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Daughter 15 and Still Has Not Started Cycle

I dont know if I should be worried or not but I was thinking about this last night and thought I'd ask all you your opinion. My 15 year old daughter still has not started her period, but my 11 year old started when she was 9. Last night I got to thinkiong that the older one should of started by now!! I started when I was 12 and although I thought that my now 11 year old started early ---Im wondering if I should be worried that something is the matter.....Please give me your thoughts -I know some girls start later but I would think familys usually are about the same....

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Thank You all so much for so many responses!!! I dont think we need to be worried ; however I will mention it to her Dr. next time we go. So much good info that I would not of been able to get any other way. Thanks Again!!

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She is thin? A girl will not start until she sustains a certain percentage of body fat. This is why girls who do gymnastics, swimming or ice skating tend not to start until after they quit the sport... Because their bodies have such a higher percentage of muscle than fat.

Some women do not start their cycles until they are 17. If by then she has not started her cycle you may want to seek medical advise.


My sisters both started when they were 15 & 16. I unfortunately started at 11! How unfair is that? If you are concerned you might the doctor.


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Hi there. My name is jennifer. i am 35 years old..and my husband and i are just now..expecting our first child. As for me, I too started my period at 11. By chance, is your 15 yr old daughter you are speaking of, is she by chance really active in a particular sport or do gymnastics...or anything of that nature? I ask, because I have heard over the years, that girls who are very active..like in some kind of sport or does gymnastics..or just really active, that..that can cause delay in starting of period...OR..if the girl has already started, if she too is active and/or in some sort of sport activity that they rarely have periods. My guess is has something to do with that. If this isnt the case with your daughter...I would suggest contacting her pediatrician to see what they might say about it. But...I would venture to say...that will be one of their first questions...is that of what I asked..about sports or being really active in some sort of activity. OR...a great resource....which I use for EVERYTHING...is Google. Go to google..in the search field, put something like......"Reasons why my 15 yr old daughter has not started her period"..and see what all it pulls up. Im going to google real quick for you...and will advise you...on what I find as well, now. ***READ BELOW***

Best Regards,
Jennifer ********************************************************************

Dr Morrison's advice
95% of girls have their first period (menarche) between 11 and 15 years, and tend to take after their mothers in the timing of this. Most of the remaining five percent start between 10 and 16 years. As long as secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts (and a little pubic and underarm hair) have begun to develop by 14 years, periods will definitely follow on and there's no need to worry.

However, anyone over 14 years who hasn't begun to develop secondary sexual characteristics, should probably be checked out by a hormonal specialist (endocrinologist) just to make sure there isn't a problem that may need treatment. Glandular imbalance is usually from the thyroid gland, the ovaries or pituitary gland in the brain, but is extremely rare.

In a very few cases, there may be an anatomical problem where the sexual organs have not formed properly e.g. inadequately developed womb, or possibly an unbroken hymen. Rarer still are chromosome abnormalities such as Turner's syndrome, but this sort of condition would have been known about from birth.


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I dont think theres anything to worry about. Its not unusual for some women to start until 17 or 18. I was very active as a teen and didnt start until 16 and remember reading something about if you are over-active, too skinny, or really athletic your body isnt really ready to carry a baby so it wont produce a cycle. My sister started at 12 and me at 16. I wouldnt worry. But she should have her first gyno appointment soon anyway and ask any questions of concern....And Congrats on being married 20 years! I think thats awesome

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I would suggest not to worry as every female's body is different. My mother and sister was a late starter, 16 or 17, whereas I started at the age of 11, yet I ran track, played basketball, and was very active outdoors. However, having your daughter visit an OBGYN does not hurt. Hope all is well!

