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Day Care and Illness

Hi everyone, my son started day care about 2 and a half months ago when he was 13 months old. Prior to this he was at home. Before he started day care he was only sick once or twice but nothing major. Since starting day care he has basically been sick off and on the whole time. My doctor has had to put him on antibiotics three times so far, which I hate. It seems that he will get better with them for about a week and then it all starts over again. I really don't want him on anymore antibiotics either because I am afraid he will start to build an immunity to them. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or if it is possible that I should look into other day cares? I have had some small issues with this one anyway and this is just adding to it. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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Thanks for all of your answers! I forgot to mention that I am a vegetarian and while I do feed my son some meat, it is very limited. We try to give him protein from other sources and he eats lots of fruits and vegetables. I am really hoping that helps in the long run. I kind of figured that this was just something we would have to go through but it has seemed excessive. At least I know that it is pretty normal. I appreciate the responses!

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If you don't like the daycare switch, but, as the other posters have noted, he'll get sick where ever you put him. It's a bummer, but it happens almost every time.

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They could all be OCD and bleaching everything in sight every minute, even ignoring the kids to do that, and your son would still be exposed to germs. Kids sneeze, grown ups do too. Not to mention, you go to work and bring home germs, touch things in the grocery store etc. It's one thing to stay home and keep the baby away from the world. But one daycare vs another isn't going to be better or worse unless, you choose a smaller in-home daycare. That's not to say that we don't have illnesses. But we have them less than a daycare with 100 kids.

The bottom line is, your son needs to build up an immunity. Fevers are there to help the body fight the illness. It's up to you to wait a few extra days and try and let him fight off the viruses. But if you want him better quickly so you can go right back to work, then you will just have to deal with this. It's a normal part of growing up. Even if you could keep him home until he's 5, he'd start this whole sickness process when he starts school.

What are you going to do? Let's say for a minute you go to a lady that keeps 4 children. They each have 2 parents that each go to various jobs. Some of them have older siblings that go to big schools with hundreds of students. Each of the other children go to grandmothers and cousins on the weekends. All of the families go to playgrounds nights and weekends. Do you see what I mean? Even the smallest daycare is getting exposed to germs on exponential levels.

If you can get your son to drink a lot of very watered down juices, chew on chewable vitamin c's, eat soup with lots of garlic in it, and limit your night and weekend outings, you'll help him to fight these viruses. The more vegetables he'll eat the better.

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If you are not happy then switch; however, most kids when they first start daycare are exposed to germs that are not in your home so they do get sick. your child will build up their immune system the more he is exposed to, and annoying as it is, but better be sick alot now then when in school. I am not sure what he keeps comming down with and if antibiotics are reeally needed for these colds or if your doctor is one of those to give meds for everything.

Sorry this does not really answer the question but food for thought.

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M. - I can totally empathize with you on this. My son started daycare at 8 months and now he is 10 months and has been on antibiotics twice. The first time it was more of a precaution since his doc couldn't conclude if it was an ear infection. The second time was definitely an ear infection.

This happens to almost every child and mine is breast fed too but almost all parents that have kids in the daycare say that this is very typical and it feels like they are constantly sick for the first year or so and then they slowly build up that immunity and once they get to kindergarten they are hardly ever sick. I have heard this so many times so I am hopeful.
I hate that he needs to get on antibiotics but antibiotics will help them to get better a bit quicker. You don't have to give your child antibiotics for every ear infection if you are okay with a slower healing process.
Frequent ear infections warrant putting tubes on kids and I hope I don't have to get to that point and the fact that my child is breast fed will help in that regard.
You should switch daycare if there are any red flags and your gut is telling you something is wrong but switching daycare, in my opinion, is not going to make the illnesses go away.
You too will build that immunity along with him and soon you will be one of those moms who hardly ever get sick.

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Our son missed about 1/3 of the time at daycare the first few months he started when he was two. There's a silver lining to all of this. Once your child gets through this rough phase, he's going to have a rock-solid immune system. Knock on wood, I can't even recall the last time our son was sick. We're talking years. If your child wasn't going through this now, he would when he started preschool or kindergarten. As soon as young kids get exposed to other young kids, they start catching every bug going around.

I second the others in that just because your child gets sick frequently, doesn't mean it's a poorly run daycare. Kids spread germs so easily and no amount of cleaning is going to keep up with them doing it.

As far as antiobiotics, I would really make sure they're essential. If not, skip them so they will work in the future for more serious needs. You can always decline a doctor's requested treatment and ask for alternatives.

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thats just daycare for you. i went through the same thing with my son and it took him a few months for him to adjust and stop getting sick so often. we had a nice long stretch of noone getting sick adn then last weekend we all got the stomach flu b/c it was going around his daycare :(

that being said, make sure that your daycare has a good sick policy (i.e. if the kids are sick, send them home instead of letting them come to school and getting everyone else sick). they prob already have this policy but check just in case.

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If you aren't happy with the daycare then switch. As for the illnesses, that is to be expected if he didn't have this type of exposure before, and the time of year it is. My last day care had a lot of illnesses, the current doesn't have as many, but illnesses will come and go. Just got through with pink eye and bronchiolitis. There was also hand food and mouth earlier. If your gut says to switch, then do so, but your child will still get sick. Everyone puts everything in their mouths and they are touching and grabbing everything at that age.

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My 2 years old son is going through the same. Two months ago he started a pre-school for 2 days out of a week for 4 hours each. Since then he has been sick 4 times. That's a lot. Before that, he had cold 2x in two years. I am feeling bad about it too. However, as bad as it is, I am being told that it is going to help him build his immune system. I totally understand what you are going through. Please hang in there, it will get better. It has to, because that is what I am looking forward too.

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of course he didn't get sick that much before daycare because he was not exposed to it. It will happen even if you put him in a different daycare. I would like to know what your doctor is treating with antibiotics for there is no reason to treat every sniffle with antibiotics if he is getting ear or sinus infections it is possible that they are just not clearing with the antibiotic your doctor is prescribing and that your son needs something stronger.

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