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Desitin Stain

Hello, I'm sure most of you know the diaper change wiggle, so I'm wondering how to get Desitin out of my cloths. My daughter constantly wiggles and usually ends up smashing her bum on my leg after I put her Desitin on. Since it's waterproof, it doesn't seem to come out in the wash, even if I treat it with Oxiclean first. Any suggestions?

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Try pretreating with D. dish soap prior to washing. I put it on & then scrub with an old tooth brush

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I went to Desitin.com and asked them how they suggest removing such a stain. This is the reply I got.... FROM THE COMPANY. Hope it helps!

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt this removal procedure until you have tested the following procedure on a small patch of fabric that is not visible, to make sure that fading or dissolution of the fabric will not occur.

1. First, physically remove from the fabric as much Desitin as you can by blotting with clean soft cloth or, if an abundant amount of the product is on the fabric, gently scrape the product off the fabric using a blunt utensil such as a butter knife.

2.Use hot soapy water as a cleaner, or use a commercially available fabric cleaner or solvent which is formulated to remove a heavily oil/petroleum based ointment such as Desitin. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE LABEL OF THE FABRIC CLEANER OR SOLVENT. You may want to "blot" the spot with a clean piece of fabric when the stain is sprayed with the cleaning solution. This will solubilize and absorb the Desitin.

Several trials of this procedure may be necessary to remove the Desitin. I hope you find this information helpful.

Those color wonder markers.....the ones that are only supposed to color on the special paper..... Well they color on a white chair of mine too. I called crayola in a panic and they told me to use formula 409. It took the stain right out. I have since used it on all kinds of laundry stains. Even grease that my husband brings home from work. I think you should give it a try. It is also a grease remover so I would think it would work. Unfortunately for the clothes that have been washed AND dried in the dryer....they are probably ruined. Once a stain has been put into a dryer it has been "heat set" and is usually there for good. And just FYI oxiclean I have found as a pretty weak stain remover. There is a product out there called totally toddler that toys r us sells that actually will take out formula and baby food stains. Good luck

I swear by Sunlight to get those stains out that Shout or other stain removal sprays don't remove as easily. Great for Desitin stains, as well as formula and other hard to clean stains.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

Mom of Twin Boys

Although this won't help your already stained clothes, I recommend switching to A&D Ointment. It smells better, works just as well and is more or less clear.

I don't know how to get Desitin out of clothing, but I do have an alternative to Desitin. I use something called Bag Balm. I think you can get it at CVS (it was given to me). It's more like vaseline, but gets rid of diaper rash after one or two uses max! It comes in a huge tin, so you will probably never have to buy another one, and it doesn't stain!!! The best part about it is that it doesn't burn when put on (like Desitin can at times). I would HIGHLY suggest trying it!

My mom swears by Dawn dishwashing liquid for ALL stains! May be worth a try!


I use Aveeno baby cream...it's so much better for your baby's skin.


Wash in warm water, try spray and wash. My son uses a lot of Desitin and it comes out in my wash. I don't even treat it but I usually wash in warm water.

I have used resolve to get Desitin out of my carpet. It took 4-5 treatments. I also used a steam cleaner on my carpets. The steam worked better. Also when using resolve in my carpets I got a bucket with hot water to scrub it out with and that seemed to help so I am thinking heat would help you.

By the way, if you little one has bad diaper rash neither Aveeno or A & D will get rid of it. My son has sensitive skin and is prone to rashes and the only thing that works is a coating of cortaid followed by liberal doses of Desitin. The Aveeno and A&D do nothing for it at all. I also change his diaper as soon as it gets wet (he is in pullups at 18.5 months because I love pullups - they have a wetness indicator and they stretch so nicely).

Hi, not sure if it will work but Spray 'n Wash with Resolve is absolutely wonderful and I have used on a number of stains that nothing else could get out. I have not however used it for a Desitin stain. You could always give it a try. Also have you tried Zout, sometimes if the stain is really bad, I'll combine the two on the stain that always does the trick. Good luck.

Dawn Dish Detergent usually takes out anything greasy or waxy. I usually scrub it in with a toothbrush, both sides of the garment.
good luck

My Mom uses all kinds of things on stains. Have you tried M30 from the Dollar General store? It comes in a small tub, in the laundry cleaning area. Not sure if it works.

Dish soap gets the waterproof stuff out, especially Dawn :) It's also used to get the evil stuff that causes poison ivy out of clothes.

Try Dawn Dishwashing liquid. It breaks up grease.

Hey, M.!
I don't know how to get out stains well unfortunately, but I know an awesome cure for the diaper change wiggle! I used it with my daughter when she was around 4-6 months old and I noticed that EVERY diaper change was a Houdini act. The last straw was a diaper change in the back of the car on a hot day house hunting in Pilly that ended up with poop all over the back of the car and her antique dress from her grandmother. It does include spanking in a calm training way (with us it took two light swats on two consecutive changes)and is a very specific technique passed on by my family all of whom have numerous kids-let me know if you're interested. Not everyone spanks, so I won't spell it out here unless you're interested. My daughter never so much as tried to roll over again, it was trauma free, and she has been a cheery little diaper changee ever since. She's now two, so I guess we gotta give up the diapers-but it's so easy and fun to change her!!!!

Try pretreating with D. dish soap prior to washing. I put it on & then scrub with an old tooth brush

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