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Dental Charges

Hi! Has anyone ever been charged for "oral hygiene instruction" by your pediatric dentist? I find this kind of a bogus charge that should be included in the exam. Insurance will not cover it.

Thank you!

What can I do next?

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Never!!!! Never heard of it! It's usually just a fee for cleaning, x-rays if they are taken but I have never heard of that, sounds rediculous. Ask about it or find a new dentist.

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I gave our dentist office a full copy of our benefits showing exactly what procedures were covered and asked that they only perform what is payable unless I give them prior authorization. They had no problem with this. Most procedures are covered so we haven't had any problem. On the rare occasion that something got billed and nothing was payable on it, I called their office manager and talked to her about it. Each time (again rarely happens) they have removed it from us as showing due and they apologize. You might try this with your office and if they refuse to stick with the benefits payable form, try changing dentists.

Does sound bogus. I would challenge the dental office on that charge and refuse to pay it.

Sounds pretty bogus to me. Sorry not much help, but had to put my two cents in. Good luck figuring it out!

Who did you go to? I'm looking for a pediatric dentist and I don't want to go there. Thanks.

I am very pro Pediatric Dentist so YEAH!!! I would talk to the office and tell them that your insurance won't pay it and they need to reaccess the charge. I am sure they can take care of this charge in some other way. What did they have to teach the child that would qualify as that charge anyway?

We have been extremely happy with Jason Lee, he is over on N. Portland and 52nd. He also has offices in Midwest City. Good luck.

Unfortunatley because insurance pay so little to the Dr., you will find more and more bogus charges, always make your expectations clear when you check in. Tell them you are willing to pay for only what is covered by insurance.

That sounds bogus to me too. The first pediatric dentist I found here didn't allow us to go back with our child on the 2nd visit. My son is very cooperative, so I have mixed feelings on that. BUT, I received a bill 4 months later for flouride and xrays. I called because I don't think they did an xray, and was correct. They removed that fee. Then, I explained they should have told me about the flouride at the time of service and questioned whether they really did it since they already tried to bill me for something we know didn't happen. I requested to be notified at the time of service of all treatment, fees, etc. She said she'd just put a note in that I only wanted services our insurance covered...but what I requested was for them to DISCUSS things with me first and to pay at the time of service for anything not covered by insurance. She couldn't seem to comprehend that so we found another dentist who allows us to come with our child and it's a private setting at our current dentist vs. being in a room with 6 other kids getting treatment.

I would challenge it and refuse to pay it since it sounds bogus. I never paid for the flouride treatment since I didn't preapprove it.

My daughter receives care at a regular dentist and receives oral hygiene instruction as part of each cleaning and exam. I would have to say that is part of their job with your yearly/bi-yearly cleaning. It does sound bogus. I have to agree with the other post on letting them know exactly what your insurance will cover and that all other charges need to be discussed beforehand.

Never!!!! Never heard of it! It's usually just a fee for cleaning, x-rays if they are taken but I have never heard of that, sounds rediculous. Ask about it or find a new dentist.

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