einstein dvd and love them. However, you just have to limit how much he watches. My son loved to listen to classical music which also helps stimulate the brain. Beethoven, Bach, whatever you can find. They say it helps them in subjects such as, math & science. I just feel you should use your own judgement. Everything else you listed is normal. Different children develop at different stages some faster some slower. Have fun enjoying all of the milestones.

Well first of all, the baby einstein its WONDERFUL!!! buy it you won't regret it, at first he won't look interested but as it goes on he will be and it helps with their brain, development, etc...also if you can as he grows older buy the other dvd's so he'll learn about(body parts,animals,numbers,etc..) those dvd's are excellent a I used them with my oldest son and before he turn 18 months he knew all his body parts and possible animals out there, so try it you'll see the results.

About the fist, don't worry it is normal he is just finding his hands and doing that for him is fun and relaxing too; teeths? maybe no yet for another month or two(ofcourse every baby it's different) but just let him do it, but DON'T let him suck on his thumb if you do you'll regret it later when it will be impossible to break the habit and you'll end up going to the dentist before its really time to go so his teeth won't grow deform, other than that just give him toys to bite on and watch him when he does.

good luck to you, enjoy you son.

J. we don't come instructions i know and it seems to be hard to know what our child wants at times or just wondering if the things they are doing is normal or not right ....?
well sweetie i am here to tell you you have NO WORRIES at all!
The TV thing is a part of his focus and that is excellent he is intriged by it, now i do recommend that you do get him some DVD's or just VHS is fine either one. they are good and i have used them....understand that when you try and change him up to watch what you want him to or when you get in the way of it he might not like that. lol babies are funny i tell ya!
Teething starts at 2 months and can last for 24 months possibly even more! don't worry his fist is the best thing he can put in his mouth as long as his hands are always CLEAN because no matter what you think these toys and all sit around all day in a basket or on the floor beside him and collect germs, dust and other mites....when he starts to play and teeth on them try and spray lysol daily and wash in dishwasher once a week, that is what i do. i don't know about other moms.
our fine though and he is growing on rate where he needs to be no worries and feel free to contact me anytime you have a question i am a SAHM and homeschool my girls.
take care and have a great day!
____@____.com ~ M.

These things are all normal at his age. My daughter likes to chew on her finger when teething. She has never been interested in "traditional" teething toys. Also, she got her first tooth at four & half months so your son teething at threee months is fine.

I would stay away from the TV - the AAP recommends NO TV for children under age 2. There are so many more stimulating things you can do for them. I used to read magazines to my daughter at that age. It was interesting for me b/c it was adult stuff (like Time) & she liked hearing my voice. I really feel TV holds no benefit for infants - I think parents like to think so b/c it is easier for them.

My daughter did a lot of the same things your son is doing. She was rolling onto her stomach by 2 months, which always got me nervous since they always tell you to put them to sleep on their backs, but she'd just roll herself over in the middle of the night. With the TV, you're right, he is fascinated by the colors & sounds, especially if there's music. I've heard a lot of good things about Baby Einstein. As for the fist, he sounds like he might be getting ready to start teething. 3 months may sound early, but it's really not. My daughter started teething at 4 months but unfortunately she didn't cut her first tooth until a week after she turned 1! Every kid is different. Good luck - I hope this helps!

I am sorry that i have to keep this simple but I want to first say that is wonderful how your little one is growing. Each child grows at different rates; some slow and others grow at a faster rate. My first son was two months early and he was rolling over before his actual due date. My second who was full term took much longer and takes his good ol'time. About Tv, yes your baby is stimulated but you are having him use the nuerons at a much FASTER pace than verses what he should be doing. He can become over stimulating or cause him later to have trouble staying focused. Because his brain is being trained to focus on things that are at a fast pace. I think a baby video once is awhile is fine and can be peace of mind for you. But there is reason why Tv is not good because it is dealing with the development of the brain. It is like you are asking your three month to run before learning to crawl. Take time and dance, sing and make funny faces for him. This allows him to be stimulated but also you can takes breaks as you watch his expressions. A tv does not watch for your child's signals. I hope this helps, A.

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