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Daughters Curly Hair....

My daughter has beautiful curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it. Since I don't have curly hair I don't know how to brush it. We have bought the Johnson's conditioning shampoo for curly hair & use detangling spray. I even bought a bristle brush ( I heard that helps) but so far no avail. I just don't want my daughter to grow up hating to brush her hair. So, my question to anyone who has delt with curly hair is....how do you deal with it? :)

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Thank you sooo much to everyone for their advice. Here is what I decided to do: I went out & bought Suave kids conditioner w/ detangler. While she is in the tub w/ the conditioner in her hair I comb it with a goody ouchless wide tooth comb I bought. Soooo easy to comb now. After she gets out we get all the water out of her hair & then put a leave in conditioner in it. In the morning I spray her hair with some water to fix the bed head & then put more leave in conditioner in it. I am planning on getting her a silk pillowcase also. So far all of your suggestions have been working well for us & she LOVES not having to deal with the brushing after baths now! Thank you again for all your help & advice. It really did help & I can already see the benefits. :) By the way her hair is more curlier than ever!!!!

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Giovanni Direct Leave-in is an excellent detangler. I use that and a Denman brush which you can get at Sally's and it works wonders. Giovanni brands are at whole foods, tj maxx, and the healthy/organic sections in the grocery store. Good luck!

I am a hairdresser and found that plastic picks or the long wide tooth detangle combs by Mebco are the best. They are antistatic. Try a leave in conditioner by Sunsilk called Defrizz it si awesome. Just apply to midway of hair and down or may cause greasy look if applied to close to the scalp. Good luck!!

Angela P has great advice. In addition, do not brush. Comb her hair out when wet with a wide toothed comb. Then scrunch extra fluid out with a towel. My hair always needed a little leave-in conditioner to weigh it down and control it a little bit. Defrizzing serum is always a plus too.

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Hi! I have curly hair and two daughters with thick, semi curly hair. After YEARS of struggle, I have found that a few things really work. Don't wash her hair every day. Curly hair tends to be dry and coarse and washing it removes the natural oils. Don't brush her hair, comb it when it's wet and let it dry naturally (when she gets a bit older, you can buy a diffuser and use it on your hair dryer for special occasions). On days you don't wash her hair, put conditioner in it and let it sit for a few minutes. She's probably too young right now, but when she gets older, Pantene makes some great curly hair conditioner. Don't overdry her hair with a towel. Squeeze most of the water out, untangle and comb it and let it be. The more you touch curly hair, the frizzer it gets. Curly hair looks adorable in pony tails and tends to hold braids really well. You can also try this website: NaturallyCurly.com. It has a lot of advice on how to deal with curly hair for kids and even has reviews of salons that cut curly hair. It is REALLY hard to find a good stylist. Most of them can't handle cutting curly hair. They cut it too short or cut it so that it sticks out in a wedge. Be careful who you take her too. It is really easy for stylists to mess up curly hair if they don't know what they are doing (I speak from experience!!!) and make sure the stylist knows exactly what you want when they cut your daughter's hair. I don't know if she has bangs or not, but if she does, you might want to grown them out. Curly bangs are a pain. As she gets older, just make sure she knows how to take care of it and how great it is to have curly hair (I wish my girls had gotten more of my curl!!). Don't be surprised if the texture of her hair changes at puberty (her hair could curl more or less). Curly hair is notorious for changing with hormones!!! Have fun with it!

A little about me:
Working mom of two beautiful daughters (6 and 4 yr old) with LOTS of hair!!

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I have curly hair and here's what I do:

I only wash it 1-3 times a week, depending on when it looks like it needs it. I condition it every day in the shower, but no shampoo. I also use shampoo with no laureth sulfate which is bad for drying your hair out.

I never brush it! Never. I use a wide tooth comb and only comb when wet.

I just scrunch in some mousse and then let it air dry or blow dry it with a diffuser in the winter. That's it!

I hated my curly hair when I was younger. My mom has straight hair and didn't know what to do with it. Onc eI figured it out, though, I loved it! Still do!

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I myself have very thick curly hair and I have a daughter with the most beautiful curly tendrils. It helps cause I have it too. How to take care of it... I wash her hair with conditioning shampoo, then put a little bit of conditioner. Detangling spray helps a little, but I also use Silk Drops (shine serum). I brush with a padded brush and start from the bottom working out little tangles as I work my way up. My hair get VERY tangled and this is the way I brush mine as well. Once I can brush through her hair, then I can put it in ponytails or whatever style. It's nice cause all you have to do is twist the hair around your finger and it curls so pretty! Hope this helps!
- C.

