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Dark Spots from Dryer ?

I have a front loading washer/dryer. From time to time, I get these dark spots (about 1-3" in diameter) on a couple pieces of dark clothing after they come out of the dryer. I've switched from liquid fabric softener to dryer sheets and I've also switched from a regular no-dye detergent to an eco-friendly no-dye liquid detergent. The spots appeared before and after the switches. I've cleaned my washer and there doesn't seem to be anything to clean in the dryer. I'm guessing it's the dryer since I never see these spots on line dry items.

Does anyone know what these spots are ? They always come out when rewashed but can be annoying when you've finished a mountain of laundry just to find a few things that need rewashing.

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As I was about to contact Bounce, I went to read the small print on the Bounce fabric softener sheet box first. It says, "If spotting occurs at high heat setting, rub spot with a bar soap and rewash in warm water". I think we've found the culprit ! Thanks everybody !

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This is easy- I had it too- UNTIL I stopped using it. Liquid Fabric softener.

Now I only use dryer sheets in the dryer- and vinegar in the wash.

That is a nasty problem and I have lost a lot a nice clothing to it. Seems like they would just quit putting that blue oily color and chemicals in the liquid fabric

Good luck-


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I get these too, but have no idea what they are. Adding the detergent before the clothes and letting it dissolve helps (I never used to do that). I've cut most of them out by doing that. Also, a bar of Fels Naptha rubbed into the stain and letting it sit overnight has gotten rid of about 90% of the ones I do get. They are so frustrating, but I really can't figure out for sure what causes them.

I'm anxious to hear other responses to this. I have this happen mostly on dark blue and black clothes from the washer. I usually spray them with stain stuff and rewash. They always come out, but I never know what is going to have a spot on it.

I have had this happen periodically with a top loader and front loader washer/dryer. It was never a consistent thing for me, so I don't know what the problem is, but I would guess it's some kind of oil/grease and just figured for us, it was probably transferred off of some other clothing from my husband changing the oil or working on the lawnmower, etc. I think liquid softener can also do this if it is not dispersed well in the water.

Whatever the cause, I have found a little squirt of Dawn dishwashing detergent on the stain and a rewash of the item(s) always does the trick.

Hi S. I have been there also. The spots on my clothes are blue and sometime really large one. I have tried every think I know of to no avail. I have a top load washer and a front load dryer. It only happens occasionally but occasionally is still to often. I hope I catch who ever tells all of us the cure. Thanks K. P

I've dealt with the same problem. Tiny circular marks on my clothes. I couldn't get them out. They were from my washer. I've had the repair man out to my house several times this year. Are you ALWAYS using HE detergent? The repairman told me to use as little as 2tbsp!! He said that if you use too much, or detergent that's not HE it will build up and cause your washer not to clean clothes right and possible leave that deposit on your clothes. He also replaced my main board, brake and universal joint?
If your washers under warranty, call and have them come out and fix whatever is happening!!
Google your problem and see if there's any easy fix.
If you find that it is your washer-you could compare the size of the circles on your clothes to the actual openings on your washer..Krogers, Home Depot, etc..sell tablets for HE washers to 'clean' them out.
Good luck! It's terrible not having a well running washer!! It's a pain lugging clothes to the laundromat!

Sounds like your using dryer sheets. I heard on a shopping channel once never use drier sheets for clothing because the heat causes small oily looking dots from the heat. Sounds like what you have. I would say try rubbing shampoo into the spots and rewashing and using a liquid softner. Don't dry them completely in the drier either. I like to hang my stuff on hangers and drying it outside. Just make sure not to use metal hangers or you'll get rust stains on the shoulders.

I also have the front load washer/dryer and have the exact same problem! It just seems to be my dark/navy blue shirts. I have cleaned the washer very well and it didn't help. I'm very interested in the responses you get! Sorry I'm not more help!

This is easy- I had it too- UNTIL I stopped using it. Liquid Fabric softener.

Now I only use dryer sheets in the dryer- and vinegar in the wash.

That is a nasty problem and I have lost a lot a nice clothing to it. Seems like they would just quit putting that blue oily color and chemicals in the liquid fabric

Good luck-


I have the SAME EXACT problem!! Can't wait to hear the responses! I am truly becoming to just HATE my front load washer/dryer. Thanks for asking.

We had the same situation. We figured out it is from the dryer sheets when we dry the clothes. Seems to happen when there isn't a full load of clothes in the dryer. Hope this helps.

We didn't have a front loader when this happened to us but we discovered that the dark spots were from an oil leak in the dryer. Not sure if this is your problem but maybe it's a place to start looking. Best of luck.

Hi, you might have a different situation, but I had the same problem especially on fleece PJ's or thin clothing. There were circular spots slightly darker than the clothing appearing after drying. My theory is that the clothing got too close to the hot drying element and slightly burned (melted). I turned down the dryer temp and don't have a problem any longer.

Hi S.,
I also have had this problem MANY MANY times...also have a front loader washer & dryer. I will say that although I don't know what causes it, I have figured out how to get rid of the spots. I just put some 'goo gone' on the dark spots and wash them again...they are always gone after that, which makes me think it is some kind of oil from the detergent or fab. softener, but I am not sure. Hope this helps!

Hi S., its dryer sheets causing the spots. used to happen to me too.

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