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Cysts on Fetus' Brain

My stepson and his girlfriend went to the doctors for an ultrasound today. She is 17 weeks along. He was so excited about this appointment, only to call so upset after. The doctors found several cysts on the baby's brain. They said that they may dissolve on their own. They are repeating the ultrasound in 4 weeks to see if there is any change and if need be would be doing an amneo. Has anyone been through a similar circumstance or know of anyone who has? If so, any advice on how to help him through this? This is his first baby and he is worried sick.

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My stepson and his girlfriend went for the second ultrasound this week and the cysts are gone! What a relief. We are all resting a lot easier these days and anxiously awaiting little "Aria's" arrival in June. Thank you everyone for your comments and prayers. They sure were a great help!

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My daughter had a choroid plexus cyst on her brain. We had several ultrasounds to keep watch on it. Our doctor said most times these go away. In fact, most people had them and never knew it. Just find out what type of cysts they are and research them. Good luck.

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Yes! At my 19 week ultrasound with my twins they found Choroid Pelxus Cysts in my son's brain. We were petrified but no one else seemed to be. My ob explained to me that they are really common and 20 years ago we didn't see them or know about them b/c ultrasounds were not done as frequently. The ultrasound tech did a very thorough check of the rest of Ben's anatomy and while the cysts are a soft marker for some chromosomal disorders, they did not find any others while looking at Ben. Sure enough by my next ultrasound 4 weeks later they were gone and now Ben is a very active, healthy 18 month old!!

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My son is 4 months old. He had the EXACT same thing. They did all go away. They tested me for other things just to make sure but they scared me more then they needed to. Also, i have a friend whos little girl was born with cysts on her lungs and she had to take meds after birth. So i guess cysts are more common then you would think.

Take care

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I have a friend who had the very same results from her first ultrasound. They monitored the baby throughout the pregnancy and the cysts did indeed dissolve. Her daughter is a very healthy one year old now! Try not to worry.

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I actually know 2 people who've been through this and both children were born healthy ...in both cases they dissolved on their own at some point close to birth. One girl is 7 years old now and has had no problems, and the other child is a 9 month old boy, also with no problems.

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I had a girlfriend go through this and they had them scarred to death. She was a member of my church and was brought forward and our whole Church family met at the alter and prayed for her and her unborn baby. When they went back "Praise God" they could not find anything. He is a healthy intelligent little boy. I also had a similare experience with my last pregnancy they had told me they had found a tumour and that they would have to watch it to make sure it did not impeded the babys growth. I brought this to my Pastor's attention and my husband and I went forward that Sunday morning and our Church family met us at the alter and prayed of me and my baby and my family. Again PRAISE GOD when we went in for the next ultra sound they could not even find the tumor they saw. God is still in the miracle business. I will add this to our prayer list tonight at Church. Take care and God Bless.


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I had to do some research in this myself a few months back. I think the cyst you referring to is a cloroid plexus cyst. If it is then yes a lot of times they will dissolve before the baby is born and cause no problems. In our case, my son’s cyst was not found on U/S it was found when we did an MRI because of headaches. He just turned 3 but the MRI was done at about 2 ¾ year old. The doctors do not think this is what caused his headaches because the cyst is not pressing on anything. The way it was explained to us is that these cyst rarely cause any problems and some people have them all their life and never even know it, until death and an autopsy is performed. But it is still important to follow it closely as it sound like the doctors are doing. Hope this helps…


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I don't have any advice on this but will pray for them and that beautiful baby on the way! God bless you all!


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My husband and I went through the same thing~ only with one cyst I also know of another mother who found out the same with her unborn child but everything worked out and the cysts did dissolve. I will pray for the best and hope your son did not research choroid plexus cysts_it would only worry him more

This is my third pregnancy and I am 18 weeks pregnant. Today I got the same news. After freaking out my regular OB/GYN called me to her office. This is very common and 9 out of 10 times they just dissolved. I was just researching cpc's and feel much better. My son's limbs are normal and he has all his organs. As long as her baby has an issolated problem, the cyst, everything should dissolved on it's own. I will put them in my prayers. I go back in 4 weeks for another sonogram. If she wants to talk, my email is bestpersonalized.com and will give her my phone number. From what I have researched and heard from my doctor, everything should be fine. My other two sons were perfect.

Good luck, R. W.

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