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I have been dating this amazing man for eight months now. In the last month we have gradually introduced him to my five year old daughter. They hit it off better then I ever could have hoped for but that is leading to issues I was unprepared for. He lives over an hour away but he comes up for the weekends and spends time with both of us now, usually staying over Saturday nights. But we were sitting together the other night with her between us and my daugher made a comment about us being the perfect little family; mom, baby, and daddy. We told her he wasn't her father and that she only has one dad and she responded with "I wish you were my daddy." I wanted to cry. I had no idea how to handle this. I expected to deal with it eventually but not this soon. I had talked to her prior to her meeting him and told her that he was my friend and when they meet he asked her if he could be her friend too. But now she is really pushing that she wants him to be a part of our family. He and I both want that too, but not yet. We are trying to take things slow and don't want to rush into anything, mainly for my daughters sake. We were supposed to go away for the weekend next weekend the three of us but I am not sure that is a good idea anymore. I don't know if we should back off and have him spend less time around her or what to do.

To give you some background I have been divorced for two years now and my daughter rarely gets to see her father. He has visitation but he never excircises it. He will only watch her when I call and beg him to, which is only when she is out of school. She went through a phase right after school started where she missed him all the time and was repeatedly crying to see him. Even when she called him crying he blew her off. I dated one other person since the divorce but it was a friend my daughter had known since birth so she really didn't think anything about him coming over all the time. I love my boyfriend and we have talked about the future which is why we made the decision to introduce him to my daughter. But I am worried that she is getting too attached to him too quickly. I really need some advice.

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Hello there L.,

I can understand her creating such a tight bond with the man that you are dating. Especially since she doesn't see her father very often. She has a need that he seems to be filling for the moment. We had similar things happen when my step daughter was younger and my husband and I were still dating. I mean, her mother was always very involved with her, but we were hesitant at first to nurture her bond with me.

All I can say is, go with your gutt. If you feel like things are moving too quickly, then maybe add some distance between them and see how things go. If you feel like this is alright, then let it be. Just be sure to put her best interest first. That's all you can do. You can never tell how children will react to different things. All you can do is try to keep her best interest first in your heart.

Good luck!


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Hi L.,if you two are planning to one day marry don't you think it would be good for you daughter to have that relationship now ?I think by you canceling the getaway that to me is setting your daughter the fare of losing what she see's as a father figure right now.if your boyfriend does not mind if she calls him dad whats the concern? the two of you should still keep letting her know that she has another dad as well. so when she gets older she will start to understand the concept.but I personaly would not be cancelling events that if you were to marry soon affect this child.I would be worried that if you started taking his time away from her that she is going to grow up with the fare that if she loves a man that he is going to leave her every time. thats just my oppion but if you are really concern maybe you can contact a counselor. meet with one that deals with children in this type of situation good luck with your family.

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This is such a touchy subject. I can only give my opinion from my own experiences and I hope you can just take the good from it.

I think that if he is going to be a friend, that you need to not have him over to the house overnight...even if it is on the couch. I think that your relationship needs to be separate from your daughters until you have actually made the decision for him to be a permanent part of both of your lives.

It is so unfair for a child to 'need' so desperately a father and for him to not be there. I know how that goes. By you putting a man figure in that position in your daughter's life, she is going to cling to it immediately. She desires it so badly. You need to protect her from any possible hurt. If you do not know where your relationship with this guy will go, you should not have him be in a relationship with your daughter just yet.

So, when you go out on dates and away for the weekend and such...make sure that you meet him after settling your child in with your babysitter or whatever. Just tell your daughter you are going out with friends.

I don't know how involved he is with your daughter, but you will only be hurting her more if he ends up not being a permanent part of your life.

Good luck! Just remember to protect your daughter at all costs until you are totally ready for a permanent family committment.

Take Care!

