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Deflated Boobs

I breastfed my son for 8 months. It has been about 2 months since I stopped. Before I got pregnant/breastfeed I had pretty large full breasts. Now they are like deflated balloons! I have literally lost 2 cup sizes. Now none of my bras fit me. Do they ever "bounce back"? Or should I just give in and go drop a small fortune on new bras?

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I had the same thing happen to me. I didn't have large boobs to start with, and barely had anything after breastfeeding. I still would have breastfed, but wish I would have been prepared. If it is any comfort, they didn't shrink even more with the next child.

Yep, mine too! All I can say is BOOB JOB!!! I never thought I would be the type a person to get one. But now that I look at my saggy balloons....I can't help but want one. I plan to get a "conservative" one. LOL

I have the same problem. I am still breastfeeding my little daughter (born August 17, 2007), but I can already tell that my breast won't be the same. I have almost every bra size in my drawer (from Cup E to C), but it looks like that I will end up with a Cup B when I stop breastfeeding. (Had a Cup C before I got pregnant)
For the mean time, I bought two very inexpensive bras (Target) and when I stop breasfeeding, I have to go again and buy me some new ones.
I don't know what else to do, but I thought it is nice to hear some other mom's with the same problem.

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I've just finished reading most of the responses to your question about deflated "boobs" and I am disappointed in the amount of emphasis women are putting on the look of their breasts. I think we need to remember that the breasts do not make the woman unless we are breastfeeding. The reason nature gave us these parts were to feed our children not look like Pamela Anderson. (Remember she may have the BOOBS, but can't keep a marriage working). In the past women burned their bras to symbolize freedom. Now we are getting breast implants and push-up bras to emphasize something else. My husband and many other men I know think nothing is sexier than a mother who is comfortable and confident with herself. Sure they look at the Playboy bunnies but at the end of the day they want to come home to their wives who have become mothers of their children.

Go out and spend the extra money on a few new bras to make you feel sexy. Enjoy spending money the extra money on yourself. Usually mothers put themselves last. I used to go shopping and come home showing off new shoes and great clothes for myself. Now I find that I go directly to the baby section even though my son has more clothes then both me and my husband put together. Stop worrying about your "boob" size and start enjoying the precious moments of life. For example the laughter of you child.

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Interestingly, the texture and shape changes in breasts that are attributed to nursing are actually the result of pregnancy. Whether the mom never nurses, or nurses for 25 years, the changes that pregnancy brings will be the same (for that mom -- mom's bodies vary quite remarkably, and some mothers of many children have perky B cups at 80 while other women who were only ever pregnant once for a couple of months may sag tremendously by 25).

Your breasts will keep changing, though, over the coming years - they are sensitive to the hormones of your cycle, and will be fuller and perkier at some points in the month and softer or saggier at other times.

Unless your weight changes a lot, your breasts will end up being pretty close to their original cup size (although the band of your bra will go up, and cups are proportional, not stable, so you may need a bra size that is a cup or 2 smaller to compensate for your larger rib cage measure -- mom's hearts grow during pregnancy!)

That means if you're buying a larger band size, but the same cup size as before, you're getting the wrong size bra -- without your actual breast size changing at all.

On the happy side, though, the softer, less-dense breasts of the post-partum woman are less likely to get pre-menopausal cancer and lumps of all kinds are easier to detect than in firmer, denser breasts of the never-pregnant... There had to be some perks other than the super-cute baby, eh?

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Unfortunately, I think your going to be going bra shopping. They will bounce back if you get pregnant again. I breast fed both my children for a little over a year each. I was a B cup before kids, a C-D while pregnant/breastfeeding, and now, sadly I'm a saggy A cup.

My boobs are the only part of my body that's not back in pre-baby condition! I'm only 25 years old, so I'm definately saving for a boob job!

They do not come back and get worse after each child. I nursed four kids and have empty breasts. They are so empty that they are just skin. Now that I am done having kids I am getting an augmentation done next week. I feel that mine are so damaged. My surgeon stated that I could not do anything to fill them back up. I wish there was something because implants are not cheap!!!