I am in the same boat as you. I have found the best way to handle her hair is to wet it down before brushing it. I never use a bristle brush. We use either a wide tooth comb or a brush with the plastic tips. I also found it is best to use "grown up" shampoo and conditioner. The baby stuff just doesn't get it done well enough for me. We only wash her hair every 2-3 days. Frequent washing seeems to dry it out. (that could just be my daughter) Good Luck!

I NEVER use bristle brushes on my hair - hate them! I felt like all they ever did was brush the top of my hair. Use a brush that has the ball tipped plastic "bristles" that are spaced widely apart. This is much better. Or use a nice, thick, wide-toothed comb. This is even better for curly hair.

First, make sure you are starting at the bottom when you brush her hair. Hold her hair above where you are brushing (so as to not be pulling on her head) and do small sections at a time, moving up when you get the tangles out at the bottom. Always start at the bottom.

Secondly, always brush her hair BEFORE washing. Water tightens up tangles (and curls), making them more difficult to comb out. Make sure all tangles are gone, and then you can wash.

Third, you need to get a good conditioner. All in one (shampoo/conditioner combos) are not enough conditioner for curly hair. I don't use Johnson's products (I use natural hair and body products) but there are gentle conditioners for children. I am serious on this one: shampoo/conditioner combos always left my hair tangly and icky. Also, never pile the hair on top of the head. THis tangles it as well.

After you shampoo, put the conditioner in and leave it while you wash the rest of her body. Then, at the end of the bath/shower, comb through her hair lightly with your fingers to make sure all tangles are gone. With the conditioner in there (and if you got rid of all tangles BEFORE washing) your fingers should just glide through. Then rinse.

You can comb (again, huge wide tooth comb)through after this, then towel dry. Leave it. Don't use a blow dryer.

Detangling spray doesn't work that well on curly hair. If you do the steps I mentioned, it will become routine and you'll find it much easier to deal with, as will she. Don't wash tangled hair ever. Make sure all tangles are gone before.

hi A.,,
my yougest son was very corly headed i'd never curly hair.so i was in where you are now,,,,,,,,but i leared an easy idea i just got up every morning ans spayed his hair with water and it made the curly ringlets and that was it you dont bruch it anymore now they have leave stuff to hold the hair like that all the time
Good luck L.

My daughter is 3 and has long curly hair.
We use the suave 2n1 kids shampoo/conditioner. Every other day, I also use a regular grown up condition and let it sit a little while before rinsing.

I comb through it at night, and then I pull it into a pony high on her head. This keeps it from getting too tangled while she sleeps. She really mattes her hair when she sleeps.

In the mornings, I let it down and spray on some detangler and comb through it.

I agree that it is easier and she fusses much less if I start with a section at the bottom, get that combed, then move up, and up.

I have curly hair and my mom started hot-rolling it at age 4 or 5 until I took over when I was about 10...don't do this to her!!

I would brush it when it was wet. You can put something in it just to keep it from getting frizzy (if it needs it) and then just let it air dry. I'm sure it'll just be adorable. When I brush mine out when it's dry, I look like a lion. If anything needs to be tamed after it's air-dryed, you can always just use a little water on it.

Good luck! I have an 11 month old and am still waiting to see what type of hair she'll have. I'll be asking advice on how to fix it if it's straight...

Good afternoon,
I have naturally curly hair too. I have used the following treatment for years. I use Infusium Leave-in Treatment, TRESemme Bouncy Curls Gel and a wide mouth comb. With curly hair she will learn patience. You have to almost overuse the gel to make sure you get all of her tangles out, unless she has a tough head. It is funny the whole time I was pregnant with my first child I prayed he/she would have curly hair not knowing he would be named Zachary. He hated his hair for years and now that he is older and has finally found a style for him he loves it. My Sarah was born with her daddies hair, bone straight. Using the gel and letting it dry natural will give her the long ringlets that look adorable. Good luck.


My middle daughter has curly hair, but my older girl and baby do not. Neither do I. What I did with her was to use a pick or wide tooth comb when it was wet. If I used a brush on hers, it puffed up like crazy. She is 10 now and HATES her hair and is always asking if I will take her to get it professionally straightened. She has very fine, soft curls and always puts in a ponytail. I was afraid to try product when she was small (big mistake on my part) and now we do. I buy for her an anti-frizz serum ( which ever one is cheaper)to use after she gets out of the bath .She also used conditioner. Right now she has had good luck with Pantene for curly hair.I have found if you get products for curly hair, there is less chance of it drying out the hair. Do people touch her hair or comment on it a lot? That happened to my girl and I think it factored in to her not liking her hair. I finally told her she could tell people, politely of course, to please not touch my hair. Keep telling her how beautiful it is and maybe one day she'll believe it.
Good luck

Angela P has great advice. In addition, do not brush. Comb her hair out when wet with a wide toothed comb. Then scrunch extra fluid out with a towel. My hair always needed a little leave-in conditioner to weigh it down and control it a little bit. Defrizzing serum is always a plus too.

