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Dark and Light Green Poop Normal for Breastfed 3.5 Month Old???

Any moms have any experience with green BMs...it worries me because my 3 1/2 month old son has been having them for the past 2 weeks. Last week the pediatrician said he may have a virus that he's passing, but can it last this long? On Tuesday he is due for his DTaP shot, but should I postpone it once again if these BM's persist? (already postponed the shot from last week)
Sorry if this it TMI, but the BM's are sometimes mucus-y or gelatinous looking. He has not had a fever, and at most has up to 3 BM's a day.

this might sound silly, but can it be the chocolate I've been feasting on for dessert lately???

Please, any feedback is appreciated!

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Very normal to have green poop at that age. If your doctor thinks he may have had a virus, I would wait on the DTAP shot. My son got his HepB when he was sick and had a horrible vaccine reaction.

Hi Jill,
I have two kids and had the same experience. For me it was the issue that Jill spoke about w/ hind/fore milk. For the first 6 or so months I was an overproducer of milk. As Jill said, my kids would get satisfied on the fore milk but then become gassy, fussy, and then hugry again very quickly. What worked for me was to feed on ONLY ONE BREAST. This assured that they were getting fore milk and hind milk. It took just a few days for the tummy issues to balance out (and poops). My milk production balanced out too and I was able to feed this way for a very long time. My youngest is now 14 months and I am still breastfeeding but I no longer have to do just one breast. I would also recommend baby acidopholus (not sure how to spell) you can put a little on your nipple or mix a little w/ milk in a bottle. It is a great help in balancing out their digestive tracks during these type of issues. ....and I found the PUMP STATION in a Santa Monica a great resource for feeding issues. They have a website w/ lots of questions and answers and great support meeting.

Call the breastfeeding support center in redondo beach. go to bchd.org. They are open on SAturdays... They will give you some great advice. We had issues many a moon ago, and they seem to have a good handle on what the colors may indicate and what to do...

T. Cota
Local Childcare Coordinator
Cultural Care Au Pair

It sounds to me like your son may not be getting a full feeding. Your breast milk is made up of fore and hind milk. Both, when consumed, will make the baby's poop that yellow w/cottage cheese curds. If the baby is only getting the fore milk, his poops will be green. I'm guessing that he may be a bit fussy and may be getting hungry more often, right now. If that is the case, encourage him to eat longer...you don't say how long he's nursing on one side (preferably both), when feeding. But, try that - get him to nurse at least 15 on one side - and see if that helps. J.

Check with your pediatrician again....maybe save the diaper so the Dr. can actually take a look!

Are you eating dairy? My daughter also had this problem when I would eat cheese, icecream, drink milk, etc. Cut way back on the dairy & you should see an improvement.


My son is breast fed as well and his poop is green and I am told that is normal. BUT, I have been warned about eating chocolate while breast feeds as the caffine is not good for the baby.

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