New bras, all the way. I nursed all three of my kids and after each one, I got smaller. I started out as a full B, not big, by any means. After the 3 of them, I was down to a very small A, so I invested into padded bras, I had no problem with that, worked for me. I also only bought padded bathing suits, so I would have a figure. I was also blessed with monster nipples, so I needed padding to cover them up as well as give me size. A few years ago, I had to have a total hysterectomy, and I lost what little I had. Even the smallest bra they made was to big, so, I ended up getting a boob job. I'm now back to a full B. I look normal, like I said, its the size I was before. No one even knows I had them done, and its been 2 years now. I'm in my 40s now. At your age however, I wouldn't go for the boob job. Alot of people I know, get their breasts back. If you gain alot of weight, they'll get bigger, if you loose weight, they'll get smaller, if you stay the same, they get smaller, go figure. I still weigh the same today as I did 25 years ago. Anytime anyone made fun of my little boobs, I'd say, I have 3 healthy kids, and thats all I'd have to say. Enjoy your little guy, they grow fast.

As depressing as it is, they don't bounce back...at least mine haven't and my youngest (of 2) is now 20 mos. old. I stopped breast-feeding when she was 11 mos. old. My breasts are sadly deflated and even a bit saggy, and I was never that huge to begin with. I now require padded, push-up bras. It's a bit sad, but worth it. My 2 daughters have NEVER had an ear infection or required antibiotics for illnesses. I FIRMLY believe in the power of breast milk, so for that I will live with these 'flat balloons' on my chest.
I suggest hitting Victoria's Secret soon-I just stopped yesterday to stock up my lingerie drawer!!
Best of luck to you.

I say buy some bras. I lost a cup size, and hear it's pretty common.

I'm in the same boat, I nursed both my girls. But I hear it's actually the pregnancy, not nursing that affects breasts. I don't know if they bounce back or not... I've gotten pregnant right away after nursing both so I have no idea what normal breasts look like these days. But I did buy new bras after a while, after losing the weight I definately needed new ones. After number 3 I'm investing in a mommy make-over... not really, not brave enough for a boob job! I guess I've just accepted that my body will be a little different after giving birth a few times. Hopefully your man accepts you too!

Yeah, this happend for me too... and guess what, it gave my husband a chance to help me pick out new bras that he didn't mind paying for! So at least you can turn it into a positive. I'm guessing, when/if you get pregnant again, they'll bounce back (until you're finishing breast feeding again)... then it will be back to the saggyness... hence the reason for plastic surgery or a gym membership... all efforts to reclaim our bodies! or just come to terms with all you've been through (the blessings to be able to breast feed your child, etc)... and consider your new shape a badge of honor. Welcome to the club!

Mine never "bounced back". I have breast fed three children and each time they have gotten smaller. I used to be a small C cup and now I am pretty much an A. So I wouldn't spend too much on new bras if you plan to have more children, maybe buy a couple until you are done.

HI Christina
There's hope! I had full D's before getting pregnant, nursing make them Enormous. I thought my husbands eyes would fall out out of his head. After nursing 17 months they were saggy too. But my daughters 5 now, and as I've lost the preg weight, it went slowly, my boobs are back to there normal size. There not as firm, but there better than before. I only have 2 bras at a time since there $$, and I'm still loosing more weight.
Good luck, A. H

I have nursed both of my children for 13 months plus and I can say that my boobs are non extistent at this time. I was small to begin with and when I was nursing my boobs finally looked good and big. After stopping with my first I was so sad to see how deflated they got and my bathing suite looked terrible. With my second I joked I would secretly nurse her until she was five so that I could have nice boobs. Now that I am done nursing her they are even smaller. I honestly am considering after having children getting surgery so that I feel more comfortable in my bathing suite and even in shirts. They are seriously so small now. I love breastfeeding, but it does a number on your boobs.

mine are two different sizes now and i didnt breastfeed at all. :( i never was a bigger size, i just want my prebaby breasts back lol.
you can go to victoria's secret and find the style and size you like then come home and find it brand new with tags on ebay for half the cost. just a suggestion.

I had the same thing happen to me. I didn't have large boobs to start with, and barely had anything after breastfeeding. I still would have breastfed, but wish I would have been prepared. If it is any comfort, they didn't shrink even more with the next child.

