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Depressed About Turning 30 This Year

Hi ladies! I will be 30 this autumn and I feel so depressed about it! :(
I will step in a new decade in my life and I am not ready for it. I feel like I leave behind my best years, my youth, my health...
Anyone else who felt the same way? How can I overcome this? I want to enjoy the most of what is left of my 20s but the I cannot. I am only thinink that I am getting old and I am only getting close to...my end.
I have a family, a little boy so I don't have any reason to feel this way, but the big 30 is really scary.
Any advise? Will this phase pass?

What can I do next?

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I'm loving my 30s way more than I ever did my 20s.

I agree with everyone else. You wake up every day and are a day older than you were yesterday...so what's the big deal?

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You're only as old as you feel! Quite frankly, my 30's were WAY better than my 20's. Yes the 20's are times of fun, carefree times, but not until my 30's did I start to even BEGIN to understand who I was and what I really wanted. It's been enlightening, and I wouldn't trade it for the 20's ever! (well maybe an occasional Friday night fun night, but I'd probably be yawning by 10pm) :)

Don't stress! You will only grow finer with age! :)

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Are you serious? Sweety, age is nothing but a number. You are as young as you feel. Im 33 years old and have more spunk than my 20 year old daughter.

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I have never held any big drama in my mind about "milestone" birthdays as an adult. Or really, even as a kid (turning double digits, turning 16, etc... it was never about the age--it was about the freedom--driver's license, etc).

When you catch yourself feeling this way, consider the alternative. The only known one is NOT turning 30.... Not really what you want, right?

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Oh, give me a break. Try 55 on for size.

And by the way, it's highly unlikely your twenties will be your "best" years, if you have any imagination at all. And much of your health is up to you, unless you develop some illness -- I've got twenty-five years on you and I'll bet I can outrun you...

Will this phase pass? It's your choice to stop such silly negative thinking. You are a mere youngster, if you ask me. :)

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Let me say this very kindly: this sort of navel-gazing gloom and doom is going to age you far faster than the calendar will.

I had a grandmother who, even when I was seven, would send us letters about how old and tired she was. She lived another 30 years and most if it was a misery if you asked her how she was doing. I loved her dearly, but to listen to her... ugh. You would have been making cemetery reservations for her if you took her too seriously.

Everyone else who said attitude is most important is correct. Consider this: you live in a part of the world where you DO have health care, have access to good food, access to fitness.

Consider what part of your life is informing you that becoming older is a 'bad' thing. What's behind that belief that somehow the Grim Reaper starts getting interested in you?

I loved my thirties. I left a bad marriage, later met my husband at the beginning of that time. I got pregnant at 35. "Geriatric prima?" screw that. I took charge of my life and got good exercise and had a great birth. Now that I'm 42, I am GLAD for the life experience. Glad I'm at a place in my life where I am content, happy with myself and my life and don't really worry about what other people might think of me too much. (as long as I'm doing my part of being a decent human being, that is!)

So, enjoy the sunshine and don't let the top of your coffin start closing on you. You've got plenty of life to live-- how you perceive it and what you do with that time is entirely up to you.;)

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I just turned thirty. Want to know how I feel different? I don't. You don't turn thirty and lose your health, your fun. and your youth. Come on. It's a day. Let it go and LIVE your life. Or, you will turn 40 and be depressed that you didn't live your 30's.

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I was too busy living to ponder how long I was doing it so I hardly noticed, heck 40 flew right by as well, half way to 50 and I am feeling kind of whatever about that one as well.

You can let the date beat you up or you can own it. The latter keeps a smile on your face.

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Oh Geesh, I turned 48 this month.
I guess I have one foot in the grave, huh?

You are not leaving behind your youth or your health - unless of course you decide the maintain the attitude that your life is over once you hit 30.

Because, that is what "age" is - attitude.

It is a number - you will have many numbers in life - it is what you do with them that counts - not what the number is.

I am sorry, but panicking over 30 is just silly.

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Good things about turning 30 or being in your 30's.....
- You have better orgasms. You understand your body better and you are in your sexual peak in your 30's.
- you are more patient.
- you are more understanding.
- you get more respect from "older" folks.
- you know yourself better.
- you get rid of those friends that aren't really friends.
- you don't care what other people think
- you can still change your WHOLE life if you are not satisfied with it.

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i'll be turning 50 in a couple of months and i'm excited about it....it's a chance for a new page/chapter of my life. my son will be 11 and i'm looking forward to being able to still do things with him. most people can't guess my age- most think i'm in my late 30's...love it!!! jsut think of the new chapter that is going to open for you and with a child that is still small and all you can do with him and for him!!! al the memories and time you still have before you!!! turning 30 isn't bad....i had troubles at 25!!

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