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Cyst on Baby's Head

Hi there, I have a friend who's in a panic over her recent ultrasound. Apparently they found a cyst on the baby's head. She was told that most of the time, these cysts dissolve before birth and don't cause any problems, but of course the 'what if' monster is rearing its ugly head. So I was hoping to help her out and find some real life happy endings. Anybody out there have this happen and be willing to share?

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When I was pregnant with my daughter I had the same outcome with my 20 week ultrasound. Of course the first thoughts that went through mine and my husband's heads were the worst. My doctor reassured us that these kind of cysts dissolve 95% of the time before the baby reachs the 8 month of gestation. We opt for a second ultrasound that wasn't until 9 weeks later. We dicided that whatever happans, happens for a reason. With the second ultrasound the tech didn't find anything. Hopefully all works out for your friend. Things like this can be scary, but they can be worked around.


I have a nephew who was born with a bump on the very top of his head, and it had a very dark red center to it. People asked about it all the time and there was no answer to it.
He outgrew it, is 29, very intelligent, the best sense of humor, absolutely NO effects from it.
I don't know if this is the same thing, but just thought I'd share it.
Your friend has to maintain control of herself. If she freaks out, it'll affect the baby. If she freaks out when people ask her about any visible 'differences', it'll affect the baby. It takes a strong person to just say it'll grow away. The baby's fine; just one of those things". She needs to have a little faith. It'll still be her baby and she'll love it.

Hello, I took my niece to her doctor's appt, she's only 14 years old. She missed 2 of her appt already bieing 22 weeks. The Doctor been trying to get in touch with her for the longest, I gave them my number. They found 2 cyst on the babies head. Right now she don't know what to do, being that she's only 14. Please help me. Her doctor said sometimes the baby grows out it. Is there any other size affects that we should know. I'm so scared for my niece. I know one thing I will be there for her through thick & thin for what ever decision she makes. She only have one more week to decide. Somebody help me please!!!

Have your friend check out this website:


I was in a panic with my beautiful son for several weeks because of this same thing. I looked it up online and drove myself crazy with worry, it went away and wasn't on the next u/s and he is a wonderful little boy. Good luck and prayers for your friend that her u/s is clear also.

I had this with my first born, very scarry, but he was fine. Ultrasounds cannot always detect everything and the things they do detect often amount to nothing when the child is born. Have your friend go to this website:
http://www.birth.com.au/Info.asp?class=6610&page=6. Then tell her to never look this up on the internet again. It can be scarry.

When my son who is 21 months old was born he had a extra larger soft spot. When he was only 2 days old they sent him for a ultrasound on his head. Come to find out he had cyst on the top of his head and that is why his soft spot was so much bigger. His doctor sent him to a specialist. The specialist told us that babies usually do have them in the womb until like the 8th month. Usually they disapear but more and more babies r born with them only because the technology now days picks them up better. He said that babies have been born with these cyst for years and it is just now being noticed. Some babies get rid of them in the womb some take longer. We had to pay special extra attention because of the soft spot being so big. Also the doctor really monitored his head size every visit just to make sure nothing more was goin on. He is a very healthy 21 month old and the cyst r gone. His soft spot is even closed up just like normal. So as to find out yeah there might be something wrong with ur baby .... but in the end u still luv them the same.

They 'discovered' the same thing on my daughter before she was born.
Turns out, wasn't a cyst -- she actually has a strawberry hemangeomma on her head... has started to go away -- supposed to be gone completely by the time she is 5.... we haven't had any problems or issues... completely fine and normal.
Tell your friend not ot worry -- much easier said than done... but just enjoy these moments before that little one comes roaring into the world.

A cyst ON or IN? In my first DD's ultrasound while I was preg, they told me what it sounds like they told your friend...that she hada cyst IN her brain, and that it usually dissappears without any problems. That is exactly what happened, by 27 weeks it was gone. She's now a smart & active 10 year old--normal in every respect. Tell your friend that all her worrying won't do any good, and that chances are, it will be wasted thought and energy. (I know I worried too though:)) Hope she finds comfort!

My brother and his wife had this happen too. They were told with their third child that he had a large cyst on his brain and that he was going to have down's syndrome. They were told that they should terminate the pregnancy, but they did not and knew it was not the answer. Six years ago, Matthew was born perfectly happy and healthy with no cyst or any other problems. I believe all things are possible. Tell your friend not to worry, but to pray and believe.

A little about me: I am a stay at home mom with 3 children (7,4,2). I have an awesome husband of 8 years. My husband and I are youth pastors and we love teenagers!