Hi A.,

I'll make this quick, my daughter has curls, I do not!

-Big tooth comb after bath and lots of conditioner(At night)
-Braid when wet! BEST advice I received, makes all the difference in the mornings before school.
-Morning: Unbraid, spray w/ water or leave in conditioner
-Add Bouncy Cream (available at Ulta, or similar stores)
-Scrunch and go!

I hope this helps! Let her help with the bouncy cream, it's fun and will make the whole hair thing enjoyable for her!

All My Best,


I have curly hair, though maybe not as curly. But what I've found that works is combing my hair after shampooing but while it has conditioner in it in the shower/bath- then rinsing. I'm sure she's young for the 'adult' type, but it may work better than the kid's stuff. And I then put in a little more conditioner in my hair after, helps to way it down if it's thin like mine, and more managable. My cousin didn't deal, she cut her daughter's hair short until she was old enough to deal with it herself. Best of luck to you!!

I see you've had a ton of replies. I just wanted to tell you there is a product at Sally Beauty Supply you can get that is THE BEST. It is made by Ion and it's called Anti-Frizz Straight Solutions Lusterizing Cream. It costs $7.99 and it lasts forever. I have curly hair and this is by far the best product I have found. It never hurts to comb out my hair, whether I use a pick, comb or plastic head brush (unless I have run out of the product and haven't had a chance to pick some up). I've tried other products like Garnier and Tresemme, but this blows them away.


Have you tried Carol's Daughter products? My granddaughters have curly hair and those are the best products ever, I even use it for myself. Here is the website, http://www.carolsdaughter.com/category/hair.do
Hair Milk is really good for curly hair. They sell it at Macys, all natural products.

My daughter has curly hair down to her behind. I DO NOT use a brush on it-only a comb when I get her out of the bath. She is 8 now and this has been my best solution so far. I put a LOT of conditioner in it,rinse, and comb it out (while she is watching tv so she is distracted) and then put gel or mousse or both. I do not brush it after that. I MIGHT brush the ends so it does not look so messy at the bottoms but that is it. If you brush it, it will get frizzy. We wash her hair 2 times a week only. If it starts to look frizzy during off days, I will spray it with water (empty hair spray bottle) to liven up the curls again. We donate her hair twice a year and grow it out the rest of the time. Good luck and hope this helps

I was born with curly hair and my daughter (who is 11 now).
Buy the spray for hair...which you put on hair after washing...when wet.....and easy combing!
And...after combing hair, if not drying...put it in a hair crunchie (something soft) to sleep in.
The next morning - combing hair is much easier.
I have been in the battle!
Now, my other daughter has STRAIGHT hair and she is worse than the other one!
Good Luck!

If you buy a wide tooth comb and comb it out with the conditioner in it the rinse and let it dry naturally you really aren't supposed to comb curly hair when it is dry
thanks good luck

I had problems with my curly, tangly hair from the time I was very small. I vividly remember yelling, "Ouch!" as my mother brushed my hair into ponytails. After many years and many tears, here are some things that helped me (and now my daughter):

1. Use a paddle brush on the curls, and brush it a MINIMUM of twice a day (morning and evening).
2. Try a detangler that is NOT a spray, such as Paul Mitchell's "The Detangler" or Biolage's "Detangling Solution."
3. You may need to wash and detangle it every day. If I go longer than that and try to skip a day, I pay for it later. My daughter can go a day or two if need be.
4. Consider braiding it before she goes to bed at night. It worked for the women living on the prairie in past times, and it works for my daughter! (Mine just turned 3, so I have to braid while she wiggles and moves!) I keep mine in a ponytail of sorts while I sleep to help minimize tangles and to keep it out of my face.
5. We do a lot of ponytails, a lot of braids, and before my daughter had enough hair for that, a lot of barrettes and bows.
6. When you start doing regular haircuts, make sure you go to someone who knows how to cut curly hair so that it lays down better and doesn't stick up like horns.

I hope that helps. Feel free to e-mail for more specific advice if I left something out.

