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Daycare Closings in the Cold Weather

I have an issue with my daycare provider who has decided to close every time the local school district closes. This would include today and tomorrow. Last year this didn't happen, but they changed their policies this year and they are working on day 3 of snow/cold days. I was wondering if everyone's daycare centers are closed due to the cold weather or if they stay open in this weather. It's a little hard for those of us who have to work but now have kids at home all the time!

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Luckily, we don't have to pay for daycare when they close due to the weather. I haven't heard of any other daycare center that's closed just because school is closed. It is a privately owned daycare center, not run out of a home.

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That is ridiculous. A daycare provider should not be closing because of cold weather. My step children's school closed because of cold weather and I was livid. I think that is unacceptable from a school let alone a daycare. Swith if you can.

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My daycare closed once last year due to snowfall amounts and they have closed early once this year when we got a ton of snow. They didn't close today and they aren't closing tomorrow. I've heard of other centres closing but was thinking the same things as you. Its not like the kids are outside so what does it matter? Sometimes I wonder if they just use this as an excuse???

What daycare do you go to?

What does your contract say? I am a home daycare provider, and I have been thinking of closing my daycare when the school district closes. I've been considering this for a few reasons. The first is a liability issue. If there is alot of snow or ice, I am home alone and can not get out to shovel or salt. I have a raised ranch home with nine cement stairs which can be very slippery. I'm afraid of a mom holding an infant in one hand and a toddler in the other trying to manuver down the stairs. I don't know if anyone will sue me if they slip and fall! The second reason is I feel I have been taken advantage of with school age parents who bring their school age child for a full day even though they are not going to work. Having the school agers makes the day more difficult sometimes. I do realize that some parents actually do have to go to work, so I have not changed my policy. I did close last year in the ice storm that we had because I could not remove the ice from the railings. I did credit parents for the daily rate.

That is ridiculous. A daycare provider should not be closing because of cold weather. My step children's school closed because of cold weather and I was livid. I think that is unacceptable from a school let alone a daycare. Swith if you can.

My center has never, ever closed - except on the days the specify at the beginning of the year.

They actually send emails/post notices with the weather warnings and say - "We WILL be open - no matter what."

My question is...Do you have to pay for the days that they close?

My daycare is never closed for snow or cold. Once they closed because they had no power from a storm in the summer and it was supposed to be 95 that day. Shortly after they installed a generator. They are closed for all major holidays and have teacher in-service days on President's day and Columbus Day. they also have before and after grade school daycare and take the kids the whole day if their school is closed.

I do not close my home daycare due to inclement weather. As a matter of fact, I sometimes have a school age brother or sister attend on a snow day to help the family out. If parents are able to get the children to my home, I feel it would be inconsiderate of me not to do my job, or to help out if possible. I do, however, charge a late fee if the parents are unable to pick up the children at a reasonable time.

My sons daycare center was closed yesterday due to the weather (I stayed home), they are open today. We have to pay them the full amount whether he is there or not, no matter what the circumstances. I forgot to add that our daycare center closes when the school district is closed, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

When I worked in a center we did not close due to weather. As a family daycare provider I also do not close due to weather. It is hard on parents when there are snow days that is why some of the schools stay open and tell the parents it is up to them if they send their child or not. On the other hand I do not understand why the parents that are not working still seem to bring their child to me in this horrible weather just because I am open. I would only take my child out if I had no other choice. Maybe you can find a local high school student that will babysit for you on snow days. I am sure they would like the extra money. I hope you are not paying your daycare provider when they close for snow days. Actually I am upset that my daughter school did not close today. She's in high school and these kids drive from all over. What if their car breaks down? Plus some of them park 20 minutes away form the school. That is a dangerous walk in this weather. I just feel it would have been safer if they would have taken a snow day.

The daycare my kids go to only closes if school is canceled due to bad weather, not cold temps. If school gets out early they do appreciate it if you can get them asap, but will not make issue of not being able to.
I think it might be one of those trendy rules... I think that if it is a home daycare and you can get there you should be allowed to drop your child off, if it is a daycare with employees I understand that the roads are bad enough kids can't go to school, we shouldn't expect anyone to get out unless they have to.
I took my kids today.

My daycare has not closed yet, even when every other school in the area was called off.

What's written in the contract? If there isn't any wording as far as closing due to inclement weather, then if I were you I'd demand a refund for the days they do not provide care.

What is written in the daycare agreement? Sounds like they changed their policy and advised parents, but did they do this at the start of the school year or recently? Is this a home-based daycare or external?

Most external daycare businesses follow the school district since if it's bad weather and road conditions, better for everyone to not be on the road at all. (Also daycare workers often have school age kids and need to remain home to care for their kids - not your problem, but certainly may be a factor when they wrote the rules.) I think closing due to extreme cold temps is a bit ridiculous and is probably more enforced due to school bus transportation, etc versus typical weather-related reasons.

I work fulltime and it's not easy since it's usually me and not my husband that has to make the change in schedule. Let's hope this winter weather leaves quickly!

I also babysit in my home. I do not close when my own kid's school closes. I would try to talk to your provider and explain that it is very hard for you to take off from work everytime her kids have a snow day. It is tough to have my kids home plus all my daycare kids, but that is my problem, not the parents I work for.

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