Dance Class Recommendation for Toddler/Preschool Boys

Updated on January 21, 2010
L.T. asks from Chandler, AZ
5 answers

My sons love to dance but are shy around others. Can anyone recommend a good dance class near Chandler where there are boys attending and classes are semi private without a lot of parents observing?
Thanks so much!

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answers from Phoenix on

What kind of dancing do they like?
Young Champions of America offers inexpensive Hip Hop classes throughout the valley (Google "Young Champions")

My 8 year old boy has been dancing since he was 5. He does Irish Step dancing (think RiverDance). There are various schools mostly inthe east valley and Scottsdale.
It is such a "macho" type of dancing and the instructors at his school are both males.

My oldest boy tried ballet for a while when he was 5 but didn't stick with it (all the girls in pink tutus freaked him out).

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answers from Phoenix on

Sunshine Generation for boys and girls ages 3 thru teens. Singing and dancing. I am the area director and we are located in Queen Creek. We have had students attend from Chandler. Check out our web site. We would love to have you!

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answers from Tucson on

Just a thought... why cater to their shyness? Why not you take them wherever is the best public place to go, and you act excited and happy and friendly and maybe it will rub off on them?

Sorry... I just had the urge to speak - once when I was teaching preschoolers a mother wanted her son to have his own private music class, because she said he was too shy to participate in front of the other kids... well, we couldn't do that for staffing reasons - but it's not realistic, nor is it very wise to try and make everything as "socially harmless" as possible. Her son ended up being the loudest one in class, as we made everything FUN - just like childhood should be.

I'm totally not belittling/attacking you at all! Your request reminded me of an issue parents struggle with a lot: "to assimilate my kid into society, even though it seems tough for them, or to teach them that they don't have to interact?"

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dance for boys is a good idea. i dont live in chandler or nowhere near it but i know that my youngest son benefited from ballet and gymnastics. he is a wrestler and corss country runner. he asked us to find a gymnastics and ballet class for him when he was in 8th grade so that he could improve hsi wrestlign skills and flexibility. and it paid off he got full ride scholarships for college last may.

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H.K.: Would you recommend your sons' dancing school? I'm in Scottsdale, and would like to sign my son up. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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