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Debating over Getting a House Dog

I am debating weather to get an house dog from my 15 month old daughter. We have two bigger outside dogs but they are too ruff with her but she loves them and always wants to go outside to play with them, so I thought about getting her a small house dog.

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Well we got a dog. We got a cairn terrier. She was very excited about getting her. I have heard they are easy trained if you work with them. I am a SAHM so it will help out with the training process. We got her a cage to stay in during the night and to take naps in. She has done really good. We have limited her space in the house until we get her potty trained. I have gotten bones and her own toys to play with, so I am hoping that helps with her chewing on things until she grows out of that stage. We have two outside bassethounds and they are both potty trained and did well on not chewing on things that weren't theirs. I did some research on cairn terriers and they are good with childern and make good family pets and are good for my daughters allergies. Thk for the advise.

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I think it could work out nicely. Last Christmas we got two puppies, at the time my daughter was 24 months old. I've heard that getting a dog AFTER the child is born will make them gentler with the child, rather than introducing a baby to a old dog that's not used to kids. Anyway, we have two 20 lb. dogs and they're like my daughter's best friends. :)

Good luck.

I think its a great idea. I have a pekinegese for my 14 month old and she just loves him to death! You have to be careful though, because sometime my daughter gets too rough for the dog!

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I think a dog is great for kids. I have 2 young boys (almost 3 years and 18 months). We have had a miniature dauschand since before either of the boys were born. They love playing with the dog. Although sometimes they are a little rough with her. But they just get used to each other. The dog is great with the boys!

i would but get her an easy to maintain and good with kids type we have a chuahuahuah (or how ever you spell it lol) but those types are not good with small kids something like a spanial small one would b good i hear so good luck hope all goes well and have a good week

I whole-heartedly agree that you should wait a few years to get another dog. You'll end up with a much better dog in the long run, as well as your sanity, if you wait. Your 15 month old doesn't really know the difference b/t dogs and toys at this point, so I think it's better (and safer) to stick with toys. Good luck.

My son will be turning 20 months tomorrow and we have had a house dog..a yellow lab..since I found out I was pregnant with him. That dog is so gentle with him...lets him climb on her and lay on her and now he gives the dog a kiss on her nose!!! When he was about 14 months we got another dog...a chocolate lab and I think he has claimed her to be his dog. She is a little rougher with him since she is still a puppy. He has gotten knocked down a few times but it doesn't seem to bother him. Good luck! The worst part is potty training the dog!!

Pets are great for kids. I have two cats, and one of them adopted the boys. She lets them do just about anything to her, poor thing. :P
Don't forget to check out your local animal shelter. There are lots of great housepets just waiting for a new family to love. And don't automatically think small child+puppy is a good mix, either. Puppies bite. An older, calmer dog might be more what you are looking for.
Good luck, and I hope you find a new family member soon!

I would say yes as well, as long as you have the time now to potty train a new dog and train it in general. Or you could wait til your daugher is a little older and have her help with the obedience training and whatnot. :)

Good Luck!

Do a lil bit of research to find the best dog for her. Some small dogs don't do well with children and some do. So check out the small breeds to make sure they are suitable for her.

I would suggest not getting a new dog to bring into the family. If someone you know has a dog that is already good with kids and is going to be needing to give it up, that would be an option. Or you might try calling the pound and seeing if they have any that are suggested for kids. My kids have a dog that was here before they were born. He bonded with them while I was pregnant and their relationship is great, but introducing a dog that has no loyalty to the family or child at this age maybe be a bad idea. Ie. My daughter will grab the dogs ears and pull them in opposite directions until he is crying so I can stop her. She loves him and just doesn't understand why this is so bad. My son tries to catch him and he doesn't like it, but he has a loyalty to both of them and will not hurt them. I think if you can wait a year or two you will be better off.

I think it could work out nicely. Last Christmas we got two puppies, at the time my daughter was 24 months old. I've heard that getting a dog AFTER the child is born will make them gentler with the child, rather than introducing a baby to a old dog that's not used to kids. Anyway, we have two 20 lb. dogs and they're like my daughter's best friends. :)

Good luck.

I have a two and three year old, i got them puppies about three months ago and got rid of them this weekend. I read what someone else said and it is true. Puppies bite cause they are teething and want to chew on everything. They bit the kids all the time, them the kids loved them so much that they picked them up pulled there ears and everything else you could think of. It made the puppies aggressive and they wanted nothing to do with the kids anymore and would bit them for no reason. Don't want to discourage just thought i would let you know about my experience.

I think its a great idea. I have a pekinegese for my 14 month old and she just loves him to death! You have to be careful though, because sometime my daughter gets too rough for the dog!