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It's perfectly normal that she feels that way and says those kinds of things considering the circumstances with her father. Kids are full of love and want to freely give and receive... they also especially at that age (as you know) speak their feelings and minds freely (which is a good sign that your allowing her to express herself, which is important). Have you talked to your boyfriend about whats going on with her father? Explain to him that it's normal for her to express her feelings given her age... hopefully if he is the great guy you describe him to be he will understand. Be honest with her... tell her that you understand that she misses her daddy and wants another one (acknowledging her feelings is so important) and telling her that you guys are just friends right now and that your checking him out to see if he's a good husband and daddy would be good too... after all it's the truth. Don't cancel your trip... if you two are both on the same page and want to possibly get married in the future, spending time with your daughter is important... you just both should consider her age and feelings and understand when she says those kinds of things, it's nothing to feel uncomfortable about... she likes him! Great for all of you! He should be flattered and you should be glad she likes him!

I really was not sure what to write in here when I read this. Then I thought should I tell you about my past sure just a tad bit because this sounds so familiar and I read your story with tears streaming down my face....I ended up leaving the guy I was seeing a few years back because other problems ensued after my daughter started behaving the same way and things ended up turning out bad for all 3 of us. I am not sure he was really ready to take on both of us?
I am a very independent woman, $ stable, mentally stable, family stable, funny I guess, loyal, all the qualities a "husband" would look for, I would say. But I have an 8 year old and we are great together and I have become very attached to her as she has become very attached to me, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It is very difficult to bring another person into the picture. Or Find someone that fits into this picture to make you whole and when you find someone that you think fits, you want to make it work. Especially when you have a father that is trying so very hard to not be in the picture. My daughter is now 8 and even though she tries very hard to not show that she cares much about her father who has pretty much forgot about her she would really like that "father" person in her life. Like my daughter, your daughter is wanting, longing and needing that "Father", "Dad", person in her life and she has found a connection with him. She see's that you have found a connection in him, your happy and she wants that too. She just needs some time. If this man is not planning to be in it for the long hull then now is the time to bail, otherwise she will think her is someone else that has hurt us both again...You have some big choices to make.
I think you are am amazing PERSON, not just MOM but PERSON for waking up everyday and going through what you do. And being your Daughter's rock....it get's so tough sometimes but you will get through it. She might not understand now but she will. She just needs time. Patience is a virtue. I know that probably sounds cliché but it really is and if you love her as much as you say you do, give her time. She really just doesn't understand the entire Daddy being there but not being there thing yet. You are not like a lot of women out there and some well most guys that bring home guy after guy or woman after woman and introduce them one after the other. You did take some time. It is tough to be a single Mom out there in this Day and age...Kudos....To all of us!!
Good luck to you, I hope everything will work itself out and God bless you and your little one!!
H. S

I agree with your decision to introduce him slowly to your daughter...that was a very smart idea! I remember when my parents got divorced...I was devistated when my dad introduced me to a woman who suddenly moved into our house!

But now that your daughter HAS met him and DOES get along with him...what is having you move slow? You mentioned you wanted to move slow mainly for your daughter's sake...but she seems all good with the idea. Are you scared he'll leave? I think that once you are ready, you should pursue the next step...but only if you're ready - and not for your daughter's sake. It seems she's fine with the way things are heading :) Good luck!


I know people don't want to hear this, but I believe that when you have children, and you are divorced or split up, dating or marriage is out of the question until they are grown. Children should not have to deal with the drama of dating relationships and be at risk for getting hurt with people coming in and out of their lives. It did much damage to me having both of my parents bringing people they were dating around. I have a very strained relationship with my parents now because of it. I really believe I would have grown up feeling much more happy and secure if my parents would have waited til I was on my own before they started looking for somebody. Your daughter may be happy now having this guy around, but what happens in a few years when she starts to understand that this man is not her father and she starts to challenge that. Or what if her father decides to be a part of her life in the future and she resents the other man for trying to take that place. She may even blame you for him leaving her if you take him out her life. And if you have children with this man she will be hurt that they have their true father around and she never did. You are risking building much anger and resentment in your daughter by introducing her to other men. She may not grow up angry or hurt, but is it worth it? I'm sorry if this offends you, but I have been in your daughters shoes and I believe you are better off making her the focus and waiting til she is grown to start dating. It will give your little one a better chance of growing up happy and secure and to have a better relationship with you.

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