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Dealing with an Ectopic Pregnancy

Has any mom out there had or knows someone that had an ectopic pregnancy- abnormal pregnancy where the egg implants elsewhere besides the uterus. Sonogram after sonogram starting at 5 weeks (2/15), they could not detect where the egg was up until March 2008 when i went to the ER early in the morning complaining of sharp lower abdominal pains. I went in for a sonogram and they found the enlarged egg in the right tube. Luckily the tube did not burst and they were able to save both of my tubes. They did find a lot of endometriosis in my right tube. My OBGYN thinks this is why I had the ectopic due to blockage in the tube. However, my main concern now are how long will it be before I get pregnant again and if there are any risks. SO far my husband and I have been unsuccessful in conceiving again (2 months now). I got pregnant right away the first time around and not sure why this time around we haven't been able to. Any answers or suggestions would be great.

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My doctor is awesome. His name is Dr. Richard Robers and they specialize in things like this... Please call him. ###-###-####. Good Luck!!
Barb G.

2 suggestions: Dr. Sami David and Clear Passage Therapies.
I used the former who diagnosed and treated my endometriosis and I subsequently had my son, and the latter is a group for whom I worked who address tube problems and other fertility issues thru physical therapy. Dr. D's phone number is ###-###-#### (I think--he's on Park Ave and 87th street). You can google CPT for info and or call 1866 ###-###-####.
good luck,

Hi K.,
I did know someone with pretty much the same story. She too had an ectopic pregnancy, and endometriosis. She had a hard time getting pregnant before and after all this. But, now she has a beautiful baby boy (now 11 mon.)Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Hi! Sorry to hear about your loss. I was also diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy (less than 2 weeks ago), so I understand your concerns. My OB/GYN told me we could start trying again in 3 months, but it may take longer for me because I had to have my left tube removed. Most of the research I've done indicates a 70-80% success rate if both tubes are intact, however there is an increased risk of a second ectopic. Don't get frustrated, though...you've only been trying for 2 months! It may take a little longer. Relax and try to enjoy the process! They say that 1 in 60-100 pregnancies end up ectopic, but I've yet to hear from anyone else who has gone through this, so please keep us updated on your progress!

Hi K., I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hear ectopic pregnancy is very painful. I have not had one nor do I know anyone personally. I'm sure if you became pregnant once you can do it again. You tubes need time to heal. I will pray and I'm sure you will conceive at the right time (God's time) Think happy thoughts and make sure to make a deposit in the "baby Bank" as often as possible. I know the dad will be happy about that thought. My best, Grandma Mary

Hi K.,
I know what it's like to struggle to get pregnant. It took my husband and I close to five years to conceive, so I know how frustrating it can be. Has your OBGYN ever told you about a hysterosalpingogram? This is where they shoot dye into your fallopian tubes to check for blockages and in many cases it can actually clear out your tubes. This might help to clear you out, so that you can try again. My Doctor was getting ready to do one on me to rule out any problems in that area and he told me it helps to get women pregnant as well. Don't get frustrated, it's going to happen. If you haven't had one of these already, try asking your Doctor about it! Good Luck sweetie!

Hello ,
I also had an ectopic pregnancy but mine did burst and they were not able to save my tube. With one tube, I was able to conceive in less than9 months. Don't worry, you will be fine.

So sorry to hear about your ectopic. I also had an ectopic pregnancy - in my case they had to remove the tube. I now have a 10 month old daughter. A couple of thoughts: first make sure you are comfortable with your obgyn and that they help you feel comfortable with your questions and concerns around this. Second, I found research that says once you have one ectopic you are at risk for having another. Make sure you get a blood pregnancy test if you think you are pregnant - the urine tests sometimes don't pick up ectopic pregnancies. The ectopic operation is major surgery so make sure you give your body (and mind) time to heal. In terms of getting pregnant I agree with everyone - it's very important to relax. I used accupuncture as a fertility aide and recommend it. I also did the basal temperature charting and that helped us know the best times to have sex. Good luck!

HI K.,
I am assuming that when they removed the egg in your fallopian tube and found the endometriosis they laser cleaned you up. That should make it easier to get pregnant. Two months is not a long time to try so relax and be patient.
I have a friend who does reflexology on the nerve endings of feet and she has helped several people who were trying to get pregnant. They now all have children so you might look into having some reflexology done. It hurts a little the first time or two but can become very relaxing and beneficial.

I'm sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. I just want to reassure you that two months of trying is not a long time and you should not be concerned at all at this point. After a pregnancy, even if it ends early, your body will take a long time to recover and get back to a regular menstrual cycle. Even when you period comes back, it can be irregular and you may not ovulate right away either. Give it about 6 months and your body will start to get back to a normal cycle. So right now, just concentrate on eating healthy and taking care of yourself and enjoy the "practice." Then in 6 months, if nothing happens, then you may want to go out and buy the ovulation kits, etc. Also there is this great site that will track your period for you and tell you when the best dates are for ovulation. It works best if your cycles are regular. http://www.mymonthlycycles.com
Another point I wanted to make is that having endometriosis does not mean that you will definitely have trouble conceiving. One of my close friends has had it since she was a teenager. She was always told by her doctor that she would have a difficult time conceiving. Funny enough, she got pregnant while on birth control with her first daughter, and then found out that she was pregnant with twins when her first daughter was about a year old. Talk about surprises! So it can happen and the fact that you got pregnant once before increases the odds that it will happen again.
Good Luck!

I went through this in 1990. Hurt like heck! I couldn't stand or walk the pain was so bad. I was told I could never have anymore children..haha..I had two more.

I did manage to concieve in 1992 and everything was fine.

Give your body some time to heal. Let nature take its course. Once you get busy focusing on something else...God will supply a miracle.


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