I didn't start until Sept. of my senior year at 17. My mom and sister started when they were 12. I was very athletic. Our doctor said not to worry until I was eighteen. (My mom was worried too)

I would not worry if your daughter is thin or athletic. I did not get my period until I was nearly 16. I was very active (swim team, basketball, running) so I was thin. If this is not the case with your daughter, you may want to talk to a doctor as this may be signs of a problem.

is she super thin? sometimes skinnyer gals dont start or stop there periods because of weight. go ahead and take her to the gyno and make sure she is ok.

I started around 10ish, but my older sis didn't start until she was around 15. Is your older daughter athletic at all? I think that was the biggest difference between my sis & me physically- she would go out & play football, baseball, etc with the boys in the neighborhood while I'd have my head buried in a book. I have heard countless times that often when a young girl is very active, she'll start later.

If you're really concerned something could be wrong, I would take her to a doc just in case. Mom instincts are the best, and it's good to know what's going on.

I know a lot of the posts say if she is thin that might be a reason. Also is she is overweight, that could be a reason too. There are a lot of factors that can mess with our cycle. I have something called polycystic ovarian syndrome and it causes skip periods. I would wait a little longer and if she still hasn't started take her to the doc. I am sure she is fine.

You should take her to the dr. I have a friend whose daughter has a malformed uterus and needed to have hormones for a little while. It never hurts to make sure things are ok. She is probably "normal" but it never hurts to ask the question, just in case.

I think starting as late as age 16/17 is still within a normal range. I started at 16. I have 4 younger sisters who started anywhere from 12 to 15. My daughters varied in age as well, 13-15. I was very active and slim. I think that played a role in my late start. Averages are always in the middle of a bell curve and there are those few who fall at the edges of the curve, and your daughter is probably at the edge.
I think if she hasn't started during her 17th year, I would see a doctor then but since I know a few, like me, who started later, I wouldn't worry about it for now.

My MIL still has two girls at home also 15 and 11. Same story, the 11 year old started at age 9 and to my knowledge the 15 yr old has yet to start. My MIL is a nurse and doesn't seem concerned. The 15 yr old is bigger and taller than her younger sister so I guess maybe she needed more time to grow. I have heard of girls starting as late as 15 or 16. You can always get her checked out though if you are concerned.

This is a sign of something. She needs to be seen by a doctor. I guess a peditrician ?? Not sure.
I had this when I was growing up and they gave me a growth hormone over one summer and I grew alot taller and started my period.
Not sure what they do now.

There could be several things going on the first thing is to have her checked by the Dr. It is time that she experance the fun of a pelvic exam also. Good luck with the tests and check-ups.

My sister started when she was 10, but I didn't start until I was almost 16. My periods were always irregular once I started and extremely painful. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with PCOS (policystic ovaries). It is not a condition that carries any real health risks, just a lot of discomfort. Also, many doctors will try to tell you that women with PCOS won't be able to have children without fertility drugs. This is not ture. It's harder, but I have a 5 yr old son and am 3 wks away from delivering our daughter. Usually abdominal ultrasounds can show this, but it is hard to diagnose unless there are active cysts on the ovaries. Also, things like body fat ration can impact periods. If you are very concerned, I would talk to her pediatrition and request an ultrasound.

She is thin? A girl will not start until she sustains a certain percentage of body fat. This is why girls who do gymnastics, swimming or ice skating tend not to start until after they quit the sport... Because their bodies have such a higher percentage of muscle than fat.

Some women do not start their cycles until they are 17. If by then she has not started her cycle you may want to seek medical advise.

Hi S., I was 15 almost 16 when I started. In fact, I didn't even really start to develope until I was almost 15; I thought God was leaving me neutral, LOL. I was not athletic, just a late bloomer. Unlike my sister, 9 years my senior, who started when she was 10. My daughter is 12 next week and she is definitely starting to develope, she had to get a bra. Check with your dr if you are conerned. Is she conerned??

I would not worry, especially if she is thin or does sports or athletics, her body knows she would not be able to carry a child, so she has not started. 16 is not to late to start your period.

