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Daughter Is Always Cold Even in the Blistering Heat

My 3 year old daughter complains about being cold all the time. Inside, outside, in the car ..... If I don't put a blanket or sweater on her she cries. Last week when it was 100 degrees otside she insisted on a blanket. She also complains about the sun in her eyes as well as loud noises. A flushed toilet in a public restroom makes her unhappy. I spoke with her doctor about the eye and ear sensitivity, she said both looked fine. I also asked if she was anemic for the cold issues. Her blood work was fine. I will be taking her back to the doctor. I just wanted to know if other parents were having any of the same issues. Thank you.

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Hey, sounds like she may need to be evaluated for Sensory Perception Disorder. It is often mistaken for ADD/ADHD and even Autism. I only recently found out about this disorder from a book called "The Out of Sync Child". Get the book, trust me.

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I don't want to be an alarmist, but my aunt (who is in her mid-40s) was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The reason she even went to the doctor in the first place was because she was experiencing severe sensitivity to noise and light. Something to do with the nerve bundles breaking down.

That is an extreme example- I don't want to freak you out, and I am certainly not even close to being a doctor.

On the other side of the spectrum- it could be anything. She may be having allergies, which would give her slight chills and sensitive eyes. Does she have very light blue eyes? The lighter the eyes, the more sensitive to light- my Dad has light eyes and even headlights from a passing car cause him actual pain. Is she very thin or small, and therefore have a harder time maintaining her body temperature? Is she on the larger side, and may have a slow metabolism? Do all noises bother her, or just particular ones? She may just find certain things irritating- I don't mind the roar of a vacuum cleaner, for instance, but go nutty over the steady hum of a ceiling fan.

I wish you and your daughter the best!

I am one of those people who's always cold. I have very low blood pressure and I'm anemic the doctors didn't figure it out till I was 13. Have the doctor check those 2 things its quite common.

First about the cold. My sister and I are also always cold we both have a low blood pressure. Also both of us have low Iron we aren't anemic we are still noremal but on the low side of normal. On very warm days I am fine but my 22 year old sister almost always has on a jacket and if it isn't on her it is nerby. Anywhere that has a temperature that most people find comfortable she finds cold. She bundles up to go out to dinner and even at home if my parents have the AC on she is in pants and slippers wrapped in a blanket. Her doctors have always said the every thing is fine just the way she is. And the noise and light my 7 year old has very blue eyes if she doesn't have her sunglasses on she will complain that the light is too bright all day. And hated loud noises till she was about 4 or 5. Trains, car horns, planes and sometimes just being around my loud family (I am the oldest of 3 girls and all of us take after my dad we are lound when we are upset and even more loud when we are happy, my mom gave up years ago on trying to quiet us down.)anyways she would grad us in a death grip and break in to tears. She would tell us that the noise was scary or just hurt her ears, slowly it got less and less now it only happens about 1 or 2 times a year. Usually now though it is just when something loud suprises her.

My husbands aunt is like that. She killed me this weekend bc we had to have it hotter than i was use to. i keep it 72 in my house and i think she will have it to 80 or so. SHe always wearing sweaters and stuff like that thats just the way she is the doctor said. Ive always been weird about the sun in my eyes. its too bright at times for me but my kids have never had anything like this but i thought i would let you know that there are others like that.

Hey, sounds like she may need to be evaluated for Sensory Perception Disorder. It is often mistaken for ADD/ADHD and even Autism. I only recently found out about this disorder from a book called "The Out of Sync Child". Get the book, trust me.

My husband is this way too. He is always cold. He walks around in flanel shirts and jeans... It is due to low blood pressure. There is nothing wrong with him other than that..

I would talk to a homeopath. They seem to have a remedy every unusual condition. Most importantly, it's safe for little ones.

Dear R.,

My 4 year old daughter doesn't like flushing toilets in public restrooms, because the tile reflects the noise and makes it louder. She isn't affected at home or less vigorous toilets. If you use an automatic toilet, be sure to cover the sensor because they don't do very well at sensing small children. Naturally, we live in the flight path of Oceana, so when the jets are flying, my daughter refuses to go outside because of the noise (I don't blame her when the jets even drown out a lawn mower).

Children's eyes let in 50% more light than our old eyes (I'm 46, I had my daughter late, too, and she is a delight. But one is my limit). That is why kids can read in the dark and our parents were always telling us to turn on the light when we could see perfectly well in a dim room. She needs sun glasses, and they will protect her vision for later in life.

I don't know about the chills. Madeleine would gladly were a sweater and gloves all of the time if I let her. It's just a fun thing for her.

Hope this helps some.

My kids are terrified of the public restrooms because of the flushing noise. We usually put something over the sensor to reassure them that it won't flush until they are far away from it. I'm supposing it's a scary thing for kids.

My 3 year old daughter cries if the sun is in her eyes, I'd imagine it's uncomfortable. Don't really have a problem with loud noises but in general, if it's louder then the usual, they react. I think your daughter just feels safer with a blanket. It's totally understandable. My daughter thinks its fashionable to wear long sleeve shirts in 100 degree weather. Hopefully they grow out of it. If not, well we moms will just do what a mom's gotta do and comfort them the best way we can : )


My suggestion for her extreme cold complaints is to request a complete thyroid panel. There may be an issue with her thyroid that is causing this. If that is not the issue, don't worry about it, I think they all like to exaggerate at this age a bit, example below. with the noises.

As for the noises. I have a four year old daughter as well as a niece who is 4 months younger. They both are very sensitive to noises like the flushed toilet and other loud noises. they immediately cover their ears and close the eyes. I have observed other children their age concerning this issue and believe that it is just their age. Anything out of the norm is super big, loud etc...

Sun in eyes...does your daughter have light eyes. We all have light blue eyes, we encourage our daughter to wear sun glasses.

Hope all this helps out!

A little about me.
I am a 40 year old mom of a 4 year old daughter. She keeps me busy and amazed all the time.

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