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Deodorant at 9 Years Old?

My son has recently started developing under-arm odor. He plays tennis competitvely so he does work up a sweat and he takes baths daily. Seems early to use deodorant. Any suggestions or do I just have a stinky kid?

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Hello helpful ladies,
Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Bedankt for all the help. My son is now using a natural deodorant and so far so good. This is the first time I've ask for advice on this site and it won't be the last. Thanks so much.

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My son started getting underarm funk last year when he was 10. At least that's when I noticed it. He told me it had been that way for a "while." I found some deoderant that did not have the antiperspirant component in it...I heard somewhere that was better when they are so young?

I believe it would be ok. My son started using deodorant at age 10; maybe he would have started earlier if he were playing a sport such as tennis instead of or in addition to swimming.

It is normal. I too noticed my daughter at 9 needed deodorant last summer. I asked around and many of my friends said the same thing, no worries.

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I have many friends that have needed to start their kids on deodorant at an early age. Kids are going through puberty at younger and younger ages and this is a first sign of it. I currently have a 7 year old foster child that I am considering getting her started on deodorant. I am in disbelief that she could be going through this so early, but considering what she has possibly seen it isn't unheard of. There is nothing wrong with making sure that you child had good hygiene at an early age including deodorant. However: I am not a big fan of antiperspirant considering how much aluminum is in them and how harmful that can be to your body.. let alone a 9 year old.

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I believe it would be ok. My son started using deodorant at age 10; maybe he would have started earlier if he were playing a sport such as tennis instead of or in addition to swimming.

Hi, M.. A little late on the response, but I just wanted to mention that Raley's sells a deoderant in their Natural Foods/Health section that is made from sea salt and water. It's really gentle and works really great and best of all - no chemicals!

As a mother of three grown sons, your son does indeed need deodorant now. Some boys develop earlier than others.

When my oldest son was 10 yrs old, his teacher sent a note home asking me to have him use deodorant; needless to say I was embarrassed nearly to death. I didn't realize that he was old enough to need deodorant.

Get him some deoderant/antipersarant 9 is not that young.
They grow up in some ways so fast. D.

I am dealing with the same issue. I have chosen to have him use deodarant, hypoallergenic and no scents. We tried one brand of natural but it was ineffective. (Should probably try others to avoid chemicals) Our original struggle was for him to use it and for me to not make it a critism when he did not. sHe has had to get into the habit of putting it on. I compliment him for smelling good and we talk about how his obdy is changing to attend to more "grown up" habits. He has also increased his showers and is now more mindful of cleanliness. I have found too that the the body odor comes and goes. There may be times when he is not as active where the body odor disappears. Hope this helps! H.

He's a good age for deoderant, if you need it yor need it, he's active and it is still very hot in some areas. J. L.

Nothing wrong with that...deodorant is fine...!!!
Better clean than stinky..

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