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Daughters Curly Hair....

My daughter has beautiful curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it. Since I don't have curly hair I don't know how to brush it. We have bought the Johnson's conditioning shampoo for curly hair & use detangling spray. I even bought a bristle brush ( I heard that helps) but so far no avail. I just don't want my daughter to grow up hating to brush her hair. So, my question to anyone who has delt with curly hair is....how do you deal with it? :)

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Thank you sooo much to everyone for their advice. Here is what I decided to do: I went out & bought Suave kids conditioner w/ detangler. While she is in the tub w/ the conditioner in her hair I comb it with a goody ouchless wide tooth comb I bought. Soooo easy to comb now. After she gets out we get all the water out of her hair & then put a leave in conditioner in it. In the morning I spray her hair with some water to fix the bed head & then put more leave in conditioner in it. I am planning on getting her a silk pillowcase also. So far all of your suggestions have been working well for us & she LOVES not having to deal with the brushing after baths now! Thank you again for all your help & advice. It really did help & I can already see the benefits. :) By the way her hair is more curlier than ever!!!!

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Giovanni Direct Leave-in is an excellent detangler. I use that and a Denman brush which you can get at Sally's and it works wonders. Giovanni brands are at whole foods, tj maxx, and the healthy/organic sections in the grocery store. Good luck!

I am a hairdresser and found that plastic picks or the long wide tooth detangle combs by Mebco are the best. They are antistatic. Try a leave in conditioner by Sunsilk called Defrizz it si awesome. Just apply to midway of hair and down or may cause greasy look if applied to close to the scalp. Good luck!!

Angela P has great advice. In addition, do not brush. Comb her hair out when wet with a wide toothed comb. Then scrunch extra fluid out with a towel. My hair always needed a little leave-in conditioner to weigh it down and control it a little bit. Defrizzing serum is always a plus too.

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Hi! I have curly hair and two daughters with thick, semi curly hair. After YEARS of struggle, I have found that a few things really work. Don't wash her hair every day. Curly hair tends to be dry and coarse and washing it removes the natural oils. Don't brush her hair, comb it when it's wet and let it dry naturally (when she gets a bit older, you can buy a diffuser and use it on your hair dryer for special occasions). On days you don't wash her hair, put conditioner in it and let it sit for a few minutes. She's probably too young right now, but when she gets older, Pantene makes some great curly hair conditioner. Don't overdry her hair with a towel. Squeeze most of the water out, untangle and comb it and let it be. The more you touch curly hair, the frizzer it gets. Curly hair looks adorable in pony tails and tends to hold braids really well. You can also try this website: NaturallyCurly.com. It has a lot of advice on how to deal with curly hair for kids and even has reviews of salons that cut curly hair. It is REALLY hard to find a good stylist. Most of them can't handle cutting curly hair. They cut it too short or cut it so that it sticks out in a wedge. Be careful who you take her too. It is really easy for stylists to mess up curly hair if they don't know what they are doing (I speak from experience!!!) and make sure the stylist knows exactly what you want when they cut your daughter's hair. I don't know if she has bangs or not, but if she does, you might want to grown them out. Curly bangs are a pain. As she gets older, just make sure she knows how to take care of it and how great it is to have curly hair (I wish my girls had gotten more of my curl!!). Don't be surprised if the texture of her hair changes at puberty (her hair could curl more or less). Curly hair is notorious for changing with hormones!!! Have fun with it!

A little about me:
Working mom of two beautiful daughters (6 and 4 yr old) with LOTS of hair!!

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I have curly hair and here's what I do:

I only wash it 1-3 times a week, depending on when it looks like it needs it. I condition it every day in the shower, but no shampoo. I also use shampoo with no laureth sulfate which is bad for drying your hair out.

I never brush it! Never. I use a wide tooth comb and only comb when wet.

I just scrunch in some mousse and then let it air dry or blow dry it with a diffuser in the winter. That's it!