I have super curly hair and it was the bane of my existence until I learned how to deal with it. First of all, NEVER brush it when it's wet. All that will do is tear it. Always use a comb when it's wet, preferably a wide-toothed comb. When you're washing it and you have the conditioner in, try to work out some of the tangles with your fingers. That will make it easier when you're trying to comb through it. It also helps if you use a leave-in conditioner, it keeps it from getting as tangled as you're trying to comb it. With my hair, I rarely use a brush at all, unless I'm trying to smooth out a ponytail. I get much better results when I use a comb and work with it wet. My daughter's hair is somewhat curly (not near as much as mine) and I use a small amount of Dance Dolls gel. It's specially formulated for kids and doesn't make their hair crunchy or dirty. I get it at Cool Cuts 4 Kids. Hope this helps!

My daughter has curly hair that is also course. I went to Sally Beauty supply and bought this stuff called Ion Lusterizing cream. It helps with the brushing out and at first looks like you put lotion on her hair, but it does dry out and you can't tell anything has been put on it. I also, when she will let me, part her hair down the back into 2 braids before bed and that makes it easier in the mornings. Best wishes to you.

Don't brush curly hair, it will only make it into a bush... Wash it apply a leave in conditioner, some styling product, like a pomade. Aveda Humectant Pomade is good. Comb through and don't mess with it, the more you mess with it the fuzzier/bigger it will get. A good cut is also essential it is hard to find a hairdresser that knows how to cut/style curly hair, but they are out there. I hope this helps. I have lived with curly hair my whole life and now my daughter has it. One minute you love it, one minute you hate it.

As a person with curly hair with a daughter with curly hair, this can be a little tricky. It's important to make sure you use a good conditioner. I also use Paul Mitchell's detangler on her. We just use a pik, not a full brush and only really go after it when her hair is wet. To help her hair not to dry out, we only wash it every other day. On the off days, I lightly pik through it. Good luck!

See you have gotten lots of advise. But had to throw in my 2cents. I hated my hair growing up because it was not in style. Now, that I have learned how to style it and take care of it, I love it and it is one of my best features.
Leave in conditioner is awesome. I agree with the wide tooth comb. Also, start combing out from the bottom and work up. Mousse or gel put in when wet and let it dry naturally will keep the frizz down.
It's hard as women because growning up we see what is on tv and in magazines and think we have to be like that. Im glad now individuality is encouraged.
Have a good day!

my daughter has curly hair also and i know where your coming from. its hard when you have to deal with this everyday. you wake up early so you wont be late to work or school. i use carson dentagler its 4 dollars and i use a wide tooth comb and its quite simple. but as resarch shows for children with curly hair you should use hair milk what it does it flating hair so you can comb through. but it wont stay flat for long but it makes hair easy to manage. ps curly hair runs n my family if it isnt curly its thick

Hmm this is tough. I myself have every curly hair and brushing it is a nightmare. I remember my mother used to have me in tears when she would brush it.

Best advice I can tell you is to work slowly on the hair.. start at the bottom and work your way up. DON'T rip through the hair.. it will just end up like mine in a very poor state. I know frustration/lack of patience temps the ripping (I do it myself) but it really makes for a lot of split ends that way. If there is a big knot try to work it out with you fingers a bit before attempting to brush it out.. this helps on reducing some of the pain.

I generally brush my hair before I wash it (to make washing easier) and after I get out of the shower and it is still wet. Otherwise I do not brush it, lest I end up with a poofy mass of hair on my head. Most curly hair doesn't really need to be bushed every day.. only if it starts looking like it's getting dreadlocked or something. At the same time though I think younger children tend to wash their hair more often. In my case I have extremely dry hair and brush/wash it about twice a week so don't know if that really applies.

Well hope I helped somewhat. :/

My curls aren't extremely tight, but this is what has worked for me.
- Pat dry with a towel. (Drying too hard with the towel can result in frizz.)
- Use a pick to comb the hair, gently, while wet. Start at the bottom. I've found picks to be much, much easier on my hair than any kind of comb or brush.
- For best curls, let air dry. If a little frizzy, use some mousse or gel. Be careful that a lot of the ones on the market have alcohol in them, which dries. I like John Masters Organics bourbon vanilla & tangerine hair texturizer--I can pronounce the ingredients, smells good, works great.
- I only try to straighten mine (via blow drying or iron) in winter, when the humidity is lower. When the humidity is higher, I let my hair curl. It's great to have a hair style that a bit of rain doesn't wreck.
- I've also found that the longer mine grows, the less the curl (the weight pulls out some of the curl). As a girl, when I first discovered I had "unruly" naturally curly hair, my response was to grow it out really long--until it was functionally straight. Years later, as an adult, I had it cut short and took the time to learn how to style and cope with it. Often the "straight" look is the "in" look, so some of accepting curly locks is learning to recognize that. Finding someone whose curly hair is styled well or that you admire can help.
- When I have bad hair days, I remember the following: the times I've had women envy my "do-nothing" do, thinking I've styled it, and my hair dresser, who is envious I can wear my hair curly or straight. I think curly is the best of both worlds. :)

Good luck!