Tell your girlfriend not to worry about it. My ultrasound showed the same thing at 20 weeks and I was having other complications so they checked me again at 32 weeks and it had already dissolved and he is an amazingly smart 2 1/2 yr old. I know it is hard not to worry but everything will be fine and tell her congrats on the baby. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello Cristina, I am 6 months pregnant and at 19 weeks they did an ultrsound and found cyst on the left side of my babies brain. we to went through the what ifs and the worries until i decided that it really didnt matter. This was my baby no matter what i am going to love her. Then at 24 weeks we did another ultrasound and they are no cyst. So please tell your friend that I understand the fear and the hurt that she is going through no one wants to think something might be wrong with there child but chances are that the cyst will just go away.

When I was pregnant I had an ultrasound and my daughter had two cysts, my doctor told me most of the time they go away, but she scheduled an appt. with a ultrasound specilist to make sure. I talked to friends and family about this because I was very scared. A good friend of the family told me not to worry because her daughter had one so big it took up her whole head, hers went away and she is perfectly normal, When I went for my appt. both cysts were gone, and they told me that they believe that every baby gets them, it just depends on when you have an ultrasound to tell if their there. They can't really test this because they think all babies get them but at different times and they can't give an ultrasound every week or month to tell. So don't worry to much .

My daughter was diagnosed with slightly enlarged ventricles when I was pregnant. I had routine ultrasounds done. At the time, I was worried she was going to have hydrocephalus, however everything else looked good on her. She was born, and everything looked normal. They did an ultrasound and the vents still looked large. So they did an MRI, and they found a couple cysts, which the dr had confirmed were just normal cysts that would go away on their own. My daughter is now 6 months old and as of yet, there is nothing that has been wrong with her. So please tell your friend not to worry too much. There are definately lots of stories like these out there!

The same thing happened to my sister-in-law and I can tell you in her case, she ended up with a beautiful baby girl that is about as perfect as you can get. But yes, the what if monster was rearing its ugly head in our family too, and that is very hard to deal with. Hope that helps.

Well my doctor just called me later today and said that my lil bot has a cyst on the brain the size of a fingernail i am so paranoid. ive been reseaching and lots of pregnant women have had these scares all that ive read all of them were normal healthy babies i go for another u/s hopefully soon i will keep u in my prayers.

Hi C. ,
My name is T. in 06 i had give bith to tripplets . When i was going for my ultrasounds they found cyst on 1 of them they drs. told me the same thing it would dissolve before the births . I wasnt to sure and saw scared also .But once i gave birth to my tripplets the one girl that had cyst is very normal and is going to be 2 in April. There is no deformed head at all she is perfect . I can understand her panic cause i was the same way before giving birth but i was told this happens alot. Let your friend know she has nothing to worry about , she wont even notice it once the baby is here . I wish the best for you and your friend . MAy god bless you 2 . T.

Just an update on the good news. Thanks for your support:) and linking me to this awesome website.

I just wanted to update you all to let you know that I had my Level 2 ultrasound today and my baby boy Tanner’s cysts are completely gone. I’m currently 20 weeks and 2 days. Everything else looked perfect the heart, kidneys, brain, legs, arms and even his little toes I feel like a BIG weight has been lifted from my shoulders and like I have a new perspective on life in general. I’m walking on cloud nine and can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms. Thank-You you all for your support, prayers and advise. It has been a very difficult week but everything came out ok.


Hi, C.. The doctors also found 2 cysts on my baby's brain in an ultrasound when I was pregnant. At first, I was really upset and beside-myself-worried about it. I then talked to some friends who told me that they had the same thing and it resolved itself and everything was fine. I think it's a lot more common than people think. That made me feel better, although I still worried and prayed about it a lot. At our 28 week ultrasound, they were gone and we were so relieved. I would give your friend support and love while she waits for the next high level ultrasound. I hope that it resolves for her as well. Good luck! -D.

I am pregnant with my third and at my 19 week u/s, they found bilateral cysts in the baby. I am returning at 25 weeks for another u/s and am hopeful that the fluid will be gone (or at least the size of the cysts will be smaller). The fluid production is a normal part of development and any cysts normally resolve on their own by 28 weeks. I have two friends who have experienced this with their children and both had a normal pregnancy and the children are perfect! Also, a friend who is a radiologist helped to reassure me that this is not usually linked to any chromosomal abnormalities especially if the u/s did not detect any additional concerns in the heart, brain, hands or feet. Hope this helps.

This happened to a coworker of mine (we're both nurses). The cyst went away by the time the baby was born and her daughter is now a perfectly normal 14 month old.

They did the same thing to me. I freaked out for weeks about it. A LOT of babies have the cyst. Tell her everything is going to be fine. I was crying for weeks over it and it turned out to be nothing at all.

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