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Cutting 6 Month Olds Hair?

My husband and I have buzzed the sides of our sons hair twice now in the past 2 weeks. It gets kind of long and crazy on the sides, so we just want to clean it up. My husbands co-worker told us that we shouldn't do that at our sons age ( just turned 6 months ) because it could effect his hairline when he gets older, BUT when I asked one of the pediatricians (not my regular pediatrician but another in there practice) she said it was okay to buzz the sides and it would NOT effect his hairline... Has anyone ever heard that is was or wasn't good? Does anyone out there cut there babies hair? We don't shave it bald just buzz it down real short... Thanks

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Thanks Girls!!!! I thought it sounded a little weird when his co-worker told us that but it makes me feel 100% better that I'm not doing anything to effect his " future do".... Thanks again :0)

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I know a great person who has a lot of experience cutting little ones hair because she cuts my 19 month olds and I know her own son. Right now she is a student at the Salon Professinal Academy in North Fort Myers. Her name is Jamie DeHetre. She is wonderful with little kids!

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Not sure who this guy's sources are, but I don't believe he is right. Some say that it's bad luck to cut a baby's hair before their first birthday. We are Greek Orthodox and we don't cut the baby's hair until he is baptized. So it's really up to the individual.

OMG, K.! What a kook your husband's co-worker is!

I am a California-licensed cosmetologist. One of the most enlightening things my professors taught me was that cutting, shaving, etc. the hair has ZERO effect over future hair growth. (Not talking about cutting off damaged ends to prevent future breakage, of course...we're talking about future growth from the source). By shaving/cutting on the hair surface, you do not effect the hair papilla, rooted within the epidermis/dermis....where all the "action" is. They blew away the ever-so-popular old-wives-tales about not shaving your legs or the hair will grow back thicker and darker. This is simply an old belief that is scientifically proven wrong, yet so many still choose to believe it. (Have you ever seen women who have never shaved their legs before? They have thicker, darker hairy legs than they did when they were a child!!!)

Anyhow, back to your little man's dome....Even if you shaved your little guy bald (a common practice in the Hindu religion at 1-year, and, trust me, there hair grows back just beautifully), you would not effect the future growth of his hair.

So, trim away, and make your little guy look all handsome, and ignore that silly co-worker....who probably would've told you when you were pregnant that if you had heartburn, you were going to have a hairy baby! Oy ve!!! LOL


It is completely fine to cut your sons hair. I think that is probably about the time I started cutting my sons hair. It could have even been sooner. I have never heard anything about cutting a babies hair too early. New one to me. Cut away my dear.

I've never heard of such a thing.......but, I'd have to ask why you'd want to buzz his hair, he's so young. A baby's hair is so fine and soft, buzzing would ruin the texture of his hair, I would think. If his hair really does grow that quickly, why don't you just trim it with scissors?

i have been cutting my son's hair since about 4 months old. Never heard of such a thing. and i cut my son's hair as short as i can so i don't have to cut it often. his hair too gets out of hand as it gets longer.

We've been using clippers for my son since he was around that age too. They are so much faster and (for me) less dangerous than trying to trim with scissors while he wiggles around. We do us scissors too, but only for the fine trimming that you can't get with the clipper. And luckily that's not a lot!

Hi K. - I've heard it's just a wives tale about cutting hair - bad luck or something like that if you cut it before a year old... However... my son is six, doing wonderfully well and had his first total haircut at the tender age of 4 weeks! Yes, 4 weeks -to this day - I still need to get his hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks - it grows like CRAZY!!!! It is very thick. So if it needs to be cut (And we buzzed my son's when he got a bit older and sat still) go for it!!!

Hair that is beyond the folicle is DEAD! Cutting it doesn't effect the hairline- by the way- it doesn't make it grow faster either (it just seems like it grows faster because you cut off the frayed ends and it looks healthier-- hair grow out of the folicle, so cuting the ends off doesn't effect growth in any way)

I know a great person who has a lot of experience cutting little ones hair because she cuts my 19 month olds and I know her own son. Right now she is a student at the Salon Professinal Academy in North Fort Myers. Her name is Jamie DeHetre. She is wonderful with little kids!

hey.. I don't think is truth but everyone has the right to their opinion. I shaved my babies her when she was 4 months and she had lots of her then. ( I didn't do it before because smy husband didn't believe it was going to grow back or as much. where I'm from everyone thats the same thing). You should see my babies her now is beautiful.
My sister cut my nieces her when she was 3m and a friend of mine did it when her baby was 3 weeks

Hi K., what your husband's co-worker said is both amusing and ridiculous! The hair and hairline that your baby will have is genetic. Trust the pediatrician not some outdated old wives tale(s). I think you're fine. For further peace of mind google
hairlines + genetic or a similar variation of the subject. www.google.com


Well I took cosmetology in high school and that makes no sense scientifically. You are not waxing his head so the follicles are not being messed with. Cutting hair does not change the hair line in any way! So I would listen to the doctor before I listen to some random guy who obviously doesn't know what he's talking about! Plus, I have a 7 month old and we do his hair on the sides too. Your son will be fine, he will not grow up to be the next Comb over Trump!!! Ha Ha!

I am so envious! My little girl still has very little hair and your son is growing his like crazy! I know plenty of people who shave their babies heads for cultural reasons and I never heard of it doing anything to a hair line. Don't see how it would.


At six months old my son had almost lost all of his baby hair and was growing in his new mane! I can't even imagine how buzzing your child's hair could effect his hairline. I'm pretty sure that's genetic. ???

Although, in an issue of American Baby, they made reference to an Indian tradition of shaving the head of nine-month-old girls. The little girl in the picture had a full head of thick, beautiful hair (obviously genetic) and the custom of shaving her head clearly had no negative effects on how her hair turned out.

I think you should probably go with your gut on this one. ;)


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