When you brush curly hair espically when its dry it goes fro. Try using a comb even a wide tooth comb and comb it while its wet. I love the aussi brand moose that you apply to damp hair. If she has super curly hair that makes ringlets then try using hairspray on them too. For tangels start with the bottom and work your way up. At 2 her hair is probley still baby fine. If its down her back you might need to cut it right past the sholders or sholder length to cut back on tangels. With my curly wavy hair longer is better but I am older and tangels dont ruin my day! Good luck hope you find your answer.

I have a very tender head and course hair! The best product I've found has been the Pantene detangling spray. It works very well. Also the brush that helps is a soft vented bristled (but plastic) brush that has some give to it. The natural bristled brushes will make the hair frizzy. The less brushing, the better to reduce frizz. I even use my fingers instead of a brush a lot of times!

Hi A.,

My 2 yr old daughter looks like Shirley Temple her hair is so curly and I myself have curls 1/2 way down my back. The worst thing you can do for curly hair is brush it while it is dry. It will become a fuzz ball!! I wash my hair every other day and only brush it when it is wet. Since mine is so long and get frizzy overnight I just wet it in the morning and then let it air dry. I RARELY use the hair dryer on my hair, causes way to much damage. My daughter has short hair, in fact she just got her first hair cut this past weekend and they combed it out and cut it dry. When you get your daughter out of the bath go ahead and brush it, you can even use detangler if need be, then just leave it alone. In the morning when she gets up and it is frizzy then just wet it a little, just enough to get the frizz out, and leave it be. If you are wanting to put it into a pony then just brush the top part so there wont be any little bumps, that is what I do with mine and my daughters. Hope this helps, good luch!!

My son has curly hair & I love it but it's got a mind of it's own! Ha! I know this will sound strange, but don't brush her hair, that will separate the curls & make it look frizzy & cause it to tangle more easily. Get a pick or a wide tooth comb & only use it when her hair is wet. Start at the ends of her hair & work your way to her scalp with the comb. While it's still wet, put some smoothing & shine serum in it. I know Aveda makes some. And it lasts a long time. Put a small amount in your hand, rub your hands together & start working your fingers through her hair, again starting from the ends & working your way to her scalp. Let it air dry, & this should help the curls stay in rings & have a softer look. If you have to blow dry, use a diffsuer attachment, placing her hair on the diffuser in a circular wrapping motion (like you're winding up a garden hose). But whatever you do, don't brush it. Good luck & remember, those with straight hair wish they had curls & vise versa! :)

I have big, curly hair, took me a few years to figure it out. I never brush my hair just finger comb it when I use conditioner. Then I put a little mousse in it and let it air dry I usually don't have to touch it again for a few days. Sometimes ( which this is what I would do if my daughter has my hair) is after I wash it just comb it ( with a wide comb) and put a little hair serum in it and its done. Gel makes hair stiff, remember hair with products in it is flamable I don't think hair serum is but not sure. Trimmings make a huge difference too since curly hair is drier it breaks more.

People pay big money for curls like that! My daughter (11) has a beautiful head of curls and I have made sure she loves them instead of longing for what she doesn't have. Buy the Goody "ouchless" hairbrush (it's amazing). Natural bristle brushes are actually harder on the hair. Be sure the ends are kept trimmed. If her hair is long you can section the hair, hold the section near the scalp and comb out the "pony tail" starting at the ends and working your way up. When all the sections have the ends combed out go back and brush from the scalp. Another trick is (while still in the bathtub)to comb out wet hair that still has the conditioner in it, rinse carefully and towel dry, then comb out completely. Be sure you are using conditioner that rinses out after shampooing and a leave in conditioner/detangler. As soon as possible switch from a no tears kid's shampoo to a high quality adult shampoo and conditioner. Same for the leave-in conditioner - go for high quality adult products.

A big tooth comb. I found a wonderful spray in detangler at Kroger called silk milk. Gentle brush with that big tooth comb. Shampoo and condition with seperate products and I would wash as little a possible to prevent frizz.

