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Daycare Provider Needs Medical Note (What Should I Write)

My kids are about to start a new in-home daycare. The lady who is watching then needs me to write a note about medical treatment, giveing her permitssion to treat them. What should I write?

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Hi, I provided childcare in the past and just recently retired.. It is state law in michigan that providers have all medical info and treatments on file.


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A lot of the Dr. offices and Hospital ER's have forms for you giving permission for someone to seek medical help for your child. I think I would also tell her that if they need treatment to call you first unless of course they are bleeding or something like that. I wouldn't want someone to just give them meds unless I know about it. I hope this helps and if you can't find the forms email me your address and I will see if I can find some for you. ____@____.com

Is that a new thing? I never had to do that for my daughter...I hate to ask but is this someone you know personally? I really wouldn't want anyone making medical decisions for my daughter besides my husband and I.

I'm a state licenced in home day care provider and the state gives you the child info cards to have filled out by the parent. It should be enough in a medical emergency.

I think you need to be careful and include the father's input. I know for myself I am not comfortable with anyone treating my son unless it is putting ice on something. (I had something hidden at my previous daycare.)

I use oils, homeopathics and massage like crazy for my child to make him feel better - unless we have no choice to go to the ER. I even taped up an injury myself as my husband and I decided together that an all night wait in the ER was not going to be worth treating my son's cut that he had... then decided to just let it be as it was less trouble than it was worth. My son got over the incident in two minutes and was fine. I followed up with our Pediatrician the next day (we were first in the door) and he was healing wonderfully! So, that actually made me feel good... and not one of us were exposed to any nasty germs or sickness in the ER waiting room (in the dead of winter and flu season!).

You might be able to get a medical release form from your Ped. Other wise just plainly state that you give _____ permission to take ______ to Dr Soandso or the Emergency room in case of an emergency. You also might want to give her a photo copy of their health cards.

Most hospitals, etc require that these notes be dated as in "This note is good from __________ to __________" I usually put something like I, _______________ give permission for ________________ to seek and auhorize medical treatment for _______________, and ___________ in the event that a parent cannot be reached."

I usually put my contact (and hubby's) on bottom of note, and you should also include a photo copy of ins. cards.

This is how mine reads...

In the event of injury, illness, or general concern for his/their well-being, I, (Jane Doe), express my consent for (Sally Moe), or her designee if she is not able, to seek general or emergency medical or dental treatment for (Johnny and/or Jimmy Doe) while in her care, if unable to contact mother or father.

Then I sign it and date it. If it is short term, I include specific date for which the note is applicable. I put all contact information for myself and my husband on it - work #'s, cell #'s, etc. I also scan their insurance card and immunization cards, include their ages, birthdates, approximate weights, allergies, pediatrician's name and contact information.

Hope this helps.

Nobody is going to 'make medical decisions' for your child! This form is only for emergency medical treatment and the ER knows that. They will make every effort to reach the parents, but they MUST have permission to treat the child if you are not available. I would be TERRIFIED if my daycare didn't have my permission to treat my child in the case of a broken bone, head injury, severed artery, etc. I leave a medical release every time I leave my child with a family member or friend. It doesn't need to be fancy...but it is very important!


Is this home licensed? I ask because in the licensed home the state gives you a child info card that has that on it... It basicly says that you give her permission to have your child looked at... If the provider is asking you to write one out I would write it so it says something like...
In the case of emergency I ------give -------- permission to seek medical care for my child---------- until I or someone related to the child can be contacted and arrive.
Also include any allergies on that sheet. Just because the person seems calm and collected doesn't mean that she will remember everything.... Sign it with your name and emergency numbers.

Hi, I provided childcare in the past and just recently retired.. It is state law in michigan that providers have all medical info and treatments on file.


Here is a link to one you might want to use...


Good luck!

N. ~
you should be able to go to the local hospital and ask them for a form. They have a pre-printed form that you can fill out.
If you just want to hand-write it, you can put
I give ________ permission to authorize any emergency treatment for my child _______ while she's in ________'s care.
I would include any allergies or medications on there, or any medical treatment that's important. Also, all of your contact information. Then you and your husband should and date it.
I'm not really sure how long the form would be good for, but I would think 6 months or so.

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