SADLY, They don't bounce back and could go even smaller. I nursed both my kids for 12 months...and they got smaller each time. It's sad to admit... Go buy new bras...

I breastfed 2 children and i lost a cup size myself. Its been 8 years and they are still deflated. Good luck. M.

Yep, mine too! All I can say is BOOB JOB!!! I never thought I would be the type a person to get one. But now that I look at my saggy balloons....I can't help but want one. I plan to get a "conservative" one. LOL

I would invest in some good bras and maybe do some pec exercises. Other than that there is not much you can do.

Hi C.,
I too feel like you do. I have three children, and breastfed all of them- one for 6 months, one for 1 year, and one for 16 months. Mine definitely did not bounce back. I am also 2 cup sizes smaller than from my first pregnancy. I would buy the bra's instead of have the surgery. I joking talk about getting a "boob job", but the reality with that is putting something foreign inside of your body is not healthy, and can cause complications with some other health issues in the future. Plus... eventually the fake ones will begin to droop, and if you gain weight, they too will get bigger. I have a friend who has them, and has had health complications with them. She had a totally hysterectomy at the age of 29- about 1 year after getting her surgery.
I have to keep reminding myself that I sacrificed them for the health of my children.
Take Care,

Hi C.,

My situation is a little different, I went from a size C to a DDD. But in the end when I was finished breatfeeding both kids I got the post sag. My size didn't really go down but gravity went to work. On the positive, doing upper arm/body exercises perks them back somewhat...and you can sneak in a post baby workout.

Yep, it's one of the constant reminders I give my husband as to why I need a boobjob! I refuse to accept it! LOL So my bra collection consists of underwire and the fabric equivelant of scaffolding! LOL Really, they'll never be the same, so you'll have to decide what you can live with! It's a small price to pay for those precious babies that I have! So I can't go out braless...frankly, I never did anyway! Why start now?!

I too have this problem!! :( I only breastfed my son for about 2 months. I was a C before I was pregnant, a D while I was breastfeeding, and I have slowly gone down to a small B, my son is one now and I am hoping their are done shrinking! I want to cry something when I look in the mirror. I went bikini shopping not too long ago, everything else is back to pre-baby, besides my boobs, needless to say, bikini shopping was depressing. I am only 21 and plan on having a boob job when I am done having kids! :)

I did, however, notice that when I went back on birth control, it helped to make them a little more full.

Hi C.: I just wanted to let you know that I was unable to successfully breastfeed, but mine deflated too! If it's any consolation, my "baby" is now 16 years old, and they appear to have just recently reinflated somewhat. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but, there's my two cents, for what they're worth. Have fun bra shopping!

hi C.~
Oh yes, the fun of 'post-nursing-boob-syndrome!!' I am pregnant with my 3rd baby, and dealt with the same issue. My breasts were never very large, but after my second child was done nursing, I happened to have a membership at a gym, and I tried doing that one exercise machine that I think guys use to get their chest/pecks- the one where you are sitting down, and you hold onto the machine's handles (one on each side) and kind-of push your arms forward to meet in the middle of you...it actually really helped for me!! I didn't know what to expect from it, but it was great. I plan to try to do the same thing after my next baby is finished nursing as well. I bet you could either go online, or get creative on your own to do a similar exercise at home...
I hope you can find what works for you! God Bless : - )

I'm so sorry to hear that! I had a girlfriend with the same dilemma, and unfortunately, there was no bouncing back for her. It's sad to say, but it looks like spending that small fortune just might be in your future. Very unfair, but still worth it considering what you got out of the bargain. I still feel for you, though. Perhaps you'll feel better if you look at this as a good excuse to pamper yourself and get some pretty new bras?
Much luck,

I have the same problem. I am still breastfeeding my little daughter (born August 17, 2007), but I can already tell that my breast won't be the same. I have almost every bra size in my drawer (from Cup E to C), but it looks like that I will end up with a Cup B when I stop breastfeeding. (Had a Cup C before I got pregnant)
For the mean time, I bought two very inexpensive bras (Target) and when I stop breasfeeding, I have to go again and buy me some new ones.
I don't know what else to do, but I thought it is nice to hear some other mom's with the same problem.