There are combs that have very wide teeth that can be used for detangling and once the hair has been untangled it is easier to comb through. Begin brushing the hair at the ends and work your way toward the scalp. It even helps to hold the hair at certain points and then brush through so you don't yank it.


I have naturally curly hair. As a child my parents didn't know what to do with it either. It has always been long and falls in ringlets. The best you can do with your daughters hair is to wash it, condition it well, comb it and scrunch the excess water out with a towel and let it dry. If you use a blow dryer, use a diffuser with it. Brushing curly hair makes it frizzy. The less you mess with it, the better it will look. Don't cut it too short. I made that mistake once and couldn't wait for it to grow out! It looked horrible!

Hope this helps!

Never brush curly hair! I come from a family of curly tops and my daughter is another.
Wash every couple of days and comb with big toothed comb while conditioner is in it. It helps a lot. Let air dry and be sure to moisturize. When it gets long enough you can braid it at night.
Avoid alcohol. There is a new line of hair products called Wen products that do wonders for all hair types.

I have curly hair too and my mother did not. Do not use a brush but rather a wide toothed comb or a soft plastic pick. Brushing the hair could make it frizzy. It also helps to do comb it while it's damp or wet. As she grows older like in her big kid years and early teens mouse and spray gel will help out tremendously if her hair is really curly. I works for me. I put it on my hands and work it in, and scrunch up the curls. As for now use a good hair cream for kids and work it in and scrunch. Johnson's baby shampoo has one for curly hair also. The comb is better for me than a brush. Hope this helps you.

Giovanni Direct Leave-in is an excellent detangler. I use that and a Denman brush which you can get at Sally's and it works wonders. Giovanni brands are at whole foods, tj maxx, and the healthy/organic sections in the grocery store. Good luck!

Hello A.

I have curly hair (and did as a child, of course LOL), and my experience has been that as long as I only brush it while it is wet, I am fine. The curls form nicely and I can put it up in a ponytail or let it down and it looks good. If I comb my hair once it is dry, it gets frizzy and yucky, and I HATED THAT as a child (still do, BTW).

I use conditioner EVERY time I wash, bristle brush does help too.

Depending on the age of your daughter, the texture of her hair and her personality, you might want to consider also using gel or something of the sort to keep short hairs at bay when her hair is up in ponytails, braids, etc.

Hope this helps... Curls are beautiful for sure... so enjoy them yourself! (I know my mom did enjoy my hair as a child).

Good luck!

I use lots of condit'ion and brush it out everynight. if you can stay on top o fthe knots the hair brushing wont be so bad but my only suggestion sis conditioner conditioner conditioner. HTH

Curly hair does have a mind of it's own! I have very curly hair and it has been a process to find the best way to work with it and to actually like it and feel lucky to have it. First I would say to never brush curly hair when it is dry! All that will do is make it very frizzy! I wash my hair with a natural moisturizing shampoo and then use a moisturizing conditioner and leave that on for a few minutes while you wash the rest of your daughter. Only wash her hair every few days otherwise it will tend to dry out and again cause more frizz. Then while the hair is still wet use a wide tooth comb or a plastic tipped brush to brush the hair. On days that you are not washing her hair just wet it down and put in a leave in detangler, that works great! I hope that helps!! You had mentioned that you have been using Johnson's shampoo so I felt compelled to let you know that many of their products and other store brands contain an ingrediant called quaternium-15 which is a formaldehyde releaser that is linked to cancer. I do not say that to scare you but to make you aware. I have two little girls (3yrs and 21mos) and when my 1st daughter was born, I had know idea and I was so glad that someone share the information with me and I found out that many of the cleaners & personal care products I used were very dangerous. I have found a new way to shop where I get safer, healthier products for my family and I save time, money, our health and the environment. If you would like the details, I would be happy to share them with you. Best of luck with your little girls curls!
M. - www.livetotalwellness.com/freedom

Hi A.,

Well I know having curly hair can be frustrating I have curly hair, my husband and so do my kids. For boys its easy just keep it short, girls it takes a little bit more work. I worked in hair salons for years and now I am retired, I can tell you this baby Johnson and Johnson is great for tangles,use a comb and start from the bottom working your way up. Wether you do it wet or dry, easier when its wet. As your daughter gets older you can have it thinned out if it gets to bulky, it takes weight off and calms the look, curly hair splits more than your normal straight hair,that when it looks frizzy, there are several over the counter inexpensive
leave in conditioner you can use, you don't have to buy stuff from a salon and spend your paycheck. One that is good for hydrating the hair and keep the ends smooth is a product called sunsilk its in a pink bottle and you can buy it at most grocery stores. Also keeping the hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks really does help hair stay healthy and manageable. It is easier while they are young to pull it back in a clip or pony tail or even braid it. I hope this helped. Good luck. Yes, curly hair does have a mind of its own especially in the morning. LOL...

