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Darvocet & Pregnancy

Hi Moms,
I've had some serious headaches daily with my pregnancy and the pain medication my OB GYN was prescribing was not helping at all.
He changed my prescription to Darvocet and says it's safe to take with pregnancy but when I asked my pharmacist if it was perfectly safe to take with pregnancy he answered with a strange answer.
He said "Well, many people take it but I wouldn't give it to my wife."

How confusing can that be??
My OB says it's safe but my pharmacist says not......

What I guess my questions would be is, has anyone else had to take Darvocet with their pregnancy and did your baby come out perfectly fine?

I just hate taking any kind of pain meds while pregnant but I'm taking care of 2 young ones as well and it's so difficult when these headaches come on to just be able to lie down so I have no choice.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info! : )

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My ob doc ended up giving me it while I was pregnant my first time, the only thing was that I found out I was allergic to it. Hope that this helps!!

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My ob doc ended up giving me it while I was pregnant my first time, the only thing was that I found out I was allergic to it. Hope that this helps!!

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You are going to have a lot of people on here and otherwise that are going to tell you that you should not be taking narcotics while pregnant. As a rule of thumb you should try to avoid anything unncessary. Duh, right? But, when you are in pain and trying to go about your daily life you have to do something. It's just as bad for your body to be stressed out by being in constant pain. It raises your blood pressure, cortisol levels, etc... My son is nearly 14 months old and I took Lortab throughout my pregnancy for pain and he was born just fine and had NO withdrawl symptoms of any kind. Darvocet is fairly weak drug in the narcotic spectrum anyway. The pharmacist looked at you like that because he can't say "Oh sure, it's ok to take." It's a liability for him. Plus, like I said, there are those who have their opinions and that's fine. You do what's best for YOU! Hope this helps. If you would like to talk further let me know and I will send you my email address in a private message. Take care.

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If the pharmacist doesn't think it's ok (and that's what I would assume he meant by his remark) then I wouldn't take it. It could be class S (meaning they don't have much info on it), or it could be low risk, but hey-- any risk is risk you don't want, right?? I'm taking midrin right now for migranes and I'm breastfeeding. I also have a friend taking it, a higher strength than me, and pregnant. From what I understand, it's incredibly safe, and I'm having really good luck with it. Have you tried it yet?? It's also really cheap-- I think it's something like $15 for about 30 pills (?) without insurance!! :D
Good luck!!

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I don't know if taking that drug is safe or not, had not had that bad of an experience with headaches, BUT my sister has had some (she is expecting in March) and when she went to see her doctor he was concerned and said that she might not be getting enough iron so he told her to take more iron plus the prenatal pills. That has helped her. It could also be your prenatal vitamins BUT only your doctor knows you. Just thought that you would want to know.

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I have taken Darvocet through my pregnancies (I need a knee replacement but am too young) and did just fine. Darvocet is basically extra EXTRA strength Tylenol and is pretty mild as far as prescription pain relievers is concerned. I really don't see how it will help with headaches though, unless your headache is caused from an injury or something. I would tend to think that is your blood pressure is on the level that the next course of action would be to ensure you aren't dehydrated or that there isn't a sinus infection or something like that causing the headaches. Darvocet is more for physical pain... bone or muscle pain. Headaches are more commonly caused by some type of swelling, sinus or otherwise.

I hope you find relief soon! Sometimes just an ice pack and a quiet room (the impossible, I know) can cure headaches.

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Hi N.,
When I was about 3 weeks until my due date I had to have a root canal unexpectedly..oooh the pain I was in. My dentist prescibed Darvocet and my OB/GYN ok-ed. It took care of the pain and my little girl
is perfect, I would trust my doctor especially if your comfortable when him/her. The pharmacist does not know you, your medical history or your situation. The dose is probably so low that it's like taking a strong Advil.
I hope this helps to put your mind at ease.

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I did take darvocet during my pregnancy as well. My baby is a 7 month old baby girl who is healthy and developing normally. My suggestion is to not take it every day. Only take it when you HAVE to. Otherwise, my advice is to try to alleviate the headaches other ways. I know this is hard. I had headaches through my pregnancy as well. Hear are some of my tricks: do anything you have to do to relax your muscles, roll your head around, rub the back of your neck (or get hubby to do it), when you can close your eyes- put a warm wash rag on your eyes, deep, slow breaths. I am so sorry that you are going through this, too. I know it is not easy and being pregnant (with kids to take care of)is even worse. Has your ob checked your blood pressure? Just a thought. Take care. If I can think of anything else that will work, I will let you know.

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Hi N.,

I had migrains while I was pregnant as well. I normally take Inderal to keep them under control, but since it is a Class D drug, as soon as I got pregnant my OB told me I had to quit taking it.
The thing that worked best for me was chiropractic care on a regular basis (this helped to keep me from getting them) and my chiropractor recommended using a cold compress on the back of the neck at the base of the head. I found that this worked alot better than putting one on my forehead.
Mine actually started going away towards the middle of the second trimester. Hopefully you'll have the same luck.


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