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Daughter Has Dark Spot on Her Eye Iris, What Is It?

hi everyone
my 3 yr old has this dark spot on one of her iris' (the outer ring of the colored part of her eye going out onto the sclera, the white part).. it isnt huge or anything but i can see it... i have never seen anyone else with a spot on that part of their eye and i am a little concerned but her next well child check up isnt until august.. i dont want to seem like a pain and call the md if it is nothing, but i am concerned, is it cancer?? it has been there for a few months now. if anyone can give me any thoughts i would appreciate it! thanks

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I have one of these on my right eye. It's been there all of my life and never been a problem. (I have terrible vision, but that's not indicative of this spot.) My optometrist has never had cause for concern and many people say it makes me unique. =) I wouldn't stress.

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Honey, make a doctor's appt.

It's probably nothing, but it's worth getting seen ((although they'll probably just refer you to a pediatric opthamologist (TOTALLY different from an optometrist, btw. Opthamologists are MDs with extra training just like OBs, Cardiac, Neurology, etc.) because an opthamologist has the equip/ experience to look at it and diagnose it)). ANY MD who thinks you're a pain for noticing something abnormal and bringing your child in to be looked at is an idiot. TRUST me, it will at least be *interesting*, because it's out of the ordinary. They're used to many parents bringing in a child 3 days in a row over a cold with a lowgrade fever and no other symptoms that they can't do anything about. And during cold/flu season ANYTHING that isn't flu-like-symptoms is a relief to find on the schedule.

Word to the wise: NEVER say the C word in a doctor's office unless you want the brushoff. Cancer is very difficult to diagnose just from "looking" at something (even lumps need biopsies). Just say you've noticed something strange about your daughter's eye an would like it checked out.

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Definatly get it checked out by an eye doctor. My 6 year old niece went today after her doctor refered her to an eye doctor and other than the spot her eye is fine she has perfect vision, but they are concerned it is eaither a mole or cancer so she is going to a specialist to have it removed. It is your childs health I say don't worry about how insignificant others might think it is. If it is nothing, great, but you never know. Good Luck!

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I have a spot on my eye as well - half on the iris, half on the sclera. I've been told by two eye doctors that it is a "penguecula." Mine is more of a yellow color than a dark spot, so I'm not sure if your daughter's is the same. It is kind of like a permanent sunburn - damage caused by UV rays. Here is what Wikipedia says about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinguecula

I wouldn't wait until August to have her seen, just to be on the safe side and for your own peace of mind. I highly doubt it is cancer or anything to worry about, but I always think it is better to be safe.

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Look up Bernard Jensen's work. He has a diagnositic chart for all markings in the eye. Where they occur is most important for diagnosis of any illness or weakness of an organ. He also tells how to correct the problem.
Cut out the worry over cancer this is not what a dark spot means.

My son has that. It is basically a freckle on the eye-don't remember the real name for them. When his pediatric eye doctor saw it (the regular ped never mentioned a thing about it ever) he advised us to get some special pictures of his eye taken. This way he would have a benchmark for what they looked like. He then said to come back every year or so to check on them. There is the smallest chance they could become cancerous like any other freckle so you have to keep your eye on it. My son's has never changed thankfully and probably will not. Go to a pediatric eye doctor though. Your regular ped will probably blow it off. He should go to an eye doc anyway by 3 yo.

I have one of these on my right eye. It's been there all of my life and never been a problem. (I have terrible vision, but that's not indicative of this spot.) My optometrist has never had cause for concern and many people say it makes me unique. =) I wouldn't stress.

I have a black spot on my iris. I asked the doc about it once & he said it was like a freckle or birth mark on your eye. It's completely painless and doesn't affect my vision at all. I kinda like it. :)

My stepson has a dark spot in one eye. It's never been a problem or indicated anything was wrong. If you are concerned, find a pediatric optometrist to check her out.

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