I agree with Azucena for the most part. I have always had VERY curly hair! I would take it a step further and brush her hair when she is in the bath and her hair is wet and conditioned. It helps to leave a little conditioner in her hair and use detangler when she is out and brush an style the hair then. Also, DO NOT WASH her hair every day! At least skip a day, if not 2. Curly hair dries out very quickly and washing to much will make it brittle!

One more thing, do not use just any gel (melting gel works great, i forget the brand but it comes in a black tube). She is young, so mousse will probably work best for several years. As she gets older and her hair gets thicker, I use Paul Mitchell sculpting foam(about $20 for a large can that last me about a month and a half), with a little hairspray (spritz, not aerosol), suave hairspray works fine.

Good Luck!

I would get a sulfate free shampoo (Arbonne or Kenra) they are less drying. After washing I would leave a little regular conditioner in her hair to help with tangles and fly aways. Don't wash every day or it will become dry and brittle.

Your brush should be boar bristle, not synthetic, and I would only brush while wet or it gets frizzy.

Kenra has another product for curly hair that is a curling balm I believe which is nice and just helps give the curls a bit of hold with NO sticky/producty funk. (I use this for my 4 y/o son who inherited my hair).

Other than that a really good cut is key. I have a gal I will suggest if you're in the Friendswood area of Houston.

Hi there!

I agree with most of the responses. Try no to brush her hair when it's dry. It will make it frizzier and more tangled.
I have extremely curly hair (can you say Shirley Temple???) I lost all of it during Chemo treatments for BC and it came back 100x's curlier than it had been before. My hairdresser told me to use a hydrating shampoo/conditioner and I use "DRENCH" by Sabastion I think. I get it at the salon. Yes, it's more expensive, but it will last a long time as you won't be using a ton of it. Aussie makes one too and Walmart/Target, etc. sells it. Then just get all the wet out of it and use a gel or mousse to separate the curls and make them look pretty. It won't take you any time. And then just let it be. It will dry naturally and look pretty and shiny. I also use a shine spray on mine too that I got at Walmart. John Freida makes a good one or even TRESemme'.
And if you're doing your daughter's hair in the AM and not washing it, then just use a spray bottle of water and kind of wet her hair and then use the gel or mousse/shine spray.

I hope this helps!
Good luck!


My daughter also has curly hair and I too need advice on this so I am hoping you get lots of advice. My daughter hates it when I brush her hair and acts like I'm killing her but it is so out of control.

my daughter has curly hair and i use the "ouchless" brush and it id a God send! i think they are made buy goody.

I have curly hair, too, and from years of trying to deal with it, I can tell you the one important rule: You can't brush curly hair. Doing so turns it into a big puffball. The only way to manage it is to put some product like Frizz Ease on it after washing, and then let it air dry. The curls will form on their own, but if you try to brush the hair after it's dry, you will get the puffball.

1st - don't brush. Use a comb and/or pick only

Never comb or brush while dry or it will frizz. Use good products and don't be afraid to experiment. Condition condition condition:)

I learned all of these things in my 20s as my mom never fixed my hair properly. Now I am persistent with these rules on my daughter who is 3.


I'm in the same situation you are. My daughter has beautiful, tight ringlets and had lots of tangles. I was at my wits end when I found the Curls products online and they have helped so much. The website also has a forum where you can ask questions and get advice. The products are all natural so they wash out with without harsh chemicals and you can do a conditioning rinse instead of a full shampoo. One of my biggest mistakes was washing her hair too often. Now I only wash it once a week and do a conditioning rinse a few times a week. At night I put it up in a couple of little buns which eliminated tangles at night. Depending on her hair type Curls offers different products to put in her hair to reduce the frizz and define the curl. Curls has a line for adults, kids, and babies so this product can be something she can use throughout her life. (As an added bonus, when my very straight fine hair is feeling dry I just use some of her conditioner and it really puts the moisture back in without making me feel greasy :)) Good luck and hope you find a routine that works for you.


