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Deer Recipies - Dont like It Dont Respond.

Uhg so last day of the season we get our deer! finally! anyways, I have made taco's and burgers but this meat is dry (more so I think than last year). For those that cook with it can you please give me more recipies for deer meat that give it a little moisture. It seems like last year I had a ton but this year I am fighting for anything. We did get the loins and roasts off of it.

Also does anyone have a good Jerkey recipie? Ours last year did not work well. To much of something but still not sure what.

O and my rug is going to be amazing. I usually try to do something with the hide so that we are not "wasting" anything. This year is a rug for the house.

ETA - For the ground stuff we did add a little hamburger. Must not have added enough lol. I will add more as we cook.

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Rayne Bo- To answer your question I will ask one. Would you rather me be one of those that wastes? Yes we have made blankets, attempted leather, or we give it to the people that do make things out of it. You know those $200 rugs... Yea I get mine by doing it myself. It gives me pride in saying "Cost? no honey I did that!"

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I don't have a recipe, but have you tried brining the roasts? I've had great results with poultry and pork brines. I did a quick google for venison brine and it looks like there are a lot of recipes.

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I know that at a past job, some of the guys got deer and brought in some steaks and grilled them and invited a few of us in the office to join them - and it was good! Asked what they put on it - and it was marinaded in McCormick's mesquite but only for about 15 minutes or so as they said it got to be too much if they let it go longer!

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did you add fat to it when grinding? we always add a bit of beef fat to it.
Spaghetti, lasagna, meatloaf/meatballs (do half ven and half sausage),
I like to do the roasts in the crockpot.
Loins can be cut and panfried or wrapped in bacon and baked or broiled.

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My daughter's boyfriend is a hunter. He got his deer this year as well as last year. 8 point last year. He was really excited. His family uses everything from the deer. He brought over deer sausage. YUMMY!!!!

Rayne Bo Brite - you feel that using the hide as a rug is a "trophy"? Wow! You might want to get out more often. There are a lot of people who use deer hides as rugs.

Good for you 2boysforme for using the whole deer and not wasting. I will see if I can get a couple of recipes for you and send them your way in a PM.

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You can substitute the ground meat in anything that calls for hamburger (that's what my mom does). My mom has also done stir fry.

Here are a few recipes I found. There appear to be a lot more than I would have expected. Go to allrecipes.com & search "venison." Mmmmm.... venison..... :)


ETA: Rayne Bo Brite, my dad has a 20 lb striped bass (aka striper) that he had mounted as a trophy. If he ever got a buck with a fantastic rack, he'd get the head mounted as a trophy, too. It would be one thing if the animal is ONLY be hunted as a trophy, but I've (personally) never met a hunter who wasn't hunting whatever animal for food purposes. Just because we don't HAVE to hunt for our food anymore doesn't mean there isn't merit to it.

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Troy cooks the deer, if I did everything would be jerky. I know for jerky he gets the packets from stores like Cabalas.

I do add Bambi burger to my chili and that is the extent of my cooking deer.

He does the roasts into Italian or Mexican beef.

I wish I knew how he did the tenderloin because that was so perfect. Even my older daughter loved it until she was told it was venison, then she declared she was bamboozled, could she have more. :)

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My ex was/is a big hunter as are both of my children (especially my son) so we have several deer in the freezer. Their dad makes jerky by grinding the meat and using the seasoning packets and then dehydrating - love it! He gave each kid a bag for Christmas and it goes really quickly.

You've got some good suggestions already, but here are a few of our favorites:
- marinate steaks in Italian dressing and grill/broil
- great in stew
- If its really dry, add in some ground pork and its really good in enchiladas
- really not good for you but melt a stick of butter in small cake pan and then add chic bouillion (sp?), Greek Seasoning, garlic powder and seasoning salt. Serve with rice and use some of the sauce over steak and rice
- cut into bite size pieces, wrap in bacon and broil for appetizers
- smoke a roast

I'm impressed you're making your own rug! My son just turns them into to Hides for Habit and gets a pair of gloves out of it.

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I don't know any recipes but can you send me some deer?!

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I've never made venison jerky, although I love to eat it.

I made a simple marinade for a venison shoulder a few years back that was amazing, If I remember correctly, it was olive oil, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, garlic, Tony's, and Worcestershire.
I let it sit for several days in the marinade, then slow roasted it in the oven, and it fell off the bone.

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Ditto on the Venison chili idea. Weirdly one of my best memories of college was my history professor bringing in some homemade venison chili, still dreaming about it 10 years later!

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Venison chili is awesome.
Google it and you'll find lot's of variations.


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