I was 16+ before I started. I too didn't begin to develop until that point. I remember being in 9th grade and sitting in the hall to read b/c I was finished with a test and another student came walking by and asked if my teacher was my mom and did I walk over from the elementary school! I had no hips and no boobs until my senior year (I turned 16 at the end of my junior year). It's amazing....now my hips are my "vault" for all the fat I shouldn't have eaten! LOL!

I would recommend however that once she does start that she is seen by a gynecologist since she is getting older and will soon have to begin that routine anyway.

Stress, activity, diet, size are just a few factors on when girls will start. There was a really skinny girl in my class that didn't start until sometime in high school.

I started around 14/15. I was thin and active.


My sisters both started when they were 15 & 16. I unfortunately started at 11! How unfair is that? If you are concerned you might the doctor.


don't worry! I didn't start until I was 17, believe it or not. Each gal is different and it doesn't necessarily have to be hereditary.
If she hasn't started by the time she turns 16 or 17, an OB/GYN can give her a drug that will initiate the period if you like.
hope this helps,

Is she super athletic. Some women who are runners or workout too much don't have a period. If that is not the case, take her for a check-up. I would be concerned, too.

I know your request was weeks ago but I just now saw it.

I was a late bloomer too but I didn't realize why until a few years ago.

I have thallesemia, a HARMLESS type of anemia. It usually is found in people of the following decents: Asian, mediterranean (sp?), and I believe Indian.

I found out that one of the effects of Thallesemia is delayed puberty. Good to finally learn that now that I am 44! :) I didn't get my period til I was almost 17.

Anyway, I tested positive for it when I was young. There can be false negatives when you are tested.
I tested negative a few years ago which is impossible b/c I have Thallesemia and it doesn't go away.

It's nothing to be alarmed about, many people have it and don't know it. It's just another possible reason for the delay.

My sister started hers at 17 while I started mine at 11. She was a gymnast and ballet dancer and had barely an ounce of fat on her. This delayed the onset of her cycle. My mom was worried also and had taken her to the doctor several times. If your daughter is athletic and/or super skinny this could be the reason.

If your daughter is on the thinner side or is active in sports or both these could be reasons why she still hasn't started her cycle yet. I would try letting things be for a little while longer and if she still hasn't started and or if you are worried then I would get her an appointment with an Ob/Gyn. It's probably not a bad idea to have her first check up when she's 16 anyway.
As for your younger daughter if she's on the thicker side and not as active or athletic those could be reasons for why she started ealier. Each person is obviously different and on their own time frame not to mention depending on what and how we eat are factors as well.
There are so many things in our foods these days that didn't used to be when you and I grew up. Even then there was more in ours and still is then should be. I'm not a health fanatic but with all the hormones in our meats and preservatives it's no wonder that more women are having trouble conceiving, children with autism, and people are having health problems and they have found links to the food we eat. I believe this is why a large number of people and growing are trying to go back to natural and organic.
Just to let you know I was an athlete I started when I was 12 or 13 but then didn't really do anything more for about a year, year and a half. Then when I did it was absolutely painful and extremely heavy not to mention long.
I wouldn't worry too much and like I said if she hasn't started by age 16 maybe make her an appointment. In her own time Mom. You're doing great keep up the good work. Older Mother of 1 with 1 on the way. A.

It's not that unusal for a 15 yo not to have started her period, but to put your mind at ease you might want to talk to her gyno and see what they have to say.

I wouldn't be too worried about it, but I would have her thyroid checked. She may have a thyroid problem. I can't believe her pedi has not asked her, or you, at one of her previous appts.

Hi S.,
It could be normal for her- is she underweight? sometimes that can be a factor. But I would have her checked just to see if there is not some underlying physical reason she has not come around yet.......
good luck and blessings

tell me about it time fly's yes if i was u i would take her to the doctor to be safe because my daughter started when she was 10 i would think she should have done been there havin her's wish u well

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