I think a small house dog would be ok. Get a puppy that will be able to get use to your daughter pulling at the ears and all the otrhers things that kids that young do. The younger the dog the more adaptable to the kids it will be.

yes, I think pets are great for kids!!! I have 3 kids 1 dag 2 cats and what ever other anoimals the kids can sneak into the house

I think a dog would be great just do your research on the best breeds to have for young children.. We got a golden retriever when he was around 11 weeks old and it seems like he was the perfect age.. and house breaking was a snap.. and now the kids and him love to wrestle on the floor together and he never get rough with them.. and goldens have gentle jawls and feel everything with there mouth and my kids are constantly putting there arms and legs in his mouth and he never bites.. Wonderful dogs to have!!

I agree that a small puppy is not a good idea at this time and that an older dog who is used to children would be much better. My daughter got her first basset hound a few years before she had her first daughter and the dog was so good with the baby. The basset we have now is a "rescue dog" and came with a little baggage - but he is wonderful with the girls. Bassets are a little bigger (between 40 and 60 pounds) but they are so loveable and generally good-natured and good with children of all ages. Although they could probably pull the leash out of the hands of smaller children. *smile*

I will give you my opionion as a professional. I have been a professional dog trainer now for about 3 years. I teach K-9 obiedience classes as well as do personal lesson for in-depth behavior issues.
Here it is:
THINK HARD!!!! Bringing a new dog into a family can be difficult, espically with having a small child. Have you ever had a "house dog" before? It is different than having an "outside dog". I don't mean to be mean...but the "outside" dogs don't jump on your daughter b/c they are "outside" dogs, they jump b/c they are not trained. You will have the same problem with an inside dog if you don't train it. If you are unfamiliar with how to train dogs, it can make a problem seem worse when the dog is in your house and around the family all the time. You might want to consider taking your outside dogs to an obiedience class so that you can learn how to teach them better manners so your child can play with them. Plus, they will like it. Dogs enjoy the mental sitmulation of training.
If you do decide to get a "house" dog, do your research. In general, small dogs are NOT recommend for small children. They are more prone to nip and bite b/c they need to defend themselves. They can be EASILY hurt by a toddler. You would want to consider a breed that is good with children (meaning it has a mellow temperment) and at least 30 lbs or bigger. You will want an older dog (at least 2 years of age or older). 2 is about the age that most dogs reach mental maturity (it can be about 3 for some breeds). I recommend giong through rescue, and you will want to find a dog that is not shy or skittish and has been around kids. You will also need to take grooming into consideration...some breeds shed more than others, some breeds will need haircuts (but they tend not to shed). But remember, if you get another dog IT WILL HAVE TO BE TRAINED!!!!! No dog comes into a family perfect. They have to learn manners, and they have to learn how to be a part of your family. That can be hard for some people to learn. If you would like to discuss this decision more in depth, you can email me direct at: ____@____.com
Helping families decided on adding to the family with pups is something I deal with alot with my clients. I am sure I can help.

Hi K.,

I personally think that getting any dog for a 15 month old child is a big mistake. Small dogs are more prone to bite then bigger dogs, and small dogs are more easily hurt by children. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against dogs or children, I have both, but I think you are better off waiting to get a dog for her when she is at least old enough to understand how to behave with a dog, 7 is a good age for that. If you do decide to go ahead and get a small house dog anyway, then you will have to watch her with the dog constantly to prevent accidents to both of them. My kids are much older, and we just got our dog last year. Good luck whatever you decide to you want to do.


well I have a one year old daughter and we got two of our dogs while I was still pregnant with her. We trained them by using a fake baby with real clothes and a diaper on. They have always been gently with her. although now that she stands and cruises she does get knocked down a lot but she doesn't even notice.

we ended up with a mini daschund for several months and she got so attached to him when we finally had to give him back to our niece in law since she finally found a house that would allow her to have him. My daughter would start throwing fits because she missed him so much. we had to buy her a new dog since we couldn't get the other one back cuz he had been stolen.
we got a 3 month old sheltie. He is smart and energetic. they are talkers but learn quickly. I still have issues with potty training him but that is because I can't just let him out the door thanks to the neighbors chickens. But he does really good with her and is patient he does nip at her just a little bit when she gets to rough if she has a handful of hair. but never hard enough to even leave a mark. if she doesn't have ahold of him and she gets rough he runs away. The hardest part is trying to figure out what breed would work best for you.

K., you've gotten a lot of feedback, but I'll give you a little more I guess :) Dogs are great animals for kids, but as many of said, it is not a good idea to get a puppy at this age, unless you can spend every minute that the baby and dog are awake near them, because like my 17 mo. old they will tug on the dog and want to lay and snuggle with the dog and puppies are just too playful. Older dogs are harder to place than puppies because people want them all cute and cuddly, but in your situation, an older dog that you won't have to house train and that's used to kids is exactly what you need. I would scan the papers for people looking for good homes for older pets that are used to kids. The shelter would be great, as long as they know the animals background.
A few good indoor breeds to look for that should be good with kids are pugs, dachshunds, bassets (but they will bay), scottish terriers and their white twins the westland terrier, welsh corgies, and shetlands are all pretty reliable and good house sized dogs.

Good luck!

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