I hated my curly hair when I was younger. My mom has straight hair and didn't know what to do with it. Onc eI figured it out, though, I loved it! Still do!

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I myself have very thick curly hair and I have a daughter with the most beautiful curly tendrils. It helps cause I have it too. How to take care of it... I wash her hair with conditioning shampoo, then put a little bit of conditioner. Detangling spray helps a little, but I also use Silk Drops (shine serum). I brush with a padded brush and start from the bottom working out little tangles as I work my way up. My hair get VERY tangled and this is the way I brush mine as well. Once I can brush through her hair, then I can put it in ponytails or whatever style. It's nice cause all you have to do is twist the hair around your finger and it curls so pretty! Hope this helps!
- C.

I am in the same boat as you. I have found the best way to handle her hair is to wet it down before brushing it. I never use a bristle brush. We use either a wide tooth comb or a brush with the plastic tips. I also found it is best to use "grown up" shampoo and conditioner. The baby stuff just doesn't get it done well enough for me. We only wash her hair every 2-3 days. Frequent washing seeems to dry it out. (that could just be my daughter) Good Luck!

I NEVER use bristle brushes on my hair - hate them! I felt like all they ever did was brush the top of my hair. Use a brush that has the ball tipped plastic "bristles" that are spaced widely apart. This is much better. Or use a nice, thick, wide-toothed comb. This is even better for curly hair.

First, make sure you are starting at the bottom when you brush her hair. Hold her hair above where you are brushing (so as to not be pulling on her head) and do small sections at a time, moving up when you get the tangles out at the bottom. Always start at the bottom.

Secondly, always brush her hair BEFORE washing. Water tightens up tangles (and curls), making them more difficult to comb out. Make sure all tangles are gone, and then you can wash.

Third, you need to get a good conditioner. All in one (shampoo/conditioner combos) are not enough conditioner for curly hair. I don't use Johnson's products (I use natural hair and body products) but there are gentle conditioners for children. I am serious on this one: shampoo/conditioner combos always left my hair tangly and icky. Also, never pile the hair on top of the head. THis tangles it as well.

After you shampoo, put the conditioner in and leave it while you wash the rest of her body. Then, at the end of the bath/shower, comb through her hair lightly with your fingers to make sure all tangles are gone. With the conditioner in there (and if you got rid of all tangles BEFORE washing) your fingers should just glide through. Then rinse.

You can comb (again, huge wide tooth comb)through after this, then towel dry. Leave it. Don't use a blow dryer.

Detangling spray doesn't work that well on curly hair. If you do the steps I mentioned, it will become routine and you'll find it much easier to deal with, as will she. Don't wash tangled hair ever. Make sure all tangles are gone before.

hi A.,,
my yougest son was very corly headed i'd never curly hair.so i was in where you are now,,,,,,,,but i leared an easy idea i just got up every morning ans spayed his hair with water and it made the curly ringlets and that was it you dont bruch it anymore now they have leave stuff to hold the hair like that all the time
Good luck L.

My daughter is 3 and has long curly hair.
We use the suave 2n1 kids shampoo/conditioner. Every other day, I also use a regular grown up condition and let it sit a little while before rinsing.

I comb through it at night, and then I pull it into a pony high on her head. This keeps it from getting too tangled while she sleeps. She really mattes her hair when she sleeps.

In the mornings, I let it down and spray on some detangler and comb through it.

I agree that it is easier and she fusses much less if I start with a section at the bottom, get that combed, then move up, and up.

I have curly hair and my mom started hot-rolling it at age 4 or 5 until I took over when I was about 10...don't do this to her!!

I would brush it when it was wet. You can put something in it just to keep it from getting frizzy (if it needs it) and then just let it air dry. I'm sure it'll just be adorable. When I brush mine out when it's dry, I look like a lion. If anything needs to be tamed after it's air-dryed, you can always just use a little water on it.

Good luck! I have an 11 month old and am still waiting to see what type of hair she'll have. I'll be asking advice on how to fix it if it's straight...

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