Hi A.,

You know I had curly hair my whole life until my last pregnancy...then it just went straight and now I'm at a loss :(! But, I can sympathise with your daughter, at least you have products on the market now for curly hair! When I was little, like you my parents didn't know what to do with curly hair, so it was always brushed (which I hated) and pulled into a pony tail or pig tails and the tail twisted around to make a ringlet. My mom would also get small sections of my hair while damp and make ringlets with her fingers, just let air dry and pull the hair out of my eyes with a clip. If you use product try to stay clear of anything w/alcohol because it will dry out her hair and frizz even more! I would recomend, just towel dry, use leave in conditioner or detangling product and scrunching hair with your fingers and then let air dry. Brushing curly hair only makes it bigger and frizzier not to mention the tears! Good luck!
Gina Cantu

Hi A.,
Everyone in my family has curly hair. We are big advocates of conditioner. LOL. I myself use Bedhead Moisture Maniac shampoos and conditioners. As far as children go, they have children's condition that you use in the bath. I don't brush curly hair because it hurts. I use my fingers while the hair is wet, and being conditioned. I know it gets tangly washing it, but then I'll just run my fingers through my hair when I put in the conditioner and that really helps. You can also use a brush while still in the bath while putting conditioner in it. That is really the best time to brush curly hair. It's the least painful, and it won't cause it to frizz like it does if you brush it after the bath. Also, one of the best tips is to leave a little bit of conditioner in the hair from the bath. Don't rinse it out completely. I know it seems weird, but curly hair LOVES moisture, so you can still use a leave in conditioner on top of leaving in a little of the regular conditioner. It's really good for your hair, especially if you're trying to avoid the split ends. If your hair has enough moisture it won't break, which is what can cause split ends. Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions. : )

I am a hairdresser and found that plastic picks or the long wide tooth detangle combs by Mebco are the best. They are antistatic. Try a leave in conditioner by Sunsilk called Defrizz it si awesome. Just apply to midway of hair and down or may cause greasy look if applied to close to the scalp. Good luck!!

I see you have received a ton of responses. My son is 2 1/2 with extremely curly hair (mixed), so I know there are never too many suggestions. I tried everything under the sun that any parent advised on.... Only to accidentally find the best.
I ran out of the stuff I normally used (Motions lotion found at Walmart - also works great) and used some of my biosilk on his hair - OMG I cannot begin to tell you how easy it was to comb his hair... no more tears. He stopped fighting me, which he did even with the Motions lotion). Another note -- my niece is 12 yrs old with beautiful curly hair. She always washes it and puts conditioner in it (once she is out of the shower) brushes and leaves the conditioner in.
Good luck.

Okay I grew up with the same problem. The best way to deal with it is.......let it be. When her hair is wet, put a little mousse in it, brush it then scrunch it and let it dry on its own. Another great product to use is biosilk, this helps keep it from frizzing. This sounds crazy but realistically the only way to deal with it is the same way us grown women deal with it and that is to use products. Good luck!

My 5 yr. old daughter and I both have curly hair. I have found that it's best just to comb it, once, after her bath. I also use a leave in conditioner before combing with a wide toothed comb. Curly hair tends to get frizzy when it is brushed and the ringlets aren't as beautiful or pronounced. It's also not a lot of fun for either of us to comb or brush when it is dry because all those curls get tangled up. Also, it's a good idea to have it trimmed regularly because curly hair is naturally drier and the healthier it is the less tangled it gets. I can always tell when it's time to get her haircut, because it's harder to comb (even when it's wet). Hope this helps.

Ha. I'm there. Been there for 7 years now. I personally never brush my daughter's hair; it hurts too much and ruins her hair. I use a wide tooth comb designed for curly hair (Avon has a wonderful one!). We wash her hair, then put in leave-in conditioner (I use Paul Mitchell). Then, we comb through while wet with the big tooth comb. Once it is dry, we don't comb through it or it will frizz out. I use a spray bottle of water to spritz it just enough to comb the ends and scrunch up the curls a little so she doesn't have "bed head". Or, in a rush, I put it up in a pony tail (when it's dry and can't spritz it up) and again just comb through the ends. Oh, and you shouldn't wash her hair every day. It's not good for curly hair. On days that we don't wash her hair, again, I just spritz and maybe add a little conditioner if needed (since she rinsed it out in the shower). I've given up on styling it nicely for everyday use. It takes too long. But, when I do braid it or something, I do it when it is still damp and can be combed through nicely without too much pain.

I highly HIGHLY recommend the Curly Girl Book, has all different information on care, cutting, and styling for all different types of curls! It's awesome!

I have curly hair and I don't brush it after it dries. There is a book called Curly Gurl by Lorraine Massey that helps so much. I used to use a bristle brush and try to tame my hair, but finally gave up and now I love my hair. There is also someone who cuts my hair that I recommend. She is expensive, but so worth it. Her name is Georgia and she works at Pink on S. Congress. Good luck!

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