Hi C.,

First of all..CONGRATS on breastfeeding your baby for that long. Second, yes your breasts WILL bounce back, but they will never be quite as full as they used to be. I am still a C, but not as full as I used to be and i didn't fill my C bras like I used to so I started searching for better bras and I have found the biofit at Victoria Secrets to fit me perfect!!! I love them! They are soo comfortable too. Give those a try and let me know if they work for you!! I hope they do! Good luck.

Welcome to motherhood!
Only augmentation like the celebrities have done will make them "bounce back"

It's too bad our culture makes women think that we are suposed to stay "perfect" forever.

It is a priviledge to nurse our children and a cost well worth paying.

Why do you think they make push up and padded bras?
Because MOMS need 'em (-:

I hate to be the one to break to you, but....get the new bras! Mine did fill out some in time, but in the meantime you will need support for the skin and tissue so it can bounce back. Breasts change so much with hormonal changes, it is hard to predict what you will do, everyone is different. When all was said and done with me, I dropped 2 cup sizes initially, and regained one, but I did have to get different bra sizes. Don't spend a fortune, I went to JCPenney, I like their Ambrielle line, and I wait for a sale. After having a heavy chest for so long, I was actually glad to go down in size, it felt great! I hope you feel the same also.

I nursed twins for 5.5 months adn my advice is girl, go get a Victoria's Secret card. And yes, buy expensive bras that make your boobs do wonderful things because they will never do them by themselves again! As long as you feel sexy it doesn't matter if they're real or "enhanced" :)

Either drop a small fortune on new bras, or a big one on a lift and implants. Which is what I am currently saving for.
I breastfed my son for 25 months and let me tell you - they will never be the same... sad to say, but true. Mine are absolutly horrible. Sagging is a nice way to put it! lol... I'm 24, I'm not having anymore kids so there is no way I can just "let it go" I have to get mine fixed.
If your planning on having more kids I'd suggest the new bras. A VERY good bra does help, but I spent WEEKS looking for just one bra that "fit". None really fit me well anymore, but I have found the brand Vanity Fair fits better than any other. Underwire is a MUST!
Good luck!
One good thing though, you breastfed your child! The way I see mine is - It was worth it for my son, but I need to get it fixed for me.

I am sorry to say they do not bounce back until you get pregant again - then they will deflate again forever.


Buy the new bra's, I used to have nice breasts and now mine to are deflated. All I can say is I now have three beautiful children and a padded bra. :)

I had my children back to back, aka stopped breastfeeding my first son at 9 months and was pregnant the next month, so I didn't see any breast deflation. That is until I stopped breast feeding son number 2 and then it was like my boobs just gave up. The dropped from a D to an A and haven't bounced back yet and that was 2 1/2 years ago. I have since "mourned" my boobs and invested in a whole lot of push up bras. :)

Hi C.,
I'm cracking up at how many responses you received on this topic! There were so many mom's out there nodding their heads in agreement as they read your post!

Saddly enough, I have not experienced a bounce back after nursing 2 children for 1 year each either. Fortunately, I found that the Victoria Secret 'very sexy' line of bra's work best for deflated breasts. Under a shirt, I can make mine look fantastic! ;-) Once that shirt is off, it is hard for me not to laugh at them!

Fortunately, I have a very supportive husband who has embraced my new look. I do exercise, and I think that has helped form a muscular wall behind them, but he said that I now just look athletic and healthy. Bless his heart, but I would prefer to look feminine again! :-)

I would suggest trying the bra line I mentioned above. They are a bit pricey ($48/bra), but if you catch the semi-annual sale, it is a good chance to stock up at a much smaller price and risk then breast augmentation!

Hope this helps!


Hi C.,
Sorry! They don't bounce back! I breastfed my son for 11 months. I had nice boobs...now they're mediocre at best. I went from a C-cup to a small B-cup (sometimes I can wear an A!) They also look deflated. It's the price you pay for breastfeeding...but it's totally worth it! Have fun bra-shopping! It's expensive, but your breasts will look so much better in a bra that fits and lifts!

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